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Official note:  Fast Browser is dead since 2005, IE7 and Firefox are powerful enough today; Thanks for millions of people throughout the world trying our product in the past years!
Fast Browser Pro 8.1
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Why should I get it?

Fast Browser Pro is an innovative Web Browser, can open up to 180 web pages at the same time. We're excited about the great new way to surf the web and believe you'll enjoy the efficiency this new browser has to offer. Key features: 

"Good Alternative Browser"
- CNet Morrik ""
I can say that Fast Browser is great for myself. Reason being? It's great since I'm always searching the net with 5+ browser windows open at once and Fast Browser integrates them into the "browser" itself called "tabs." It's much easier for me to navigate around now. The registration fee for the browser is well worth it and I will probably register Fast Browser in the near future. Fast Browser basically has all the same options as IE does, but it's much more stable and doesn't crash as often as IE. Fast Browser will also import all of your favorites from IE. This program is worth using if you're sick and tired of Netscape or IE.

"Thanks for the great browser"
- David 
I just purchased your Fast Browser this week. NO BITCHES here. Just wanted you to know that I think that you have one hell of a good thing here !!!!! I am no IE fan, but Fast Browser is a knock out. I have entirely stopped using Netscape. It was well worth the few pennies. I will be sure to tell all my friends about it and will recommend it to everyone that I know. 

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