Soleus KY20U Portable Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Cool up to 300 Sq. Ft. This Soleus portable room air conditioner, standing less than 3 ft. (1 Meter) is self contained with a high powered Air Conditioner, 3 Speed Fan, Dehumidifier which creates a more comfortable, enjoyable living space. The 7,500 BTU air conditioner will cool up to 300 Sq. feet effectively using the built in Oscillating Air Swing. Room air conditioners must be vented either through a window, into the attic, out a door or hole in the wall or just about any creative way you can think of. Soleus KY-20U Portable Room Air Conditioner - Great for call computer rooms and more

  • Capacity: 7,500 BTU
  • Oscillating Air Swing: directs cool air from side to side cooling room more efficiently
  • Room Air Conditioner Cooling input power: 692W
  • 300 sq. ft. portable cooling capacity
  • Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 16 - this makes this portable AC easy to move