How to Choose An Air Purifier

A Real Breathe of Fresh Air!

Human flesh is the most common form of dust in the air, and makes up the bulk of what’s known as “indoor air pollution”. So far, over 350 different types of indoor air pollution have been identified. Some common ones include pet dander, viruses, moulds, pollen, cleaning chemicals, and solvents from furniture, construction, and clothes.

Experts say that when children are exposed to large quantities of this dust at an early age there is a spike in the instances of asthma and allergies.

In fact, indoor air quality has become a hot topic over the past couple years with the discovery of “sick building syndrome”. This is a term used to describe the effects that moulds, viruses, and gases have on people who spend all their time in offices or otherwise indoors, and is responsible for all kinds of maladies.

Ultimately, the only real cure for sick building syndrome is a good dose of clean, fresh air. Barring that, there are many different air filtration and air purification devices on the market these days, each meant to eliminate the threat that indoor air pollution poses.

These are the best air purifiers available for your home or business. Make no mistake about it. They are made by a company with years of experience, that specializes in air purification. Unlike the infomercial company heavily marketing an inferior product, or the vacuum cleaner company that decided to 'get into the air purifier business'.

What types of particulate does an air purifier filter?

An air purifier filters dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other airborne particulate as small as 0.3 microns.

How does an air purifier work?

Dirty air is drawn into the air purifier through the inlet grill. Some of the units have a washable pre-filter that traps larger airborne particles. Air then passes through the carbon filter with help reduce odors and captures larger particles. The air then passes through the HEPA filter made of tightly woven fibers. Some units have electronic ionizers which further assist in particle removal. The fan then redistributes the filtered air throughout the room.

What is the difference between an air filter and an air purifier?

Hopefully, this article will clear that up for you.

The basic home or office air filter is simply a panel that fits over the intake of the buildings furnace or air vents. Simple ones are made from fibreglass or polyester, and allow for the passage of air but trap large particles of dust.

These filters are often placed in front of fans because the large particles of dust can accumulate over time and eventually clog up the machinery. These basic filters serve no real protection, but they do protect the machinery from burning out.

Some types of filter can be washed and reused, but the majority of them are meant to be thrown away after they become too dirty to use anymore. Then they are simply replaced with a new one.

The problem with these basic filters is, of course, that they are meant to mainly protect the furnace or air conditioner that they are used on. They may collect dust and smoke, and pollen (also good if you want to live an allergy-free lifestyle), but they do nothing against harmful moulds and bacteria. They are equally useless against airborne viruses.

Generally, basic filters are not recommended for someone in the market for a serious home air filter

Before you buy a home air purifier

Indoor air pollution problem is a growing concern of more and more people. Not just out of curiosity. Fatigue, headaches, asthma, allergies, breathing difficulties, irritation of eyes, nose, and throat, high blood pressure, heart problems, poor mental performance - coming from various indoor air pollution factors - all cry for attention.

There are reasons why the indoor air quality problem has grown in last decades. First, due to energy conservation initiatives of the 1970s, new buildings are much more air tight, blocking the natural home ventilation of the incoming outdoor air. Without enough attention to ventilation, the air tight buildings conserve and accumulate carbon monoxide, radon, and other pollutants.

Another enemy of the indoor air quality in your room or home is those many newly-introduced synthetic materials - used in construction, carpeting, insulation, pressed wood furniture and so on. They are cheaper than the natural materials. Yet, in the buildings, they keep releasing formaldehyde and other toxic gases. Given the abundance of such materials in new homes, exposure to formaldehyde becomes a real health threat.

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