Summer Savings Are Cool

Summer Savings Are Cool

Staying cool in summer doesn't have to break the bank. Whether your summer chill of choice is staying inside a cool home or a dip in your backyard pool, you can keep more cold cash in your pocket with these energy-saving tips.
Cool Air

Unless you live in the Okanagan, you may not really need home air conditioning. Try these cool alternatives instead:

Ceiling fans help keep energy costs down while keeping you cool and comfortable. Ceiling fans can improve occupant comfort at a given room temperature by creating a windchill effect when they blow relatively cool air across the skin. A typical fan costs less than 10 cents a day to operate (considerably less than an air conditioner).
Insulation keeps homes cooler in summer (and warmer in winter), reducing energy costs year round. Read Insulating for Energy Efficiency [PDF, 137 Kb] for tips.

If you need an air conditioner, choose an ENERGY STAR? model. ENERGY STAR appliances are the most energy efficient on the market and help you save money on your energy bill. Read our h.e.l.p sheet Residential air conditioners [PDF, 92 Kb] for more information.
Pool Your Savings

Attention, swimmers! Energy costs to heat your pool can account for up to 60% of your summer utility bills. Save while you swim with these tips:

Set your pool to 26C (79F) or 22C (72F) for vigorous swimming.
Cover your pool when it's not in use and save up to 50% on energy consumption.
Put a fence around your pool as a windbreak. A pool sheltered by a solid fence can reduce energy consumption by about 20% compared with a moderately sheltered pool!
Install R7 rated insulation around the outside of your above-ground pool to reduce heat loss through the walls.