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If you're a Weight Watcher, this collection of 500 recipes in a handy loose-leaf binder could put you in the fast lane on the road to success. This cookbook is designed for Weight Watchers' 1•2•3 Success program: points are assigned to foods based on fat, fiber, and calories, and your daily point allowance is based on your current weight. So you can eat what you want, as long as you don't go over your allotted points. The better your food choices, the more you can eat before you run out of points.

Recipes are varied and cover the whole gamut: sauces; breads; soups; meat, chicken, fish, and vegetarian entrees; pasta; vegetable, grain, and potato side dishes; and, of course, desserts. The recipes are more healthful but not drastically different from foods you and your family enjoy now. Many are familiar comfort foods, such as Pizza, Oven "Fried" Chicken, Beef Stew, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Chocolate Layer Cake, and Cheesecake. Internationally inspired favorites include Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Orange-Flavored Fajitas, Moo Shu Chicken, Tandoori Haddock, and Senegalese Peanut Soup. The nutritional breakdown for each recipe is more complete than in most cookbooks, and includes calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, fiber, protein, calcium, and Weight Watchers' points. --Joan Price

The Healthy Cook's Best Kitchen Companion

Eating well and losing weight have never beeneasier—or more delicious! This comprehensive Weight Watchers cookbook is packed with more than 500 fresh and flavorful recipes for every meal and virtually every occasion. With countless cooking tips, helpful how-to's, and sixty color photographs, Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook is the all-in-one kitchen resource you'll turn to again and again for great ideas and inspiration.

Whether you're looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner or something special to spice up a weekend brunch, you'll find a variety of recipes to choose from on every page, ranging from classic comfort foods to zesty international dishes.

Throughout, Weight Watchers nutrition and cooking experts offer you simple, flexible ways to achieve your weight-loss goals without giving up favorite foods.

Here's what is inside:

  • More than 500 healthy recipes, including Core Plan recipes and POINTS values for every recipe

  • Information on Weight Watchers' popular Flex Plan

  • A brand-new holiday baking chapter, with recipes from around the world

  • Handy recipe icons (for Core Plan, 20 minutes or less, spicy, and 5 POINTS values or less)

  • Complete nutrition information—including trans fats

  • Valuable tips, how-to's, substitutions, and leftover ideas

  • And much more

Customer Reviews:

  • great cookbook
    I have already made some delicious meals for my family so this cookbook is very practical for a regular family meal....more info
  • Great recipes, easy to follow, tasty!
    I am delighted with this book which is one of 4 recipe books which I have ordered of the Weight Watchers series. The index is well laid out and lots of thought had gone into this book. Most recipes call for everyday ingredients of which I have most in the house, and the rest is easy to find. This is "every-day" food and certainly not "diet" food! Weight Watchers fits my lifestyle very well as there is little weighing, no additional cooking from the rest of the family and a program which truly is a lifestyle. This book brings great variation to my cooking and introduces great ideas, also for those little treats. This book has become one of my favourite recipe books and one that I will continue using even when I'm no longer on a diet. Well recomended and a great purchase!...more info
  • not exactly for the small town girl
    It does have some really good recipes, but if your from a small town like me, some of the things are not located at the local grocery store....more info
  • Delicious, practical, nutritious!
    Delicious, practical, nutritious, easy, tasty nad lots of variety - and the Weight Watchers points too. Excellent...more info
  • Good cook book but not your everyday recipes
    I was looking for everyday recipes for the foods everyday people eat. The insert says it all with a display (looks good)of dolmades, roasted red pepper dip, and Hummus. While the book did have French Onion Soup and Clam Chowder; it also had Yogurt soup with lamb meatballs and Lentil and Swiss Chard. Many of the dish ingredients are not found in a typical grocery store but are found in a specialty store or Farmers/World market. Bottomline: While there are a LOT of recipes I would be willing to cook about 20 percent....more info
  • Great book
    This book (along with a couple other WW books) helped me lose over 30 lbs. very happy with my purchase....more info
  • recipe vs book page paper
    This book is fabulous! My entire family enjoys these meals ... the final food has no appearance of being a "Weight Watcher" meal. I love how it uses fairly common household ingredients when I have no time to foodshop. The recipes are worth 5 stars BUT the paper it is printed on is terribly cheap and horrible. Yellow post-it notes I use to mark recipes will actually tear the thin see through paper. The book open in a warm moist kitchen even makes the paper pucker....more info
  • Not for me. A single woman in her 20's.
    I cook maybe 4-5 times a week at home and between work, after work work-outs, church, and other social activities I don't have alot of time to spend in the kitchen. Also, I don't like to buy alot of different kinds of exotic (to me) ingredients because they go bad if not used, or are very expensive for me to use just a pinch of it in one recipe when cooking for myself. For this reason, this book was just not for me. I guess I was looking for more basics and thank God I ordered Devin Alexanders book (The Most Decadent Diet Ever!: The cookbook that reveals the secrets to cooking your favorites in a healthier way) because her book had how to make everyday cooking better and healthier. This Weight Watchers book does have ALOT of recipes, but most of them I would never use or ever think to make because I had never heard of them, their ingredients, or they just sounded too complex for my taste. I'm a simple eater and I love to cook but I'm nowhere near gourmet. Some examples of the meals that I see just flipping through the book include Seafood en papillote, Pan bagnat, Pasta fra diavolo, Turbot a la Nage, Spicy wheat berry-chickpea medley, different risotto's, Senegalese peanut soup, Orecchiette with broccoli rabe, Borscht, Cioppino, Mulligatawny, Vichyssoise, Keema Samosas, and this list goes on and on. Some of these might actually be good, but there were so many of them that I decided to return this book because I wasn't looking for an experimental cookbook. There were very few recipes for stuff that I would actually cook such as the Maryland Crab cakes, mac and cheese, easy enchiladas, creamed spinach, Linguine Alfredo, and garlic roasted chicken with gravy. I did think that the stocks and sauces chapter as well as the marinades, rubs, condiments, and dressings (also breads) chapters were great for anyone wanting to try these things from scratch (maybe one day, right now, I don't have time to make fresh bread). I thought this book was more for people or parents that really spend alot of time in the kitchen and want to make different healthy meals for their whole family to try together. Otherwise, I would spend alot of money trying out these recipes. I would have kept it for the few recipes I would use, but for almost $20, I would rather try for another Weight Watchers book or one by someone else that I would use on a weekly basis. ...more info
  • deliciously low calorie
    This cookbook is old but the ideas are classic, current and innovative. This is the second copy of this cookbook I have purchased to gift to my sister. The language and instructions are easy to follow but the ideas are amazing as the chefs utilize aromatic spices and fresh ingredients to create sensational taste experiences or traditional fare. Using the recipes you can prepare weekly meals for your family or host an extravegant dinner party and no one would ever know that you are cooking low cal, low fat, high fibre and low sodium. All they will know is that the flavours are exquisite and that the food is healthy and superb. Buen provecho, bon apetito, enjoy!...more info
  • Terrible - don't waste your money
    I was very excited to purchase this cookbook to accompany my resolution to eat healthier. I have tried about 12 recipes from this cookbook and cannot believe how terrible they are. I have cooked "light" before, using things like apple sauce in place of butter and using fresh herbs and spices to add flavor, and those recipes have come out great. I thought this would be just like that - low fat, low calorie meals that taste great. It is not. The recipes I have tried are flavorless and I can't believe how many mistakes there are.

    For example, I tried the chocolate muffins. Sounds great and at 2 points, who could beat that? They were awful - they came out like hockey pucks and were completely inedible. We threw them away! I don't have the cookbook in front of me now, but I remember how the main muffin recipe called for 4 T of sugar. When making them chocolate it says to increase the sugar to 3 T. Well, that is decreasing the sugar, no? Did they mean to increase the sugar BY 3T? Who knows.

    This cookbook is a complete let down for me. I have yet to find one recipe I would make again and cannot believe how I have actually thrown away some of the things I made from it. I consider myself a good cook so I truly believe it is the recipes that are lacking. I am actually going to freecycle this cookbook - it isn't worth the room on my shelf....more info
  • Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook
    I am disappointed in the content of this book. There is a large number of recipes that are foreign based that are not in the least bit enticing to me. My family and I don't care for numerous seasonings that are used, especially those of mideastern origin. I don't think the cookbook was advertised honestly. I was under the impression it was presenting recipes that most of us Americans would enjoy in a healthy, diet-friendly format. However, a very large part of it is an ethnic selection. I would not recommend this cookbook to anyone I know. Incidentally, I cook often, cook a variety, and am good at it, so my disastisfaction is not due to lack of knowledge or experience. ...more info
  • Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook
    This has saved me and my family at night!! wonderful, tasty recipes and very easy to make!!...more info
    I use this cookbook all the time. Weither or not you are on Weight Watchers this book has wonderful stuff. My hubby loves the Southern Oven Fried Chicken....more info
  • Tasteless and Complicated Recipes!
    I LOVE to cook, I LOVE to experiment with unusual recipies, and I was so excited to get this cookbook. But after making about 15 recipes I have to admit: I don't love it. Out of everything I made, about half turned out tasteless or gross. Eating healthy doesn't have to mean disgusting food, but this cookbook believes it! What's worse: You have to have the equivalent of a fully stocked produce section in you kitchen to make the meals! All the vegetables are fresh (and therefore expensive) and each recipe uses lots of different kinds. For example, the turkey meatloaf used green pepper, carrots, onions, celery, zucchini, whole wheat bread crumbs....and all prep work to clean and cut up the fresh produce is insane! The turkey meatloaf was okay, but definitely not worth all the hard work. The Cod Stew actually turned my stomach. I served the spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce to guests for dinner and was humiliated by the lack of taste (and lack of food) on the table. I took an entire afternoon to make the Whole Wheat and Mushroom Calzones from scratch (waiting 2 hours for the dough to rise, etc) and was so disappointed by the nasty taste I wanted to cry! Another problem I had with the cookbook was that it would give the point value for a serving, but not tell you how much a serving was! A cup? A pound? A little help here?!?! I'm giving this book 2 stars just for the ring binding and the possibility that there MAY be a good recipe in here that I haven't discovered! Until then, I've gone back to my trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and punched the nutrition information into my Points Calculator and---VIOLA---my own yummy Weight Watcher's Cookbook that is much better than the original. ...more info
  • more of the same
    It is ok. lots of pictures which help makes up your mind on what you want....more info
  • Best WW cookbook by far
    This is the best weight watchers cookbook I have ever seen. The recipes are not only delicious, but they use ingredients that most of us have on hand or can easily get. My husband (not on weight watchers) has loved every recipe that I have made so far. These are not "diet" food recipes, just good, healthy eating recipes :o)...more info
  • Well used already
    Grab your sticky notes and get ready to find some great recipes. I've been using this cookbook for about 6 weeks now and my family and I love it! My daughter and I are on weight watchers and she credits this book in part to her weight loss. She especially loves the way I cook from it. Each Saturday I sit down with this and another WW cookbook and write up the weeks menus and grocery list. Then every day I can tell her how many points we will be having for supper. We can also look at our week's activities and schedule the meals (and points) accordingly. The pot roast is a favorite (it adds a little burgundy and new spices to the usual recipe) but we have tried many many other recipes - most with great success. I also like the spiral binding and the pages that wipe off easily. This has become a favorite cookbook for us....more info
  • Great Recipes!
    I purchased this book a couple of years ago, and I have to say...This is still my #1 cookbook. I generally find that, with most cookbooks, you try a recipe or two from them, and really don't touch it for anything else. With this cookbook, I have tried dozens of recipes, and have added several "staple" meals to my everyday cooking thanks to this book. Some of my favorites include the recipe from the cover, which is a sauteed chicken with fettuccine and broccoli rabe, as well as a recipe called Lemony Spring Risotto. Also, you shouldn't be afraid to substitute or add ingredients, as long as you know it won't affect the POINTS value. For instance, there is a great recipe for a tomato, onion, and basil salad in there that is delicious, but I also add cucumbers to it. The Lemony Spring Risotto - I make it without the asparagus.

    Overall, I highly recommend this book for your collection!...more info
  • Good, but bland
    I love the points system. I think it is tremendous. This is a great cookbook with lots of good ideas for cooking light. The problem is that nothing is spicy! We are a spicy family & it has been hard to find recipes in this albeit large cookbook that are flavorful enough to suit us. So, my recommendation is to keep the sliced, fresh jalapenos, salsa, garlic and chipotle tabasco handy to add to these recipes as needed. :)...more info
  • Good Recipes
    The book was in excellent condition. So far we have tried 2 recipes, "Southern Oven 'Fried' Chicken", which we added Lemon Pepper and Parsley to it... it was delicious! The other recipe was "Chicken Hash" and that was pretty good too. We always like to add some of our own ingredients and are planning to put Shredded low-fat cheese on top of it next time. We are looking forward to trying other recipes....more info
  • Great cookbook!
    First off I want to say that I absolutely love that they tell you the points for each serving of the meal as well as calories, fat, sodium, etc. I'm following the weight watchers diet, while my husband has his own system going, so having all the info is awesome. :)
    I've had this recipe book for a couple of months now, and lately I've been using it almost daily for suppers. Some of the foods are absolutely awesome! The Mulligatawny (no idea if i spelled that right) is amazing, Southern "Fried" Chicken great for any day, and the Cabbage Apple soup is great. There's also been some real nasty stuff that's come out of the book too (do NOT try the artichoke chicken packets, they are just plain nasty).
    So basically the book is very convenient for people following weight watchers or just trying to eat better in general, and I would highly recommend it to others. :) ...more info
  • Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook
    This cookbook is exactly what I was looking for as part of my weight loss program. The recipes are easy to make and use common foods. You don't have to go out and buy any "special" or "hard to find" food from specialty shops. ...more info
  • Love It!
    I ordered this book in hopes I could find a few good recipes. Well, I love everyone I have tried so far, and so does the whole family. The recipes taste great and they are very good for you as well. I would recommend it to anyone, wheather your watching your weight or not! ...more info
  • Weight Watchers/always good
    They have just so many different ways to cook things and so many great cookbooks. We love chicken, so it's great to have lots of different ideas on how to fix it up different and tastes so good....more info
  • $3.99 for an older edition
    Not only do I regret the expense of using butter in recipes, I fear the increase in belly fat. This is my first diet cookbook and an inexpensive introduction to Weight Watchers that I can hold in my hand. Reading/researching information from a computer screen is less comfortable than holding a book in my hands. ...more info
    This cookbook is great, actually anything from weight watchers is pretty good. I am not trying to lose weight, but my brother is and so my brother's girlfriend has been using these recipes. Honestly, they're absolutely delicious. Even without trying to lose weight I would go out of my way to come home for dinner to eat meals because the food is just that great.

    I highly recommend buying this book the recipes are great, weight watchers tries to unsure that you get all the nutrients and vitamins you need to be healthy, and everyone in the family would eat it. definitely get this book!! you will love it!...more info
  • Weight Watcher Cookbook
    The book is nice and easy to use. I like it alot. It has many new ideas as well as some old favorites.The only thing I would have liked to have seen were more pictures of the foods......more info
  • Great Food!
    Have used this book over and over - the receipes are great and easy to make. Our favorite is the "Southern Oven-Fried chicken". Using the receipes in this book I have lost 11 pounds and my husband 21 lbs to date!...more info
  • great recipes
    it's a great book for recipes that are quite innovative. I had wished for more menus, week menu, grocery list and the like. i have enjoyed cooking and developing meals with this book. It a good staple book to have...more info
  • A good cookbook for entrees
    I like this cookbook and use it often, but I find that the dinners are much better than the sweets and baked goods. I've tried several of the sweet recipes and they don't work out. For instance I just made the rice pudding and I had to add much more milk to keep it from burning, had to cook it for longer than required but the rice still came out a little hard. It's a strange recipe, you cook it on the stovetop and then bake it. The entrees I've tried have all come out very good. ...more info
  • weight watchers new complete cookbook
    Nice cookbook with ingredients that I have on hand.Has recipes that my kids enjoy.Has all the point values for the flex plan and core. ...more info
  • A very complete cookbook.
    If you are only going to buy one Weight Watchers cookbook, this should be the one. There are many different recipes as well as helpful tips, both about cooking and about tweaking recipes. All the recipes I have tried so far are delicious and don't taste "diet." The cookbook has mainstream staples, like food for Thanksgiving, as well as recipes with an international flavor. It's the most comprehensive Weight Watchers cookbook I have ever seen or owned....more info
  • good, could have been great
    "Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook", copywrite 1998, 2007 printing, is a good cookbook for Weight Watchers. However, it could have been great, with some more attention to detail.

    I did Weight Watchers back in the early 1970s, when Weight Watchers was still a new organization. Back then, the diet was simple and strict. It was a low-fat Atkins type of diet. It was difficult to stay on the diet, as eating urges developed. Over the years, the Weight Watchers program has gotten more sophisticated and more complex. Currently, the program uses a 'points' system and has changed from a 'diet' to a way of life. Over the years I 'visited' the Weight Watchers program, again and again. The recipes have gotten better and more tasty, using herbs and spices for more flavor.

    There are some problems with the cookbook. More photos and drawings of finished dishes are needed, so beginning cooks can aim for the best results. The format of the recipes causes difficulties, because it is not easy to spot the recipe 'points' or to assess serving sizes. The book does not have enough really simple recipes for beginning cooks. Perhaps it should have a beginner's section.

    Quibbles aside, the dishes are good, healthful, and tasty. ...more info
  • Delicious recipes, good enough to fix for diet food haters.
    Great cookbook with easy, flavorful healthy recipes. Lots of good tips throughout for how to lighten up your favorite sauces and dressings. Not every single recipe is a winner though but every cookbook has a few duds....more info
  • Great recipes for WW users!
    Great cookbook with some traditional and unique foods. I am a very picky eater, so trust me when I say, I love the variety in here. There is even a recipe for Utlimate Nachos!...more info
  • It's OK.... not sure it's worth the money
    I requested this cookbook as a Christmas present. I received it and wanted to immediately use it, so I sat down with it for a review of the recipes. I was VERY disappointed that there were no recipes for anything I would "normally" make. I expected there to be healthy versions of "comfort foods" and I expected points values for those things I eat most (that are still relatively healthy for you). Too bad there aren't "normal" recipes in there. Anyone want my copy? I won't be using it. I gave it 3 stars because I figure it could be useful to SOMEONE, just not me....more info
  • Disappointing
    I ordered this cookbook when I joined weight watchers through amazon.com. There aren't a lot of vegan or vegetarian recipies, and those listed are tasteless. Worse is the Weight Watchers online program. The website is slow and cumbersome and difficult to figure out. While the online blog can be good at times, it certainly isn't worth the money. It took 4 months to cancel through WW accounting department after the first request. BEWARE!!!...more info
  • Love the spiral binding!
    This is a great addition to our cook book collection. The best thing about this book is the spiral binding. The book lays nice and flat making it much easier to use. having a good scale also helps. We have the Polder Pocket Size Digital Scale and it is perfect for weighing out small amounts.

    If you have the older Weight Watcher's cook books it is time to update to the newer version and get more variety (how many red onion salads can you eat anyway!). This covers the usual point system and core plan systems and includes all the necessary nutritional info. The tips and side bars are great! Lots of good info.

    We have tried the BBQ pork with mop sauce and Roast pork Puertorriqueno, But the coolest thing that we have enjoyed are the 2 Bread machine recipes. Caraway Rye and Cinnamon Raisin. both extremely yummy!

    The only negatives are it seems that every WW cook book have to many salad recipes in them. The only thing that amps them up are the different types of dressings. They could have condensed all of the different dressings on a few pages and left more room for other dishes. We ALL know how to make a salad. I would have liked to see more bread machine recipes.

    The other negative is the quality of the pages. The paper used is VERY thin and rips easily.

    Still well worth the 12-17 dollars. Get it....more info
  • Weight Watchers Cookbook
    This cookbook contains great recipes and innovative cooking ideas for those following the Weight Watchers food plan. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Weight Watchers cookbook just good food
    I ordered this cookbook in February and have made 6 or 7 of the recipes.
    Every one has been tasty and not hard to prepare. There are symbols at
    the top of each recipe that alert you to quick or hot ones. Index guides
    me to recipes containing the ingredients I have on hand. Recipes use a
    variety of spices and herbs, which make them quite satisfying. The roasted
    vegetables and the Rosemary Chicken are our favorites so far....more info
  • Best tasting diet recipes EVER
    I found the recipes quite easy to make and very quick. Ingredients were not hard to find in the stores as in a lot of recipes. The taste of the food was really so good it was hard to believe it was diet. My husband and I have trouble with our portions so with these recipes we made sure that we each only ate the portion for one and found it was really easy to lose weight, even though we're not counting points....more info
  • A good book indeed
    There is a great deal of variety in the recipes, but often times they don't add enough seasonings. I know which kind to add but some might not. ...more info
  • Great cookbook!!
    This cookbook is great - great pictures, easy to follow with good (yummy) recipes. It tells you the point values and the nutrition facts. It's great for a starter to healthy eating! ...more info
  • Great cook book!!!
    I love this cookbook. There is so many easy and wonderful recipes. This has defintly helped me with my weight loss. I have already recommeneded it to my sister and mother to try. ...more info
  • Helps everyone!
    I just wanted people to know that this cookbook also has calories listed for each meal so no matter what your eating habits you can use this cook book....more info
  • DELICIOUS recipes!
    If you are a brownie lover, you need this recipe book. It has a nice variety of recipes, and they taste great! I would recommend it! The price is right as well!...more info
  • Nothing Spectacular
    This book didnt thrill me. Nothing spectacular here, weird foods that are suppossed to be good for you, but the average american family would be hard pressed to feed the whole family with these concoctions....more info
  • Like this book
    I like this cookbook. Very easy to use - and the recipes are tasty. ...more info
  • Shame, shame Weight Watchers!
    The prepping directions for Weight Watchers recipes are more complicated than they need to be. Also, too many exotic indredients are used. I can't find these items in my grocery store and there is no way my kids are going to eat things like Mango Chutney. I would have liked to know how big each portion is. If I was good at knowing how much to eat, I wouldn't be overweight. Another thing that bothered me was that this book was actually a cheaply made plastic comb edition and was printed in China! Weight Watchers doesn't make enough money, they have to cut corners by printing and assembling this book in China? ...more info
  • Great Recipes!
    This book has great recipes and a nice mix of flex and core. I have made more than 10 of the recipes and they were easy to follow with good explanations and mostly easy to find ingredients. I recommend highly even if you own other WW cookbooks!...more info
  • A case study in diet cookbook pitfalls
    In The Best Light Recipe from Cooks Illustrated magazine, the editors of CI confronted one of the sketchier issues of writing books about low-fat cuisine -- the ugly fact that not every recipe can translate into lower-fat forms. They therefore abandoned a lot of their less practical plans -- there seemed to be no way to make a decent low fat pie crust, for example, so they gave up on it.

    Well, Weight Watchers didn't. For the most part this worked out great for them -- there are a great many recipes in here that are perfectly acceptable conversions, and quite a few they simply did straight out and simply offered sufficent amounts of nutritional information that allowed decent portion control. A lot of recipes show less conversion and more smart recipe selection -- in other words, they went out of their way to find dishes that were inherently low fat to begin with, side-stepping a lot of difficult matters of trying to shoehorn something normally swamped in butter or olive oil into a low-fat cookbook. (I'm quite partial to their molasses rye bread recipe, by the way; it's a good quick rye bread that goes together easily in a bread machine.) But there's a few obvious clunkers that seem like they should have been left out. Their shrimp scampi recipe is my example for the purposes of the review -- rather than simply curb their use of olive oil, they made a sauce with chicken broth. In a seafood dish. The book isn't loaded to the gills with clunkers like this, but it's got a few things that really need to be watched for.

    That said, this book is otherwise a remarkably good reminder that just because one might need to cut back on fat and carbs, one does not need to sacrifice tasty, well-rounded menus for birdseed or artery-clogging doses of meat that would make a Brazilian go veg. The dish selection is very wide-ranging and pretty hip, and if you bear in mind the above caveats it's actually pretty good as just a basic cookbook, if a little light compared with heavyweights like Joy of Cooking or The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. Each recipe includes nutritional information and WW Points values, and with multiple editions now available you can choose between the flat-lay binder and a more shelf-friendly compact format. Obviously Weight Watchers would prefer that you use it in conjunction with their program, but it's still a very good book to keep around for any situation where you need to keep a close eye on your nutritional matters, whether it involves WW or not. ...more info


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