Soleus 9,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Multi-functional air conditioner can adjust both the temperature and the humidity in a room, making it useful on various occasions in different areas of your home or office. New technology allows for extended high temperature operation-while most units will stop operating when room temperatures reach 95 F, the KY-28 will continue to operate in room temperatures up to 105 F. It also has a compact design, low power consumption, and is especially quiet. Cooling Capacity: 9000 BTU, Window Kit is included - INSTALLS IN 10 MINUTES, Dehumidifying capacity: 40 L/Day, Amps:Heating-9.5 Cooling-13, Power(Cooling): 1100W, Power(Heating): 1550W, Power(Dehumidifying): 820 W, Flow Volume: 380 M3/H, Power Source: 115V-60Hz, Sound Pressure Level: 52 db(A). Net Weight: 66 Lbs Dimension Body:16x15x31 Inch Dimension Package: 25x17.5x33 Inch, Refrigerant: R22 N, Water Tank Volume: 3 L, EER: 8.18, One of the best air conditioners for cooling in extreme heat, Lowest cooling capacity of any other model in this category (61 degrees)

  • Soleus 9,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  • Dehumidifying capacity: 40 L/Day
  • Power Source: 115V-60Hz
  • Flow Volume: 380 M3/H
  • Net Weight: 66 Lbs