The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control: A Complete Problem-Solving Guide to Keeping Your Garden and Yard Healthy Without Chemicals

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End your worries about garden problems with safe, effective solutions from The Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control!

* Easy-to-use problem-solving encyclopedia covers more than 200 vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees, and shrubs
* Complete directions on how, when, and where to use preventive methods, insect traps and barriers, biocontrols, homemade remedies, botanical insecticides, and more
* More than 350 color photos for quick identification of insect pests, beneficial insects, and plant diseases

Newly revised with the latest, safest organic controls.

A New York Times Best Gardening Book

Customer Reviews:

  • The Organic Gardener's Handbook
    Excellent Book with lots of informative teaching! Money well spent. Fast and professional delivery! Much appreciated!...more info
  • good nic
    this book arrived in perfect condition and very quickly - more quickly than it was advised when I ordered it!...more info
  • very helpful for a novice gardener
    my brother in law and i decided to do a garden this year for our family. i'm not sure who is the less knowledgable on this subject he or I. this book though, has been very helpful. i refer to it almost daily. last week i saw an odd looking insect on the beans and found its photo and description in the book along with some ideas for managing it. yesterday i found an explanation for a discoloration on the leaves of some of the tomato plants along with a solution. if you're looking into starting a garden, this book should be one of your 1st priorities...more info
  • A great reference.
    This is a overall a great book. One of the easiest to use I have found. The only thing which bothers me (and it is a minor detail) is that for each plant on which aphids are a pest, the book merely says "aphids" (green, black, white, red). There are many types of aphids, and it would be nice to know if I am looking for black, green, red, etc on a particular plant. Also for some species more aggressive management is needed than for others, but this book makes no distinction.

    However, if you are considering this book, don't let that very minor detail stop you. This is definitely one that should be on every gardner's shelf! It is a wonderful reference....more info

  • First Book I Grab to Solve Problems
    This is a great book and the first I grab when I need to get information or to solve a problem. If I could only have one book on organic solutions I'd pick this one hands down....more info
  • A great descriptive and helpful book
    Not knowing anything about this book ( as I live in SouthAmerica) I bought it from Amazon, thanks to others reviews.And it is now one of my favourite books on the shelf! It has plant data entries as well as it helps us to recognize pests, and different deseases in our plants and gardens. It has a wonderful insect identification guide, which covers from trips to beetles, mites, and other crop damaging pests. And it suggest all the organical methods to help and control plant deseases.This is just a short review, the book is really useful!...more info
  • Super compilation of info
    I have lots of organic gardening books and this is one of the best overall. It is detailed, informative and written in an easy to understand manner. Great as a first book for the budding organic gardener....more info
  • get it, use it, keep it handy
    I'm a commercial organic grower. This has become one of my most valued references. Thank you Rodale....more info
  • Perhaps the Best
    As a farm advisor with an extensive agricultural library, I find this book tops most of the text books I have. I recommend this well-illustrated and educational book to organic crop farmers, and to organic farm inspectors and certifiers. You won't be disappointed if you purchase it....more info
  • The most amazing book about pests and diseases!
    This is so far the best book about pests and diseases. Easy to read, great ! photos which really help to identify a pest and good structure make this book a winner. ...more info
  • Great for Organic Gardeners
    This book is a valuable resource for our organic gardens. We live in subtropical Florida and tropical Costa Rica and we wouldn't be without this book at either home....more info
  • Organic gardener's bible
    If you want to garden organically and can only afford to buy one book on insect and disease control -- this is it! I go for this book first whenever I think I have problems in the garden, in the landscape, in the orchard. It's an all around great reference book!...more info
  • Good book! Family friendly gardening....
    Natural is important to us given that we have children. The book allowed them to help with all the gardening chores without as much worry for us. Great for any garden! Thanks!...more info
  • Invaluable resource!
    I bought this book about a year ago. I'm new to gardening and organic methods really appeal to me. This book has been referenced countless times this year for diagnosing problems and what actions are necessary, if any. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It makes organic pest/disease control seem tangible!...more info
  • Help with learning what is wrong -- and what to do about it
    I find this book to be quite user-friendly and helpful in identifying different diseases and pests that are affecting my garden. It is also helpful as I plan what to grow because I can decide which varieties are most likely to be successful with relatively little pest and disease control effort on my part....more info
  • Invaluable source of information for a healthy garden.
    This is one of the best gardening books that I have used. As a Master Gardener, I find this book has the most complete information on insect and disease control without the use of expensive chemicals. The book is very well organized and I find helpful in identifying most gardening problems that arise and answers for a safe and healthy garden. The detailed pictures of the diseases and insects are great and very, very helpful. ...more info
  • Recommended by Illinois Mastergardeners
    This book is recommended by the Illinois Mastergardeners as a great reference book/diagnosis tool to have on hand. It includes an encyclopedia of 200 popular garden plants with care instructions and potential problems, an insect identification guide, a disease symptom guide and organic control practices and methods. I wish I had remembered I had it on my shelf when a "fungus" hit my tomatoe plants earlier this year. Everyone at the community gardens tomatoes looked like they had fusarium wilt. I eventually found out it has been happening for several years now. Now the search is on to find resistant cultivars because the fungicidal spray that was recommended to me (locally) did nothing and was applied after the fact instead of as a preventative at the beginning. I am moving this book off the shelf and next to my 'reading' chair to help plan my vegetable garden for next year. Forewarned is forearmed!...more info


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