Take control of the air inside your home and office with one of the many air purifiers available today


It's no secret that the air inside of most people's homes is 5 times more polluted than the air outside.  That is why so many people are searching for air purifiers that work.  That is the purpose of this site-- to help you find real information and reviews about quality, brand name air purifiers that actually work.

What are the benefits of using an air purifier (also called air cleaners)?  Cleaner air means better sleep, feeling more refreshed, more alert, and healthier.  For many, cleaner air means less discomfort from allergies and sinus problems.  Air purifiers have the potential to do all this and more.

Sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong.  The world is full of misleading and outright false information concerning air purifiers and what they can and cannot do.  That is where we step in.  We've set-up this site to guide people in choosing the right unit for their particular situation.

To learn the basics of air purifiers and how they work, check out our basics page.  Wondering what the differences are between HEPA, ionic, and ultraviolet purifiers?  We have separate detailed pages on each.

Once you've covered the basics about air purifiers, it's time to check out our reviews and recommendations of the 10 best air purifiers on the market!  Of course, we've also listed the best places to buy purifiers online once you've made up your mind.