Let me say again there is NO browser anywhere than can touch your Fast Browser Pro!  Its the best! - Bill, email

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Language Packages (8KB):

  • Arabic (By zeysan <zeysan@zeysan.com>)

  • Catalan (By Jes Moreno<www.txus.es.vg>)

  • Chinese[Big5] (By Seven Lin<sevenlin@softking.com.tw>)

  • Chinese[GB] (By ZhangJie<zj_king@263.net>)

  • Czech (By Jan Kutka <kuritka@atlas.cz>)

  • Danish (By Futtemann<jay@get2net.dk>)

  • Dutch (By anonymous<anonymous@anonymous.nl>)

  • English (By Seany Zhou<seany_zhou@yahoo.com>)

  • Finnish (By Pete 500<bung@surfeu.fi>)

  • French (By Marcus.p<marcus.p@netcourrier.com>)

  • German (By cray111<cray111@gmx.de>)

  • Hungarian (By Jozsef Tamas Herczeg<hdodi@freemail.hu>)

  • Italian (By EmanueleB<chollema@yahoo.com>)

  • Japanese (By Masataka Amiya<amiya@site-blue.com>)

  • Korean (By Kim YongJae<joliun2@go.to>)

  • Latvian (By Mti Brelis<janek@inbox.lv>)

  • Lithuanian (By Romas Bagrovas<samor@zapo.net>)

  • Norwegian (By WM<sveind-arild.olsen@daf.no>)

  • Persian (By Mahdi Atashgaran <milan88@noavar.com>)

  • Polish (By WM<wolmarek@go2.pl>)

  • Portuguesebr (By Milton Chaves de Almeida<translatorbr@hotmail.com>)

  • Russian (By Andrey Malyutenkov<sunsite@mail.ru>)

  • Serbian (By Zeljko Djurasinovic<zamn@ptt.yu>)

  • Slovenian (By Robert Rakovnik<mahnictisk@siol.net>)

  • Spanish (By CBF<http://hispanicoweb.miarroba.com>)

  • Swedish (By Magnus Fohlstr?m <magnus.fohlstrom@telia.com>)

  • Thai (By Korakit Krachaeh<kkorakit@Yahoo.com>)

  • Turkish (By Ant Ksal<necropsie@yahoo.com>)

Using: Unzip the package to "Language" folder in Fast Browser directory.
(Hi, please send your language's package to comments@fastbrowser.net, thank you!)

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