Fast Browser is True to its name. It is really fast. We are hooked on to its Great Features. - Softlandindia 6/28

Great Product

by: The Wall 

This is a great browser which integrates all of the features from Microsoft IE into an easy to use browser that doesn't clutter your menu bar with too many windows because it opens new pages as tabs through which you can easily scroll. Incredible product, must download. 

Definitely the Best Browser Around!!!

by: James Baron

Easy to use and Stable enough to surf the net with! It is something everyone has been searching for! Dish those IE and Net what and you wont regret it for a second.

The winner is Fast Browser

by: Gordon

The winner is Fast Browser. A first class program in everyway, its my No1 Browser from now on. Don't sell out to the big boys, a lot of 1st class programs like yours where snapped up and crapped up by them. All the best to you

It was love at first sight

by: Ognyan 

It was love at first sight ! I tried the free version for a day and then I did not hesitate to purchase it. I REALLY love Fast Browser ! I have tried many browsers, but for me this is the best browser in the world !

It's a contender

by: Lou 

I downloaded Fast Browser Pro because I was having problems while using IE 6.0. While Fast Browser Pro didn't solve the problem (the cause turned out to be the Web site, not IE), I was quite impressed with it. It was stable and fast, and the features were intuitive. It also flawlessly imported my IE favorites and settings. Particularly nice was the tabbed browser windows. Every time you go to a different Web site, a tab opens that functions as a new window. This great feature allows you to have various Web pages tabbed so you can easily go back and forth when you need to work with several sites (much better than clicking the BACK and FORWARD buttons). You can almost do something like this with IE by right-clicking on the link and selecting OPEN IN NEW WINDOW, but then you have completely independent windows to manage. Having multiple tabs within one instance of the browser is much easier. I highly recommend Fast Browser Pro to anybody who wants a full featured brows er, but you won't be able to completely replace IE with it if you use Hotmail or Windows Update (at least as far as I could tell). Microsoft has been accused of--if not outright caught--denying other browser to connect with they're Web services, and this appears to be a similar situation. The Windows Update utility tells you directly that you must use IE, but I don't recall seeing this with Hotmail. Aside from this, Fast Browser Pro is still quite useful and an excellent browser for "power surfers," with IE installed as a secondary browser for times when you have to connect to a Microsoft service. If you like Fast Browser Pro, you'll want to pay for a license soon. The demo version adds a new dimension to the meaning of "nag screen," perhaps enough to turn some people off to the entire application. But if you can let the annoyance of starting the browser slide, you'll find it to be a very nice browser that's more than worth the HDD space.

Good Choice For Power Users

By Bigrich 

This is, next to Opera 5,one of the best browsers I have ever seen. It loads fast and makes surfing easy. Microsoft should have made IE great as this one! This product is worth purchasing, hands down. This one is great and can be relied upon to get work done quickly-more than I can say for Netscape6.01!!!

Thanks for the great browser

by: David 

I just purchased your Fast Browser this week. NO BITCHES here. Just wanted you to know that I think that you have one hell of a good thing here !!!!! I am no IE fan, but Fast Browser is a knock out. I have entirely stopped using Netscape. It was well worth the few pennies. I will be sure to tell all my friends about it and will recommend it to everyone that I know

It does the job exceptionally well

by: Peter 

Thanks for letting me download this browser it does the job exceptionally well and being a IE 5 user for a while I must say it is a pleasant change well Done.

So useful and creative

by: Eston Burciaga 

I am currently evaluating FastBrowser. So far -- I love it! I am excited to find a browser so useful and creative. I can't wait to start sending it out to the rest of the company.

It really works

by: Erik 

I would like to compare fastbrowser to other browsers although I used opera, IE and netscape in the past my slideshows and applets were I thought normal speed once I ran my same slideshow and pic slideshow online, I was amazed to see it really speed up by like MEGAFASTER than the 10 second wait on other broswers. This moved in 4 seconds!! This really works!

So advanced and comprehensive, So user friendly

by: Max Lunniss

Thank you very am I suppose to go back to Netscape after trying your program. Fast Browser is so advanced and comprehensive. So user friendly. Good bye Netscape forever and good rittens!

Well worth the price

by: Scott Bilas 

I like paying for high quality software. There's a lot of buggy junk out there that people are charging tons of money for. Fast Browser kicks ass, well worth the price.

Fast, convenient browser with power option

by: Gerhard Geiblinger 

I did quit some work with all IEs, up to IE 6 and Netscape and have found that FB is such a fast, convenient browser with power option I've never seen before. Keep up the good work.

Fast Browser is currently my favorite

by: Leonard W Fusselman

I have been playing with your new browser and I liked your previous version but the new one is even better. I don't say this lightly as I an easily peeved by poor craftsmanship. I have several browsers and yours is currently my favorite. Note that I am a inveterate surfer so you can be very proud.

Beautiful and great

by: Jessie Ng 

I have downloaded the latest version and it is beautiful and great! I tell myself that its the right choice to purchase this wonderful fast browser. Thanks alot.

This new 4 pro version is incredible

by: Charles Lear

Just wanted to drop a note to say WOOOOOW! This new 4 pro version is incredible! I like all of the new features and it is so quick with IE6. Unbelievable! I can't imagine what you will think of next. I also have a license for NetCaptor and have been running their RC1 version as of late, but no way....your browser blows them out of the water! I really like the ease of adding pop up windows to the rubbish links list. With NetCaptor you have to click forever to do the same. All of the security features are awesome as well. The cookie control system is exceptional! and I love the new skins. 
What else can I say? I mean it! Superb job. I have held a license for FastBrowser since 3.0 and this is the best update yet! Keep it up and thanks for an inspiring product! You folks are always the first and the fastest. This thing should sell like a hot stack of pancakes at a Waffle House! 


by: Lic. 

It's fantastic! It's nice for its configuration, it makes you feel different due to its 3D feeling.

I recommend the browser

by: Gary Cannon

I would like to say how much I *love* Fastbrowser. I have the Pro 3.8 version and it is simply outstanding. I have quit using Netscape and IE altogether. The browser it extremely fast, efficient and the tab concept is elegant. I recommend the browser!!

It is about perfect

by: Jim

In fact the behavior of FB is about perfect as it stands. This product represents a very high level of accomplishment. 

Intelligently formulated product concept

by: Robert

The biggest influence on my decision to purchase FastBrowser Pro was your intelligently formulated product concept --- and a good history of product improvements. The "clincher", however, was your rapid and accurate response to questions/problems --- plus your free upgrades policy.

It is True to its name

by: Softlandindia

Fast Browser is True to its name. It is really fast. We are hooked on to its Great Features.

Very impressed

by: Pete Rabjohns

We've been evaluating the Fastbrowser TTS product and are very impressed. We also have local government clients who have been looking for ways to improve the usability of their community information websites and internet training schemes particularly for disabled people. I recently showed them Fastbrowser and they immediately saw it's potential as a very useful tool for users with vision impairment or dyslexia. 

An excellent Browser

by: Ron Woodvine

An excellent Browser. I think it's better than Opera in many respects. you are a generation ahead of Microsoft Explorer!

This gets a perfect 10 out of 10 in my book

by: Larry

Great browser! I've tried quite a few and this is by far the best. Stable and the author really works to impliment new requested features. This gets a perfect 10 out of 10 in my book. Have a great day!

Keep up the great work

by: MIKE

Thank you thank you very much for fast browser. I have a Learning Disability and it can a real battle working around the WEB but your Speech Feature makes life a whole lot easyer ... keep up the great work....

A Respectable Browser

- CNet Traveller

I am a traveller with a notebook at 56K which erects a harsh demand for any browser. But! FastBrowser impresses me with its speed among others that claimed themselves the most speedy machine. By the way, that is a shareware not carving for profit cuz it provides unregistered user with 10 tags open at same time. You can admire its powerful speed and user-friendly interfaces at expense of your leisure. Once you tried, you are addicted to it less another coming browser born to CNET. You encounter no crash as well as disappointed performance provided that a healthy machine by your side. I promised!

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