Success Story: Music Contact International

Partner Information
Music Contact International
6,500 Sq. Feet
20 Employees
Annual cash savings: $6,750.00
Annual kWh savings: 446
Payback period (approx.): 2 Years
Prevented 176,523 pounds of pollution

Service and Product Provider
Burlington Electric Department
585 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401-4891

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

"Saving money and increasing employee morale can be a piece of cake," claims Mark Boudreau, CEO of Music Contact International. "In addition to the financial savings I received from upgrading my office facility, the quality of the lighting and overall work space is far superior, which facilitates the motivation and tenacity of my employees."

Rebates from Burlington Electric helped Music Contact International (MCI) overcome the initial investment when upgrading their 6,500 square-foot office space. Boudreau received a $500 rebate check from Burlington Electric in order to purchase a new, energy-efficient air conditioner. Additionally, Burlington Electric discovered ways to reduce their electricity bill further by removing 120 inefficient incandescent bulbs and fixtures. Now, Music Contact International rents high-efficiency fluorescent bulbs from Burlington Electric. Boudreau estimates that in two years his initial investment will be returned.

Burlington Electric Department is a municipally owned electric utility for the City of Burlington, Vermont. Burlington Electric serves approximately 16,000 residential customers and more than 3,600 commercial customers. As a city department, Burlington Electric shares the values of the residents-who have voted for energy efficiency programs, supported a clean power mix, and expressed a desire to move forward into the 21st century in a manner that is sustainable and will provide future generations the chance to enjoy Burlington and its beautiful resources as the current generation does.

Mark Boudreau replaced all of their lighting in Music Contact International with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), metal halide lamps, and T-8 fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts. Ballasts are an essential part of fluorescent lamps, transforming standard voltages into the voltage needed for the lamp. Magnetic ballasts are now being phased out in favor of more energy-efficient electronic ballasts. CFLs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs and need replacing far less often, making them a cost-effective choice. CFLs have also been used effectively to replace halogen lights in torchieres. Although early CFLs had a stark light, the color rendering of newer CFLs is equal to or superior to incandescent light bulbs.

Windows are a primary source of heat loss because they are both a poor thermal barrier and often a source of air infiltration. Boudreau added storm windows in order to improve these poor characteristics. New LED (light-emitting diodes) exit signs were also installed in the building. LEDs are those little lights on your stereo or computer peripherals. LEDs consume just a tiny amount of electricity for the level of light they emit, and they last up to 25 years. The LEDs exit signs enhance building safety, because of their good visibility in smoke.

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Working in concert with state and federal energy-efficiency programs, small businesses across the U.S. have the resources required to increase their competitive advantage and economic stability by investing in energy efficient upgrades in their facilities. Music Contact International saves $6,750 every year on their utility bills, and that's certainly something to sing about!