The Language of Medicine

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This market-leading text helps readers understand and learn complex medical terms by dividing them into their component parts, clearly explaining the meanings of these terms in the context of how the body works in health and disease. Terminology and complex medical processes are described in an easy-to-understand manner that is readily accessible to learners of all levels. The Language of Medicine brings medical terms to life with a text/workbook format organized by body systems, offering additional chapters on specific key areas of health care, such as cancer and psychiatry. Anatomy and physiology sections are generously illustrated in full color and reinforced with exercises on combining forms and word parts.

    Spotlights focus on easily confused terms and concepts.Presents medical terms in the context of anatomy and physiology, following a logical body-system chapter organization.Clearly explains the material in simple, non-technical language, making the information accessible even to students with little or no previous medical or scientific background.Medical experts have extensively reviewed all chapters for accuracy.Practical applications keep students engaged and focused, such as Case Scenarios and Practical Applications that offer case reports, operative and diagnostic tests, and laboratory and x-ray reports.Text/workbook format uses a variety of exercises and activities to reinforce and build on the information students learn.Explanations of clinical procedures, laboratory tests, and abbreviations related to each body system or medical specialty show medical terminology in practice.Pronunciation of Terms list at the end of each chapter provides phonetic spellings and spaces to write the meanings of terms.A wealth of exercises within each chapter and at the end of each section challenge readers to test their understanding of material.

    New icons facilitate navigation within the chapters and add visual interest.Colorful new page layout is designed to hold students' interest.Line drawings have been newly rendered in a rich new color palette with a more three-dimensional look.New Medical Scramble activity presents scrambled terms for the student to decipher - a fun way to improve spelling accuracy and knowledge of terms.The latest medical advances are incorporated throughout, such as stem cell research, c-reactive protein, sentinel node biopsy, and molecular targeted drugs.Four new case studies have been added to the Practical Applications sections in the cardiovascular and blood system chapters.A controlled substances table is included in the chapter on pharmacology.Bones and their common names are presented in a new table.Expanded coverage of diagnostic tests and procedures, such as: virtual colonoscopy; urinalysis; breast ultrasound and MRI; photo-selective vaporization of the prostate; new methods for managing arrhythmias; PET of the lung; coverage of multiple myeloma; CD4 lymphocyte count; irradiation, photon therapy, and stereotactic radiosurgery; abnormal involuntary movement scale (AIMS).A complementary and alternative medicine appendix provides information on popular therapies.Icons in the text direct students to extra information on procedures and terms on the companion CD.

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent book
    I am using this book in a veterinary science class because the teacher feels that it is the best med term book out there. Obviously, many of the terms do not apply and the diagrams are of humans, but the layout of each chapter is clear and the exercises at the end of each chapter are great for self-testing. The CD helps with correct pronunciation and also gives you the information in one addition mode....more info
  • Thorough and user-friendly
    This book has turned out to be an extremely user-friendly and comprehensive text for medical terminology. I would recommend it to anyone, whether they have previous medical knowledge or not. The format is easy to follow and basically guarantees you will learn and remember your material....more info
  • book in good condition
    the book is very informative and easy to follow and understand. a great book for the value....more info
  • worksheets un-able to tear out
    book was okay for a med terms book, however we had to purchase this for a class and we could not tear the pages out to turn in so you can imagine how great all of those worksheets look!...more info
    This book is great... comes with a CD!! You cant learn by osmosis, but this book sure does help!...more info
  • Textbook Review
    Quick shipping..reasonably priced.. sealed in box and in wrapping.. just as described.. pleased to do transactions with... would recommend to others!...more info
  • Misleading.
    This book misleads people about Osteopathic Physicians. Therefor, in my opinion it is not qualified to be used as a reference. ...more info
  • Where is the book?
    I still have not received this book and it has been over a month. I am still waiting on my refund for this product. Very upset. I do not recommend this company....more info
  • go from a novice to pro
    this book really takes a person who knows nothing about the subject and lets them become an an expert by the time they are done...more info
  • Excellent Book - Recommend!
    I was required to purchase this book and learn it for my Physician Assistant Masters Program and I love it...

    It has detailed explanations of words and examples- plenty of pictures to match and many many exercises for practice. One of the Cds is a practice CD with entertaining games which make studying terminology fun as well as informative. I definitely think this is an excellent buy if you want to learn medical terminology with speed and ease. At the end of each chapter is a pronunciation guide (as well as a separate accompaning CD) which i find extremely useful. It is well organized and contains some physiology as well which just gets me even more prepared for the classes to come. Easy to use and understan even if you have never learned anatomy or physiology. ...more info
  • Language of Medicine
    First time ordering anything online and from overseas so very apprehensive. Arrived earlier than stated too. Wonderful service, could follow tracking all the way. Will definitely order through Amazon again. ...more info
  • Can't review - lost in mail - never received
    Can't review - lost in mail - never received - gave full rating because it's not the books fault. ...more info
  • I recommend
    I recommend this seller... I received the book on time and in the condition the seller said it was in....more info
  • Great!
    Took a little bit for it to get here......but it was exactly what I needed and wanted! ...more info
  • medical terminology book
    This book is very straight forward and thorough. I feel it will be an effective tool for review and study of medical terminology. The price especially was reasonable. ...more info
  • Great Text -- Horrible CD-ROM
    I actually have recently purchased this textbook/ CD-ROM combo from my college bookstore for a class I am taking and I find the book to be fantastic. It is just as all these many, many others have reported it to be: A SOLID 5-STARS! However, I could not possibly be more disappointed with the CD. All the PCs, laptops, a tablet pc, and even one iMac where I am far, far exceed the minimum system requirements to run this software, but it is nowhere near being in the same league as the textbook/ workbook it supposedly supplements. It is so poorly constructed that some of (many of) the features are practically incomprehensible. My very American, English-speaking, raised on computers, extremely pc-literate (but not always the most politically correct or polite!) son took one look at the page on my screen and said, "It looks like some Russian-speaking translator threw some stuff together at the last minute and ripped all of you off." My college-loving son is currently working toward his third degree at the same school I am attending and has quite a bit of experience with textbooks which include a CD that is supposed to make the set worth twice the price of the book alone (but the book is never available for purchase new without the CD.)

    Buy this great book, even if you are stuck paying a lot for the inclusion of its accompanying CD-ROM. The book is awesome & I hope as my course goes forward, I will continue to be so impressed and will easily learn everything it has to offer. I am enjoying spending time in these beautiful pages so much in fact, that I would not even mind too terribly if it did not come so clearly & easily. This edition is, after all, Ms. Chabner's eighth go at it. She obviously knows her stuff and knows how to give it to her readers in meaningful, thought provoking, and permanent ways. It is obvious with this kind of quality what our author has been concentrating on -- and it has not been on computer programming. We should all be very grateful her tremendous talents are displayed in this book The Language of Medicine. Anyway, I bet every single computer user out there, if honest, would have to admit it would not be the first time they have been burned from purchasing lousy software. (And I am talking about the kind of software you buy because you want to own that software, not just because it was bundled with something else that you were really buying.)

    Before I go, I do have to tell you that there are several sources of free Tech Support included with the CD-ROM installation instructions. I am sure this is a good thing. At the very least, it indicates responsibility, pride, and concern on the part of the software producers. From my own experiences with similarly behaving computer programs though, I do not hold out any real hope of achieving excellence in the performance of this software. It just has too many problems to expect a phone call, an email, or a FAQ page to completely start over at the beginning and create a well-written program that accomplishes all the functions this CD-ROM claims to do.

    ...more info
  • language of medicine
    The shipping was on time and the book arrived in the condition as promised online. Overall satisfaction is a 10...more info
  • Satisfied
    Product was as stated in description. Took a little over a week to arrive. I wish seller had offered expedited shipping as an option although it did arrive in the time allotted. ...more info


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