Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars, Book 1)

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"Anastasia", the first book of the Ringing Cedars Series, tells the story of entrepreneur Vladimir Megre's trade trip to the Siberian taiga in 1995, where he witnessed incredible spiritual phenomena connected with sacred 'ringing cedar' trees. He spent three days with a woman named Anastasia who shared with him her unique outlook on subjects as diverse as gardening, child-rearing, healing, Nature, sexuality, religion and more. This wilderness experience transformed Vladimir so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and, penniless, went to Moscow to fulfil Anastasia's request and write a book about the spiritual insights she so generously shared with him. True to her promise this life-changing book, once written, has become an international best-seller and has touched hearts of millions of people world-wide.

Customer Reviews:

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia is a reminder of the home the soul yearns for and is possible, if but remembering that the chaos of the world is manmade and we have a choice in every thought, word, and deed....more info
  • Anastasia + 8 books will change your life in incredible ways
    This first book will resonate or it won't. Though I can't imagine how it's possible to earnestly read this book and not "feel" something shift inside. I read a review that stated confidently that other books on life, the universe and God seem like a waste of paper after reading this book. I would have to agree.

    The author is not a writer. He's a ship's captain who may well have read a few books but unlikely to have spent time studying physics, history, politics, archeology, religion, nature, math & science, childbirth, supernatural phenomena, or the cosmos. If he made this whole story up, he is brilliant. It seems unlikely to me that he had such broad knowledge.

    Anastasia has a powerful story to tell. Once you hear the story you will not look at the blade of grass reaching up through the cement side walk in the same way. The blue sky will radiate with new meaning. The animals who call earth their home will no longer seem like artifacts of the background noise. In fact, the background noise will suddenly narrow to all the superficial gadgets, social artifice, political posturing, historical manipulation, economic fallacy, physical disfiguration, and the ever increasing "data cloud" of distraction that we call our lives...

    Since reading the first book, and even more since reading all 9 books, I am obsessed with getting back to the land. I am designing our family's "space of love" or domain in my head until I am able to find the physical place. I am planning our future gardens. In the meantime, I am buying only organic, biodynamic foods that are not poisoned by chemicals and genetic monkey business so that my family can have a chance at healing. The incredible relevance of these simple acts becomes crystal clear upon reading these books. Farming has never had the revolutionary potential it has today.

    Buy this book. Read this book. Read them all. Share this with everyone you love. With everyone you know. They will thank you. My friends have already thanked me.

    PS: There are over 100 eco-villages setting up in Russia as a result of these books. There are a handful in the United States and Canada already forming. [...]...more info
  • Amazing...
    This book may change your life. It presents some of the ancient truths of the meaning of life that have been lost by our technocratic society. It allows you to put things in a completely different and real perspective....more info
  • Ringing Cedars ,,,,Rings True on all Levels
    I have read 4 of the 8 book series and must say that in 40 years and some hundreds of books in this related subject none come close to the feelings of complete peace and tranquillity while exhilaration seems to be another emotion these words are able to invoke from my soul.

    Anyone with children and including children should have to read this book. ...more info
  • Perhaps this is an act of faith...
    I received the book a few days ago and am half-way through it. First, let me say it's a "nice little story," but seems way too far-fetched for any credibility. The "hero," a Russian "entrepreneur" happens upon a beautiful young woman standing on the riverbank, that's Anastasia, who takes him back into the woods for three days. Now, she doesn't have a house or even hut, just a little cave in a grove of trees and flowers, in which to live (we're talking Siberia here!)

    She wears the sheerest of clothing and when he tries to make a pass at her, she pushes him away using her psychic powers. Yet, when he confides in her that he wishes he had a son, she sleeps with him, giving him the "deepest sexual experience in his life," later telling him that since he's now had the best experience any man can know, he'll never again enjoy sex in a "lesser" way. He gets really angry at her for taking away one of his greatest pleasures, sex, which he seems to have frequently (and not with his wife). So, at this point, I guess she's pregnant with his son.

    Well, from here, it's just chapter after chapter of Anastasia telling him how to eat, sleep, grow plants, becoming attuned to the stars, the soil, etc. It's all very lovely and very ecological. Heck, we're talking "Clan of the Cave Bear" meets "Star Wars," with a little bit of the Old Testament thrown in for good measure. Naturally, being a Russian book, most of the "scientific" references to back up Anastasia's claims are from obscure (from a Western perspective) Soviet era scientists.

    OK, but before you go and buy all eight of the books in this series, first give this one a try, and see what you think. It's worth it if only as a meditation on living in harmony with creation and how much less we could all get by on. While not a Christian book, it could make for a good Lenten read.

    Peace!...more info
  • Pure myth.
    This book is pure myth and absolutely does not offer anything new no matter what anyone argues. I read nothing new in this book. It is also very poorly written. It is understandable that Russians were starving for anything spiritual after Communism was finished with them and this was something spiritual and Russian which explains the success it had there. Outside of Russia, it is hard to explain the popularity of the book except to remember that people are sheep, easily led and swayed. I gave up Christianity which has more depth than this so why would this move me? It amazes me what people will fall for. Yes, I know, I know, I is a matter of faith and this book will take alot of that. ...more info
  • Amazing piece of literature!
    This book is one of the most amazing and inspiring pieces of literature I have ever read. It heals your heart and makes you understand that each one of us has a purpose on this Earth. I have read all 8 books about Anastasia and as I was reading them, I found answers to so many questions about human excistence and life. I highly recommend this book!...more info
    I bought the books after reading that ad in Nexus Magazine. Boy, was I in for a shock. Her writings are distinctly homophobic, degrading to women by her moralistic "values", sleeping with someone who took her fancy. A waste of money since I bought 7 books at a go. Gave they away, should have disposed them in the bin. One star is too much, so that goes for the translation work.

    John Robbins...more info
  • Love
    I have only just finished the first book of the series and was quite taken by it. Everything written in this book we all already know, though it is quite a great reminder. : ) I naturally read all the bad reviews of something as opposed to the good, because I like to look at things from all sides. All the reviews with a low rating seem to come from cynical people who don't have anything positive to say...I did some research and read other reviews by the bad reviewers...everyone that gave negative feedback only had a list of other negative reviews...what does that tell you? This validity of this book goes along with other series like Mary Summer Rain(highly possible) and the Messages of Don Juan(probably not true) whether true or not these writing comes from somewhere and there message is of great value for those open to these new(ancient) ideas. Take from these books what rings true for you, and those ideas which can created a happier healthier planet. Since reading these books I have started to feel the presence if Anastasia in my sub-conscious with many books being written today they bring hope for a brave new world!...more info
  • Anastasia is proof of nature's miracles
    From my Western and modernized perspective this is a book of wonders. Anastasia, the central character in the book, lives a life of health and harmony with nature and herself. She employs human's full potential and capacities. Skills most of us have long ignored, forgotten and substituted by technical gadgets. She can communicate with any living creature, using language only if necessary. With her imagination she models any situation or creation existing in the world. She uses her 'beam', ligt emanating from the top of the head, to look into and support anybody's situation. And this is just a short summary.

    Reading this book gives a ring of what we humans are capable of. It reinforces a deep feeling of how we could live our lives more healthily. In tune with our own nature and the environment we live in. Deeply connected and grateful for simply being.

    The story keeps me wondering whether it is fictional or not. Maybe that is irrelevant. It does bring a smile to my face and follows me around in my daily beings. Surprisingly my reaction is exactly as the book's own forecast on the final pages. ...more info
  • Life Changing!!! A series the world need to read...
    I have read many spiritual and different types of books in the past, everything from the pillars of Buddhism & books on Atlantis, to Sungazing & Quantum Physics, and none of them could really compare to the feeling of peace and love that I have felt from reading the Ringing Cedars series. It expounds on truths that have been present since the beginning of time, in a simple and easy to understand format. Its words truly paint a picture of paradise in my mind and have changed me forever.

    Many people comment on the author, on his tone and writing style. Vladimir is Vladimir, and you will learn to love him. He is very rough in the first few books, but that is really not the point of why I read the books. I wasn't reading them to marvel at his personality, or his artistic writing style, or lack of, I was reading the series to learn how to reconnect, learn how to laugh and love, and understand what has been hidden for so long. In doing so I have come to appreciate Vladimir so much.

    Some people have commented on reading the book and saying that it doesn't provide anything new, as far as spiritual insight. I beg to differ. Many people go through spiritual books faster then they change their socks, just so they can chalk it up as another one read, and then it goes on their bookshelf. My question is, how many live it? If this isn't new information, then let me challenge you and ask how many readers have already purchased land and started to create their Space of Love all around them. How many have planted their family tree. How many are moving away from the technocratic world and started to project their own beam of light, searching near and far to help heal others. I would dare say that the number is pretty low, at least in the US. Is there something to learn from this series, YES! I say it will change your life if you let it. I disagree with a comment that was made that you have to have some sort of previous spiritual knowledge to understand this book. Granted, some things might take a stretch of the imagination if you have never heard them before, but overall the words and ideas portrayed are very simple and are meant to pierce the heart. They are all based on love, which we can all understand if we choose. I mean kids in Russia 12 - 17 years old are building schools and teaching each other by themselves... how can you put an age restriction or previous experience needed restriction on that. I believe that the information presented in these books is what the world needs right now.

    Many also have commented on whether Anastasia is real or not. She even comments and says "She exists for those whom she exists." As for me, I know she is real, because for me she is. Her dream has now become my dream, and I will direct my thoughts and actions to bringing that to come to pass, not just in Russia, but also in the US.

    May peace and love be with you, and ENJOY!...more info
  • More spiritual fairytales
    This story is purely fictional if I ever read fiction. It's not even imaginative. I'm dedicated to calling people on their BS. Basically, this guy is taking a few basic and poorly formed ideas from various other books he's read. You'll notice that Anastasia only mentions the most well-known and discussed "spiritual teachers"-- the ones that everybody has heard. That is Vladimir trying to relate one of his own ideas based off of loose information. Also, this book has no scientific or even common sense foundation. The native Americans themselves knew when it was time to cover up for the cold. Even animals build shelters and trap in heat with there fur. Also, you don't tame animals. There are people who have learned to live among animals like bears & wolves and such, but the keywords there are "they learned." This means they don't tame the animals-- they learn the living and communication of the animals and not the other way around. Her-- or I should say his-- ideas of sex is totally and utterly perverse. Is she aware of the Bonobos-- A species of primate more genetically similar to humans than chimpanzees-- Who use all manner of sexual interaction as ways of celebrating, bonding, and relieving tension. Even same sex sexual interaction is common. People will create astounding ideas in the name of "spirituality", but the only person who can teach you is yourself by learning to have total awareness of feelings and thoughts and the environment questioning everything. Keep learning and stop taking mind-warping lessons from fictional characters...more info
  • Something special!
    Easy to read, light and thoroughly enjoyable.
    Anastasia, a young Siberian sage relates divine insights into the nature and purpose of life on Earth to a Russian entrepreneur.
    The subjects she discusses are wide ranging but all ultimately interconnect and reflect wo/man's long lost connection to the vastness & beauty of simple living.
    I found her insights into growing food to be superior to anything I have ever read on the subject. I put this method into practice and the value her words added to my communion with living edible plants pre and post consumption was and continues to be monumental.
    There is much, much more....from plants to pain free childbirth.
    If you are bewildered by a technocratic loveless world, and are perhaps feeling '" this can't be what it's about, there must be something more" then this is the book for you.
    Unlike many philosophers who bat about 'ideas' and 'problems' intellectually, Anastasia tenderly bangs problems over the head with simple solutions.

    A word of warning once you have read the first book its highly likely you will go on to read the whole series (5 books+ 4 to be translated) so check out bulk deals. I wish I had....more info
  • Extraordinary and Wonderful Story
    I had only faintly heard, in the past, of the Siberian shamanic stories. This book opened a whole new level to learning about them, on a very real basis. To learn of their connection with the Vedic histories, made what was shared in this book, even more understandable. This book was the beginning of a wonderful journey to understand more about what is important in life and purpose....more info
  • Words of wisdom, hope and peace from a woman of the forest in northern Siberia
    Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars, Book 1)
    This is the first of nine books in the Ringing Cedars Series now translated into over 20 languages.

    I am a slow reader, starting many good books that I never finish. But Anastasia (and each one after) just got better and better. Read just one and you too will understand why 10 million copies were sold before they were ever commercially advertised--just word of mouth.

    The author presents the life and lifestyle one who lives in harmony with the earth and all life. Her story shows us how to do the same. So much of what I've always known is finally put into words.
    ...more info
  • interesting view
    These books are really wild and if you believe that there really is an Anastasia or not I really believe and love the things she says. It's a really wonderful way of thinking about the world and it's worth reading....more info
  • Entrepreneur or Con-artist ?
    Something seems to have been lost in translating this story and I seem to have lost something reading it(my time and money).
    Don't waste your time or money.This was one of the worst books that I have read in years and I've read hundreds.
    There's no morals to it either,unless screwing hot chicks behind your wife's back is O.K.?
    I think I might google around the net,collect some information from other pagan and hippy sites,throw in a few Bible quotes,write a story that nobody can prove about my spiritual journey through the Outback,while taking pictues of some real props and hire a playboy model to appear on the covers of my novels as my mystical girlfriend.
    What do you think? Anything for a buck I hear you saying,Vladimir???...more info
  • Very disappointed
    After reading the reviews, i was very excited to read this book. I was very disappointed. I have read many philosophical and metaphysical books and this one does not contain any new insightful information. The author is even physically and verbally abusive to this woman, who he claims is a real person. Why praise that? Please do not buy this book. Buy one of the other great books on Amazon. I would give it a big 0, but the ratings won't go that low....more info
  • Simply Put:
    This is the most life-changing series I have ever read, by a long shot. And browsing spiritual literature is my main hobby and pastime. Only one other book I've read even comes close, and that is the one that got me started on the spiritual path in the first place.

    I am a private soul, consequently I have never written a review before and probubly never will again, but my feelings for this series are forcing me out of the musty corners to say:

    If you are interested in life, in why our society is poisoning and brainwashing it's children, in why you have that maddening, unnameable itch in your brain that Morpheus talks about in The Matrix; if you want to be inspired and uplifted and shown a viable, practical path out of this mess we've created for ourselves as a society, and as individuals, then you will probably like this book.

    The official website for the English translations [...], which has a lot more information on what the books are about, and many more embarrassingly gushy reviews. I seriously can't help it people. I know it sounds goofy but... How else do I describe a book that completely changes your life for the better? Wouldn't YOU gush in your description of it?

    As for the people who sniff and sneer and poo-poo it as fake: I could say many angry words at them, for similar reasons to why I would yell at someone who had just insulted my mother, but it's not worth my energy, and they are entitled to there opinions. Read the books for yourself, and come to your own damn conclusions, don't accept your opinions second-hand.

    Myself, I had my doubts as I started reading, but eventually, the quality of the "story" and insights, the effect it had on me, and the prophetic nature of Anastasia's declarations, not to mention the shear volume of the work and number of details touching real people and places that could not be faked, ended up dispelling my doubts. Though whether I believe she exists or not, the wisdom in the books rings true nonetheless. Also, they have a 2nd edition of the English translation out now that has non-weird covers (I personally like the old covers, but they do get strange looks) and some word changes to try and make the translation more accurate....more info
  • A Spiritual Seeker's Pleasure
    If you have learned about this book, and you are now reading reviews on it at Amazon, you must be a spiritual seeker with a mind that is looking for some kind of answer to 'the question'. What question? I am not sure either, but you keep reading spiritual books looking for some truth or something. Anyway, if you are broadly well read on the subject of spirituality, and have pretty much heard it all....or read it all.... get this book. If you are simply a newbie, a curious george type, kind of interested in spirituality, not really sure, I would not recommend this book to you. There are too many 'questions' that this book DOES NOT answer for a spiritual seeker who has just started walking the path. But, if you are many books, many experiences and so on, walking the path of spirituality...this book is great. Why? One simple reason. I thought I had heard it all, that my imagination was without boundaries. Anastasia changed all that. Her character in the book showed me how 'what I thought' despite way out there compared to the mainstream, was still far short of the possibilities for all of us, starting with 'me'. I was truly stunned to find how closed off my imagination was. She simply expanded my spiritual conciousness yet again. By the way, the writer of this book, will annoy you for a time, until you get to the third book. The first book stands on its own. The 2nd book is pretty weak until the very end. The Third book is hard to put down.
    As for the question, is Anastasia real? I dont knkow if it matters. But the answer I give, is I dont know. And I dont care. The book says she is real. And it even provides one picture. Of course, the providing of a single picture to me is more lame than if they had not provided a picture. Why? The author visits her on a number of occasions after she has been made famous by his book, and yet he still does not take a bunch of pictures of her with a digital camera. Whatever.
    It is not important if she is real or not. What is important is the truth she speaks....more info
  • Anastasia (The Ringing Cedar Series, Book 1)
    This could be a world changing book. O.K. maybe it will not change the world that much, but it does change ones perception of the world. I especially liked the part about how women, attract men with their bodies and then later wish they had a man that is there be cause he is attracted to their inner beauty....more info
  • Intriguing Message
    I bought this because I was 160+ on the reserve list at the library - obviously a very popular book. I am now on book 7 of 9 and have found much to think about. This book is presented as a factual account of the author's experiences with Anastasia - sometimes it seems quite unbelievable. So, I read the content, absorb the message, but suspend judgment on the complete factualness of the stories. But it is all very good food for thought....more info


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