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Technical Library
With warmer temperatures on the horizon, now is the time to make sure your RV's air conditioner is in peak operating condition. Here are some tips to make sure you stay cool and comfortable in your RV this summer.

1. Change or wash the filter. If your RV air conditioner has a washable, reuseable foam filter, make sure you remove it and wash it gently, allowing it to air dry before reinstalling it. If the filter is badly damaged or soiled, or if it is not reusable, replace it with the correct filter for your air conditioner make and model. You may want to consider upgrading the OEM filter with an after-market filter designed to trap more dust, pollen and other particles. Some of these use static electricity to snag dust and other debris in the air. carries both OEM-type and electro-static filters for most RV air conditioners. It's a good idea to check and change or clean your air conditioner filter at least once per season, or more often if you use your RV a lot or in dusty locations.

2. Inspect the condition of the condenser fins. Pay particular attention to fins that might have been crushed together by tree branches or other objects. Carefully straighten any crushed fins so that air can circulate through them. Gently remove any bugs, leaves or other debris that might be lodged in the condenser fins. If your air conditioner's shroud does not have a built-in shield to protect the condenser fins from crumpling, you might consider adding a simple bolt-on grille. These are available for Duo-Therm and Coleman air conditioner shrouds.

3. Inspect the condition of your air conditioner shroud and its anchoring system. If your shroud is badly oxidized, brittle or has chunks missing from wear and tear, replace it now. If it seems loose or is cracked or broken in the area of the mounting bolts, definitely replace it, since it could pull free of its anchors and fly off the top of your RV as you roll down the road, causing an accident.

4. Turn your air conditioner on and test it before you leave on your first warm-weather trip. Make sure the fan and temperature controls work properly. Always make sure you have sufficient power available to safely operate your air conditioner. Don't just run a 15 amp extension cord to the RV to power the air conditioner, as it cannot provide sufficient power for running the compressor. If you don't have a 30 amp connection at home or wherever you store the RV, fire up your generator or wait until you have access to 30 amp power at a campsite. Running your air conditioner (and other appliances) with insufficient power (brown-out conditions) can do serious damage to motors, compressors and other components. To make sure your air conditioner and other electrical appliances always have sufficient power to operate without damage, check generator or park power with a voltage-testing device, like the Good Governor. To make sure temporary campground brown-outs don't cause damage, consider an automatic voltage boosting device, like the Autoformer.

To ensure that your RV air conditioner is in top shape and ready for that first summer trip, let 's trained technicians provide yearly maintenance for you. Our service centers are fully equipped to make any necessary repairs, and our knowledgeable technicians can have your air conditioner checked out and ready to roll before you can say "Cool"!