Vacuum Packed

Vacuum PackedSilverman Helps a man who felt he got sucked in to a vacuum cleaner deal.

Seventy-four year-old Gerald Gratton is the last person you’d expect to have bought a $3,800 vacuum cleaner and air filter. For one thing, Gerald only has one leg and is confined to a wheelchair. For another his apartment doesn’t even have any rugs! So why did he purchase the expensive units?

He claims the salesman from a company called JHC Operations stayed at his home for over three hours, using high pressure tactics to make the sale ?and he finally agreed just to get rid of him. But after thinking it over, Gerald tried to get his money back. He sent two registered letters to the company requesting the deal be cancelled. But only the sounds of silence came back.

Not willing to let his vacuum problem be swept under the rug, he called Silverman Helps. We tried to find the company’s headquarters, but they’d disappeared from their listed address. So we tracked down the machine’s manufacturer instead ?and that lead to a call from a JHC representative. They claimed they’d never received either missive from Gratton ?and had fired the salesman responsible for the sale. And not long after, a refund cheque arrived that floored Gerald and ensured he would no longer be stuck in a vacuum.