Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 17th Edition

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Introducing the most dramatically revised edition of Harrison's ever!

Now with NEW bonus DVD with 37 chapters and more than 500 brand new images and video clips!


The #1 selling medical textbook worldwide, Harrison's has defined internal medicine for millions of clinicians and students. The new 17th Edition retains Harrison's acclaimed balance of pathobiology, cardinal signs and manifestations of disease, and best approaches to patient management, yet has been massively updated to give you an innovative array of bold new features and content. If ever there was one must-have resource for clinicians and students -- this is it!


As an unprecedented amount of medical information bombards you and your patients, where do you go to sort it out and make sense of it all? When your patients request clarification on something they've “printed off,” where do you turn for expert explanations? The same trusted resource physicians and students have turned to for more than fifty years: Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. Now more than ever, trust Harrison's to filter and clarify the exploding knowledge base, to highlight the breakthroughs, and to deliver a clear, balanced distillation of the best and most current information on which to base clinical decisions.


Here are just a few of the reasons why the new 17th Edition of Harrison's is the best edition yet:

  • Bonus companion DVD featuring: 37 new “e-chapters”; over 500 brand-new radiological, laboratory, and clinical images, including complete atlases; state-of-the-art video clips; an Image Bank of nearly all the illustrations contained in the parent text, and much more
  • Expanded, modernized illustration program with more than 800 brand-new, additional illustrations--a 60% increase over the previous edition
  • Dozens of brand new chapters on vital topics in medical education and clinical practice: Global Issues in Medicine: Patient Safety and Health Quality; Health Disparities: Atlas of EKGs; Clinical Management of Obesity; Atlas of Hematology; Atlases of Chest, Neurological, and Cardiovascular Radiology; and much more! Also included is a complete new section on biological foundations and emerging clinical applications of regenerative medicine!
  • Brand new, reader-friendly text design optimizes the full-color format
  • An expanded, innovative focus on global health
  • NEW Global Advisory Board comprising 11 prominent medical experts from Asia, India, Europe, and South America
  • Revision of the popular On Line Learning Center, which offers more skill-sharpening self-assessment questions and answers, plus additional case studies for helping you apply Harrison's content to the daily care of patients
  • Harrison's related products are available in a full suite of formats to meet all your educational and clinical needs. Harrison's Practice of Medicine is a complete database of more than 700 clinical topics formatted for use at the point of care. The Harrison's Manual of Medicine is one of the most popular and heavily used handbook-sized resources in internal medicine. The Harrison's Self-Assessment and Board Review features more than 1000 board-type cases and questions and highlights the use of Harrison's as a great board prep resouce.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great book, good updates
    Harrison has continued its tradition in providing the best class of textbooks in this new edition. Definitely worth the amount to go for the new edition. The DVD that comes with the book has some interesting material too. Still trying to learn about all the great aspects of this book.
    Thumbs up all the way...more info
  • A suggestion for a great book
    This is an exceptional book. The level of coverage on any given topic is often 'the final authority' when other books don't have the answers.

    I have a considerably older version of this book circa 1978 or so and decided to update my resources for a recertification exam. While this served as an excellent reference, I did find the information cumbersome to find, with the extensive index often directing me to a single instance of the item I was searching for as part of the label of a photograph (with no particularly useful information in the photograph), for instance, sometimes requiring me to look up 10 different points and reference the pdfs on the DVD to find an answer. In short the referencing system in the index left me wasting a lot of time to find information that was a bit scatterred. This tended to make me use the book as a last resort rather than a first choice.

    The book is such a masterpiece of medical knowledge that giving it less than 5 stars would be unthinkable to me, but it could still be improved upon. One suggestion might be an index added to the DVD with a sophisticated search mechanism with some annotations or excerpts giving a preview of where the 'bulk' of information might be found. The quality of the information is exceptional throughout the text....more info
  • Harrison's = Good Medicine
    Potential buyers should know right off the bat that this book is for people who have a medical background only- your average person is not going to be able to understand much of it.

    So who is it for then? Well, I've been in medicine for 15 years and find this book all over the hospital so really just about any health professional who wants a general reference book for how to manage adult diseases of practically any system (such as GI, respiratory, neurological disorders to name a few) will find this book to be a good resource.

    Having said that, the book is mainly written as a resource for internal medicine doctors, that is docs that focus on adult medicine and have had special study and training focusing on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. So if you're in the medical profession, deal with adults, and are looking for a good reference book on adult medical conditions and treatments, this huge and comprehensive volume is probably just what you're looking for. One caveat though, while there is a wealth of info in here on how to manage and treat adult problems, there is no mention of how to better get patients to do what they are prescribed to do (exercise, take their meds, eat less fat..) and so I also recommend health professional check out The Sixty-Second Motivator for tips on increasing patient compliance. After all, what good is the best medical advice if no one follows it? ...more info
  • The best, now better
    As usual, Harrison's stands out as one of the top medical books available, only this time it does so with a new light. With added topics, a vastly increased image bank, extensive review, and much more, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine is, more then ever, a must-have for both students and professionals. 16th edition was great, but this edition was far beyond any expectations....more info
    Harrison is still the bible for internal medicine....more info
  • Harrison's is consistently great
    I am currently an internal medicine reisident, and this text book is great for reference, especially for pathophysiology. It is also quite up to date with current recommendations. It is a must have forall physicians....more info
  • Cornerstone of medicine
    Harrison's is a great book to pick up for just about any medical topic, from etiology to treatment. It is a bit dense to read as a sole source for rotations, but Harrison's has the answers. ...more info
  • The ageless classic continues to be the best
    Harrison's continues to be the best book for medical students learning Internal Medicine and a complete reference book for practicing physicians. The new formatting and colored charts and images are the best so far , compared to previous editions , this edition really enhances the learning experience. I hope that any future edition of the DVD will have better navigation links. The textbook is excellent; the DVD leaves room for improvement. Overall: a must have in any clinician's library.

    Miguel Isaza
    Orlando-Florida...more info
    Harrison 17th is a great textbook, its language is easy, simple, complete and logical; full of pictures and schemes making the medical learning become natural each page you turn...
    I bought it one month ago and I totally recommend!!!

    GOOD LUCKY...more info
  • This is the ONE BIG book version! Other hardcover edition has whole text in 2 volumes!
    Giving a poor review beacuse you bought the complete text in ONE large hardcover version versus the other Hardcover Two Volume version is misleading.

    This is a GREAT book for home reading, and yes you can look up current articles and have a huge pile of medical information that may be the most current but this book puts it all together for you.

    If you liked reading Robbins Pathology as an M2, just buy this book for your M3...and choose 1)one big volume version or 2)the split 2 volume version...both are COMPLETE texts that add up to the same number pages. :) ...more info
  • As Always... PERFECT to a T!!!!
    Well... what do I say about the "BIBLE" of medicine...Its getting better everytime..Now with lots of color pictures,newer chapters and the DVD feature,learning with Harrisons has never been easy...and Fun.This is the best edition to come out yet..
    One word though... The Single volume edition is bulky.. I would prefer to buy the double volume edition anyday...just for the ease of carrying.
    The newer 3 D reconstruction images are great.
    Great Job by the Harrisons' team... KEEP IT UP!!!!!...more info
  • Harrison's Internal Medicine
    It is an unparalleled textbook in internal medicine.
    This new edition is really great to read and assimilate.
    ...more info


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