The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book: Protect Yourself and Your Family from Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies - and More

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The connection between inflammation and heart disease, arthritis, and other chronic ailments has become increasingly clear. Many food allergies and poor dietary choices overstimulate the immune system and cause inflammatory responses that erode the body?s wellness and pave the path for ill health. Based on her naturopathic practice, Jessica Black has devised a complete program for how to eat and cook to minimize and even prevent inflammation and its consequences. The first part of the book explains the benefits of the anti-inflammatory diet with an accessible discussion of the science behind it. The second half contains 108 recipes. The author offers many substitution suggestions and includes a healthy ingredient tip with each recipe. Most of the dishes can be prepared quickly and easily by even novice cooks. A week of sample menus for summer months and another for winter are included, as well as a substitutions chart, allowing readers to modify their favorite recipes to increase their healing potential.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good recipes, poor science
    I found the recipes in this book to be a great starting point for replacing some of my unhealthy meals with healthier ones. The author includes recipes for snacks, breads, breakfasts, herbal teas, dinners and deserts. Ingredients are all non-allergy foods. The recipes are delicious and practical.

    Although the diet does produce the desired health changes for me, the author's explanation of why the it works leaves much to be desired. For example, the paragraph on canola oil directly quotes a known urban legend (see and browse "Food and Drink", then "Canola Oil" for a good refutation). The section on dietary fiber glosses over the differences between soluble vs. non-soluble fiber. The author repeatedly stresses the importance of freshly grinding seeds to maximize their nutritional value, however purchasing pre-ground meal seemed to work just fine for me.

    Fortunately the explanation of the diet only takes up 1/4th of the book. If there's anything I've learned about health theories, it's to always do you're own research to verify any and all claims. This certainly applies to this book. I still give it 4 stars because the recipes are delicious, easy to cook, practical, and have helped produce the inflammation-reducing effects I was seeking....more info
  • Great Resource!!
    I have been using the dietary recommendations outlined in Dr. Black's book for a number of years with my patients. It is so helpful to have a comprehensive cookbook that explains why people should eat this way and how they should do it! It really has made dietary changes less overwhelming for people that may have been intimidated to make big shifts in the way that they eat. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in addressing their health concerns from a foundational level.

    Dr. Nina Paroo...more info
  • Hard-to-get ingredients
    Dr. Black does a good job of explaining how foods can cause inflammation in our bodies and how that triggers chronic diseases. Having read a lot on this particular subject, there wasn't much here I didn't already know. However, if you are just beginning your research of this topic, the first part of this book gives you a solid foundation and understanding of inflammation.

    However, I specifically bought this book because I was looking for direction in the elimination of inflammation-causing foods. There are a lot of books out there about inflammation, but not many that give you specifics and a real-life how-to guide. Unfortunately, while more than half of this book is devoted to recipes, I will not be able to use many of them. Unless you live in a town with a health food store which also carries a large selection of organic produce and meat, this book will not be of much help. With recipes that have ingredients such as grape leaves, brown rice syrup, organic chicken, turkey, beef and lamb, spelt flour, organic coconut oil, and xanthan gum, I am at a complete loss. I live in a very small town which has two conventional supermarkets. The nearest health food store is at least 80 miles away, and I doubt it has half the things in these recipes. I am very disappointed in this book and I'm glad I didn't pay that much for it. ...more info
  • I am grateful I came across this book...
    I purchased this book over 2 years ago and had it sitting on my bookshelf. I figured I'd get to it "someday". A year and a half ago I started having some "odd" health issues and after numerous medical tests I was diagnosed with MS. I was overweight and I was scared, and I decided I needed to seriously start taking care of my body. None of the doctors or specialists I saw told me to change my diet, but I knew I needed to do something for my body other than just follow MS treatment. I read this book and immediately started following the diet plan and Dr. Black's suggestions. I followed this plan not to lose weight, but to simply help my body "perform" the best it could. Was it a challenge at first to omit certain foods? Yes. But there are so many resources out there with recipes & alternatives, you'll find new ways to prepare & eat foods you enjoy and try some new ones! By following this plan I have lost over 85 lbs! I never in a million years would have thought I would have lost as much as I have so far (and I continue to lose weight). I feel great, look great, and thank God because since my initial diagnosis of MS, I have not had any other issues or symptoms. I've been following treatment, taking vitamins and supplements, and following this plan. I feel all 3 components (and God's help) have helped me stay healthy. Some of the recipes are better than others, but like anything... you test the different recipes out, keep the ones you like, and discard the rest. The book is easy reading and it can start you on the road to better health. Like I stated in the title of this review, I am grateful I came across this book....more info
  • A Wonderful Resource
    This book has been a powerful resource in my practice for many years dating back to its original self-published version. I have found that foremost in the process of restoring a persons health is inflammatory reduction. It is this inflammation which often initiates and propogates a disease process that eventually creates pathology. Dr. Black's book is an essential tool for implementing my recommended dietary changes on a practical level. It is full of helpful educational material and ripe with a multitude of savory and delicious recipes. This book will give you all the necessary information to begin a positive lifestyle change which you can then apply to your own cullinary creations. For those people looking to restore health naturally, Dr. Black's book will not disappoint....more info
  • Just right
    Dr. Black hit this right on the head. The recipes are tasty, interesting, and fairly easy to make. I recommend. Definitely....more info
  • My patients LOVE this Book!
    One of the most difficult aspects of nutritional counseling is helping people make dietary changes. This book makes these transitions much easier by providing reasons for reducing inflammation in the body, nutritional facts about common foods which may cause inflammation --and best of all--tasty recipes and helpful hints.

    My patients LOVE this book and it has become an important part of the dietary portion of my "Simple Steps to Wellness" programs.

    Dr. Karen Benton, Naturopathic Physician

    ...more info
  • Order if you are serious...
    If you suffer from any inflamatory disease (arthritis, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, joint issues and kids Allergies (pollen, mites, etc!)) you have to read and follow this book. It was recommended to me by my naturopath. It will make a big difference in your well being and will help you to understand what and why things affect your body. My psorisis, Fibro, and ashtma are under control due to eating this way. A must read!
    ...more info
    As a person with allergies and asthma I should be more aware of my environs and intake than the average person. However, like most people, I simply go where I want and eat what I want and then suffer the consequences. Since reading this book, I have realized that I can eat whatever I want ... without any suffering! It has opened my eyes to a new world - you can eat well without penalty. This book is a must for anyone with allergies. The book is so effective, it made me realize that I had allergies I did not know about until I changed my habits! GOOD SHOW DR. BLACK!!...more info
  • A whole new way to cook
    This cookbook was my savior while I struggled with figuring out the roots of my irritable bowel syndrome. It made it possible for me to eat and heal my gut while eliminating all the possible culprits - dairy, wheat, gluten, even eggs. Now I have a whole new way of approaching food and my family has changed their diet as a result too. The food is very tasty, and easy to make. The only hard part is changing over your kitchen to all natural, organic foods and seasonings. But once this is done (and paid for, organics unfortunately are expensive), the rest comes easily. The narrative section on health and nutrition is incredibly informative and fascinating. It provides the reasons to why the recipes include certain oils, seasonings, etc. ...more info
  • didn't think it would taste so good!
    I bought this book for my husband who has Crohn's disease. When he was originally diagnosed, he was told it had nothing to do with diet. IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH DIET!!! He saw a holistic who put him on a diet similar to this one along with supplements like aloe and others and he has been symptom free for over a year! I bought this book to get some other recipies and I have to say, I didn't think they would taste very good but they actually are pretty good! I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Educational AND Practical!
    Jessica Black's clear, friendly writing style and accessible language support the commendable mission of this book: educate readers and provide innumerable practical ideas to make healthful eating a reality. Dr. Black provides context and relevance in the first section of the book by explaining WHY inflammation is a health problem and how our food choices can affect the level of inflammation in our bodies. She then goes on to provide many recipes that are simple to prepare and full of additional information on substitutions and nutritional education. The recipes are DELICIOUS! I use this book myself and have referred it to many patients--the warm, encouraging tone and practical advice in this book makes people feel they have their own personal cheerleader for healthy cooking and eating. Thank you Dr. Black-- for both your passion and your ability to create such a useful, valuable resource in the culinary and medical fields....more info
  • Bonnie Mayne, RN
    One of the greatest opportunities in my work involves educating clients to take personal responsibility for their own health. Dr. Black's book has been a great tool for these individuals who are interested in making positive nutritional choices in a fun and creative way. One of my personal favorites is "Baked Tofu" on page 126 - simple, versatile, tasty, with easy-to-find ingredients - just what I'd expect to find in this helpful book!...more info
  • Naturopathic Medicine at its best
    As A ND trianed in a four year medical school, I see a lot of patients that have inflammation as their root cause of cancer, heart disease and others. This book is written by a medically trained ND and has all the elements I look for and recommend to my patients. I am ordering several to give to my patients.

    [...]...more info
  • This is an excellent guide to healthful eating!
    Dr. Black does an exceptional job of explaining why the foods that we choose have such a profound impact on our health and well-being. Her book is very inspiring to the reader and motivates people to be more pro-active towards their health. This book has been a great resource for many patients of all ages. Dr. Black encourages the reader to be creative with cooking and eating so that it is enjoyable and fun. I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • My patients LOVE this book
    I am a Naturopathic Physician and often counsel patients on smart food choices for their health concerns. A common denominator in many diseases is inflammation. An anti-inflammatory diet will often stop the assault on the body and help bring people back into balance. I have used Dr. Black's book for patients dealing with: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, Liver/Gallbladder dysfunction, Interstitial cystitis, Obesity, PMS and more. I even suggest it to people just looking for a healthy cook book- since everyone can benefit from eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and fish regularly. The first section in this book clearly educates the reader on how to take charge of their health through sound food choices. The recipes are easy to follow, delicious and written with a personal voice. I really appreciate Dr. Black's book because it makes my job as a physician easier when I can recommend this book and know my patients are in good hands.
    Dr. Erika Siegel
    Naturopathic Physician/ Acupuncturist
    Portland, Oregon...more info
  • If I could only know which book is the best source....
    I read about nutrition every day and have a library of texts on the various subjects. I am a researcher by profession and an avid 'truth seeker' about nutrition and health. I have read many texts concerning inflammation (probably the greatest new area of medical research in the next 20 years, excluding cancer - which also has a good deal in common with inflammation issues) and this is a book that I would recommend above all the others. It has good solid accurate information concerning the many causes of inflammation and the ways to counter act the body's state of inflammation. There is information in this text that I have never found anywhere else (i.e.: What CANOLA OIL is really all about!). The details surrounding the condition of inflammation in the body are more complete and concise here. If you are going to buy one good book on inflammation - this would be the one to buy. (Save your money on "Inflammation Nation" - I wish that I had not wasted mine purchasing it.)...more info
  • An easy way to learn how to adopt a healthy diet!
    Naturopathic Physicians teach as well as treat. It isn't always easy to change old eating habits. Do you crave french fry? Burgers? In Dr. Black's new cookbook you learn substitutions for these popular food item. The Healthy Tidbits that follow each recipe will also teach you about the new foods you will be eating any often why they are so important to introduce into your diet.
    ...more info
  • Naturally tasty-Only good side effects
    This book not only has great natural recipes but it gives you great insight into eating for your health. I loved her first edition and this book is a great extention of the first. I am giving everyone in my family a copy of this book for Christmas. It is a great way for me to help take care of my family and let them know I care about them. Eat right and you won't have to worry about the side effect disclaimer on the pill bottle. Thanks Dr. Jessica for everything your great....more info
  • A Brilliant Diet and Recipe Book
    Let Jessica Black's book end your search for the perfect diet for healing chronic disease caused by inflammation. Most books advise us to eat more nuts, seeds, whole grains, Omega-3s, herbs and spices, etc., but they don't tell us how to do it. If I add these foods to my already high-calorie diet, I'll weigh more than ever. The recipes in this book show us how to make simple dishes using these items, how to substitute whole ingredients for processed ingredients, such as coating fish fillets with ground sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, or almonds instead of bread crumbs. How simple. How delicious. How nutritious....more info
  • Beat inflammation
    This book explains how eating affects and helps with managing inflammation-related pain and disease. Includes tasty and interesting recipes....more info
  • Anti-Inflammation Diet
    I ordered this book at the same time I ordered Win the War Within, by Frank Chilton. The book by Frank Chilton was much more informative, in depth, and helped us to understand the nutritional information behind our inflammation. ...more info
  • healthy, easy and great tasting
    A great Christmas present for anyone and everyone. Healthy, creative, easy, and tasty recipes. From banana bread that my kids love to blackened fish that I love! Such a good book to reference for the recipes it holds, and also for creative ideas that can be applied to lots of cooking!
    Thanks Dr. Jessica!...more info
  • Learn about the silent epidemic
    I am very glad that Dr. Black has had this book published, it could save lives. Currently we have a growing epidemic in this country that few are aware of, it is silent inflammation. Unlike the inflammation we see on our skin due to irritation or the pain we feel from a stubbed toe or broken bone there is also silent inflammation going on in our bodies if we abuse ourselves by eating fast food, sugar, white flour, trans fats and many other unnatural items that are toxic to our bodies. Constant inflammation can lead to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and even cancer. This book will show you how to combat this with a natural eating style that is delicious. Yes, it does take time to adapt to it if you currently eat the regular American diet, but the effort is worth it. She has it all correct in this book, the importance of the 40% carbs, 30% fats, and 30% protein distribution of calories. The foods to avoid, and 125 delicious recipes that you will like.
    This book is written by a Naturopathic doctor as opposed to the Allopathic (Traditional medical) doctors that we are use to. The difference is that while an M.D. will give you an aspirin if you have a headache a N.D. will ask: Why do you have a headache? and seek to solve it permanently through diet or lifestyle. I believe in N.D.'s because headaches are not caused by an aspirin deficiency.
    Read this book and follow the suggestions for health. It works, I have been eating this way for 7 years and have been sick only one time!...more info
  • Buy this book!
    One of the most difficult challenges I have faced when suggesting to my patients on dietary modifications is offering patients alternatives to their inflammatory menus. Not only has Dr. Black provided easy to prepare and tasty recipes, but the ingredients serve their purpose: they favor pathways that decrease inflammation. Hence patients with intensely inflammatory conditions, such as rhumatoid arthritis, have been able to experience relief, thanks to this cookbook. It offers recipes that appeal to kids and provides ample educational material for patients to resource. It is the ideal cookbook for all....more info
  • Great Recipes Make Anti-Inflammation Cooking Easy
    I'm at a loss much of the time about what to cook in general, so I was very excited and surprised at the great ideas and fantastic recipes in Dr. Black's book. Everything I've tried has been easy, tasted wonderful, and doesn't cause inflammation and skin irritation. Best of all, it has given me ideas on healthy subsitutions and helped with creativity. I would recommend this book to anyone....more info
  • Packed full of INFO!
    I found this book to be very useful and easy to read. The author has great information in here. I bought this book for my grandmother because she has arthritis, and I got looking through it, and now I want a copy. If you REALLY want to make the commitment to easing your ailment, whatever it may be, I think this book is a good start....more info
  • Delicious Food/Good Health
    Amazingly easy to follow this diet. I have high blood pressure, aching joints, allergies, reflux, 250 cholesterol and triglycerides, hot flashes, poor sleep and back problems, with allergies to the meds that can help. I suppose I should mention severe obstructive sleep apnea and overweight. Following this diet, minus garlic and my particular food issues, I am now a size 12 (from 18) and feeling better every day. If I am traveling and cannot get Organic, I at least get natural foods. Want to feel great? Try this! I recently purchased 3 books for my out of state relatives at their request!...more info
  • It has given me hope!!!
    I think this book is wonderful!! My husband is permanently disabled due to multiple back problems and so obviously, he has a lot of inflammation. Originally, he didn't want to change his eating habits, specifically because we weren't convinced it would help him. But he tried this diet for about a week and did see some lessening of pain, although very minimal. It was so slight we couldn't really attribute it to anything. So we were still doubters.

    But after that week, my husband binged on the foods this book says to stay away from. Within a few hours, his back went out. Seized up and he was stuck on the floor in horrible pain for days. Now both he and I are convinced that what we eat definitely affects inflammation. Since reading this book, we've also looked back into the past. We knew that my husband's back went out every year around Christmas, and this book helped us put 2 and 2 together--it's because our diets are terrible around Christmas! Every year we eat all those sweets and everything else Jessica says increases inflammation.

    Since my husband has been faithful to this diet for a couple months his back has been healing from 'going out' faster than normal. He still has back problems and is in constant pain--and that will most likely never change. But hopefully with this diet, we'll be able to decrease some of his inflammation, and therefore, pain. We've already seen benefits and hopefully we'll continue to experience more! Thank you for writing this Jessica Black!!!

    PS--We also really like a lot of these recipes. So far, we've enjoyed every one we've made! And that's really impressive, considering my husband loves sugar, fried foods and all the stuff that's definitely not healthy. Jessica is making healthy eating easy on him! Thanks!...more info
  • Learning to like tofu
    I am female, age 55, and in my second round of physical therapy because of a frozen shoulder. When I realized that my shoulder has both bursitis and tendinitis, I thought about some things I could do so as not to work against my therapist's treatments. I found Dr. Black's book, and have been following the anti-inflammation diet for about 2.5 weeks.

    Actually, after the first 2 weeks, I noticed something interesting. One Saturday, I was up early and giving the house and yard everything I had.... just on my feet all day. Well, this kind of frenetic activity typically aggravates my plantar fasciitis so that my feet are killing me after a few hours. Didn't happen this time! I barely noticed any pain. How great.

    So, now, I am even more motivated to stick with the plan. I must say that having these great recipes in my mind does make the trips to the market so much more interesting and stimulating.

    Give up beef? I barely miss it, and it was lacking in flavor, to boot. It seems that on this diet, I don't want a whole chicken breast, either (even though it is allowed).

    I'm not perfect; I do drink one cup of green tea daily (caffeine load, a measly 25 mg.). I also eat Ezekiel bread, sparingly. That bread has a low glycemic index and should be OK in small amounts, right?

    Oh, by the way, I could stand to lose 10 pounds. But that is not what motivates me right now. Armed with the excellent information and very tasty recipes contained within this book, I trust that I am working toward a new, more vital and healthy lifestyle. Thanks, Dr. Black....more info
  • Overrated by most Amazon reviewers
    Only the first 53 pages of 227 pages discuss inflammation. The rest are recipes. The first part has no diagrams showing how inflammation acts on the body. I was disappointed in the book. It seems mostly a book of recipes. Also, the book has recipes for fatty and cholesterol rich animal foods which are know not to be heart healthy. I think that there are better and slightly more academic books out there that may be a better buy if someone wants to get into more depth on subject. ...more info
  • The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book
    This is a very interesting book for anyone who has a inflammation problem and there are so many ailments that stem from inflammation. However, I think the diet is very difficult to manage. It is not a book that I can use on a daily basis. ...more info


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