So far I really love this browser. It's fast and so far it's stable. You did a great job. - Harry, email

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Fast Browser 8.1 Update

Improve Google PageRank for web pages (quicker speed to display)
Improve Alexa Traffic Rank Status
Improve Auto-Fill function, support memo backup and auto-fill in web pages

Fast Browser 8.0 Update

Add PageRank display
Add Alexa Traffic Rank Status
New tabbed browsing design: fast, stable, user-friendly, and versatile!
Powerful google search with web site thumb images in search results
Support direct search in address bar
Improve search bar with multi-language support
New Fast Browser Options window

Free Release: It's Free now, No cost to you ever. No limitations. No Adware. No Spyware.

Fast Browser 7.0

Add mouse gestures function - an innovative way to control the browser
Add AutoFill Form function

Associate group file type (.urls) with Fast Browser - double click a group file to surf all pages in it
Add Encodes menu
Add "Open new page in background" option menu

Add option "Clear records automatically after close the program"

Fast Browser 6.2

Add Clear Record Menu: Clear Typed Address
Add Clear Record Menu: Clear Cookies
Add Clear Record Menu: Clear Auto-Complete Passwords
Add Clear Record Menu: Clear History of Visited Web Sites
Add Clear Record Menu: Clear Temporary Internet Files
Add Clear Record Menu: Clear Search Keywords

Fast Browser 6.1  

Block Flash Ads Option available now: "Tools | Page Loading | Flash Animation"
Support multi-word highlight in search bar (Pro Version only)

Fix a mini bug in address bar

Fast Browser 6.0 

New window frame design: support browsing all open pages simultaneously
New browser core engine: more stable and faster
Drag & Open function: drag URLs from pages or files to address bar to open more quickly
Add AutoRefresh menu item
Improve the slidebar
Fix several mini bugs

Fast Browser 5.3  

Improve PowerGroup Encryption function in Pro version
Improve browser tabs management
Improve dynamic proxy setting (use IE default setting by default)
Improve Language package support, 
Add language packages for Serbian, Lithuanian, Finish, Czech, Turkish
Fix toolbar position saving bug

Fast Browser 5.2  

Add dynamic proxy setting support (Pro Version Only)
Improve drag&open support
Delete rubbish URLs function (embedded popup killer instead)
Fix several mini bugs

Fast Browser 5.1  

Add encryption function for power group
Update URL monitor window, list each URL with open time
Blocking rubbish URLs supports * char
Show main URL only in address box 
Set max reopen pages count at startup to 50 
Fix "bring window to top" option bug

Fast Browser 5.0  

Favicon support on tabs
FastBar add 2 modes: floating and slim
Address Tools on Go button lets you lookup Whois, Site History, Related Links, etc about the current page, Fully customizable.
Stop popup window by default
Item count in link list bar
Menus can be selective hidden
New Language Packages: Turkish, Norwegian, Polish (up to 18 languages now)
Larger width of favorites menu
"Bring window to top when downloading web page" Option
Window caption tail with fixed string
Lots of other smallers and fiexed

Fast Browser 4.3  

Simplify registration procedure
Add online shopping search engine (Pro Version)
Adjust some mini setting

Fast Browser 4.2  

Add minimizing to system tray
Add Babel online translation (add Korean support), Delete Elingo engine
Add links bar drop down menu
Add delete favorite button on Favorites Panel
Add shortcut for "Open URL in Clipboard" (Ctrl+G)
Add shortcuts for "Speak" (Ctrl+K), "Speak clipboard" (Ctrl+L)
Set default skin frame to XP Skin1
Fix bugs in "Save all open pages as a new group"

Fast Browser 4.1  

Add links bar support
Add F2/F3 shortcuts for selecting previous/next browser tab
Add 14 language packages in installation (Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese [Br], Russian, Simple Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese) - Thanks the people who made the translation, we still look for other language's translation package from anybody
Add interface support to
NetPicker (v4.03)
Drop off OnFlow plugin (optional in old version) in installation (since v4.03)

Security management enabled bug (Pro version only)
Some standalone popup login windows show incorrectly 

Fast Browser 4.0  

Update core browsing engine
Support Internet Explorer 6 
Support Windows XP

Add Popup Killer - Disable Popup Window automatically
Add Back/Forward history list 
"New Page" menu add "From Clipboard
Add send shortcut to desktop 
Add open search url in a new page option 
Add menu buttons setting supoort (orders and visible) 
Add press ctrl+shift or ctrl+alt to open input url in a new page

(Pro version only) 
Add two XP Scheme Skins
Add Enhanced search bar (From Google): add "Search in Site", "Search Images", "Search Groups", "Search Dictionary", "Stock Quotes" buttons.
Add "Page Info" menu: "Similar pages", "Translate to english", "Backward Links", "Cached Snapshot of Page"
Add Highlight/Find keywords in a page
Update PowerGroup, add "Add to group" menu and more flexible operations to Group work
Add "Browse in same page", "Browse in a new page" in Go Dropdown Menu 
Add "Keep current page on top" option button 

Message Box can't show all text in Skin mode
Browsing in new page doesn't check an empty Tab

Fast Browser 3.8  

Add Coolbar, toolbar and Icons setting support
Add Quick Menu for FastBar
Add Search favorites button
Add Alt+D to active URL input edit
Add table of shortcuts in help document
Update Mini-Notepad: auto save text
Update Links Filter: allow to open all selected links at once
Adjust new tab's position for favorites
Adjust search bar

Tab caption doesn't refresh if close the first tab
Favorites Bar show an useless item
An initialization error in American English speaking
Read-only bug in URL address input edit
"Page Setup" doesn't work

Fast Browser 3.7  

Add Tabs Color scheme support
Add Tabs Order change support (Drag the tab or set it in Tabs Panel)
Add download language package menu
Add full text balloon option for voice function
Update PowerGroup

Fast Browser 3.6  

Voice function support up to 10 languages now: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish (Wooh!)
Support two kinds of voice engines: Male and Female 
Refresh online translation data, now we pick out the fastest engines for you.

Fast Browser 3.5  

(Pro version only)
Add  power group, ideal for power users: login to all your discussion groups, email servers just by a click!  
Add  URL Monitor Window

Add  open with IE
fix a bug that view source menu doesn't work

(All versions)
Add Tabs Position setting
Add setting if
Double Click to close a tab 
Allow to save a mini-notepad file as another format (not only .txt)
Update setup program (don't overwrite your group files) 
Update help document 


Fast Browser 3.4  

Add edit with FrontPage
Add export homepage's images
Add clear all search history / search key
Improve Links Filter
Improve Setup program
Update setting of search engines and translations

Fast Browser 3.3  

Add links and email address export
Add favorites search
Add client program call
Add secure homepage flag
Add forbid popups by pressing CTRL key
Add start homepages for a group
Simplify mini notepad
Improve the speed of cookies list refresh 
Update forbid javascript error

(Pro version only)
Add secure management
Add safe browsing mode (from
Add search and translate from address url input 
Add Broken and Solaris skins.

Fast Browser 3.2

Add Cookies/Cache Manage, can filter, change or delete cookies. 
Redesign reopen menu
Sort favorites panel item
Sort all level search menu item
Update translation engine data
Hide top stauts text when show statusbar

Fast Browser 3.1s

Finish the improvement of Voice function:
  (1)Support Windows 2000 and Windows Me now!
  (2)Support more Characters, up to 29 different characters' download available, enjoy!
  (1)Support more flexible control for voice and animations when Speaking.
Add Local File List function, easy to browse files in local disk.
Add Start Group Setting, can customize your start open homepages now.
Add Forbid Javascript Error Window, close the Javascript error automaticlly.
Update Search Engines.

Fast Browser 3.0

Normal verion published as a freeware(Base on Conducent Ad-service).
Add Voice function, support Microsoft Agent & TTS Technology, can speak english homepage for you.
Add Text Translate function, translate your input text to various languages(Total 36 translate engines).
Add Mini Notepad, drag and collect the important information from homepages.
Add Reopen closed tabs Menu.
Customize "Open All Favorites" menu.
Add "Search All Pick Engines" Menu, "Scan all links" Menu, "Stop All - Keep Current" Menu, "Refresh All - Keep Current" Menu, "Close All - Keep Current" Menu.
Optimize the Favorites menu's length automaticly, Optimize Tabs Manager.

Fast Browser 2.51

Add Multi-Language Interface Support, Fast Browser can support most of language and charset now. just need to download and copy the language package to path "FastBrowser\language\".
Add Translation Languages: English -> Russian, English -> Japanese, French -> Italian, French -> German, French -> Russian, German -> French, German -> Italian, German -> Russian, Italian -> French, Italian -> Spanish, Italian -> German, Italian -> Russian, Russian -> French, Russian -> German, Russian -> English, Spanish -> Italian, Japanese-> English
reset default Domain Completion: after input a url(or a keyword), press "Ctrl+Enter" auto complete "www." and '.com" domain, "Shift+Enter" auto search Yahoo, "Alt+Enter" auto search Google.
Add Double click to close current tab.
No more updates, just make fb as an international language version.

Fast Browser 2.5

Add Auto Refresh, can refresh each homepage in a certain interval. It is simple to use and very useful when you read a stock exchange info or other sites that refresh quickly.
Add Translation Languages: add Chinese(Simpel and Traditional) to English, Chinese to Japanese, Simple Chinse to Traditional Chinese. Now you can try to surf the far east websites in a translation to English.
Optimize Scan function, now can show earch urls connect state(active or dead link), and even the name of the server. It is useful to get details about your favorite website or validate every download URL in a download site.
Fix the errors: (1)Close rubbish link.(2)Long Favorites Menu can't show steady.(3)Close tab from Tabs List Box.(4)The fatal OLE Handle error cause by Javascript.window.close().

Fast Browser 2.4

Add "Scan" button, can check all urls in a homepage and show each url's create date, file size, link state(active or dead).
Add disable or enable the skin menu: "Tools|Skin State|Enable/Disable Skin".
Add customize toolbar's visible icons window.
Add favorites on new tab option.
Sort search categrorites.
Fix the error that makes a mish-mash of the user's window color when the user doesn't happen to be using the default windows color scheme(thanks for ZDNet editor's suggestions)

Fast Browser 2.3

Add Search Tree, simplify the Internet search, but still keep the PowerSearch function. 
Improve Search History, can remember all your searching and locate the history from the Cache firstly.
Improve Links Analyze, add serial no, and reduce the flashing when refresh url list.
Add Welcome Flash, :)

Fast Browser 2.2

Add Casual Surfing function, it will kill your dullness and show you an unexpected website each time. 
Add Links Analyze function, find out and open the links in a homepage quicklier and easier.
Add Fullscreen Mini Window, navigate the tabs in full screen state.
Add Options Window, Set Fast Browser's options .
Add Mail Menu, History Menu, Import/Export Favorites Menu.
Improve default PowserSearch's Efficiency, search Internet powerfully.

Fast Browser 2.1

Add PowerSearch function, improve the search efficience. 
Add Random Navigation, surf the good web sites randomly .
Add Mini navigate bar, manage all opening homepage easily.

Fast Browser 2.0

Add skin funtion for FastBrowser. It'll be the most beautiful browser, you can even put on a fond picture for it.
Add online translation (can translate website in English, French German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish and Chinese).
Add search menu, lets the web search selection more easier and precisely.
Add group and tabs menu, make your surf more efficiently.

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