American Medical Association Boy's Guide to Becoming a Teen

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Becoming a teen is an important milestone in every boy’s life. It’s even more important to get answers and advice to the most common health issues boys face from a trusted source. The American Medical Association Boy’s Guide to Becoming a Teen is filled with invaluable advice to get you ready for the changes you will experience during puberty. Learn about these important topics and more:

  • Puberty and what kinds of physical and emotional changes you can expect—from your developing body to your feelings about girls
  • The importance of eating the right foods and taking care of your body
  • Pimples, acne, and how to properly care for your skin
  • Your reproductive system—inside and out
  • Thinking about relationships and dealing with new feelings

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Book!
    I purchased this book for my twin 10-year-old son's (who will be starting 5th grade in August) to read. They had started to ask me questions about different things they had heard at school from their friends, etc., and I decided to look for books they could read that would give them some correct, age appropriate information.
    This book is a great. It describes a variety of physical changes to boy's bodies, the importance of personal hygiene, as well as how a boys voice will begin to change and why. It discusses changes in boys' feelings, hormones (and describes what they are), and it also touches a little bit on girls/dating at the end.
    It is not graphic, does not discuss sex; it is age appropriate and well written.
    It is also a great "conversation starter" for Mom's like me who have no brothers and did not grow up around boys!
    ...more info
  • American Medical Assoc. Boy's Guide to Becoming a Teen
    It was a good introduction into puberty. Ten and eleven year olds may not be ready for this book....more info
  • Perfect For a TWEEN Boy
    This book was perfect for our son who just turned 10 and was starting puberty. It answered every single question he may have wanted to ask us but was too embarrassed or afraid. I would recommend this book to every mother/parent who has a son & would recommend that you read it first. Some of the content will be a review for your son - other content will be new!! I am so glad I found this book- it really explained what was happening to his body. Everthing from pimples, shaving, jock itch, etc....more info
  • Teen Book
    I purchased this book for my son and he liked it alot. This book made it easy for him to talk to me about issues he had allready. I recommend this book its down to the point but not in a bad way....more info
  • Perfect for a pre-teen
    This book is well-written, informative, and to the point. We bought it for our nephew who is an only son in a single mother raised household. We read through the book before giving it to him and thought it was the perfect book for a pre-teen boy. We highly recommend it!...more info
  • Mandatory reading for boys
    Excellent book for the preteen and teenage boy. Raises good questions and gives great resources. I only wish I had written this book....more info
  • Very well written
    This is a very good reference book for pre-teen boys. It is a good way to kick-start very important conversations between parents/grandparents and growing boys. Great customer service! Thanks....more info
  • Boy's Guide to Becoming a teen
    This is well written and my 11 year old got it completely. Along with a parental discussion, this is a great way to introduce your tween to the facts of life....more info
  • Recommended by our school nurse.
    I purchased on the recommendation of our school nurse for my 5th Grader. I read it first and was pleasantly surprised. Deffinitely not a "how to" manual. Clear, concise, kid friendly language. ...more info
  • Great information about a confusing time:
    I bought this book for my son. I have read the entire thing cover to cover and have decided that he is only ready for some of the material at this point. He will be allowed to read the whole thing in a year or two. This book gives great info on health and hygiene as well as changes in the body during puberty. There are comments about becoming sexually active that I am not comfortable with at this point but I think that may just be because I don't think my son is old enough for the details.I do recommend this book but encourage parents to read it and decide for themselves if their son(s) should read the whole thing or not....more info
  • A Good Guide With Good Messages
    I bought this for a gift for a boy about to turn 13. I looked it over before actually giving it and was impressed. It was a good mix of information presented -- not just the biology of what is happening but also emotional and social changes. There were even sections about dealing with bullies and how your friendships may change as you grow. The wording was matter of fact, but casual enough to appeal to a tween. I liked the message that waiting to have sex was the best choice, and the book substantiated this message with the reasons why. I think when the time comes for my own children to start reading up on these topics I'd like to supplement this with something that goes into more detail about the biology -- but this is a great overview....more info
  • It's got some good, and some not so good
    Great information, presented at their level. HOWEVER... there are things in there that I objected to, especially boy on boy crushes. Not what we expected. We will, however, use it to speak about morality all the way around.

    Curfew and a few other things kind of get off topic, and are not something that this book should be interfering with as far as parenting goes. We felt that it was trying to do so....more info
  • Great Book!!
    If you are looking for a book to help explain the changes that boys will endure as they enter puberty, this is the book to get! The layout is wonderful and it thoroughly explains everything. There is just enough information to answer any questions boys may have. I reviewed this with my son (who is 13) and he felt more at ease knowing some of the things that have, or will start, to happen to him are "normal." He especially was receptive to the fact that he will start to grow taller (as he is on the short side) with puberty. Overall, I highly recommend it!!...more info
  • A great book for younger pre-teen boys!
    I bought this book as part of a three book set, including "The Teenage Guy's Survival Guide" by Daldry and "The Guy Book, An Owner's Manual" by Jukes, to explain growing up to my son (see my other reviews).

    This book is by far the lower level book of those three. It appears to be at about a 4th - 5th grade reading level, and is printed in a larger font, making it an easy read for even a younger or reading disabled pre-teen boy.
    The illustrations are numerous and cartoonish, and should make it more attractive to younger readers.

    This book is very basic, and is geared more towards a basic understanding of what is happening to the boy's body. It includes short, easy to read sections on physical changes (both sexual and general body growth and development, with good illustrations of growing male anatomy, with genital self-exams and health concerns explained very well, this may be the ONLY puberty book for boys that does that!), physical health, diet, mental health (depression, changing emotions, coping with death of a loved one, and parental divorce), feelings, social changes, and, at the last chapter, sex. The sex chapter delves into the areas of changing feelings towards girls, crushes, dating, peer pressure (including bullying and pressure to have sex), and STDs (very brief, very vague). It also has a special two page section on sexual harrassment and what's OK and NOT OK. Very cool! This book has two VERY SHORT paragraphs on "having a crush on another boy", but doesn't explain it at all, except to say that it can be complicated to figure out who you are attracted to, and that these feelings may change many times throughout your life. It advocates discussing these feelings with an adult, and gives no references to hotlines or resources. I think I can safely say it glazes over the topic and makes it go away. Which is probably good for very young pre-teens that are not ready to experiment that way yet (or for children being raised by parents who don't support it).

    This book has an excellent terminology dictionary in the back!

    This book appears to have been written much like anyone would expect a medical reference book for pre-teens to have been written, and functions much like one would assume a "health class" in school would. It is very wide in it's scope, but not detailed in anything. It promotes health and healthy choices. It reads like a reference book, which may be good or not, depending on the boy and how he was raised. The lack of commentary and story-telling may bring a sense of comfort to boys not ready to delve into these topics comfortably on a casual level.

    I highly recommend it as the very first book to introduce puberty to young pre-teen boys (say ages 10 or 11) or older boys with learning disabilities or ADD as it is easy to read and not overwhelming (I say this from experience as my son has both). A great first book on the topic!

    I also think this would be a good book for young girls who are curious about puberty in boys, as it shows male anatomy in a non-threatening way, and most of the health and social topics are also fitting for a girl of the same age, and would show a girl that boys face many of the same social challeneges they also face, but from the boy's perspective....more info
  • Boy's Guide to Becoming a Teen
    I bought this book for my 10 year old. I was very pleased with the way it explained things. I read the book to him and answered any questions that he had as we went along. He did not have very many, because it was explained very well. However, there is a part in the book I did not read to him, which is the reason why I did not let him read the book by himself. The part touches on sex, which I don't have a problem with except for the fact that it explained oral and anal sex, and I don't feel like a 10 year old should know about things like that....more info
  • Great Reference Book
    I was looking for an explanation book of puberty for my 10 year old boy. I realize I should have discussed puberty by the time he was nine because he is now already experiencing some changes. Better late than never! Anyway,this book completely explains it all. Especially the emotional aspects. Being a Christian, It would have been perfect without the "feelings for boys" portion of the book. Nothing like a magic marker. This is the help book I needed for my husband for our son....more info
  • Perfectly Prepares Boys of This Age
    No questions needed after my son read this book. This book if perfect for boys. It touches base on hygiene and taking care of yourself. Some of my husband's friends got a kick out of reading it, but it perfectly prepares boys that need help or have any curious tendencies. I am so glad I found this book. I highly recommend this book for parents with curious boys....more info
  • Great book for "almost teens"
    I got this book for my 10 year old son. It is a good book with all the "needed" information, but yet isn't too detailed on things they don't need to know about YET. It was very well written & I think it a good starting point for families w/young boys. ...more info


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