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More than 80,000 HR professionals having earned the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) or Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification, and another 20,000 are expected to take the exam in 2009. This complete update of the bestselling guide to HR certification contains additional coverage of new HR policies and standards, as well as updated practice exam questions and real world scenarios. Key topics include strategic management, workforce planning and employment, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. The CD-ROM contains four bonus exams (two each for PHR and SPHR) as well as flashcards and an electronic book.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Study Guide!!!
    I love this book. It served as a great refresher from my previous courses and assited in my self study for my PHR exam. I found it very useful....more info
  • Good study guide
    I passed the exam 1st time with this book as my only study guide.

    I bought this book several months before taking the PHR. I took the placement exam in the book right away. This gave me a good idea what areas I was weak in. I work in CA and support company's in several states. I think this gave me an advantage because of the strict compliance and regulations in CA. I started studying about 2-3 weeks before the exam. I would spend a few hours each night reading the book, highlighting and answering the review questions at the end of each chapter. I finished reading the whole book a day before taking the exam and spent the last day taking the placement exam again and reviewing my weak areas in more detail.

    The exam was long and hard. The whole time I was taking it, I thought I was failing miserably. The questions are hard and there are always two answers that are reasonably right but only one that is more right. I don't know my scores yet but I found out I passed at the end of the test!

    I would highly recommend this book as a study guide if you are an experienced HR professional. I have a BS in Business and a concentration in HR. I obtained my degree 4 years ago. I have worked in several industries over the last 4 years and worked my way up the HR ladder. I'm involved in all aspects of HR for a non-union company....more info
  • I passed!
    I used this book to pass my PHR exam. The book was easy to read and the practice questions helped me prepare for the exam. While the book was worth the investment, I won't lie. There were items on the test that I did not review in the book. I am glad I didn't buy the SHRM Learning System which costs hundreds of dollars and saved money buy purchasing this book. In the end I got the result I wanted, and passed the test. Yeah!...more info
  • What more can I ask for, I Passed!!
    I bought the book, studied it from cover to cover, and passed the first time. I have three industry experience in recruitment, placement, worker's comp AND have not taken any formal classes in HR. Really, what more could I have asked for? I paid $35 for a book of knowledge that many others pay hundreds or even thousands for....more info
  • Highly recommend for PHR
    A colleague of mine was taking a PHR class in New Jersey and her Instructor recommended this book. I could not afford the $1,000 for the class, so I bought the book and studied like mad three days before the exam. I used this as the main study guide with a 2001, yes, 2001 SHRM learning system. It is important to note that I also have more than 8 years of management experience in human resources, which I know helped me to pass the PHR last January.

    This December I will embark upon the SPHR, but don't believe that I will use the same materials. I am researching other sources as I found the book lacking in terms of strategic planning for HRM....more info
  • I got my SPHR because of this book!
    Great study tool if you want to "go it alone" preparing for the SPHR/PHR....more info
  • excellent preparation material
    Great book for understanding what you need for the exam - not your typical coffee table reading but it does give you good info to think about..the seller was quick in responding to my order....more info
  • PHR Study Guide
    This book gives a good general overview of the exam. It is definitely not enough for the entire test but it is a good base. The CD is helpful and I like these flashcards better than those on the SHRM CD.

    After beginning a preparation class,I realized how much information is missing. The book is a decent supplement to the SHRM modules but I do not think it is enough as a stand alone....more info
    Just passed the PHR exam and this book was the only tool I used to study. However, I do not recommend using this as the only study tool. Further, I studied H. R. at UC Berkeley in CA (10 years ago)and this book taught me more. It was the main reason I passed and was put together to help you maintain critical info.

    The Benefits / Compensation section was the most so dry. Yet, the rest was really interesting.

    Keep in mind that the long and tough exam is situational. So they want the best answer; not just the right one. Therefore, I highly recommend it. Good luck to those who are planning to take it.

    KB...more info
  • Horrible!
    This is a horrible book to study for the PHR. It's very wordy and omits a lot of info that's actually on the test. Not even a good supplement to other study materials -do not get this one!...more info
  • A Good Resource
    This book was extremely helpful in preparing me for my PHR exam. SHRM offers a lot of classes and expensive training options, but with my work experience and this book as a study guide, I was able to successfully pass the exam on my first try. If nothing else, it's a good, inexpensive reference tool that I've utilized on many occasions. ...more info
  • PHR/SPHR: Professional in Human Resources Certification Study Guide
    Excellent book for anyone wanting to study for the PHR/SPHR exam....more info
  • PHR/SPHR study guide by Anne M. Bogardus,SPHR
    I purchased this book to expand my knowledge in the H.R. field. It's a great resource!! C.Zingiris...more info
  • What a great practical study guide!
    This is an easy to read,reasonably priced, and well organized tool which compliments the other study materials from SHRM and HRCI. I highly recommend it for those persons preparing to take either the PHR or SPHR. This title offers practical real life scenarios as examples of the professional application of the concepts, laws, and theories detailed in this vast body of knowledge for HR practitioners. It is a must buy and great resource!! ...more info
  • Great Book To Prepare For The Exam!
    I just took the PHR exam on Thursday, May 3rd and passed. I purchased the SHRM Learning System Course but am very thankful I purchased this book. The SHRM Learning System was good but, as recommended by HRCI, they encourage you to reference other materials when preparing. So I selected this book. It provided real-life situations and was, overall, an easy and quick read. It all comes down to understanding the core knowledge of HR. This book was a wonderful preparation tool....more info
  • Provides a base, but not sufficient on its own.
    I used this book and I passed the SPHR. But, I feel like it was dumb luck that I passed. The book provided a good foundational base of information, but had I to do it over again, I would have supplemented it with something else. The format of the example questions here were pretty close to what I saw on the exam, but I feel like at least 30% of the content on the exam was not covered here. I also suspect that this book is a better guide for the PHR.

    If you buy the book, I recommend getting the legal and the union stuff down cold. Also, be able to reproduce HR processes step by step (e.g., needs assessment, recruiting plan, etc.). If nothing else, memorize the first few steps involved, a lot of questions asked about the first steps. Also, test yourself on the practice questions at the end of each chapter. They're helpful for identifying gaps in knowledge. The example questions on the computer disk are also helpful. ...more info
  • Another Disappointing Books
    While there are no recommended materials to prepare you for the test, the several materials that I purchased including this book did not come close to giving you an idea of what the certification test was going to be like. I was really disappointed....more info
  • Highly recommend this book
    I was late signing up with the PHR exam and I didn't have a lot of study time by the time I received this book, like a month. I used this book as my only source of information (I did graduate with my Bachelors and have worked in Staffing/HR for 9 years) and passed on my first try. I was very nervous because I kept hearing that it's difficult to pass on the first time, but this book helped me out a lot. I would recommend this to any experienced professional that is taking their PHR, I don't know about the SPHR though....more info
  • Good as a Supplement
    Anne M. Bogadus' Study Guide for the Professional In human Resources Certification is a useful supplement to use when studying for the exam. More than anything, it acts as a review for things the HR Professional should know. It definitely would be more useful for the PHR than for the SPHR because the strategic elements of Human Resources were not given much emphasis.

    The accompanying CD with practice tests and flash cards was useful in helping to cement definitions clearly in my mind-- but at the same time, that is my main complaint about the book. It's usefulness was mainly in providing definitions and very basic information. In terms of putting that information to use at a higher functioning level, the guide was not helpful. The questions on the SPHR tend to be complex situational questions and this book was not adequate preparation for those questions. There were also several key issues that were covered on the SPHR exam, but weren't even mentioned in this book. (By the way, I passed the SPHR so this is not sour grapes.)

    All that being said, if you are studying for the PHR or SPHR, you should use several different study guides to help in your studies. If you can only afford to purchase one guide, do not purchase this one.
    ...more info
  • Great way to prepare
    This was the text I used exclusively to study for the PHR. I read it cover to cover and studied it like mad, and I passed 2 days ago. I also took a prep class, but I hated the text book that was assigned for the class and never used it. I definitely think this is a very valid study tool, you just have to put the time & effort into studying it! Someone with less experience in HR or experience in one specialized area is going to have to work a little harder to remember all the terminology than those with more years under their belt or with generalist experience.

    A coworker used the SHRM Modules exclusively to study, and I used this, and we both passed. If you can't afford $700 for the SHRM books, try this one instead....more info
  • good resource
    The text was a great resource. I also studied with an HR textbook, and this book was better. The author used a lot of first-person language instead of objective, third-person, which was kind of annoying to read. I also think that the study tests were lacking...more questions were needed to give a feel for the testing environment. It came with a CD with flashcards for the palm pilot...those were not very could only have one set of 25 on the handheld at a time, and they were in a Q&A format, but the test is in multiple choice....more info
  • Merely "OK"
    This book does have a lot of information, but it is poorly written. Several times, the book refers to an abbreviation before telling what it means. This makes the book very confusing at times. There were also several grammarical and typographical errors that can be very distracting, if you notice such things. Another disappointment was that the book promises "150 PHR and 150 SPHR" flashcards, when it only really offers 75 of each. The bonus exams were another let down as they only offer 55 questions in each. How is one supposed to effectively prepare for an exam when the practice exams aren't the same length as the real exam?

    Overall, I don't believe this book is worth the price. ...more info
  • Warning- study more than this book!
    Did I pass the SPHR exam on the first try? Yes! Did I use this book as a study tool- also, Yes! Would I recommend using this book to study for the exam... yes. Sort of. This book was helpful in that it laid out a pretty good foundation to build a course of study. However, given the abbreviated length of time given to prepare coupled with the amount of material covered on the exam, my belief is that you will need more than this book to pass the test. Certain subjects (which were covered extensively on the exam), were only skimmed in this text. Use this as a RESOURCE only, but don't depend on it alone to pass. ...more info
  • My only source for studying.... and I passed!
    I took the PHR exam earlier this month under the New Grad program; I have only 5 months of on-the-job HR experience, and I still was able to pass. This book was my only source for studying. WARNING: It is an incredibily boring book to read, but as long as you give yourself enough time and pace yourself, you should be able to get through it. The practice tests are good, and the flash cards are really helpful. There are typos within the book though, and be careful of some of the practice questions - one I can remember in particular, the question asks about the Excelsior List, the answer on the practice question is that it is a list of names and addresses of eligible voters provided to the EMPLOYER from the UNION, when in fact the opposite is true.

    Happy Studying and Good Luck!...more info
  • A Good Resource only for HR Majors
    Luckily I passed the PHR exam but I'm not sure this book was responsible for it. If you majored in Human Resources in college and need a refresher on the terms and concepts this book will work for you. It helps with the terms and concepts but will not help with the exam since most of the questions are subjective.

    If you've been out of school for a while or did not major in Human Resources, I would not recommend this book. It would be worthwhile to use the SHRM system and/or take a course. ...more info
  • Helped me pass...
    I just took the 2008 PHR and passed easily with the help of this book (even though it is intended for the 2007 test). The content is arranged in chapters that are cohesive and build upon concepts discussed in previous chapters. The CD-ROM contains helpful test exams and flashcards. This book is a great resource to keep around after the examination as a general HR reference book. ...more info
  • Study Guide and Sample Test
    The practice of Human Resources has changed dramatically over the past few years. New laws and court cases have dramatically changed not only how you act in an HR position, but even how you think. In part the Professional in Human Resources is a direct result of these changes. Instead of simply appointing someone to be in charge of HR, companies are now looking for professionals to starff the department.

    The PHR test is one result. Having passed the test is a clear indication to an employer that the job candidate has treated this as a profession, not just a job.

    The PHR test is, when it comes right down to it, a test, a written test. There are 225 multiple choice questions with four choices each. The test is designed to measure your underlying knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge to practical situations. But above all else, it is a test, and in part is measuring your ability to pass a test without freezing up and to understand how tests are written.

    This book is, in turn, designed to help you pass the test. It contains sample tests to show you the format and style you will be seeing. It contains questions of the same type as on the real test to show you the kind and depth of material you need to know. It has a CD-ROM with a sample test that gives detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers.

    This book, diligently applied, will enable you to pass the test....more info
  • Good, but not good enough
    I purchased this book and the SPHR book by Larry Phillips in preparation for taking the SPHR exam. On the bright side I passed. However, the test was more theoretical and experience based than this book which seemed to gloss over many important issues. But then it is intended as a supplement--not a replacement for actual experience and/or training. In that aspect I think it delivered what it promised, but I favor the exam-specific approach. I think trying to prepare people for both the PHR and SPHR in the same book may too tall a task to attempt in a single book....more info
  • Excellent Supplement
    I used this book to study for my PHR and I passed. I already had the shrm learning system but all those books are separate. This book put everything together which allowed me to put in my bag and study where ever I was. ...more info
  • Good review material
    This book was very helpful in studying for the PHR test. It was easy to read and I liked the way it was organized. I believe it was instrumental in helping me to achieve the score I did. ...more info
  • helped me
    I passed my PHR today with the help of this book and my college HR book. I read both books once and then reviewed. There are a few typos in the book, but the book is easy to read and gets to the point. ...more info
  • Assessment & Practice tests not the best
    I rely heavily on the assessment and practice tests these kind of books provide and wasn't thrilled with the ones in this book. The questions were much more tricky then the actual SPHR practice exams, the explanations didn't always make sense, and the answers to the practice exams weren't always the same as the ones from the assessment tests in the book. I found the text of the book helpful for studying however....more info
  • Great product in HR matters
    The book is a great resource in my study in HR matters and I'm really glad I got it. The author provides a very broad area of topics and tells the reader what are the key areas to focus on and this is helpful....more info
  • Use of the PHR/SPHR Study Guide
    I did not review this study guide because I am not in an HR position. I learned that you need to have worked in an HR position for 2 years in order to take the PHR test. I didn't realize that when I purchased the book. I may be able to post it on E-bay....more info
  • I passed the PHR with this book!
    I did self study for my PHR but failed the online mini-test - so with less than a week before my real test and in a total state of freak out - I picked up this book and crammed for the next 6 days! 2 days before the real test I took the online test again and passed, but I was still worried because there were things on that PHR exam that were not in this book. I wrote down a few of those items and looked them up online on my own.
    I took the test last Monday and passed - and I owe it all to this book. I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because like I said there were things on the exam that are not even mentioned in this book, but it covers enough to get you to pass it. I also recommend going to the us dept of labor website and going through some of the items there - it was very helpful too.
    ...more info
  • Great book
    Great book to study for an exam! Amazing seller and amazing condition! Highly recommend to anyone with at least a little knowledge of HR and its contents. ...more info
  • Good source, but not really updated from the 2003 version
    I already owned the 2003 version of this, which I purchased as a student. Now that I am ready to take the exam this summer, I purchased this one, which is said to be updated to include the tests 2007 updates. It's not. There may be some additional information in the book, but I have yet to notice a different. The test engines are identical -- same questions you have in the 2003 edition. The tests were the main reason I purchased the book, to have some extra practice. Purchasing the book with the test engine was less expensive than purchasing the online tests from the certification institute. However, the tests are no different from the 2003. So, it's a good study source to have, but if you already have the previous version, don't bother to update. I would love to return, but cannot since I broke the seal on the disks for the tests. ...more info
  • Stick with the SHRM Learning System
    Stick with the SHRM Learning System. Take the classes sponsored by SHRM near you. This is only good for glorified office managers who will inevitably be part of the over 40% failure rate of the exam. ...more info
  • PHR Study Guide Review
    -product itself was fine. Less organized/consice than I had hoped.

    -As usual though, ALWAYS something wrong with shipping. AGAIN never recieved the book and had to have Amazon send another (by then 3-4 weeks late); just great when I have a test deadline. NEVER ONCE have I had a book sent without problems....more info
  • Excellent Choice
    The layout and information given in this book provided an excellent venue for studying for the PHR/SPHR exam. I was studying for the SPHR exam (and passed) and this book helped to add to my knowledge where I had limited experience (such as Labor Relations). The testing tools provided also provide good practice for the real thing. I was financially limited in what I could buy before this exam and this purchase was well worth it....more info
  • Great resource!
    I used this book to pass the PHR test. I found it to be a great supplement to the SHRM materials. What was helpful was it had the same material but in a more user-friendly format so I found that I was able to understand and retain the information.

    I used the SHRM materials and this book to pass the first time (no prep class). However, I had 7 yrs HR experience under my belt. A co-worker used this book, took a prep class, and the SHRM materials and still did not pass and she only had 3 yrs HR experience.

    I think the book can be a useful resource, but I am amazed by those that say they used this book only and passed; perhaps they had a lot of HR experience already that they relied on.

    Overall, buy the book; it is worth it! ...more info
  • PHR/SPHR:Professional in HR Cert Study Guide
    This book has a significant amount of information that applies to my HR job. I have found that I am ineligible to take the exam for another 8 month, but that should give me plenty of time to review the information. I have heard that the exam is being changed, so this guide may be outdated by the time I am eligible to take it....more info


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