Shutter Bugged

Shutter BuggedSilverman Helps a woman who found no window of opportunity in getting a shutter refund.

In July 2002 Vivian OíBrien contacted a company called Comfort Window and Floor Coverings to inquire about the installation of shutters on most her homeís windows. The job could be done, she was assured, but she would have to hand over $1,600 up front, which she did with good faith. That faith however, soon became frustration. Not only did the shutters not show up, neither did her money.

Vivian finally tracked down the owner of the company, Tom Wiesner, who told her he was out of the country and the order for the shutters was to be placed by another employee. When that employee apparently quit, and the shutters still didnít show, OíBrien got in touch with Wiesner again. This time, he claimed to have fallen on hard times, and simply didnít have her money.

Thatís when Silverman Helps and the O.P.P. got involved. Not long after, a cheque arrived at OíBrienís house, one of many in small increments that Wiesner promised to pay until his debt was cleared.