Sale-ing Away

Sale-ing AwaySilverman Helps a car vendor whose salesman was out of commission.

Judith Pessoa still can’t believe it happened to her. She took her old car in for an emissions test, but the needed necessary repairs were so expensive, she decided to buy a used vehicle, instead. Enter Peter Hurtado. He claimed to be a salesman for Omni Motor Sales, and even showed her a few models. When he finally found one she liked, she gave him a $2,000 deposit for a $13,000 car.

Then Judith waited. And waited. When she finally investigated, she received a shock: Hurtado was the owner’s friend, and didn’t actually work for the company. Meaning Judith had no car and no deposit. When her attempts to reach Hurtado stalled, she called Silverman Helps.

We tracked the supposed salesman to his home, where he claimed Judith’s financing fell through, and she’d received most of her money back. That was news to her. Finally, after ‘checking his records?Hurtado sent the frustrated woman a money order for the full $2,000.