The Wrinkle Cure: Unlock the Power of Cosmeceuticals for Supple, Youthful Skin

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More than a dermatologist, the author is a tireless expert on aging and the skin. Cosmeceuticals, a term he coined, are natural compounds that can dramatically affect the health and appearance of skin, especially on the face. Specific foods, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals can also help. He also explains with smooth clarity how the skins of people from different regions of the world respond differently to sunlight, toxins, and the internal and external remedies he recommends. Though the program includes a lot of technical information, the author's ability with personal narrative makes it highly understandable.

"Plastic surgery isn't the only way to keep the aging process at bay. With the proper care you can have fabulous skin in your forties, fifties, sixties and beyond," promises author Nicholas Perricone, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine. In his opening chapters, Perricone explains why skin wrinkles and sags--a combination of factors including the passage of time, stress, poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, and exposure to cigarette smoke, sunlight, and pollution. Ultimately, however, it all boils down to damage caused by those renegade free radicals.

The bulk of his book is then devoted to a clearly presented skin care regimen that involves oral and topical antioxidant therapy. On the oral front, he emphasizes eating antioxidant foods, such as cantaloupe and dark green leafy vegetables, and avoiding "bad carbohydrates" (high in the glycemic index) such as pasta, sugar, and pancakes. And if you want to look good for a big event within a few days he suggests eating "fish, fish and more fish."

On the topical level, he recommends nutritional skin products such as his DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) cream ("an instant anti-aging face-lift"), a product that can only be purchased at specific places, such as selected Nordstrom stores or Perricone's tie-in with his personal line of "cosmeceuticals" makes the book feel a tad self-serving. (He even includes an index of where to buy his products.) However, most of his advice is based on solid research and common sense, which gives this celebrity doctor credibility as well as a huge following. --Gail Hudson

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Customer Reviews:

  • Good overall - title will sell, but could be better named
    PBS ran a NV Perricone speaing to Yale special, and it captured my attention because he was saying the reason we are tired all the time (and I had been having a lot of trouble with this recently) is diet/inflammation. My ears perked right up and, like the hostess who interviewed him at the breaks, I tried his 3-day diet and found such a tremendous difference in my energy level I had to have the book to get more. For the basic information, including the 3-day diet and overall eating plan, you can visit his web site (do a search for N V Perricone or The Wrinkle Cure). The book is good to have as a reference. In real-life, he is pretty nearly the lone source for much of what he recommends, and his prices are high, but it's definitely a boon to tired boomers!...more info
  • Almost Accurate
    I just finished Dr. Perricone's book, "The Wrinkle Cure." I must say, I was impressed with his research on Vitamin C Ester, DMAE, etc. Also, I just bought the Alpha Lipoic Cleanser, Vitamin C Splash, and Finishing Moisturizer ([price] later - ouch) and have been using them for 4 days now. The cleanser & moisturizer are very good but the Vitamin C Splash burns - it contains alcohol. I haven't seen any results yet but I'm giving it some time.

    My main problem with this book is the diet section. I am a registered dietitian, and the recommendation for 60-80 grams of carbohydates per day is ridiculous. For those not familiar with adding up carbs, this amounts to about 1 "human-sized" bowl of cereal and maybe 2 slices of bread for THE WHOLE DAY. Some people might be able to get by on this amount but if you're the least bit active, this is nowhere near enough. In his defense, the recommendations for increased vegetables & fish is a good idea, not only for the skin, but for the whole body.

    Overall, I do recommend this book - just be skeptical of the recommendation on carbs....more info

  • it really works
    I bought this book recently, and it works beautifully...more info
  • An $11 Catalog of Perricone Products
    I bought this book primarily for the nutrition section because I am young. There is only ONE CHAPTER on food and nutrition. All the other chapters are dedicated to topical treatments that are mostly sold through the doctor's private label while he coyly insists how important good nutrition is. Oh, brother! I feel ripped off. I would feel even more ripped off if I bought all of his malarkey products. What annoys me most is that if you follow this line neurotically it's like you're fighting something (aging) that may be natural and not so devastating. Can one EVER relax?! Oh, and every diet book says that baked potatoes and brown rice are good for you, but if I eat them according to this book my skin will be ravaged! Yeah, I'd rather shave 4 months off my face and have mood swings and light headedness and have no energy cause carbs are soooo bad. What trendy malarkey. Whatever happened to aging gracefully and in peace? Someone should write a bestseller on that....more info
  • Perricone deserves a Nobel Prize for his research!
    The day after I finished the book I ran out and got a sample of the eye cream. I used it on my entire face that evening and couldn't believe how much better my skin looked in the morning. The redness from previous irritation was gone and my face practically glowed.

    Yes, his products are not cheap, but compare them to the other products on the market that don't even do anything but moisturize!! He deserves to be a billionaire for coming up with this information and formulating products that WORK.

    Get the book. Buy the products!...more info

  • Beautiful skin requires more than a cream
    The Wrinkle Cure is a fine introduction for someone who has never heard of the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. However, the author is unaware of a vast amount of information currently available on herbal skin care.

    For example, Oriental beauties are famous for flawless, ageless skin. They drink green tea--not only valuable as an anti-cancer food but also rich in polyphenols, antioxidents and nutrients for skin. You can drink it to help reverse aging and spray it on topically to help reverse sun damage.

    The wrinkle book offers a simple beginning approach to an important subject. We hope the author continues with additional work. I also recommend health/beauty books such as Personal Renewal and Asian Health Secrets, written by an herbalist who is expert in eastern and western natural remedies....more info

  • Don't waste your time
    I feel like I just wasted my money on this book. All you need to do is look at the Before and After photos to see this. Oh course my book was sealed in plastic so I didn't realize it until I opened it. The only change in these people (if any) is that they are probably eating a lot better then they ever did. As for removing wrinkles, no way! If you want a book to change your eating habits and to maybe put more of a glow in your skin (that's if your diet really is terrible now) then go ahead and buy it, although there's many better books to teach you how to eat. Join Weight Watchers or just eat the way you should. I think everyone should take vitamins but don't spend a fortune on them. Exercise and take care of yourself and buy a nice fiction book to read!...more info
  • His skin products don't work. His diet isn't new (and imperfect)

    It hasn't been clinically proven that Perricone skin products work. My mom (age 46) tried them anyway, and they didn't work.

    His advice to stay away from grains (and whatever comes from them, of course) is great, but not new. Yes, farm-raised salmon is screwed up, eat the wild one, but again, I knew that already.

    And I disagree with his complicated "system" of taking supplements. If you just eat normal food, like vegetables and fruit, NOT grains and soda, you won't need supplements. The only supplement you need is fish oil, since farm-raised animals that we eat lack necessary fatty acids....more info
  • There's one born every minute
    As a dermatologic surgeon I found this book to be essentially totally ludicrous. The facts and theories presented are false and unpersuasive.
    This book and its suggested products and cures are based on myths, presented as facts to make the cash register ring.
    If you believe everything in this book, please contact me.
    There's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to show you....more info
  • My skin looks fabulous
    I followed Dr. Perricone's advice and I also bought some of the products from other manufacturers at better prices. If you don't want to purchase the Dr's products, get them elsewhere. His advice makes sense. I am adventurous and like to be my best, and I don't have a problem with people making money by dispensing good advice. So thank you Dr. I also recommend Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self to obtain the mindset to make the most of your thinking, feelings, and any situation....more info
  • Really works, but...
    ...the ingredients are hard to find unless you can fork the $$$. Sure you'll have a wonderful looking body and feel great but you will also need to invest time, money, energy, care, and routine. Follow this one with Susan Somers' "Eat, Cheat, and Loose Weight". I think she explains the charb scale better then Perricone. This book is designed to shape you up from the inside; the Somers' book does the job both ways. I gave this book five stars because it does a great job at explaining the chemical and technical processes of eating foods that damage your cells. ...more info
  • I love the results!
    Bottom line: I love this book. I'm very up to speed on diet and nutrition. However, This is the first time I've tried a diet for my skin. My 40th b'day was coming up, so I thought, well, why not. And I gave it a try. After three days I saw a significant improvment in my complexion. I have olive skin, and although I don't have any major complaints, I thought it could loook better. I ate the fish, the fresh veggies, fresh fruit (all organic) and avoided sugar and coffeeI Drank green tea instead... and drank a lot more water than usual. I always take a multi-vitamin, and added alpha-lipoc acid to my supplement. My dermatologist formulated a cream with Alpha-lipoc acid, DMAE and Vit C Ester in it, which I've been using every other night for two weeks. I've had GREAT results. This book is sort of a prima donna handbook really... if you plan on dining on Mac Donalds or if you smoke or drink a lot but expect great skin - forget about it. You have to combine common sense with some special creams. It's simple to do... if you really want the results just do what the book says. Yes, he provides a list of where you can get the products (Which I found helpful) but you can get them formulated by your dermatologist as well. It's a good book....more info
    What I DID NOT like:

    1. Setting your expectations too high. There isn't enough scientific evidence to give Dr. Perricone the right to make such strong clams.

    2. The author doesn't mention any controlled double-blind studies that would directly test the effects of his skin products. This means that he either has not done such studies, or the results were negative.

    I'm currently testing a free sample of one of his products that "helps smooth fine lines around the mouth", but so far I haven't seen any benefits (it's been 54 days). Moreover, during the first 2 weeks it was giving me burning, redness and scaling (I started by appling it 2-3 times a day, but after a few days reduced it to only once a day). So experiment on your skin only when you can afford to hide - with that inflamed and crusty area on one side of your face.

    3. Some of Perricone's tips on nutrition may prove misleading for some people. For example, Alaskan salmon that he praises so much is probably not ideal food due to the environmental pollution and perhaps should not be your major source of protein and even essential fatty acids. Ultra-refined fish oil is a great alternative, but Perricone's fish oil is not ultra-refined and not among the best on the market.

    4. I found the "case studies" superfluous, and - in the absence of controls - even annoying and cheap.

    I wish Perricone had used that wasted space and time to explain why our conventional diet turned out to be so bad. And he should have included scientific articles on nutrition in his reference list. I'm painfully aware that some nutritionists are still not up-to-date with the modern knowledge on nutrition. That's why I wish the author had elaborated more on the nutritional part of the book.

    What I LIKED:

    1. Nice job explaining why black people look younger than their white peers. If you are not aware that you should hide from UV light, read this book.

    2. Dr. Perricone's tips on nutrition will generally be useful for you if you are not familiar with Paleolithic (or at least The Zone) diet.

    What I found to be OK (curious ideas, but haven't been proven to work yet):

    1. An introduction to the idea that some antioxidants might slow down aging not only when ingested, but also when applied topically.

    2. An introduction to the idea that vitamin C might help collagen production not only when ingested, but also when applied topically in esterified form....more info
    What a great book! The suppliments are great and they all make sense. Many people have said they have heard it all before and at the same time call Dr. Perricone a shister of some sort. There are good/bad carbs, right? Vitimin C is good for you, right? (I know some naysayers are screaming, NO!) Look folks, Dr. Perricone can sell the listed suppliments for as much as he wants. I got them all at Wal-Mart for a few bucks a bottle. Use your common sense. If you already know it all, stay away from Amazon because there is obviously nothing you can learn here. If you think this book is worth the few dollars it costs, buy it...unless you know it all of course....more info
  • Hopefully a true breakthrough!
    I'm counting on Dr. Perricone's facts to be really facts! I loved the book. Having some science background, it was an easy read. He explains wrinkle damage at the cellular level and gives a holistic approach to prevent and reverse skin damage. I'm not an eager dieter, but I was sold on the topical skin treatments. DMAE and Vitamin C ester seem to work on my skin.I see a slight wrinkle improvement so far.(using products for 3 weeks)However, I was disappointed at the prices. Small jars and viles, big money! Hopefully they'll be well worth it. I have faith in the program and anything based on scientific facts and knowledge is good for me....more info
  • Fight Aging!!!
    I recommend this book to whom may concern about aging problem. Before I read this book, I thought using those lavish cosmetics is the best way to keep skin young. I?|ve always eager to try every new thing that I read in the fashion magazine. I had never thought that eating right and working out are so important to keep me young. After reading this book thoroughly, now I understand how to take care of my skin and body health. Dr. Perricone not only tells reader how to eat, but also how to use the right products to treat your skin problems. After reading this book, you will have a positive attitude to fight aging process and keep your skin and health in the right track. Good book!!...more info
  • The Wrinkle Cure: by Nicholas Perricone
    Keep an open mind. I read this book on Sunday and bought the supplements and followed the diet on Monday. It is now Tuesday evening(2 days later)and my skin is soft and glowing I made my own face cream with the supplements recommended until I can order the ones produced by Dr. Perricone. My biggest concern was the neck area. After losing 15 lbs. and being 54 years old my neck was very wrinkled. The potion really does help. The diet was easy to follow....more info
  • If you buy this book, I also have a bridge for sale.
    This book is nothing else than an extended infomercial, (usually broadcast in the wee hours for insomniacs) for Dr. Perricone's skin care products that can be purchased at exorbitant cost on his web site, mentioned as one of the "sources" for the potions listed in the book. Also mentioned as "sources" (i.e.: sponsors) are Saks Fifth Avenue, NeimannMarcus and Sephora, that just might have expressed their gratitude for their inclusion here in a tangible way . If you must see this book, I suggest that you borrow it from you local library. Factual information, that is easily available elsewhere such as Medline, etc., fills exacly one page of notes. Dr. Perricone deserves another doctoral degree for verbosity for this slender book, which is grossly repetitious and heavily padded "case histories" of success stories of patients who have used his products and followed his advice. The fact that Dr. Perricone is allowed to peddle his wares on PBS channels boggles my mind....more info
  • Amazing results
    After seeing Dr. Perricone on PBS I got his book from the library. Being an advocate of anitoxidants already, I found his logic convincing. I ordered his products (a bit pricey)and was astounded by the results. Within three weeks I had people stopping me in the hallways at work asking what I'd done to look so good (vacation? new lover? etc.). I've been using them for six weeks now and the results and subsequent reactions of others continue to compound. Wow! I wish I'd had access to them five years ago. Dr. Perricone is my hero!...more info
  • A Wrinkle Cure or Just Good Advice?
    Dr. Perricone offers excellent advice in this book on the benefits of healthy eating habits, regular exercise, vitamin use and recommendations for skin care products. I have spoken to other dermatologists and find him to be well regarded in his field by those who know him. I have followed his advise and eliminated most sugar, salt and starch from my diet and have added vitamins and antioxident supplements based on his clear descriptions of the resulting damage to our skin and body from eating foods high in those characteristics. Most important, he scared me into using sun screen every day! However, I believe that the author exagerates as to the benefits of his program. He is generous with extravagent adjectives which, if taken literally, will probably leave the reader disappointed as to the results. Further, I was surprised that he, as a dermatologist, did not advise the reader to try a patch test of new products to test for allergic reactions. I had a bad reaction to one of his recommended products and am more cautious to follow his advise as a result. Overall, a good book, but one to be taken with a large grain of salt....more info
  • Perricone's Anti-Inflammatory Supplements are a Godsend!
    Dr. Perricone's Anti-inflammatory Supplement recipe did more for my back pain in 3 days than a multitude of doctors did for me in over 10 years. I started taking the supplements Dr. Perricone recommends in The Wrinkle Cure, for healthy skin and within 3 days my severe chronic back pain was reduced by about 90 percent!! It was amazing. This man is way ahead of his time. If you ever get a chance to watch one of his lectures, do so intently. He really knows what he's talking about, he makes sense, and he explains things so it is easy to understand. ...more info
  • I learned so much about free radicals
    I hadnt known too much about free radicals. I have heard about these but never read about the research results on skin.

    This book is so easy to read and follow. Dr. Perricone has studied the skin for 20 years. His interrest in the area of skin damage and what exactly it is that strengthens the cell membrane is what sparked my interest. Getting down to the cell plasma membrane and learning about the products that build this part of the cell up is so important to learn about in my line of business.
    I will use all the information I learned in this book, particularly about Alphy Hydroxy acids and Vitamin C Ester with my clients.
    I have been using a product line called Regeneratiopn Gold and it contains Alphy Hydroxy , and also Cell Block C which contain the Vitamin C ester that is mentioned in this book. I have seen dramatic results in 3 short weeks. Just the other night at a party my friends who I had not seen in a few weeks commented about my skin looking smoother and they said I was glowing.
    (wow, and I am not even pregnant...)
    I needed a great book to show my clients because seeing is believing. The sales will dramtically increase now because of this book's honesty and proven results after many years of research. My thanks goes to Dr.Perricone for his perserverence in regards to skin care and prevention and regeneration....more info

  • Do Yourself a Favor and Buy This Book
    This is the first time I'm writing a review. Believe me, I am not one who is taken in by fads, informercial ads, and the like. "The Wrinkle Cure" is such an excellent book, crystal clear explanations; I simply had to share my opinion with the public. I highly recommend this book for men and women who are interested in looking their best and also becoming healthier. If you buy one book in this genera, buy "The Wrinkle Cure". I have also purchased Dr. Perricone's restorative skin care products, a bit expensive, but well worth every penny because they really work. Do yourself a favor and buy this book and try the products. It's well Worth Every Penny! ~ Sincerely...more info
  • Easy read, easy to do, and a noticable difference.
    This is the first time I've ever been persuaded to alter my diet or to try such costly skin care products. Lack of persistence and consistency is a weakness of mine and the claims sound like implausible hyperbole, until you actually try it.

    I breezed through the book the first night I bought it, bought two of his products soon thereafter (one product to firm around the eyes and another to firm the face), and didn't bother with the nutritional supplements (I thought the list was too long and there was no way I was going to figure out which ones were more helpful and the right amount of each to take, and when to take them throughout the day). Instead of rigorously following the diet, I just loosely tried to take his advice, drinking more water so I don't dry up and look like a prune, eating more fruit and veggies, eating more fish (especially salmon), and less red meat (though still stopping in McDonalds every now and then).

    Two weeks later I was out with a fellow I had dated a few times and he said I looked particularly attractive that evening. I told him I had had my teeth whitened. He said, no, it's not that, it's my skin, something is beautiful and different about it, he didn't know what. Then I told him I had been trying something new and that it must work, though he was the first person to say anything. The following weekend, my mother told me I looked nice, contented - perhaps it was something else? Last week I took two days off from work and the first day a guy flirted with me in the bookstore and gave me his business card, then the next day I was hanging out in the park and a guy introduced himself to me and kept hanging around me 'til I made it clear I was going my own way, without him. That kind of attention in two days hadn't happened in a long time.

    I'm not sure that I see a difference as quickly as 10 minutes, but I would lean toward saying yes, it works quickly. And even if it didn't, it's well worth reading the book and trying some of the recommendations.

    P.S. Saw the author on public television tonight and he said which 4 supplements are more important to take, so I'll try those soon (vitamins C and E, DMAE, and alpha lipoic acid), though I won't take them on a schedule as he suggested, but will instead be more random, maybe I'll take them all before work....more info

  • more than wrinkles
    This book tells about healthy skin, how it works, and what you can do to improve or maintain it. It gives the information on product ingredients that are helpful and those that are not. Don't wait for your wrinkles to get this information...more info
  • Ground Breaking Work!
    I read with dismay a review by Peter Maclean disparaging Dr. Perricone's ground breaking work with topical anti-inflammatories. As a cardiologist, anti-aging and nutrition specialist, who along with several hundred physicians in the US, are recommending these products to their patients, I can attest that the visible results are impressive. Topical DMAE can delay or prevent a number of cosmetic surgical procedures and his topical anti-inflammatories have helped many of my patients. His innovative and highly effective C-ester and Lipoic Acid Cream have produced dramatic results for both men and women. Mr. Maclean quotes anonymous medical experts who, like him, have no first hand experience with topical anti-inflammatories, has no background in science or medicine, nor has he ever spoken with any of the physicians and scientists who have worked with this substance. Dr. Perricone's more than 15 years of ground breaking research, as told in The Wrinkle Cure is extremely important to other physicians because it is concise, clear, didactic yet entertaining. It provides us with a healthy lifestyle as well as providing technology which will prevent and/or delay patients from going on to invasive cosmetic procedures. Dr. Perricone's recommendations of using a multitude of targeted nutritional supports from the inside, complemented with topical anti-inflammatories has provided his patients and readers with perhaps the most innovative anti-aging strategies for the 20th Century....more info
  • The Doctor's a Bit of a Quack
    Although Perricone writes that he feels he's always been ahead of the curve, there really isn't anything new here, just presented with a fancy cover that gives a medical image, proposing that there's more here than the usual diet/health book. The doctor is on such an ego trip throughout the book, that it's a turn off. His ego rants tend to undo some of his claims, however. In going on about his fabulous breakfasts and his brilliant daughter, he claims that they are both so amazing that she ends up eating all his food and he leaves the house hungry, which then underscores one of the main staples of healthy living (don't go out into the world hungry, dude). Most of the book is made up of diet and meal plans, and if you've already followed heard the golden rules that have been drummed into every other basis 'this will save your health and life" book of the last 20 years (more activity, less stress, more water, less sun, more anti-oxidants, more vitamin c, etc etc etc etc) you aren't going to get anything new here). The fact that the testimonials, ie, blurbs, on the back of the book don't come from too many bright lights in the medical field is of particular caution. The fact that two of his biggest, longest blurbs/testimonials come from second-level MAKEUP ARTISTS (!) is something to be wary of (and then he thanks them in his acknowledgements for being so nice). One makeup artist here says that given the fact that he must work on the most beautiful faces in the world, he must keep up on the latest in medicine (oh please). The fact that the doctor then says that all the other age-defying products on the market are bogus, and then says that only his are for real, further makes the case that the guy's just out to sell a product that HAS NOT been proven to have more results than any of the other WAY OVER PRICED products on the market. And by the way-- have you checked out the photo of the doctor? Is it a little reminiscent of...I don't know... Michael Jackson? Beware beware beware and save your money. QUACK QUACK QUACK....more info
    Women flock to see him, stand in line to speak to him. Is Jude Law making a a rare public appearance? No. It is Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of the best selling antidote to aging, The Wrinkle Cure. With sub heads such as "Four Weeks To A Fabulous Face" few can resist it. (Even though he suggests eating salmon twice a day).

    "Wrinkled, sagging skin is not the inevitable result of growing older," Dr. Perricone declares. "It's a disease, and you can fight it. You can look your best, feel your best, and enjoy beautiful skin and optimum health every day of your life, provided you start right now. And you don't need expensive, invasive plastic surgery to do it."

    That is his rallying cry. In a culture that worships youth and knows that beauty really is skin deep, millions have responded to his call. (Women and men alike).

    With a popular PBS program, also titled "The Wrinkle Cure," still showing, Dr. Perricone's credentials are impressive: a degree in Medicine from Michigan State University, an internship in Pediatrics at Yale University School of Medicine, and a residency in Dermatology at the Ford Medical Center. At the present time he is Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Yale Medical School.

    After two decades of study Dr. Perricone emphatically declares that "a high protein, low carbohydrate diet full of salmon, fresh blueberries, cantaloupe and spring water can help slow and even reverse the aging process." In other words the clock can be turned back.

    Other benefits Dr. Perricone attributes to his regime are feeling better, living longer, and improvement in memory and cognition.

    Is there an accompanying product line? Of course. Among his most sought after items are "Amine Complex Face Lift," a daily facial treatment geared to nourishing the skin, retaining moisture, and riding the skin of excess oil production; and "Evening Facial Emollient," a skin restorative that aids in cellular renewal while promoting an even skin tone and glow. (I've used them both and would recommend each).

    But, first the book. Rich in case studies and diet tips The Wrinkle Cure is an easy read with charts and graphs clearly showing how to use the good doctor's program. His thesis is that very much like arthritis, Alzheimer's and other inflammatory disease, aging skin is a disease rather than a natural process. It is a disease rightly treated with appropriate nutrition, hydration, the correct supplements, topical nutrients and antioxidant.

    Bananas, mangos, potatoes and cereals become sugar in the body, thus speeding the aging process. On the other hand, he posits, deeply colored fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, and leafy greens promote healthy skin.

    In closing Dr. Perricone states that he is "continuing my research into the powers of vitamin C, vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids, while constantly searching for even better solutions to the problems of aging skin.......Each triumph brings us one step closer to making the fantasy of eternal youth and beauty a realistic and obtainable goal."

    Is there youth in a bottle? Dr. Perricone's sales of over 8 million dollars last year would seem to indicate that many believe there is. But then, as has always been said - hope springs eternal.

    Do you suppose ol' father time can be given a run for his money?

    - Gail Cooke

    ...more info
  • Get Rid of Wrinkles
    Learn how free radicals, antioxidants, and aging cause your skin to wrinkle. You'll also learn what products actually work to get rid of those wrinkles.
    ...more info
  • Very Informative and Helpful
    This is a great book. It is easy to read, very informative, and the "cures" (at least the ones that I've tried) actually work. It contains information about the strengths and weakenesses of various types of skin, and how antioxidants can help. The author also gives the names of some skin care products that include antioxiodants. Okay, so he also recommends his own products in that list. I'm not offended by the self promotion. However, I did visit the author's web site and found the prices for his products to be very high. Later, I surfed the web, found a few web sites about making your own face creams and lotions, and tried adding the antioxidants to these concoctions. I experienced visible improvement of my skin after only a few days. My experience with my home made antioxidant face cream is consistent with the results the author describes in his book. So, from this perspective I say the theory behind the book is sound, and I highly recommend the book to others....more info
  • A Book That REALLY Can Help Us Have Better Looking Skin !
    This brand new, year 2000, 208 page book can really unlock the secret of having more youthful skin. Written by an acknowledged authority on the subject, he shows you that wrinkles do not have to be part of the aging process. His skin care technology has been proven to work through appropriately conducted and monitored clinical studies. He points out that plastic surgery isn't the only way to get rid of wrinkles. You'll learn exactly how and why your skin ages, how to determine and care for your type of skin, ethnicity and skin tone. Dr. Perricone shows you how and why each part of his method works. You might be surprised to learn that vitamin C can help get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. He shows you how to get an instant face lift, improve sagging skin, remove under-eye bags, firm your neck lines and get fuller lips. He does promote his line of products, but also informs about other products as well. I found the book easy to read, very complete, and full of information we can all benefit from. Unlike many other books on this popular topic, Dr. Perricone has the credentials to back up his statements. Very worth while....more info
  • His skin products don't work. His diet isn't new (and imperfect)

    It hasn't been clinically proven that Perricone skin products work. My mom (age 46) tried them anyway, and they didn't work.

    His advice to stay away from grains (and whatever comes from them, of course) is great, but not new. Yes, farm-raised salmon is screwed up, eat the wild one, but again, I knew that already.

    And I disagree with his complicated "system" of taking supplements. If you just eat normal food, like vegetables and fruit, NOT grains and soda, you won't need supplements. The only supplement you need is fish oil, since farm-raised animals that we eat lack necessary fatty acids....more info
  • Look for less expensive alternatives - at the drug store
    I borrowed this book from the library (sorry Amazon). It was a fast read and by luck I had already tried one of the supplements he recommends; Alpha Lipoic Acid (I grabbed the wrong bottle when intending to purchase Acidolphilus). Periodically I would take some trying to use it up. I never made the connection between taking Alpha Lipoic Acid and better looking skin until I read the book. Once I put the two together I thought there may be something to what he said.

    I started taking the Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements I already had and purchased vitamin C Esther and Coenzyme Q10. Since Perricone advocated using moisturizers that contained these vitamins I popped a coenzyme Q10 capsule and smoothed the contents over my face at night (it makes you look jaundiced). Later I purchased a cream containing these vitamins from the Vitamin Shoppe via Amazon (it cost $14) and I use it at night. During the day I use Nivea's Q10 Plus moisturizer with sunscreen.

    Have I noticed a difference? A small one, yes. The wrinkles are less deep and less noticeable, though still there. My skin has a healthier appearance - brighter (my skin was looking dull and haggard for awhile). I will keep taking the supplements because I think they make a difference. However, I will purchase them from the drug store where they are affordable and I take one each a day.

    (I've noticed that putting coenzyme Q10 on a cut makes it heal faster.)...more info

  • It didn't work for me
    This book would be more convincing if there were before and after pictures. I tried his top two recommended products and didn't notice any difference in my skin after 6 months, so have switched back to a less expensive cream. His advice certainly isn't bad as to diet, vitamins and drinking lots of water but I don't think his products produce results anywhere near those of a chemical peel or laser treatment as he implies they do. Dr. Perricone is one very enterprising dermatologist!...more info
  • irritated to have spent money on this book...
    This book may have some helpful (albeit obvious) suggestions, however I found myself becoming more and more irritated with every page I read...This book seems like a 200 page advertisement for Dr. Perricone's products......more info
  • This Could Be Better Than Prep H.
    My mom gave me "The Wrinkle Cure: Unlock the Power of Cosmeceuticals for Supple, Youthful Skin" book as a Christmas gift. Mom has beautiful skin, for a woman of...okay I won't say, your secret is safe, Mom.

    I don't know what my mom was thinking? I'm only 30! On the other hand, I reason that some day I will be 40, or more, so why not prepare now to ward off the dreaded wrinkles.

    In his book Nicholas Perricone offers us a system. This is a system that, if properly followed, will work. It will work because it makes sense. Diet, exercise, rest, and stress reduction all work in concert to preserve our skin's youthful condition.

    There are a few side benefits to author Perricone's system as well. One might find that they have developed healthier hair, healthier nails, stronger bones, and a happier attitude. All good reasons to, quit smoking cigarettes or dope, stop drinking alcohol, and stop consuming tons of bon-bons while laying, inactive, and watching your favorite soap opera.

    A number of flight attendants have told me that Prep. H is effective for wrinkle reduction, especially for "crow's feet". A yeast derivative was the secret, but the FDA made the manufacturer of PH remove it. Now only the Canadian version has the yeast.

    I think Mr. Perricone's suggestion of taking massive doses of fish, taken several consecutive days before a big social event (why not whale blubber?) will serve the same purpose. (Listen up. The fish is applied via your mouth. The Prep H is applied around your eyes. Don't confuse these techniques. And one never wants to find themselves sitting on a salmon when treating hemorrhoidal symptoms.)

    Great book. Worth the money. Go get it. It works. Cammy Diaz, lawyer...more info

  • A poorly written book!
    I applauded Dr. Perricone's efforts in writing this book. However, I was shocked to see how poorly the book was written for a person of his educational level, an M.D? Some Page 63 has an incomplete and fragmented sentence. He needed to specify the ranges of the glycemic index. That is, what is low, 55 or less? What is high, 70 and above?

    I'm also disgusted about his endorsement of certain skin care companies.

    I would strong recommend the Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health instead because it is a well written book. Read pages 99-101 regarding the glycemic index....more info

  • Excellent Advice and Information
    This was an excellent read explaining how wrinkles come about with age and how stres, cigarettes, and too much sun contribute. The problem appears to be free radicals. It's interesting that in another disease, Alzheimer's, I read in another excellent and highly recommended book called "Decoding Darkness" by Rudolph E. Tanzi and Ann B. Parson, that free radicals also appear to be the main culprit!...more info
  • The supplements and topicals work - try them!
    I have never seen Dr. Perricone on either PBS or the Oprah show, nor have I ever read or heard of him before reading this book. The info in the book about free radicals, antioxidants and aging as a form of inflammation intrigued me and so I decided to try the supplements and topical cream for a three month experiment. Well...I don't need 3 months to determine that it's working! I can tell you that improvements in skin tone are almost immediate upon using the topical cream. Trust me, this man knows what he's talking about! I am 46 years old and have a few crow's feet and and the start of other wrinkles, so I have tried numerous skin products - including some of the more popular (and expensive) ones that claim to diminish wrinkles. Some of the products I had used in the past produced minimal positive results, but some were too harsh and caused inflammation around my eyes - leaving the skin looking worse than before. The topicals (ALA, C ester, DMAE) suggested by the author are available in a cream that is very lightweight and non-greasy. I agree with the reviews that state Dr. Perricone's product line is quite pricey. Indeed it is, however similar formulations of the supplements and topicals are available elswhere for considerably less. For instance, RevivaLabs makes an affordable ALA, C ester, DMAE cream that's available on-line or at your local GNC store. Not having the big money to fork over for Dr. Perricone's brand, I decided to try the RevivaLabs version of the ALA, C ester, DMAE cream and went to Jewel-Osco to pick up the supplements. BTW, RevivaLabs' cream does not contain any animal ingredients and RevivaLabs does not use animal testing. :o) If I had the money and lived near Dr. Perricone's practice, I'm sure I'd make an appointment to see him (and possibly purchase the products from him as well)! But it's nice to know that he's willing to share his knowledge for the price of a book!...more info
  • This book is great
    I loved this book. I knew you should drink lots of water and eat fish. But staying away from pasta... I had no clue. This book is real informative and a must read for anyone concerned with aging. Highly recommended....more info
  • I know the DoctorSecret
    I finally had enough of my wrinkles and saw the infomercial on PBS. I bought the book and decided to take the plunge. I followed the diet to a "t" and realized it's more about basic health than high priced products. I search online and found a website they sell products similar to the ones in the book. I use the book daily for reference. My girlfriend buys only name brand items and has spent tons of cash. We compared the products and they seem to be identical.
    Love the book.J...more info
  • Buy this FIRST if you are considering plastic surgery...
    If you are considering plastic surgery, you need to get this book first. WHY? Well, for one thing, the price is a bargain compared to surgery, even when you throw in the often costly cosmetic and vitamins the author recommends. And if, like me, you see a NOTICABLE difference in your skin, you may realize that plastic surgery can be put off for awhile...maybe even forever. This author has the credentials to back up everything he says and a list of celebrity clients with glowing skin that bear witness to his results.
    Although I was initially skeptical, I can say that finally, finally, I found something that gets results. The suggestions listed here work - and even better, they work even if you don't follow EVERY single step. Drink more water, take the vitamins, use the products and you'll see a difference. Do more and I assume the results will be better.
    But even if you don't see a remarkable difference in your skin (although I think you will) in a few days or, at most, a few weeks...and decide you still want plastic surgery, you should still have this book. Why? Because you will be going into the operation with the BEST skin of your life and be prepared to have the BEST results. So,either way, this book is a must-have....more info
  • Read this first...

    An excerpt:
    "Dr. Perricone would be more credible if he could show us a study demonstrating that people who followed his prescription lived longer, had `younger' skin demonstrated by objective measures, or felt better compared to those on a placebo program--or that they were better in any measurable way. Instead, he provides only testimonials, exaggerated claims, partial truths, and incorrect statements. He cherry-picks possibly supportive studies from the literature and ignores contradictory studies. He cites lots of lab studies (in vitro or in animals), but few that demonstrate any clinical effects in humans. The diet he recommends is low in calories, and weight loss alone may improve the way his patients look and feel. His advice about tobacco and sunscreens is appropriate, but there is little science behind the rest of his program. He seems to have gathered every nutrient and skin cream he had any reason to hypothesize might work and advised using all of them [and sells them for an exorbitant amount of money to the exclusion of anyone else's]. A more rational approach would have been to first see which ones really worked, and later to see if any combinations of the effective agents worked better than a single agent."...more info
  • Results in one week
    After only 7 days on the prescribed eating plan, coworkers were beginning to stare. I lost only 2 lbs. but I looked and felt as if I had lost much more. This eating plan has really made me aware of the damage we Americans do to ourselves by eating so much refined flour and sugar. My energy has soared and I'll never veiw food as just something to eat. Food IS Fuel. [...]....more info
  • this is definitely worth reading!
    This is an excellent book, full of information on the latest anti-aging discoveries. Dr. Perricone substantiates each claim that he makes with his research, and it makes a lot of sense. Although he does have his own product line, he recommends many others. I've reseached many websites with his line, and they are very informative and do not try to oversell you at all. I can't wait to try it....more info
  • Great science, but there are better sources for the supplements
    I've just finished reading through a few of Dr. Perricone's books. I was very excited to read this, because it backs up much of what I've learned recently about skin care. The use of Alpha Lipoic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, Coenzyme Q10, flaxseed oil, and vitamins A, C, and E ARE essential for good skin health, and good health overall. His diet suggestions are great and straight forward too. But if you go to his website, his lotions and supplements are WAY overpriced. There is a great alternative in Arbonne. Arbonne has many of the same ingredients listed in Dr. Perricone's books, at about half the price. Email me if you want to learn more, at sallyvegso"at"myarbonne"dot"com...more info
  • Nothing New Here
    Mr. Perricone is obviously a very bright man...with a very advanced knowledge of dermatology and I respect his positions in the medical field.

    Although he's likely a brilliant doctor...all of his skin care products lack the one (and only) thing that can actually assist in the war against wrinkles. It's puzzling that somebody with his background would set out to produce a line of skin care that discludes any kind of sunscreen...even an SPF 5 ....

    I have 5 of his products....the alpha lipoic lip cream dried up so quick I had to throw it out...even though it was tightly sealed and in a dark place. His moisturizer is very average...and so is the 'eye area therapy'. What works very nicely is the 'face firming activator'....I bought it because my mother who is 70 had such wonderful results... No it didn't remove any wrinkles...(come on people...there is no such creme anywhere in the world) but her skin had a healthy glow and her skin tone looked very even. The Amine complex face lift is not too bad either...but again...these products DO NOT REMOVE WRINKLES. Obviously if such a product beauty conscious woman would ever wrinkle

    So...the title of the book is somewhat misleading in that his diet recommendations and products can/are able to ...cure wrinkles. This just isn't so.

    What is the most truthful and helpful aspect of this book is Mr. Perricone's references of the ZONE diet.

    I did go on the Zone program for 1 yr..not to lose weight...purely to see if it would give me more energy and if I'd feel 100% better. The results were notably amazing...had the recipes not been so hard to put together ...I'd still be on it today.... My hat's off to you Dr. Sears for your Zone diet. I'm not a doctor...but my energy increased...I had a sense of well being...and if you accompany this way of eating by some'll likely improve your health overall..

    The book is not going to help cure wrinkles. If that's what your're looking for...STAY OUT OF THE SUN...don't smoke and keep alcohol consumption to an absolute minimum. That's what any good dermatologist will tell you.

    My mother-in law has stayed out of the sun almost her entire life and her 59 yr old face looks like she's 35....more info


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