A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

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Back by popular demand -- and newly updated by the author -- the mega-bestselling spiritual guide in which Marianne Williamson shares her reflections on A Course in Miracles and her insights on the application of love in the search for inner peace.

Williamson reveals how we each can become a miracle worker by accepting God and by the expression of love in our daily lives. Whether psychic pain is in the area of relationships, career, or health, she shows us how love is a potent force, the key to inner peace, and how by practicing love we can make our own lives more fulfilling while creating a more peaceful and loving world for our children.

Customer Reviews:

  • "A Return to Love
    Explained with love and the truth about mankind as lost sheep in a blinding storm with a disease of denial. Excellant focus and how simple it would be to remember our purpose here on earth....more info
  • Piece of Art
    I read "A Course in Miracles" many times but I did not understand it fully. When I started reading "A Return to Love", I could not stop until I finished. The gifted author's style is wonderful. After I finished reading this book, I was able to understand what I was missing in the valuable spiritual manual" A Course in Miracles".
    Thanks to Dr. Marianne Williamson....more info
  • Phenominal
    Marrianne Williamson's A Return To Love Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, came to me in the spirit of the cliche, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." The book came to me at a time when I craved clarity, and when each answer brought an array of new questions. For anyone who has read A Course in Miracles will delight in Ms. Williamson's reflections. She makes light work of a very deep study. Further, this book answers questions brought to the surface with the study of all spritual realms. ...more info
  • Any of her work
    Enclosed are e-mails I recieved while asking the orgin of her speech "our deepest fear" Which was indeed NOT written by her, the response I got to this statment was that "I was an ignorant twit", that they used the F - word to me , at least five e-mails I recieved from the site advertising her books and retreats, Prophets Mystery. org. Was the site sprewing all these insults to me, ANYONE WHO USES SUCH SITES AND HAS SUCH PEOPLE TO REPRESENT HER MUST BE A TOTAL FAKE AND NOT COMING FROM A PLACE OF LOVE AT ALL, I now, will never read or buy another one of her books, and question her realiabilty on any subject of love!!!...more info
  • Practical Miracles
    Marianne has a way of making A Course in Miracles very accessible. There is a practical quality to all of her teachings, and this book is one of her best. Through her discussion and sharing of her own experiences, she takes the course from the esoteric to something that can be applied every day, in every situation....more info
  • The Course and Marianne
    I have known and known of Marianne Williamson for several years, and know of the inner battles she had until she discovered the Course on Miracles. I believe this book is good for those who have lost sight of our purpose on Earth, and those who may need a swift kick of unconditional love to get them on the right path. Much like Louise Hay, Rayna Gangi, Andrew Weil, and others, Marianne tries to show us that love is possible, necessary, and expected....more info
  • Outstanding book
    It would be nice if everyone in the world could read this book, it may be a more peaceful world. A Return to Love is a heart opening book on a path of inner healing. Another place to view inspirational work is the website SmileAcrossYourHeart....more info
  • Inspirational book
    The book `A Return to Love' is based on Marianne Williamson's discovery of `A Course in Miracles' when her life was in a turmoil. Though the author does not talk about the origin and authorship of `A Course in Miracles', its students attribute its authorship to Jesus Christ. According to the author, `A Course in Miracles' works `miracles' for those who adopt its principles.

    If you are not familiar with `A Course in Miracles', it is important to understand what this spiritual book is all about before trying to understand Marianne Williamson's book.

    There are those who really believe that the historical Jesus of Nazareth dictated the actual words of the Course through Helen Schucman, and there are those who find it implausible that Jesus of Nazareth would magically whisper an entire new gospel into the ears of a `scribe.' If you are of the latter, then Williamson's book will not appeal to you.

    As a side note, a legal suit has been filed by Penguin, the new publishers of the Course, against Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin. While this suit is about copyright infringement, Endeavor is seeking to make the central issue the authorship of A Course in Miracles. It claims that since Jesus of Nazareth authored the Course, it is not copyrightable, and hence any publisher can publish the Course. Penguin has come back with a startling response: Helen Schucman, not Jesus, is the author of the Course. It claims that Helen merely reconnected with the same Love of God that Jesus did 2,000 years ago, and having witnessed that Love, reflected it to the world in the English language. Helen merely used Jesus as a symbol; the actual Jesus had nothing to do with it.

    And then there is Ken Wapnick, the most respected interpreter of the Course, whose published works have apparently been consulted by Penguin's lawyers in forming their statement. Ken's stance is that Helen's mind made contact with the mind of Jesus, and that his abstract love then took the shape of Helen's words, as water takes the shape of a glass. As a result, Jesus was responsible for the content, Helen for the form.
    So is the Course in Miracles the work of Jesus or of a mere mortal genius known as Helen Schucman? This is the central question to ask, for its answer will make all the difference on how you view Marianne Williamson's book `A Return to Love'.

    This book speaks about the importance of love, and how the ego tends to get in our way of truly feeling and expressing love. We must love and forgive. We must all learn to love ourselves, as well as others, even those we can't imagine loving. The internal equivalent to oxygen is love. Without love, we'll all die. But the overall message of this book is that only love is REAL. Everything else is an illusion. There is no such thing as illness and death because they are an illusion. They are only manifestations of fear. Do not fear death for it is not real!
    The Beatles told us in a song, "All you need is love." They were right!

    Williamson explains how applying love to all difficulties, as advised by "The Course," can aid in healing. For example, she encourages AIDS and Cancer patients to write a personal letter to AIDS or Cancer or whatever illness they might have, and tell it everything they feel. She even goes as far as saying to fabricate "replies" from the disease. She counsels people not to use fear and hatred to fight their disease.

    Studies have shown that heart patients did better when loved. An experiment with mice showed mice cared for, caressed, and patted did not die of heart disease as other mice did when fed with a very high fat diet.
    The author also says that there are no sins, only mistakes. People will not be punished for their mistakes. There is no hell. The logic of this can be found in an exchange that took place in `An Encounter with a Prophet', by C.A. Lewis:

    "God is perfect, right?" I asked him.
    "Yes." He replied.
    "And God made us, right?" I asked.
    "Yes." He replied, again.
    "And there is a Hell, right?"
    "Oh yes, most definitely." He responded.
    "So, if God made us, and He is perfect, why would He make us imperfect and send us to Hell because we are imperfect?"

    She also advises parents to tell their child to do this instead of don't do that.

    There's enough room for everyone to be rich, she says. It is only our thinking which blocks that possibility for manifestation. In Heaven, everyone is allowed to be successful.

    Here are a few comments by other readers of this book:

    `What prompted me to write this review was the comment by a previous reviewer that `A Return to Love' distorts Christ's teachings. This position implies and assumes that one particular interpretation of Christ's teachings is 'the truth' and anything that disagrees with that is false and wrong. Traditional church Christianity does not own the sole rights to the interpretation of Christ's teachings. In fact, it should be noted that traditional Christianity's interpretation of Christ's teachings was made by people who thought the world was flat and regularly stoned women to death. `

    `Writing love letters to and loving AIDS or any disease is ludicrous! Make no mistake about it, disease is an enemy and it is out TO KILL you!'


    `The Course was originally written, or more accurately, channeled, by an occultist atheist, using a spirit guide that called itself Jesus. Keeping in tune with the New Age, the Course mixes into the stew the rudiments of Jungian psychology, Hinduism, Buddhism, and pantheism. Some might think that overtly evil documents like `The Satanic Bible' are the principal threats to our spiritual health, but the devil's most fruitful work is done by subverting, rather than replacing, God's Word.'
    ...more info
  • A Return to Love
    This is an excellent treatment of the metaphysical principles in learning your true self image and gaining a sense of loving oneself in a return to traditional principles of Love, God. Ms. Williamson has a wonderful approach and discussion about how she returned to her true self, her true center, as the expression of God....more info
  • Only Love Is Real
    Marianne Williamson is, arguably, the most visible expert on the Foundation for Inner Peace's "A Course in Miracles" -- a scripture-like text that, quite simply, aims to remove "the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance." Williamson reduces & rearticulates the message(s) from the "Course" into a language that is more accessible, concise, & personable. I applaud her effort and appreciated the examples and anecdotes she provided, albeit a few seemed rather contrived. What Williamson manages to do quite well, however, is drive home the idea that love is everywhere -- love is God -- love is real -- and that living a life in the absence of love makes for an unhappy, unrewarding, & empty life. Williamson (and, by extension, the "Course") bandies around the words "Love", "God", "Atonement", "Forgiveness", and the like w/ no real obvious connection to their religious or secular definitions, so be prepared for a shifting of your vocabulary paradigm. This book is rich w/ insight, observation, and advice and, as such, you may need to re-read particular passages -- perhaps even the entire book -- if you wish to take away all that the book offers....more info
  • Eye opening and accessible advice for life
    I hesitate to review and summarize a book in which I find myself somewhat in awe. This is a thoughtful and respectful book of advice for living in control and awareness of yourself and in respect and regard for those around you. It is not stuffy and cold but warm and sometimes a little funny, and certainly avoids judgement but encourages acceptance and peace. It is an engaging book to read.

    This book is a little like a toolbox and is organized as such. You don't necesarily need every tool in the box at any given time, but you probably need a certain one. So you may need a thoughtful lesson or discussion of a certain topic. The section on relationships is my favorite, and is no less than a revelation to me. I have re-read it several times and still enjoy absorbing new details when I read it. And so this book in its entirety may not appeal to everyone, but I think most everyone could find a portion that speaks to them and their situation at that particular moment. We aren't all going through the same stages of life at the same time.

    I have been a Christian for all of my life. I have not found any portion of this book in particular conflict with my faith, but it has helped me think about and understand my faith better and I feel a closer connection to others, and I think I understand the human condition and our relationships to each other better. I understand my responsibility to myself and others better. It's certainly a lesson worth learning.

    So pick up a copy and thoughtfully read it. I think you will find that it is accessible and interesting and useful. It is also encouraging.
    ...more info
  • Mark D. Hyde, Author of "Coloring Outside the Lines: One Gay Man's Journey to Self-Acceptance & Spiritual Awakening
    I am an avid reader and A Return to Love is one of the most moving, honest, and inspirational books of our time. I love Marianne Williamson's candidness about her own life's difficulties. She has managed to extract much wisdom, insight, and depth into what life is really all about. I quote her in my own book. One of the most powerful insights (and there are many) comes as she tells of doing a funeral for a woman who was brutally murdered. Marianne Williamson was attempting to console the woman's husband......"Michael, you will never be the same, we all know that. You have two choices: You will become harder or you will become softer. You will conclude from this that no one, including God, is ever to be trusted again, or you will allow your tears to so melt the walls that surround your heart- that you will become a man of rare depth and sensitivity." For any of us that have experienced such a tragic loss, this is the type of spirit that we should strive for. ...more info
  • Her First and Best
    I read this book years ago and have since then been buying it for the people I care about in my life. Marianne Williamson really shed a lot of insight in my life when I read this book. She spoke to so much that I had been unnecessarily struggling with in my life. I am so glad that I gave this book a chance to open windows and doors of opportunity I had closed myself. This book helped me develop a deeper understanding of my Christian beliefs.
    I highly recommend it!
    ...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money or Time - This is Pure Trash
    My sister asked me to read this book so that I would understand her "value system". I started reading it and became very concerned for my sister. I tried and tried to choke down the garbage being spewed in this book, but finally had to put it down. What I did get out of the book is a huge sense of pity for the author, whose life is obviously a great disappointment to her, despite her ramblings about love, hallucinations and the universe.

    There are many references to biblical passages and theories, and I found myself keeping my bible beside me as I read it so that I could check the references. I would say that 95% of the references are either distorted or completely wrong. I couldn't figure out why someone would not just read the bible and take it at face value, if they were truly looking for a "peace that transcends all understanding."

    Don't be fooled by this wolf in sheep's clothing. Stick with the real thing and read the bible.
    ...more info
  • An opportunity for reflection
    Marianne Williamson is inspirational, motivational and honest. This book offers and opportunity to change something in ones life by looking more closely at the "Course in Miracles" and understanding how miracles occur and how they can occur for anyone. The book is eay to read, full of good examples. The only reason I gave it a 4 is that I would have liked a few more personal specific examples. That being said, there were enough examples in the book to start me thinking about my own life. ...more info
  • An insightful read
    This is a wonderful book. Marianne is a very wise and spiritually mature lady. In this book, Marianne discloses many insights into life's deeper laws and purposes, and explains that Love is our divine heritage and the nature of our Source. At the end of the day, we will always return to love, regardless of the time we spend railing against it....more info
  • Life changing
    THis book changed my life. It opened my eyes up to what we are really on this earth to do, and how its the meaning in everyday that gets you through. It came to me at a time in my life when I needed change and guidance a few years ago, and set me on a spiritual path from which I have not looked back. I loaned it to someone, and I hope its found its way on to helping others....more info

  • so what?
    We've heard all this information enough. It's just another new age book about love, which is unnecessary and dreadfully boring. I kept waiting for a good morsel to come my way, but it was a yawnfest. At page 70, I began reading faster and faster-I skimmed up to page 130 amd stopped--couldn't take it anymore. The Conversations with God books are much more interesting (although book 2 is filled with useless info). Good spiritual books are hard to find....more info
  • Wonderful book on ACIM
    Someone stated that she/he could not stand the thought of reading a book that was written about another book. Since Marianne Williamson, after discovering A Course In Miracles, became a Unity Minister and a teacher of the Course, why should it not follow that she would write a book about the Course and her experience?

    A Course In Miracles, for someone who has not worked with it can be very complicated, hard to understand and possibly be put aside and forgotten. When you have someone who understands and lives the Course who can then write a book based on her life changing experiences, then I applaud her.

    I am working at "being" as the Course states and Marianne's works have helped me immensely. I have read this book several times and am constantly inspired by it. ...more info
  • This book is changing my life!
    This book is amazing. I am a beginner student of the Course in Miracles and this book has helped me to understand what I can expect to get from the Course. The miracle of the power to change your mind which can change your whole life experience is mind blowing. I know that developing this discipline in my thinking is a process but with this coaching I am inspired and well on my way! ...more info
  • Powerful and life altering
    Took me a few trips through it to really appreciate and understand the big flick. Would have enjoyed it quicker had I ever read A course in miracles I suppose. This is truly a guide to live by. All about working on YOU. A very good read

    John Gregory Vincent
    "Turnover Terminator"
    The "cure" for the common workplace...more info
  • Finding Heaven on Earth..
    I listened to the tapes of this book and I bought two copies of this book and the CD to give to each of my daughters for Valentine's Day. Then reread it myself and I find that I too have "Returned to Love" in the process. Reconnection to that place is such a nice place to live from. Thank you Marianne for being the conduit once again to get me there....more info
  • Choose Love
    For the last six years of my life I have been a co-facilitator in an ongoing study group based on A Course of Miracles. A lot of the people that come to the class have not delved into the actual ACIM book but know about it due to this marvelous gem of a book. In fact, it was what brought me to studying the Course and eventually getting up the courage to start up a study group at my church.

    People underestimate the Power that Love is. People think that Love is fluffy and lightweight; that there is no real strength to Love and that's because we have reduced the Power of Love to a mere sentiment expressed in a Hallmark card.

    But True Love, when harnessed and consciously directed can not only change the life of the individual, it can change the world because what is the world but a collected group of individuals? And to those individuals who are willing enough and daring enough to let Love transform their minds, renew their hearts, and uplift their souls everything can and will be made possible to them.

    Marianne stresses the need for forgiveness in this book. Forgiveness is not for other people as much as it is for us. Coming out of this recent holiday season a bit bruised and scraped up reminds me of the need to extend True Forgiveness to those I thought harmed me in some way. When we know that we are Love Itself, nothing can harm us. Jesus knew this of his persecutors. He knew that they could crucify the flesh but they could not destroy the Love that created the flesh in the first place. In the Course in Miracles as well as A Return to Love there is an emphasis on the resurrection rather than the crucifixion.

    The future is in this moment. There really is no such thing as "the future". The future is what we are deciding to do in this new now moment. Every moment has gotten us to right here and right now and if we do not like the way our life is going we are always free to "choose again". The more we choose from a place of Love rather than from a place of fear, the more we are in agreement...in allignment with our Higher Selves...our Deeper Natures. Of course there will be some reading this review that think that God is all about fear, punishment, judgement, and condemnation but to those who have really seen the Light...figuratively as well as literally...they will know that in the Light there can never be any darkness.

    May your heart be at peace.

    ...more info
  • New Age Nonesense
    Marianne Williamson is a New Ager who has found a way of capitalizing on troubled people by distorting the Bible using the book, "A Course in Miracles" as her guide to leading them to enlightenment. As an out of work actress her philosphy first appealed to the Hollywood Wackos and by word of mouth spread to the mainstream of society. Too bad Amazon doesn't have -0- star ratings. Don't waste your money on the gobbledegook....more info
  • A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miraclles"
    I searched for this book all over to present it to my wife for Christmas and finally found it on your website. The price was around $10 and was affordable. I was disappointed when the parcel arrived and had a look at the quality of the product. It was a paperback which I did not mind, but the quality of the paper on which it was printed was as good as the newspapers.
    I presume because of the price expensive paper could not have been used. I would have preferred a much better quality of paper in the book as it was a Christmas gift.
    Ricky Muthukumaraswamy ...more info
  • Maybe I missed the point?
    Terrible at best. Ms. Williamson needs to look into her own life before giving advice to others....more info
  • What a Miracle
    The authur is a wonderful speaker and candid guru for the "Course in Miracles" text. The material will literally change your mind about the way we view the world. It sincerely brings about much peace of mind. I listen to this book frequently, making it a part of my daily, weekly, or monthly spiritual study.!!...more info
  • Brings high and lofty ideals down to earth.
    A book called "A Course In Miracles" is unique in it's degree of wisdom.But, people sometimes experience it as an affront to their current belief system.Though it's authors have great wisdom, they didn't master 'people skills'.The book can leave some wondering "This isn't a cult thing, is it?".Because, the 'high and lofty' ideals can feel "too good to be true".That's where "A Return To Love" comes in.Marianne Williamson brings these high and lofty ideals 'down to earth'.
    In ACIM, the 'personality/individuality/emotion' element is nowhere near as well represented as the 'spirit/God' element is.But when your 'personal/individual/emotional' side is included equally well, the void and alienation feeling disappears.Though this book isn't perfect in this respect, it is still far less intimidating than ACIM.Which is not to say that ACIM ideals intend for our individual self to be left out.No, it's merely a communication gap that the authors haven't quite yet accounted for.M.Williamson is a mediator between ACIM ideals and a majority population.Only a minority of people could go 'straight to' ACIM.Because of "A Return To Love", many people who initially felt ACIM to be in competition with their own wisdom, will now feel less threatened.Williamson is moreso a 'people person' whose book is a beneficial option/addition to "A Course In Miracles".The best offering of "A Return To Love" though, is its approach to 'positive thinking'.(Though its not always 'refered' to, it does underlay the book).
    "Positive thinking" really is neither 'positive' nor 'negative'.It is 'truthful' thinking.(Williamson shows her faith in this fact via her sombre expression on the cover photo).She is well aware that 'love' equally accompanies our sad emotions as it does our happy ones.She does away with the 'sentimental' definition of peace and harmony, replacing it with a permanently helpful 'unconditional' definition.
    In closing: This author brings a very lofty and intellectual piece of work down to earth, making it easier to relate to.Though not perfect, it does aim wiser than many self-help books....more info
  • A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"
    This book is amazing and potentially life changing! Since I began to read it, I bought several more copies for family members. Now that I have finished reading it, I have begun to study "A Course in Miracles". Our world could be a better place if more people practiced the principles of "Love". ...more info
  • The most Mind Stirring, Soul Touching Audio Book EVER!
    I first came upon this Audio book about 8 years ago, and have yet to find an Audio book that reaches as deep into you as this one does. A Return to Love is a great Book, but it is a truly incredible Audio book! The tone of her voice, and the way it's spoken is so PERFECT, that you hear every word, and feel she is talking directly to "YOU"! I have listened to 100's of Audio books over the years, and STILL have not found anything close to this one. Deepak, Millman, Lucado, Dyers, Bach and as much as I hate to say it, even Mariannes other audios don't hold the magic this one does. If someone has found an audio that gets as deep into your soul as this one does, PLEASE write me and let me know what it is.
    If you have not listened to this audio book yet, and are looking for some spiritual enlightenment, you have no idea what your missing out on here! Buy the Tape, even if you have read the book!!! Time and time again, I have gone back and listened to this tape, and it never loses a bit of the magic I felt the first time I heard it. This Audio will remind you of so much you have forgotten through the years. The best Audio book I have EVER, EVER listened too!
    I have given these Tapes out many, many times as gifts to friends and got many people to listen to them, and I have yet to come across anyone that is not entirely blown away and touched deeply by them. This is an Audio Book you will listen to AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. ~~~~~ "MARIANNE, PLEASE DO AN UNABRIDGED VERSION OF THIS AUDIO BOOK!!!!"...more info
  • Pure Gold
    Marianne Williamson, wrote this book some years ago. I continually go back to it. It is full of wonderful incites, and wisdom beyond measure.
    Marianne is a great thinker and also a great lover of humanity.
    Her book is a brilliant marriage between the heart and mind. The world could do with more people like this. As it is I am certain that this book has changed many lives and will continue to do so.
    Even if you are not a student of A Course in Miracles, Marianne has such deep wisdom that she is able to link and unify all metaphysical and religious strands. An excellent read!...more info
  • Product arrived within time frame, product was as advertised
    I ordered the same book from three vendors on the same day. The others had a free upgrade to first class mail and the product arrived much sooner. This vendor did ship according to the agreement and the product was as advertised. Because the other vendors excelled, I could not give this vendor 5 stars. Very pleased with this vendor experience though....more info
    IF you're in any 12 step recovery program this book is blah blah blah bc you're already lived it. That being said, I haven't read the whole thing - maybe it gets better later on, i'm not dying to find out......more info
  • This Was My Introduction to What I Inherently Knew Love to Be
    I grew up in a loving home and "the church," but I knew there was something missing in the picture of love presented to me. I now know that what I saw was love tainted by fear, the universal fear of inferiority that spawns greed and defensiveness and deceit. But there is no fear in love ... we can learn that from the "Bible" OR "A Return to Love." The trick is to live love--not the way somebody else presents it to us--but the way it's written on our hearts. Williamson helps us to do that with this deep, but still very real, book. It changed my life. ...more info
  • A Return to Love
    A spring board to spiritualism... Wow this really opens your mind and gives you a deep understanding of life....more info
  • Practical advice for a happier life
    I was watching the movie Akeelah and the Bee when I heard a section of this book repeated as a theme in the movie. "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." The words touched me, so I investigated their origins and that led me to this wonderful book by Marianne Williamson. Basically, Marianne wrote this book as practical advice on how to live your life, and this advice is based on the principles in "A Course In Miracles" which as I understand it is a philosophy written by two other people some years ago (the 1960s-70s?). One main theme is that perceptions are not truth. The book talks about forgiveness and discusses the ways our minds keep us from seeing the truth and beauty surrounding us. Another idea is that the only thing that is real is love. Everything else is an illusion. The book has changed my life I can honestly say. I will be re-reading this book periodically throughout my life....more info
  • The one book you must read!
    If I were going to spend the rest of my life on a deserted island, and could only take one book with me, yes--you guessed it--this would be the one. I consider this book to be a classic that every student of spirituality should read, study, and cherish. No other book has revealed to me, as deeply, the true nature of life, and how to live that life in a manner that creates peace and harmony through the power of love and forgiveness. As a spiritual author and teacher myself, I am continually inspired by Marianne Williamson's work and wisdom.

    Steven Lane Taylor, Author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat: A Guide For Living Life In The Divine Flow...more info
  • A Course in Miracles - or a Course in Double Speak?
    A Course in Miracles was written by a New York medical psychologist who claimed to have channeled the voice of Jesus Christ and now the world has a continuation of the New Testament. Hmmmmm.... the last time I checked the such conditions fit the DSMR-IV criterion for clinical megalomania. At least Moses took credit for his books in the Torah.

    Marianne Williamson is a former jazz nightclub singer who is the mother of an illegitimate daughter who openly admits drugs and drink abuse. SShe continues to have a string of broken relationships that no matter how she applies the course doesn't seem to break the pattern. She is also someone who has had controversy in her life from financial questions in a few organizations she had been the head of. No one is perfect but beware false profits whose snare you with their feel good theology. There is such a thing as sin and it is not just missing the mark. Marianne is the High Priestess of a religion based on love with some sprinklings of double speak.
    ...more info
  • I have a better marraige because of this book.
    If you are ready, this book can change your life as it is changing mine. I am not even done reading the book and this is how my life has improved so far.

    I am more loving to people.
    I have a better relationship with my husband.
    I am eating healthy.
    I am learning to forgive.
    I am smiling a lot.

    Open your heart and open this book! You'll be glad you did. ...more info
  • A return to love
    Although published in 1992, the wisdom of Marianne Williamson's book A Return To Love is still relevant in 2009. Her chapter on Work is highly recommended reading for the world in the present circumstances, as is the chapter on Relationships. We are living in a fear based society - whether that be in the US or anywhere else in the world, and anything we can do to bring our awareness to the present and to recognise that "I am safe" right here - right now, is something to be applauded. I do believe in miracles. I experience them daily. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and we are living with the consequences of a huge fire storm. Even in the presence of that, there are miracles; and there is this huge wave of love and giving - this is a miracle. A few months ago, there was only greed and self-interest. Now there is the presence of caring and sharing. May a new group of people discover A Return to Love, and the power of even more miracles....more info
  • A life changing book
    This book is well written, insightful and very easy to read. Marianne Williamson uses her experiences to illustrate her journey with The Course in Miracles. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to find truth and meaning in the world and in themselves....more info
  • Wow !
    Praise to this book! I was just not expecting to have it change my life! I walked into the bookstore looking for something to help me with my ocassional destructive behavior and prayed to be led to the right one. I picked this edition up, sat on the floor, and was totally taken aback with just the introduction! I devoured the book in a short time and have decided to take a second run at a much slower pace. This book helped me to put "my purpose" and my self destructive behavior in a much clearer light. My husbands tells me he has definately seen a change in my personality. I know I've changed - I feel it - I feel wonderful!...more info
  • Peg's thoughts on "A Return to Love"
    Everyone should read this book. It's a direct path to taking responsibility for one's thoughts, words, and actions. It's a path that would be more accepting to the overall public.

    I can only compare it with Gary Renard's "The Disappearance of the Universe". I believe Gary's route to returning home to pure Love is a little more severe. He doesn't tiptoe through the tulips, so to speak; he tells you just how it is - forgive, or continue as you have been doing and accepting the insanity that keeps staring you in the face.

    I read Gary's book first and was totally accepting of it, however, I've been searching for 'Truth' for a long time. In other words, I'm not foreign to this type of philosophy.

    Nevertheless, people who have not been searching, nor understand the concept of forgiveness, may reject Gary's route to understanding pure Love, but be more accepting of Marieanne's path to Love....more info
  • Great self help!!!
    Enjoyed reading this and brought some light to ways to achieve inter-peace....more info
  • Where's the miracle?
    In the first part of the book, Marianne Williamson does a wonderful job of laying out problems we all face. She lays them out with examples from her own life experiences in a way everyone can relate to.

    However, in the "Practice" section, her proposed solutions seem to fall utterly short of miraculous.

    For example, anger is an emotion she seems to deal with exclusively throughout the book.

    At one point, she suggests hitting a pillow as a a way of venting. Pretty miraculous.

    In another part, she talks about the feeling of anger when she was stood up by a date, and spent the entire night calling to make sure he was okay, only to find out he'd just forgotten the date.

    Understandably, she was furious, and as she saw it, she had two choices:

    1. Explode at him
    2. Forgive him

    She said that neither of the two seemed very satisfactory to her, as she had tried them both in the past.

    So she asked God for another possibility, and decided to do nothing.

    Well, in the next paragraph, she launches into how she kept on repeating the phrase "I forgive you..." over and over for the next few days in order to get over her anger and negative feeelings, wheich she had a lot of.

    It seems like she settled for option 2 after all, and I have to admit, none of of what I've sighted in the two examples seem very "miraculous" to me.

    The Course defines miracles as something that's judged as being difficult by the world, if not impossible. There's nothing miraculous here.

    Also, she says early on the that the Course was responsible for liberating her from her emotional pain. Yet, she also mentions throughout the book of her discussions and the sage advice she received from her therapists.

    If the ACIM was responsible for her liberation, then what is she doing seeing therapists??

    Anyway, I applaud her honesty in using her own life to illustrate the problems, but her solutions sound like something from a regular self help manual, methods that may or may not work depending on the problem and the person.

    I'm not sure whether Ms. Williamson undersells or underestimates ACIM. There are also inconsistencies.

    For example, she says to bring problems to the Holy Spirit; don't try to purify yourself, let Him purify you. Yet, in the "practice" section, she seems to be saying YOU need to fix the problem yourself, as in the example above with her jilted date.

    It's certainly a let down, for me, going from the first to the second part of the book.

    A better book on the practical application of ACIM, in my opinion is "Creating Miracles", by Carolyn Miller....more info
  • I'm waiting....
    I would love to read it... but it has yet to arrive!
    It's been over a month!...more info


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