Our Sexuality
Our Sexuality

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This is the most respected and authoritative college textbook available on human sexuality! Cutting edge and written in a direct, non-judgmental manner, this new edition of Crooks and Baur's OUR SEXUALITY has been thoroughly and carefully updated to reflect the most current research findings. This new edition is the first college text to bring cutting-edge and in-depth emphasis on the impact of politics on sexuality. Sensitive, comprehensive, and candid scholars and teachers, the authors keep you interested with the most exciting, emerging research and coverage, and focus on strengthening healthy communication among partners. Crooks and Baur have also revised their overall coverage on maintaining a responsible and healthy sexual relationship, with greater attention to diversity and inclusiveness. Other highlights include a new feature called "Sex and Politics," that examines the issue of value judgments that become public policy and what this means to sexual knowledge and to sexual choices. For example: information on different types of condoms was pulled off the CDC Website and replaced by abstinence only information, despite the fact that there is no empirical support about the efficacy of abstinence only education. You'll also enjoy the "Author's Files," which include new stories about the experiences of real people.

Customer Reviews:

  • Our Sexuality (with CD-ROM, InfoTrac Workbook, and InfoTrac ) (Advantage) (Purchased on 02/02/2009)
    I was very dissapointed in this product. The textbook was fine as I knew it was used, but the cdrom and workbook that was advertised with this product were not there. I could have purchased a cheaper one had I known. ...more info
  • Great and Interesting Read
    I acquired this textbook for a class in which I believed it would be another boring read. But upon the first chapter of the book, I could tell that this was not the usual sleeper. Filled with incredibly useful and relevent facts, up to date pictures and current events, Our Sexuality continues to push the boundaries of exploring a very intimate part of our daily lives. Covering everything from STIs, sexual fantasies, fetishes, rape knowledge, and the physiological responses to sexual stimulus, this book has something that everyone can learn about. Much more than a textbook, I use this as a personal reference for all things sexual. In the world of sexuality, there is no point in being modest, and this book bares it all. ...more info
  • Best text book ever!
    Easy, simple, interesting reading. To the point plus details in boxed areas. Ideal textbook!...more info
  • get the straight scoop
    This textbook is very suitable for personal education. It explores every aspect of human sexuality and covers everything from prenatal sexual development to issues encountered by the elderly. Also covered: homosexuality; theories on love; the role of fantasy; prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases; masturbation; celibacy; contraception; rape; sexual dysfunction; and how diabetes and other chronic diseases impact our sexual lives. It short, this book covers it all. Let's face it, we're all a little uncomfortable discussing sexuality. Get this book to get the straight scoop. ...more info
  • Satisfied Customer
    The textbook and the study guide came in excellent condition.
    Also, very fast shipping. Thank You!...more info
  • Recommend this seller.
    Recommend this seller. Book was in the condition described and arrived in a timely manner....more info
  • Text Book
    Book was received in a timely manner, in awesome condition, and communication between myself and the buyer was easy and prompt!...more info
  • excellent
    rec n excellent time and n condition expected will/would order from this seller again thanks...more info
  • Great Price
    With textbooks costing an arm and a leg, it was so nice to get such a good deal on one of them! The book arrived promptly and in good condition. No problems!...more info
  • Educational and funny
    I used this in a Human Sexuality class and it was very helpful....more info
  • Book for Class
    I ordered this book for a class that I am taking and it arrived much sooner than I was anticipating (in about 3 days). The condition was perfect and as was exactly described by the seller. I wouldn't hesitate at all to use this seller again....more info
  • textbook
    This was probably the best text book I have had to buy, and definitely worth keeping. It was very information, was perfect for the class and was easy to read. The only negative for me was that usually you can look up a topic in the back and find what page the information is on-this was not always the case with this book. It has a great companion site also. I used the current version and some in the class had the previous one, the main difference being the order of chapters....more info
  • Awesome product and service
    Our Sexuality

    Needed this book for class, and it was really informative. The particular seller was excellent, fast shipping, and wonderful service!...more info
  • Our Sexuality
    The book was very helpful and informative, hopefully I'll get an "A" using this book....more info
  • A Book to Keep
    In College this book was $140.00 in a new condition with soft cover. this one is around $120.00 brand new made in hard cover wich makes it more resistant and mode endurable.

    I scan the book and it seems to talk about everything. It's a very complete text book....more info


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