What type of air filter do I need

achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products, Inc. offers a wide range of air filters from which to choose including a category of for air purifiers, a category of for inside the home or office, and a category of to meet additional specific needs.

Using air filters throughout your home and office not only enables you to breathe cleaner, fresher air but also enhances your ability to feel better. Because of the importance of breathing clean and filtered air, air filters are especially crucial for people who suffer from allergies. Indoor air is contaminated with all sorts of airborne allergens including dust mites, dust mite feces, pollen, mold spores, and animal dander and can be better controlled with the use of an air filter.

What type of air filter do I need?

containing a HEPA air filter are best for allergen control and air purification. Air filters made of HEPA media most accurately attack the war on allergens. This is because HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) media captures 99.97% of all particulates as small as 0.3 microns, including primarily allergens. HEPA media targets the types of particles that create unclean air which is why you should consider a HEPA air filter when purchasing an air purifier.

If you are looking for whole house filtration, consider a furnace filter. Furnace filters are designed to be installed in your furnace and/or air conditioner and they essentially become a whole house air cleaner for you. The important fact to note when purchasing a furnace filter is its MERV rating. achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products, Inc. have two types of furance filters - permanent and replaceable. Read more about each filter to determine which one will fit your specific needs.

In addition to air purifiers and furnace filters, achoo! ALLERGY & AIR Products, Inc. offers other air filters to create cleaner air in your home and office. Web Product Vent filters are made of a self-charging electrostatic material that acts as a dust magnet for vent register systems. Dirt, dust, smoke and pollen sized particles are trapped when air flows through the filter allowing filtered air to pass back intor your home. The Safeguard Window filter allows you to enjoy fresh air all year long and keep out dust and pollen. The Safeguard Window filter eliminates 92% of ragweed pollen and has a coated screen to keep out rain, snow and wind. Read more about other filters to determine which air filter will fit your specific needs.