Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field

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Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, by Barbara Ann Brennan, is a scientist's look at the field of bioenergetic healing, offering specific techniques towards expanding perceptual tools of healing, seeing auras, understanding psychodynamics and the human energy field, and spiritual healing. Trained as a physicist and psychotherapist, Brennan has spent the last 15 years studying the human energy field and working as a healer. Hands of Light goes beyond conventional, objective knowledge while retaining scientific clarity. It details a study of the human energy field and how it is intimately connected to a person's health and well being and contains essential information for anyone involved in healing and conscious health care, including people seeking to heal themselves. Science and spirituality may currently be at odds, but fortunately there will always be scientists who are spiritual seekers, and it is in the mingling of the two worlds where wisdom is born. --Jodie Buller

A former NASA scientist and atmospheric physicist provides the first in-depth study of the human energy field--known in lay terms as "aura." With many color illustrations and drawings, this volume presents techniques on the leading edge of new consciousness and new medicine. (Holism)

Customer Reviews:

  • Best on the Subject!
    This book is a must on someone who wants to find out about the aura. Especially those who want to acomplish healing work through the aura. Simply put, this is the best book on the subject. The illustrations are first class and the explinations are very understandable....more info
  • A Great Intro to Energy Work
    This book is fantastic for someone beginning to study energy work for its information about auric layers, chakras, and energy in general. It does focus a little excessively about coping styles and channelling with its other book, Light Emerging. There are a number of other books that go into greater levels of depth and detail for energy work for the serious student or practitioner but it remains an excellent reference and an excellent place to start....more info
  • Revolutionary Classic in Modern Medicine
    If you are interested in self-healing of ANY part of your person or are involved in the medical field, alternative medicine, hands on healing...etc, then buy this book! (Buy "Light Emerging" also!) Most books on healing using the human aura are flaky nonsense. In fact, most (not all) "New Age" books are nonsense in my opinion. This book is a strong exception. I honestly believe that this book will one day be considered a revolutionary text in modern medicine - that the techniques outlined in this text will one day become standard practices in modern medicine. I might add, I'm a very skeptical reader when it comes to non-traditional thought. I'm not some flake running around with crystals on my neck "sucking up bad energy." I'm a practicing mechanical engineer with a strong traditional educational background (incl. grad degree) in critical analysis. I should also mention I've attended one of her healing workshops and saw things that completely amazed me and also some things that seemed a bit odd. However, overall I would certainly recommend going to one of her workshops. If interested, you may wish to search for her web site under "Barbara Brennan School of Healing"...more info
  • "Hands of Light", Barbara Brennan
    I've read several books which were poorly written and difficult to understand. Brennan's book, however was very well written and in sequential steps that were easy to follow. It was refreshing to have the subjects written in such clear text....more info
  • Unsubstantiated
    I'll just write a few words on Brennan's esoteric anatomy: As I see it, Barbara Brennan made numerous unsubstantiated and confusing claims ( higher intellect, lower emotions,..), bizarre ad hoc suppositions ( "template body" etc.) . Without going into much detail, one can pretty safely conclude:

    1. Various parts of the body, when concentrared on or meditated upon, can induce/produce transformations of consciousness. In some traditions ( Hindu ), they consider these parts or centres as self-subsistent or, "real" vortices of esoteric physiology. Other traditions, while working with them, are in an equivocal position: their medicine is based on "reality" of them, while spiritual practice admits they're imaginary and just meditative props along the way of consciousness transmutation ( Tibetans, Taoists ). In the majority of "high doctrines" ( Tibetan Tantra, Zen, Vedanta, probably Kashmir Shaivism ), the supreme enlightenment ( nirodh, nirvikalpa samadhi, satori ) occurs in the heart. One can dissect further, but, the polarity remains: for one school, centers are real self-subsistent ( probably dormant, at least some of them ) parts of "spiritual" physiology; for the others, chakras/centers are just convenient props for meditative practice.

    All other dubieties ( psychology, physiology,..) are of secondary interest.

    2. Also, it seems pretty much obvious that nadis, or lines with centres in bioplasmatic/etheric body are connected with the health, well being etc. These things are susceptible to electrophysiological and voltage difference measurments, high voltage photography, and probably, in near future, various scans.

    As for New Age mishmash with lotuses on the front/back side of the body ( etheric "flowers" etc. ), there is no single strong evidence, be it spiritual-traditional, medical or independently clairvoyant that such things exist at all. The New Age healing is a complex phenomenon, with many psychological, subjective, unconscious, technological etc. factors involved ( and no sci research ) that no "pulsing sensations" or "heat....(wherever)..." can be taken seriously.

    So, to conclude: There is a noble unifying trait in this effort ( characteristic of the Western world ), hued with proto-scientific ( or proto-rationalist ) flavor, but I think it's doomed from the outset. To put it bluntly- the planetary human spiritual experience, from Kabbalists and Sufis to Vajrayana Buddhists, Taoists, Hindu Tantrics and Aurobindo and Sant Mat, confirms the singular truth: intense absorption in a visual/auditory symbol, wherever placed, may induce/produce radical transformations of consciousness/being/body-soul. Places, colors, symbols, sounds, graphical structure, meditative form- all are completely different. Also- psychospiritual experiences, visions, auditory revelations or temptations are impossible to compare: one cannot set up even rough skeleton of psycho-spiritual "anatomy", let alone corresponding cosmography. Brennan is asking from me to believe all the minutiae of her clairvoyant escapades revealing some unintelligible things ( higher etheric, lower intellectual,..). She's just more deeply read into Theosophy and has a partial clairvoyance. Too scarce for such an etheric/astral/mental/... edifice....more info

  • Watch out for these quacks! Go see a real doctor....
    This book is total hogwash. Non of the claims in here have any thorough ground. There is no evidence for the presence of auras or human energy fields, let alone that they could be manipulated. All there is are claims by Ms. Brennan, which cannot be validated in any way.

    The book did give me a few laughs though, although it's sad that people who actually need medicinal care believe this nonsense. People who feel they suffer anything should better see a real doctor instead of getting involved with quacks like Brennan....more info

  • Incredible Healing Book.
    I read this book first as a Doctorate Student. It disappeared on a move. I was devastated because it had become my encyclopedia for healing. Amazing book!! It gave me additonal insight into alternative healing. I learned the most basic yet prophetic lessons on human existence and made so many notes and studied observations in this book. This book has had the most profound impact on my thought patterns as a Doctor (much more so than any required school text). I have spent my years studying human healing. It dosen't stop at any certain persons defintion of healing. I find each unique human has some new meaning to add to this process. This book will start you on your way to understanding and loving all of man kind....more info
  • A Classic & Essential Reference Book
    I consider HANDS OF LIGHT to be an essential reference book for anyone who is seriously interested in exploring energy healing. I am impressed with the way author Barbara Ann Brennan describes her early childhood experiences of sensing energy fields around trees and all living things, and even more impressed that after many years of training in physics and western ways of scientism, she never lost her inner sense of knowing.

    HANDS OF LIGHT includes many pictures of auras and chakras, which serve to illustrate her points about how to identify common personality types and relationship types based on her in-depth personal healing experiences. Brennan also proceeds to explain how to help improve one's health by working on one's energy field.

    Full enjoyment of HANDS OF LIGHT requires that the reader either have an open mind regarding the fact that many people can see auras and chakras, or the ability to see these things oneself. Brennan provides exercises to help people learn how to see energy fields, so any reader with a sincere interest in the subject of energy healing will most likely be very satisfied with this classic book....more info

  • a good resource for alternative healers....
    Although a bit market-oriented for my taste, a useful reference for people new to methods of spiritual healing. Would appreciate more info about methods other than just the author's....more info
  • Healing Energy Work
    If you can't be in class, then this is a great teaching substitute until you can! Clear with chapter exercises as well....more info
  • Hands of Light
    This book is wonderful book to learn about energy medicine.
    The trick is not to be overwhelmed if you are new to energy
    work. It is a ABCprimer for those who yearn to learn,but you
    need to understand it takes time. It also helps to have like-minded people to share this book with....more info
  • Among the Best Books on Energy Healing
    None of the standard objections to books on energy healing -- poorly written or organized, author lacks training or experience, too vague, not enough detail -- apply here. Barbara Brennan is a scientist by training, a skilled writer and explainer, and writes about the topic with an authority and wealth of detail born of many years of experience.

    Brennan writes movingly but without sentimentality about her personal spiritual journey and skillfully blends anecdote with in-depth clinical detail. Her book is filled with helpful diagrams, including an intriguing look at the HEF, or human energy field, as seen by gifted medical intuitives. She includes, too, a number of illustrations of the energy distribution throughout the body for a variety of physical and emotional ills. The book can be useful for self-healing as well as for general understanding of the subject.

    As a student of energy healing, I found "Hands of Light" to be among the most useful introductions to the subject, as well as a handy reference tool, especially regarding the interplay of physical and emotional factors in health and illness. ...more info
  • Great
    This is a great book, for those that believe in human energy field and...for those than don't. Michal...more info
  • The Most Important Book on the Healing Hands.
    This has Probably got to be the single most important Book on the Healing Hands. Written in Textbook for, each chapter gives you a clear understanding of the energy of the Hands, how to heal with the hands, the aura and the chakras. As Well each chapter gives you exercise as well as a mini test is also given at the end of each chapter.

    There is a beautiful section with painted colored illustrations of the locations of the Chakras, the Human Energy Field, as well as penciled drawn sketches of exercises and of the laying of the hands.

    Barbara Ann Brennan's book should be in the collection of all who are interested in this ancient form of healing. Barbara has done a magnificent book, and after reading this book you will want to learn more, this is why I also highly recommend, Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing, also written by Barbara Ann Brennan. I cannot recommend this book enough, good for the beginners as well as the advanced. Highly Recommended 5 * * * * *....more info

  • Hands of Light book; Great Service!
    Wonderful!! Book looks new, and arrived quickly! Will buy again from seller:) Very Pleased, thank you....more info
  • Disappointing
    I was very disappointed with this book. Here is one example of my disappointment: Brennen describes the "universal energy field", and claims that through her high-sensory perception she can see "orgone". But her description of orgone (little tranlucent globules that come down from the sky) sounds a lot like the little bits of crap that float in the liquid on your eye. (You normally don't see the crap floating on your eye because your brain, quite rightly, ignores them). So, either her great ability to observe ('high-sensory perception') is just really poor observation or she doesn't adequately describe what she is observing. Either way, the book is misleading.

    I suspect what Brennen is actually observing through her 'high-sensory perception' is really optical illusions....more info

    Although I congratulate her on raising awareness in this field, there is just too much that needs to be taken on faith in this book. I still don't get any technique that allows me to actually see an aura. The exercises laid out in the book "Auras-See Them In 60 Seconds" actually work, even if the title is a little hokey. Once you get past Mr. Smith's autobiographical style, the kernal of truth in what he is saying is very satisfying. With the Brennan book, I'm left feeling a little left out....more info
  • Essential reading for Lightworkers
    This incredible book is probably the most amazing thing you will ever read, whether you're experienced in energy work, or just starting out. It's one of those books that, as you read it, you watch various aspects of your life simply slot into place. It gives you access to the bigger picture.

    I have bought copies for many friends of mine, all of whom agree that the content is mind-blowing and life-changing. Barbara Ann Brennan is truly an angel sent to lead us gently and compassionately to the Light, and yet she seems so, well, human! and normal. The book will teach you so much about yourself, the Way Things Are, and guides you in your personal growth, allowing you to discover your true purpose. Yet it avoids that nasty pious, patronising tone that so many self-development books tend to have.

    I believe this is essential reading for all Lightworkers, and will motivate and inspire you to learn more....more info

  • A real eye opener.
    Learn how your aura and chakras work. And how they effect not only your physical self, but also your ability to love and grow as a human both mentally and spiritually. I am wary though of some of the new-agey stuff....more info
  • A Great Reference
    I love this book! Barbara Ann is very informative and describes things in an understandable way. This book was revolutionary for me and I would recommend it to anyone interested in energy work, chakras, or the aura. I have used it so much, some of the pages are falling out!!...more info
  • Cautions
    Although this would be a wonderful book for anyone who wants to heal who can already see energy and auras..There are still plenty of us who can't, and the author makes no adjustments for us visually stunted folk who can't see colors, but can feel general states. Nor does she really give us any guidence to "see" energy better. A lot of wonderful looking knowledge that I could not use. I gave the book to a friend who can see colors....more info
  • Healing method of the Past and Future
    A wonderfull book which gives exelent and descriptive explanation of human spiritual constitution....more info
  • No book or person like this on earth
    If there was ever anyone that combined all of spirituality into an accurate wholeness, it is Barbara Brennan. There is no human being with the knowledge that she has. Consider yourself privledged to have read this book....more info
  • Too technical
    This book is too technical for the beginner or someone that knows a little about this subject. It is written too much like a text book that should be used along with an in-person class. I would not recommend it....more info
  • A great book on the human aura
    I liked this book a lot. It describes many different characteristics of the human aura. What's more important, it describes how it reflects your state of health in it; be it wellness or sickness, physical or otherwise. It also describes the techniques that professional healers use in order to heal the patients. The author also positions the healer as a complement (not as an opposite) to the physician. If you asked me what I did not like in the book, I'd just have to say nothing. The author has written another excellent book, "Light Emerging". Although it can be read alone, I'd suggest reading "Hands of Light" first as that book build on, and extends on the knowledge of her first book on the human aura....more info
  • An excellent Sourcebook in the Art of Auric Healing
    This book is a must for anyone interested in laying on hands and in understanding the human energy field in general. Barbara Brennan gives substantial background information concerning the disease process and how disturbances and imbalances in the aura manifest in the physical body. She then gives in-depth techniques for correcting these problems on a holistic level, including lucid examples of the ongoing process of healing.

    My only complaint about this book is that it fails to address the highly subjective nature of higher perception, but those who are aware of auras should be able to relate her way of seeing with their own.

    Although it may not be the best introduction for the beginning healer, overall, this book is an excellent addition to the shelves of intermediate to advanced healers, and it will serve them for years as their practice of the healing arts continues....more info

  • The beautiful truth of the creation of the Human Being
    I read this book several years ago. Thank goodness as validation for things that I had been experiencing for decades was finally explained in full detail, with scientific research and support. I have been a practicing Registered Nurse for 20 years now. These talents are owned by all...I say all and here Ms. Brennan, with her talents realized, unabashedly and in a lovely way explains the magnificent "protoplasm" the, "human being" as one of totality, a triad if you will, mind, body and spirit. Alive, its own hospital, diagnostician, dietician, mentor, psychologist, nurse, doctor, laboratory...and for goodness sakes all you have to do is be quiet for a moment and listen to the movements within and about ones self and see the most gorgeous elements of yourself. She gives dignity and credence to all this...enjoy. I started healing 'self' the moment I stopped for a nanosecond and held myself in the quiet to listen. Now to stop for that second is not enough....life walking in "listening" I share purely with myself and all....more info
  • Life changing.
    Shortly after reading the book I enrolled as a student in Brennan's school. The school teaches the techniques of hands on healing, and prepares the student for professional practice, but what I like most about the program is it's holistic approach to personal healing: group therapy, physical rage work, childhood re-enactment work, meditation, and hands on healing.

    The more of my "stuff" I've cleared, the richer my experiences in working with the techniques have become.

    The process itself gets the creative juices flowing. As a past time I tinker with writing music. By freshman year's end I was writing full songs without having to grope for them - lyrics and all.

    Great book. Great school....more info

  • What should be on a healerys bookshelf
    If you are a healer or want to be healed, these books should help. You may also want to put two of these books in your doctor's hands: The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide, and Hands of Light. I read many books on various forms of healing, and alternative medicine, and I have found wonderful insights and practical how-to in each of these books.

    The Healing Touch: A Guide to Healing Prayer for Yourself and Those You Love--- Norma Dearing, Francis MacNutt

    The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide - Tapping into the Miracle---Tiffany Snow

    Hands of Light: Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field---Barbara Ann Brennan

    Quantum Touch: The Power to Heal---Richard Gordon

    Healing Light---Agnes Mary White Sanford...more info

    Let's face the facts, [most] ants cannot understand higher physics due to their physical and mental limitations. This would seem to be the case with those who criticize this book. They simply cannot comprehend the facts being put forward here. Science has confirmed healers ability to heal through various scientific experiments. Those who say it has not are either ignorant or lying. When you have experienced a healer first hand, all you can feel is sorrow for those whose minds are so narrow and closed, they cannot open them to the truly infinite nature of the universe and the truths unveiled in this book. If you had to have one book on an island it may very well be this book. On another note, the book does become somewhat esoteric towards the middle and the end. I can understand where some of the negative comments are coming from if their minds are limited in scope. But the first part of the book is first class and to my knowledge unequaled. For those of you critical of this book I suggest you keep searching. After all, those sceptical of telepathy are not truly sceptical, they are merely ignorant....more info
  • Well written but the ending scared me
    The author writes like she knows what she is talking about. However I was a bit disturbed by her worshiping her spiritual guide in the last chapter. But if you are into that sort of stuff its great....more info
  • I Love This Book! Part of a Good Foundation
    This is a book that should be on every healer's shelf. There is constantly new information on variations of this subject. I also have witnessed several times how the power of prayer and the patient's spirituality affects the body, both emotionally and physically.I do a lot of reading, and am currently very moved with a new book called The Power of Divine: A Healer's Guide and the information there, but that is to be expected as we move forward in our awareness of integrative medicine. Mankind is taking great, wonderful strides forward right now, and not a moment too soon! Read this book and start a collection that leads you to insight and wisdom. Both books also have excellent- though differing - suggestions into developing medical intuitiveness. Let's be open to as many tools as possible in this new paradigm....more info
  • Absolutely the best eye opening book about Human Aura yet!
    After my initial readings of the Lobsang Rampa books I was left with a huge thirst for Human Aura information. When I read this book I had the inner feeling that everything I was looking at was true! Page after page I could not wait to read what was next. I can barely see a part of the aura. When I saw the color illustrations... what I saw with my own eyes was clearly drawn and explained there! I have this book very deeply in my heart for filling my Hands Of Pure And Divine Light!...more info
  • Interesting book
    I purchased this book after taking a Healing Touch class in Colorado. Many of the concepts in this book tie in with Healing Touch and I benefitted from reading the ideas in this book. ...more info
  • Great book for the beginner and adept on human energy field
    Understanding, reading and working with the human energy field are only the start of the information contained in this book. If you want understanding of what an aura is, and how it works, the pictures and step by step detail are outstanding in this book....more info
  • A Seminal Work on Energy Healing
    This is one of the best respected books in the field of energy healing. An oversized volume, it is absolutely packed with information. In fact, that may be the only drawback for those who are new to energy healing, as the amount of technical information is almost ovewhelming. But Brennan has filled the book with so much more than the usual basic information on chakras, the aura, etc. that even those who do not wish to delve so deeply into this art will find extremely useful information.
    - Nicole Wilde, author Energy Healing for Dogs: Using Hands-On Healing to Improve Canine Health and Behavior...more info
  • If You like or Do Energy work you will love this book.
    Barbara Brennan has written one of the best illustrated books on Energy Healing I have seen yet. As a Reiki Master / Teacher, when trying to explain what the human aura is or the chakras or what negative energy could be, I us this book. The illustrations are excellent as well as the written explanations....more info


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