Warm Floor Heating?

Warm Floor Heating?

A More Comfortable Way To Live
Now there's no need to let cold weather dampen the pleasure of having a warm home. We offer a variety of solutions to solve the problems of cold rooms and floors choose from Tyco MI electric cable, electric boilers for hydronic systems or EasyHeat? Warm Tiles? heating.

When considering electric heating options, be sure to contact Dakota Electric first. Our Energy Experts? can help with insulation recommendations and proper sizing for maximum energy efficiency.

Tyco MI Electric Cable
Mineral Insulated (MI) electric cable is buried in the sand beneath concrete floors. As the cable is activated during periods of lowest electrical demand (usually at night), the sand and concrete are heated. Then, the stored heat is slowly released over the next day to warm your home. Because the system is charged during low demand periods, you can take advantage of Dakota Electric's lowest rates, resulting not only in safe, comfortable heating, but in substantial savings as well.
Multiple Benefits:

keeps floors and rooms comfortably warm
safe, quiet and affordable
improved indoor air quality
reliable, self-regulating heating cables
qualifies for a special off-peak rate
Multiple Applications:

any slab-on-grade concrete floor

Electric Boilers Provide Versatility
For those who prefer a hydronic system, an electric boiler allows them to take advantage of Dakota Electric's low off-peak rates.

The boiler heats water, which is circulated through polyethylene pipe. During periods of high electric demand, Dakota Electric temporarily interrupts power to the electric boiler. You're rewarded with an interruptible off-peak electric rate for energy used by the electric boiler.
Multiple Benefits:

even comfort
no venting hassles
system can be easily zoned, room by room
quiet, clean and affordable
Multiple Applications:

basement floors
suspended floors (kitchens, bathrooms)
shops, garages
any concrete floors

EasyHeat? Warm Tiles?
Now you can have attractive-looking tile floors that provide warmth as well. It is the perfect way to add a cozy feeling to a naturally cold floor. The system works simply by installing efficient, electric-resistant cable right under the floor, before the tile is installed. It gently warms the surface C all controlled by a thermostat mounted right on the wall. It's great for tile, ceramic, slate and marble floors.