The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases
The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases

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The One-Minute Cure reveals a remarkable, scientifically proven natural therapy that creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive, thus enabilng the body to cure itself of disease. Over 6,100 articles in European scientific literature have attested to the effectiveness of this safe, inexpensive and powerful healing modality, and has been administered by an estimated 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths to more than 10 million patients in the past 70 years to successfully treat practically every known disease -- including but not limited to cancer, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease. hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, herpes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and asthma.

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome information -- every household should have this book!
    I was sent the video promoting this book, and it seemed too good to be true. I didn't believe, of course, that any single remedy is capable of curing all diseases, but ordered the book anyway just to satisfy my curiosity. I was immensely surprised by the information presented, and am grateful to the author for having written this valuable book.

    I've known about the H2O2 therapy before, but it has never been presented in a way that is as compelling (and believable) as Madison Cavanaugh presents it. I used to regard the therapy lightly and didn't give it much credence because no one ever gave the evidence of its efficacy. What Cavanaugh has done is to elevate the therapy to the esteem that it deserves. This therapy might very well be the cure for all diseases, a concept I resisted before until the author offered convincing proof.

    Even though I've since researched the therapy on the Internet and found many sources touting the H2O2 therapy, I still think everything I've read at various online sources pales by comparison to the thoroughness, intelligence and genuinely helpful spirit the author has exercised in bringing this priceless information to the world. No home should be without this book....more info
  • Found it on the internet
    OK, you may have received an e-mail promoting this book that sounded highly secretive, mentioning things such as "the pharamceutical companies will want to shut me down". That made me curious.

    Some research on my part has made me pretty sure that this author is discussing the Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) cure. In fact, I am 90% sure that is what this book is about (or I wouldn't be posting this review). There are some other books out there on this topic. One being Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglass.

    Also, you can google "Hydrogen Peroxide cure" and find info on this topic.

    One caveat I would make is that you don't use the stuff you buy in drug stores as it is treated to make it toxic if take internally. There is food grade H2O2 out there, which is what you need to buy.

    It's too bad this topic isn't addressed to the level this author and others who promote the H2O2 cure make it sound it should be addresses. After all, if this is a panacea, it should be well publicised and food grade H2O2 should be made available to the masses....more info
  • Excellent Resource
    Wow! So simple and so promising. I'm on the maintenance program and find my allergies have lessened. Time will tell whether it arrests arthritis. I suppose that if a person took a higher dosage for more serious conditions, the results could be more astounding, but I am satisfied with just maintaining... Should a serious condition come along, I might up the dosage, accordingly. I only wish I had known about this before I had a bilateral mastectomy a little over a year ago! To reverse THAT condition would have been wonderful, but now cancer should not rear its ugly head again, now that I know how to maintain the level of health I presently enjoy....more info
  • Overpriced Ripp Off of Ed Mccabe's Work
    This is a shameful attempt to make money from the work of Ed Mccabe and others. All this secrecy and never mentioning that she is talking about Hydrogen Peroxide just to make you buy the book. I didn't need this information because I already have Mccabe's books, cheaper and much more comprehensive, and also have experimented with the therapy.

    It is good to know about this therapy, but unless you are in serious trouble
    you will not use it because it tastes like hell. The stuff makes you feel sick. Every time you take a glass of the concoction it gives a sock to the body that sends you in the opposite direction looking for cover....more info
  • The One-Minute Cure
    I have read the book by Madison Cavanaugh and highly recommend it to anyone really serious about healing themselves. I have recommended this idea to my Daughter who has had cancer. I am planning to use the information for myself to see what all heals as I have several things I want to see improvment in. The directions are really easy to use. The book is easy to read. Is easy to understand. Just puts ideas there for you to make your own decisions on if you wish to believe or not, to use or not, to discuss with your health care provider or not....more info
  • Amazing yet simple cure for all
    This book is recommended to all that would wish to improve there health.. It is a so super simple....more info
  • The One Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases
    Good information. Well documented. Yes, hydrogen peroxide therapy has been around for a long time, but it is always good to read more about how and why it works, with empirical evidence to back it up.

    I read a lot of health-related books, and this is one that I will keep in my library for future reference....more info
  • "Wow" is the only way to describe this book!
    I read "The One-Minute Cure" not really expecting it to tell me anything I didn't already know. I'm not only a long-time enthusiast of naturopathic medicine and alternative health, but a Reiki healer as well. When I started reading the book, I initially thought the oxygen therapy it was talking about was something I already knew about, but as I continued reading, I discovered the profound impact that the information in the book would have in my life, as well as the lives of countless others. All I could say was "Wow!" The greatest value I received from this book is that the author successfully compiled all the relevant research regarding the therapeutic use of H2O2 and put it into one slim volume that can be understood, appreciated and used by the general population, not just health aficionados and people who are familiar with alternative healing modalities. Cavanaugh also exposes the hidden agenda of not only the pharmaceutical and medical industries, but the natural health industry as well. The money you save simply by becoming aware of the exaggerated claims (and dubious benefits) of many nutraceuticals or supplements is worth ten times the price of this book. As someone who considers himself knowledgeable about natural health therapies, products and services, I highly recommend this outstanding book....more info
  • Fact filled information
    This book is filled with information that everyone needs to know. I had read about this several years ago, but did not pursue it. Thanks to Madison Cavanaugh the info is available at a price we can afford.
    I have followed thru and ordered the product and am looking forward to great results....more info
  • Oxygen therapy really works, thank you Mr. Cavanaugh!
    I tried oxygen therapy, it really works, and it does not harm when
    used as recommended. The body really needs it and Mr. Cavanaugh
    documentation is tremendous!
    ...more info
  • Quick and Easy to Read and Understand
    I recieved the email so many others here have mentioned and went right away to the internet and found the book and then to Amazon and found it along with several reviews and read them and decided it was a book I needed to have and ordered it. Since I knew it was about H2O2 from the reviews and the stuff I was reading on the internet, even found some utube vidio on the subject, so there is tons of info out there that I had never run into, it sounded like this stuff works. I didnt wast any time and was able to find a gallon of the food grade 35% H2O2 at a local Hydroponics store... I knew I was going to start using this stuff. The book is great, it's easy and fast to read, only 114 pages, I read it on the bus riding to work during my commute time in a couple of days. I didnt start using the H2O2 till after reading the book and am only on the first week right now, but also ordered the book by William Campbell Medical Miracle and thought this book was better and plan on ordering the book Flood your body with oxygen and read it to, just want to learn as much as I can. Seems like the internet is loaded with all this info but this book brings it all together so your not spending days online finding all this info a little here and a little there. I have mentioned this info to a few people but as most of you know who are reading this most people begin to think your crazy when you mention anything out of the main stream, seems like Big Pharma has done a good job making people think main stream medicine and drugs are the answer, so this info will probably not hit main stream but continue remain a hidden seceret, except for those who are interested and looking for a cure and answers for some of the wierd things people get that do not respond to treatments the main stream doctors are dishing out, the book is great, I think this book would make a believer out of anyone. I recommend this book. But I recommend you dont try this 35% H2O2 stuff without getting lots of info first and this book gives you the info you need, this stuff can hurt you if you dont learn how to delute it properly first, so get the book....more info
  • Review of The One-Minute Cure
    Having a history of cancer and arthritis in the family I was very curious as to what the One-Minute Cure was all about. It was written in a simple to understand format and very informative as to this possible alternative to healing disease. The facts presented peaked my interest enough to want to give this method a try as an alternative to drugs with dangerous side-effects. I have no expectations at this point other than an open mind and the hope of reaping some positive results. ...more info
  • Worth Having and Alternatives
    Madison's book is worth the money. People go broke within the medical system trying to help their loved ones so please let's not debate this point. There is some doubt however about the claims that only H202 get into the cells while other oxygen therapies can not. There is also some research that shows H202 intravenously can have some harmful effects on the veins, even collapsing. Orally using the food grade (low %) seems to have no negative effects however this point has kept me away There are many ways to go about what H202 does which is basically oxidizing anything acidic in the body. I have used Dioxychlor by preference for over 25 years which does the same thing but is more powerful in my experience and totally non toxic. At $[...] for a years supply and 100% effective when following the simple directions it is worth investigating. See [...]...more info


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