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Health and fitness experts are exhorting us to incorporate weight training into our fitness programs--it's especially important for women for building bone density, but the truth is that working with weights increases your metabolism (are you listening? this means more fat-burning) all day. As with the cardio workout, Smith has designed two 20-minute workouts; on hectic days, doing the first alone is plenty, and on other days doing both programs will combine to help you see fast results. The movements are basic (including the all-important single-arm rows, key to building back muscles and keeping posture correct), and the delivery inviting and completely unintimidating. If you've been thinking of beginning a weight program, this (and a couple of sets of inexpensive hand weights) is really all you need to get started. Smith and crew will leave you pumped. --Anne Hurley

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent workout
    This video provides a really good workout and is really flexible in allowing you to target specific areas or get a complete body workout....more info
  • Surprisingly Good!
    Over the years I have occasionally tried a Kathy workout and just never liked it. Her workouts always lacked something, mostly not challenging or interesting enough, I'm not quite sure, but they always left me dissappointed. One of those was Lifting Weights to Loose Weight 2 - not good at all. Because of this, I never tried this one, assuming it would be about the same, until I recently discovered it at my local video store and I can't believe how much I like it. This one is REALLY good including her advice! I'm mean I love it!
    It is a total body weight workout that allows you to either do it Jari-style (lighter weights, lots of reps and pulses), or Cathe-style (heavy weights, rest, multiple sets) all in the same workout. How clever. It kept my interest throughout and I felt it the next day. I guess it's worth weeding through the bad to find the few good workouts Kathy does have....more info
  • If I could give this DVD 10 stars, I would. It's incredible.
    This workout is absolutely fantastic. I own most of Kathy Smith's workout DVD's and think she is fantastic as an instructor. I like how you don't have to be incredibly co-ordinated to do her workouts. The DVD consists of a 4 minute workout, a 20 minute lower and a 20 minute upper body workout along with a short ab session at the end of the DVD.

    What I love to do is a 40 minute aerobic session of one of her step aerobics and then I do her lower body twice a week (I would do it more but it is a brutal workout!) and I do her upper body workout 3 times a week.

    It is the best workout DVD - definitely worth every dollar!!...more info
  • Good home workout
    This is a great video for someone who prefers to workout at home with free weights. It tones up your muscle enough so fat doesn't jiggle....more info
  • The Perfect Toning Workout
    I have numerous yoga and weight lifting/toning dvds and this is my all time favorite! I love Kathy's positive attitude without being syrupy! This really targets areas that need work and does it in a short time frame. I highly recommend this workout!...more info
  • Different Kind of Workout
    This is a really different workout from Kathy..really different from Vol 1 which I love..There are pilates emphasis on the which is great. I sweated! Wish there was more lower body but it was really a good workout. Nice change when your trying to find a week of workouts.. I plan to go between 1 and 2 for 3 days a week and Taebo for the rest to get the cardio in....more info
  • Well worth the money!
    Great job by Kathy Smith! It's so nice to have some new exercises for a changr instead of the same old thing! I feel great afterward, and love doing it.... This is definitely my favorite video from her! ...more info
  • All the exercises you hate to do.
    With 15 pounds of left over baby weight and a lot of weakness after being inactive for the past yr due to pulling my back during an already hard pregnancy, I thought this could help me get stronger and it really has. As for the weight loss part, if you use a heavy enough weight (and ankle weight) you will burn a lot of calories doing this. I did not start to lose weight until I went and got heavier weights and also started a low-carb/low-fat diet (using the advice in the e-book "Burn the Fat"), and more intense cardio (4 times a wk for 40 min). Then I started losing 1-2 pounds a week for a total of 6 pounds so far. She does explain in the video that you need a combination of weight training/cardio/stretching and diet to lose weight. It's a great intro to weight lifting. All the athletes are sweating profusely in this video and you will too if you do it right....more info
  • Excellent toning for upper and lower body, with options to prevent plateaus
    I got this DVD with the goal to increase my toning options - previous to this I only had Denise Austin's "Shrink Your Female Fat Zones", and this worked all sections of the body rather than having dedicated body part workouts.

    I was pleased that this DVD comes equipped with individual workouts for the upper and lower body, and a short but effective abdominal routine.

    Here's what you get:
    1. 20min Upper Body Routine
    2. 20min Lower Body Routine
    3. 7min Abdominal & Back Routine
    4. Some random babbling about improving posture

    20MIN UPPER BODY ROUTINE - Being familiar with bicep curls, tricep extensions, lat pullovers, bench presses, overhead presses and in general all of the standard exercises that come with upper body strength training, I did wonder whether this workout would be challenging. I was pleased and not pleased at the same time to find that Kathy ensured enough variations and tweaks to work the muscle to the point of failure - pleased that my money had not been wasted, but not pleased because my arms are sore and useless the next day! Kathy demonstrates how to perform the exercises with proper form and maximum effectiveness, which is refreshing compared to Denise Austin - whom you often have to rely on the other exercisers to demonstrate how to perform the exercises safely. Kathy uses a bench in this workout, but you can easily substitute a chair or a stability ball to complete the workout just as effectively.

    20MIN LOWER BODY ROUTINE - This might be difficult for those with knee problems, as Kathy relies heavily on squats and lunges, and while these are the most effective way to tone the lower body, they may not be in reach of everyone, so Pilates might be a better option for people with injuries. There are some glute exercises that require you to lean on a chair on your elbows, and I personally find this uncomfortable, and end up focusing more on my discomfort than on the exercise itself - so I use the kitchen bench or the dressing table to lean on instead.

    7MIN ABDOMINAL AND BACK ROUTINE - 7 minutes, sure it isn't long, but its enough time to work your abdominals properly. Though for people who have problems doing situps/crunches, this might be a problem. At the moment I cannot do a situp properly, but even then I get a good enough workout from this short segment, but for others who are in a more severe state, you might want to consider the "Winsor Pilates Ab Power Sculpting with Resistence" routine, which provides modifiers for those with back & neck problems whilst still giving your abdominals a good working over in 15mins. Nonetheless, for those who can do a decent stomach crunch, this is effective and good value for 7 minutes of your day.

    Kathy Smith has included the use of what she calls a 'dual track system' to give its users the option to work out with either lighter weights with more reptitions, or heavier weights with fewer repitions. Really, all the dual track system is is a series of on screen prompts to either pick up or put down weights and stretch out the muscle you are working. This way, rather than having different beginner/advanced routines, you have a single routine that you tweak depending on your preference for lighter/heavier weights.

    Kathy is vibrant, charismatic and encouraging, without being too girly or mushy; though some people may find her suburban perkiness a tad annoying. I find it quite difficult to believe that people would find her personality to be such that it put them off the workout altogether - as per Denise Austin's workouts, where sometimes her mannerisms simply cannot be compromised; "Tight tushies! Flat Tummies! No more jigglies!" - Kathy has no 'catch phrases' as such, but does sometimes let out a "OooOoooooWWWWWWW!" as a representation of how the muscles are being worked. However, while I don't find her personality annoying, she certainly does quite a bit of shouting even though she has a microphone. This doesn't bother me, since I turn the volume down a bit, and I really am surprised that other people find it that big of a deal.

    Be warned though, I started this workout only after being able to do the "Shrink Your Female Fat Zones" toning workout, and the other 10 minute toning segments on Denise Austin's "Get Fit Fast", "Personal Training System" and "Power Zone: Ultimate Metabolism Boosting", which I believe are better for beginners. Someone who is just starting a toning routine will find the speed of the reps on this workout difficult, and the other toning workouts I mentioned (while there are probably others who could recommend others) encompass the needs of a beginner.

    Another thing, this DVD does not come with a warmup, although Kathy advises that you do one. In her second LWTLW DVD, Kathy does include a separate warmup, so I guess someone is listening! Just go for a brisk walk for a few minutes beforehand - or if you have a 5min warmup from another DVD, then do that first, don't go doing this DVD cold.

    * Not for beginners.
    * Good exercises for upper, lower and abdominal regions of the body
    * KATHY YELLS QUITE LOUDLY but all you need to do is turn the volume down a bit.
    * You need to warm yourself up.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Fantastic Overall Workout!
    I bought this tape years ago and loved it. I recently moved and the tape was misplaced in the move! Of course I had to replace it. It is broken up into 3 workouts. Upper body (20 mins), Lower body (20 mins) and a bonus 7 minute abs. You can break it up over a couple days or do all at once. I do the entire workout and it is a full, overall workout. The workouts have 2 versions, light weight or heavy weights with different intervals for both. I am working my way up to the heavy weights! I am a Kathy Smith lover and highly recommend any of her videos....more info
  • Lower Back Problems - Wanted to build muscle
    I am 28 years old, had two children back to back and as a result MY BACK was giving out. I had lost so much fitness and muscle during the 3 year period of having my children and I got this tape, along with some pilates and yoga dvd's to help me build back muscle and get strong. I was walking a lot, and cardiovascularly I felt healthy but I needed MUSCLES. I got this b/c it was broken into segments. I find it easier to give 20-25 minutes vs having to have a full hour to devote to a workout (I do have two kids!). This is one of those workouts where you can make it as advanced or as easy as you'd like. Honestly, in the beginning, I didn't use ANY handweights because my own resistence was plenty. Now, I'm using heavier weights, and with a combo of the yoga and pilates to help stretch and strengthen my core/back, and this video I feel so much better!! I hope this helps, it can be quite tiring trying to find the 'right' workout. Best of luck to you all!...more info
  • Short, to the point strength training
    This is exactly what I was looking for, straitforward workout that I can do at home to tone. She is okay, the annoying factor only goes up every once and awhile, but overall a great buy....more info
  • Workout OK, Kathy = annoying
    The workout was OK but Kathy needs to shut the heck up or at least tone it down a few levels. Motivating is one thing but she just goes too far. Do it with the sound OFF....more info
  • My poor ears!
    Bought this because her step workout is one of the best exercise DVD's I have but this one I had to give away - her shrill, scream-y voice just made my skin crawl....more info
  • Good 20-Minute Workouts
    I bought the 2-pack that includes LWTLW 2 but haven't gotten to that one yet. Personally, since I'm not a beginner I like not having to listen to a long instruction preceding each exercise, and I think they are good quick workouts. I use my own iPod now that I know the routines and just watch, so I can listen to my own music.

    I know this may seem trivial but when I insert the DVD into my computer, on my screen the title reads 'LIFT WEIGHTS TO LOOSE WEIGHT." If I had a dollar for every time I saw it spelled that way by posters on the Weight Watchers boards..arghh....more info
  • Great work out in 20 minutes
    Normally I think of Kathy Smith as my mom's generation's exercise tape lady (I am 30; my mom is 60). Other tapes of Kathy's have really gotten on my nerves-- her suburban mom perkiness and standard "Three more! Two more!" cheers sort of drive me nuts. This tape has a few moments of bubbley cheerleaderness where you want to hit the mute button, but you really can't beat this workout and for the most part Kathy is not too annoying. There's a moment at the beginning of the arm workout that always makes me cringe, but other than that, she's a rather mellow version of herself.

    I used the arm workout three times a week for three weeks before my wedding (where I wore a strapless dress) and was very pleased with the results! The leg workout is not as challenging as I would have liked, but I think that's because I didn't use ankle weights (also, my legs are in pretty good shape since I run regularly). For me, it worked best to go for a 4 mile run, then come home and do the 20 minutes of arms and the bonus 7 minutes of abs (which is also very effective, and Kathy is hardly annoying at all in the abs part). I recommend this workout for anyone who is serious about toning up their arms, but who doesn't want to spend time or money on a gym membership to do it. 20 minutes three times a week: you'll see the difference!...more info
  • Results!
    This workout is great. I have been using it for over a year and I love the results. I have recommended it to friends and they love it too. I too was a lightweight- I began this workout using 2 and 3 lb weights. You have to gradually work up to heavier weights. I now use 8lbs for most of the exercises in the upper body workout. I love Kathy's style- I do not think she is annoying. She is just trying to keep you motivated! At least she is not fake like other instructors- she is herself. Take it or leave it. I would take it though- since she must be doing something right (just look at her). If you are a beginner, make sure you have your weights ready to go, because it will seem fast at the beginning. After a few times though, you will get the hang of it. Results don't come easily. It will hurt. Your arms will feel like wet noodles afterwards (will hurt to lift an apple), but that means it is working! Do not be intimidated if you are a beginner- trust me- I had never lifted a weight in my life until I began this video. I prefer using a weight bench (40 bucks for a decent one at walmart) because there are certain exercises that are difficult to get good form on without a bench. Remember progress takes time! I also LOVE her step aerobic workout tape called Fat Burning Breakthrough, which combines step aerobics with upper body weights. Whew! It will do a number on you! ...more info
  • Very poor production, would not recommend this
    Unfortunately, I did not have the same experience as the other viewers. I thought this was a very poorly produced dvd. The cueing was terrible, and Kathy was so offbeat to the music that it was distracting. Would not recommend...more info
  • very basic, very dated, kind of misleading title
    First of all this tape will not help anyone lose weight any more than any other workout including some cardio, as well as strength and endurance training, so I found the name a bit misleading.

    The workouts themselves (upper and lower body) are built on really basic strengthening and weight-lifting moves - i.e. military press, bicep curls, tricep curls, lots of squats, etc. If you need an absolute introduction to hand weight exercises or like that sort of clear, basic workout - this is good for that. I found it a bit too standard, eventhough I'm certainly no fitness expert myself.

    Finally I found the music very loud and annoying, over which she often seemed to be yelping. That part was so distracting, I disliked the video immediately. On Part II of of her Lift Weights to Lose Weight, they seem to have toned down the music and she is in no way screeching any more. ...more info
  • Best at-home tape workout
    I bought the VHS video about 4 years ago and love it!

    One workout a day is effective (arms or legs) or if you have time, do both the arms and legs sections for faster results. The abs section is terrific, also; it's 7 min. long.

    So now I'm on Amazon buying the DVD since I'm sure the VHS tape will soon explode since I've played it so much over the years (although I just about have the whole routine memorized--also, it's easy enough to do a lot of the exercises in a hotel room when you're traveling, esp the legs workout)....more info
  • So much fun!
    I bought this DVD for my mom for Christmas, but I feel like I've been exercising more with Kathy than she has. I love this DVD, she is so much fun! Kathy is your cheerleader, and she wants you to keep up with her. After 2 days, I was sore EVERYWHERE. I thought I was going to die! Honestly, I really thought, this was going to be another one of those, I won't ever do this again and quit now type of exercise videos, but strangely, I went back on it and popped it back into the DVD player. I love how she works with you and tells you to go past your limits. She does not take breaks in between, except for 2 stretching pauses. I have been doing this for 3 weeks, 5 days a week, and I see results already. I love the 7 minute ab workout in the end, and I see results from that, too. Muscles are tighter and I feel more energized. My metabolism is getting back up again. DO NOT quit in the middle. Just go for it! She's a lot of fun and stick with it. Definitely worth the money!...more info
  • It is tough but you get good results
    This is not going to be one of your boring toning exercises. Kathy Smith added real interesting more efficient moves to toning.
    I really like this DVD. You got lower body, upper body and mid section divided into sections. I don't do the whole DVD in one workout; I select which muscle group I want to work on that day after my cardio. There is no cardio in this DVD, you still need cardio to burn calories. I am a swimmer so I complement this work out with swimming. It is relatively tough but you really get a good muscle toning exercise. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their toning and bored with the same weight lifting moves....more info
  • Well Done
    Great workout, well organized, good for advanced beginners and intermediates. Beginners can also start with this, just take it easy at first....more info
  • Lift Weights To Lose Weight -Vol 1
    I have been using this tape for years. When it broke, I bought the DVD. I really like the upper body workout on this DVD. Twice a week for 20 minutes and my arms really look great. I feel great too! It offers two programs, one harder than the other and you can choose the right one for your level.

    I also purchased the Lift Weights To Lose Weight Volume 2 recently. The upper body portion is much harder and more complicated, but my arms do look amazing when I use it. I alternate between both volumes now.

    If you are only buying one, get Volume 1. I recommend this DVD for beginners as well as advanced exercisers because you control how hard you want to work by adding more weight or by doing the harder program....more info
  • it works for me
    i wanted to start lifting weights this year and this dvd is great for me. it has two different levels that you can follow depending on how long you have been weight lifting. the workouts are twenty minutes long but target all the important areas in those twenty minutes. the instructor may leave more to be desired but i do enjoy the workouts and feel as if i am accomplishing something....more info
  • Finding Incomplete Menu
    A couple of reviews noted that there was no stability ball workout and an incomplete menu. I had the same issue and then finally figured it out. What appears to be the main menu is actually just the first of 2 main menus. To get to the second you need to select the triangle at the bottom. This takes you to the second menu and allows you to access the stability ball workout ( which is fun)....more info
  • Classic Weight Training
    Of the two Lift Weights to Lose Weight volumes, this is my favorite. It utilizes classic moves - there is nothing new and innovative here, but that is what makes it so effective. Almost anybody coming into this workout for the first time will already be familiar with the basic moves or be able to pick up on them easily. (Hooray for not having to waste half of your precious workout time setting up an exercise!) Unlike many weight training programs that feature instructors using the same set of weights throughout (usually 3 or 5 lbs), you are encouraged to have two or three pairs of dumbbells on hand. The heavier weights are used for many of the chest exercises and bicep moves, while the lighter weights are used for your triceps.

    The program has two groups you can follow - one group does the standard repetitions followed by segments of pulsing movements before the next set begins. This "track" is recommended for people who are just beginning. People who are looking to build strength follow the second group and recover/stretch during the pulsing movements. The bonus ABS section is good but not a super challenge. The great thing about this program is that all of the moves are basic, therefore when you begin to plateau all you have to do is use heavier weights to build more strength.

    Safety tips and pointers on form are presented, so if you are new to weight training and want to be sure you are doing things right, this program is a good way to go. As far as equipment goes: two or three sets of dumbbells would be ideal; an exercise mat would be good for the push-ups if you are on a carpeted floor; and a chair for tricep dips, leg lifts, and sitting exercises. (A bench is recommended, but the only exercise you actually lay on the bench for is chest presses. A message comes across the screen saying you can do those on the floor with a pillow underneath you, so the bench isn't necessary .) Some of the backup members use ankle weights in the leg segment as an advanced option - they aren't necessary. ...more info
  • A great work-out
    If you're not into too much cardio, then this exercise DVD is for you. It's fairly tame, but you will find that all your muscle groups have been worked beautifully. I found that it was excellent for my arms, and I often add the arms section to other work-outs that I have done. In no time, my arms, legs and abs have improved immensely. Another excellent Kathy Smith work-out DVD!...more info
  • See your progress!
    This routine is easy to follow and is easy to upgrade as I am getting stronger. The 20 minute segments each (for upper and lower body) are a great way to divide it up. Much easier to do than one long workout, energy-wise and time-wise. For the weights, I used 3-pound weights exclusively at first for the upper body. Then I added on 5 pound weights for some of the exercises as I was able to handle it. You don't even need weights for the lower body workout. (At least if you're a beginner like me.) The section on abs is tough! But I just work until I can't do any more, take a few moments to rest and then jump back in. I don't worry about following along with every single repetition that they do. And I have been able to see significant progress! That's the fun part!!...more info
  • A Challenge, but mixed quality of production
    I don't generally like weight-lifting, because I'd rather be moving around to exercise, but I try to do it two to three times a week because it's good for me, and this is the video I use. It's a decent challenge and I like the core balance additions to the lifting. I like being able to alternate between the lower and upper body sections for variety. However, there are some badly done production elements. The menu section is incomplete, not listing all the sections available in the workout. Also, the artsy camera movements in the stretch sections make me dizzy, and I skip over them. Still, the lifting is a challenge and a necessary evil!...more info
  • Good workout
    This video is good for people with tight schedule like me. 20 minutes good workout and you're done! the only thing is she is going fast and you have to pay attention which side of the TV you want to follow and make sure you have the right chair and bench which not many people do. Overall, is not bad at all....more info
  • normally I love Kathy's workouts BUT NOT THIS ONE!
    I usually really love Kathy's great instruction/cueing and strict attention to form and own many of her workouts but I am not keen on this one.
    Firstly the "twist" - it feels wrong for two reasons: 1) I don't think twisting from the waist while working your upper body with anything but the lightest of weights is safe and 2) if you want to go heavier (like for biceps) then you will find you are falling over as you are twisted around and standing on one foot.
    All that being said, the rest of the weights workout is great and really hits where it should (especially the glutes and triceps work) - I just don't do the twisting from the waist bit.
    The other negative is the ball section, the moves are difficult and bordering on dangerous unless you are in super shape. It's filmed in 'artsy' black and white - but it is more black than white so I have a lot of trouble seeing what she is doing as her outfit and ball seem to meld together so you can't easily work out the movements. The transitions between exercises are done too quickly - you don't get time to adjust yourself from one movement to the next and Kathy's usual great cueing is lacking here. If you want a great ball workout, try Gunnar Peterson.
    I prefer her Secrets To A Great Upper Body and Secrets To A Great Lower Body workouts to this one - most of the exercises in LWTLW2 are taken from Secrets anyway so you aren't really getting anything new with LWTLW2 except the ball and a more pilates type ab work (I still prefer the ab work in Secrets as it works all the muscles).
    If you skip the ball work and don't do the twisting, this is a good workout.
    ...more info
  • Great Workout!
    I have no time to workout as a stay at home mom of two kids - 27 and 9 months old. I bought this DVD to try to get a little weight training in and in only 20 minutes I get a great workout! I love it! If I can find 20 minutes to do it anyone can. The DVD is easy to follow and Kathy is not annoying at all. I was able to find the bonus routines quite easily, you need to go to the next screen(there is a little arrow on the bottom). I like that I can do a 10 min. segment on arms and a 10 mins segment on legs and I'm done, or I can do all arms or all legs. Either way it is only 20 mins!...more info
  • This One Hurts
    I enjoyed this video a lot but don't get it if you don't want to work those muscles. You will be pretty sore after the first time but if you don't firm up after a few weeks of this video you aren't doing it right!...more info
  • Assessment
    I liked the DVD, it's quick and easy and before you know it your 20 minutes are cmpleted. ...more info
  • not for me
    I had high hopes for this one. I am new to weights, usually I do an hour a day of taebo or the firm (allison davis) or pilates (ana caban) so mostly aerobics and toning without weights. But what I was looking for was to alternate with a weights workout to strengthen and tone muscle.
    While I typically appreciate a fast pace, I found that in my smallish space retrieving the chair, moving the chair away, trying to put two chairs together to form a bench, getting the step in place and out of the way again, was frustrating to do in a hurry, I always have to rewind a little so I feel like I am wasting time wrestling with the equipment when I could be moving smoothly from one exercise to the next.
    I just wanted a streamlined, challenging workout with simple moves. For my taste it jumps all over the place too much. Is it impossible to work out with the weights and not all the other stuff?? For one, I don't have the bench and don't know how to properly do the exercise without it. It just doesn't seem the same on the floor and the chair doesn't work when you are trying to recline on the seat and the back of it gets in the way of your arms. And in terms of equipment issues, it drives me nuts when I am on the floor using the chair for that calf exercise and it keeps creeping away from me. I spend as much time pulling it back over as I do actually trying to work out. I wish she spent more time on the exercises as well, it moves to the next one once I have just gotten into it.
    And a word on the instructor. I've never understood when people have complained about the personality of an instructor and thought if you are getting a good workout who cares if you like them or not? But there is something about Kathy Smith that irritates me, and perhaps it wouldn't if I were liking the workout more, I don't know. She just seems to be forcing things too much, I don't think she is "peppy" I think she is trying to make the workout more exciting than it is. A valiant effort that unfortunately makes me dislike the video even more. I think a good instructor is one you don't think about as you are working out because you are focusing on the exercise and she drives me to distraction.
    What it has going for it, it goes by very fast. If you have a lot of room to work out, and the right equipment, this might be more pleasant for you....more info
  • great workout
    I like this video for lightweight workout. It really works all the muscle groups well and I like that it has segments so that you can pick shorter workouts if you have a time problem....more info
  • Great workout!
    I really enjoy this video. You should complete the whole video: upper body, lower body and abs, in order to really get a good workout. You will really work your whole body....more info
  • You will see results
    I love it. Is real and is great.I lost weight like I HOPPED and the results were great and fast....more info
  • Kathy = Confusion
    I found this tape to be very confusing. Kathy has about twenty people doing the workout with her and she is constantly jumping around. She is also very annoying, always shouting and hooting.
    If you want a good wieght workout that also includes cardio try Jari Love's Get Ripped! program. Kathy's workout is also not long enough to get a really effective weight session in....more info
  • Great workout!
    I love the different segments so that you can customize your workout. She gets you working up a sweat and you can really feel your muscles burning!...more info
  • Kathy ALWAYS demands results!
    After having my 2nd child I needed to shed 40 pounds that I had gained. I did this video 3 times a week. I worked hard and chose a healthy lifestyle. My daughter is now 5 and I have since become an aerobics instructor myself. Just so you know...you have to do more that just BUY the DVD--you have to actually follow her lead. I love Kathy Smith. She really knows her stuff. I recommend this DVD to anyone!...more info


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