Self-Healing with Guided Imagery

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Join America's favorite doctor, Andrew Weil, M.D., and fellow-physician Martin Rossman on an introduction to the far-reaching effects of imagery and visualization on one's physical, mental, and emotional health. Dr. Weil introduces the topic, shares his own experience with visualization, and reveals the results of current research on how the practice of imagery directly influences one's well-being. Dr. Rossman guides listeners through a complete series of practical exercises that provide an immediate experience of the healing benefits of visualization.

From two of America's favorite doctors, "Self-Healing with Guided Imagery" is the perfect introduction to using imagery to relieve pain and stimulate healing. Abridged.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent tool for guided imagery
    I got this CD a while ago every single time I use it I feel better after I finish the excercise. It guides you to relax first and then to focuss on meditation and healing and it gives you four different excesices.
    It is a great start for anyone who wants to explore the mind and body connection and its good effect on health. I highly recomend it if you have a chronic illness. It is a great complement to any medical treatment. It even helps me fall asleep after a hectic day when I'm ussually wired and it is hard to fall sleep. Although, the main purpose to use this CD is to meditate and be "fully aware" while you do it, so when you use it for that purpose, it is better to sit on an easy pose or lotus pose and imagine your body heal. Also, Dr Rosman's voice is very soothing which I think it is a plus.
    ...more info
  • Author's clarification
    While the vast majority of reviews of this and my other CDs are strongly positive, two reviewers found that starting and ending the guided imagery exercises the same way was "boring". I intentionally choose to keep the introductory relaxation phase of these products similar so that the listener can learn how to relax, focus their minds, and then use imagery in a variety of ways to support their health and healing. Self-healing through guided imagery is a skill that can be learned and practiced, and repetition leads to easier use, improvement of skills, and independence from listening to the CDs each time. ...more info
  • A Masterpiece!
    I've been listening to Dr Weil and Dr Rossman's Self Healing with Guided Imagery for the past three nights... What a masterpiece! The information on the first CD is excellent... I learned so much about how guided imagery works and for the first time felt a connection with every part of my body. The concept that each part of our body has an intelligence had a profound impact on me. I've been going through some very stressful life changes and this was exactly what I needed to hear. The guided imagery sessions are so relaxing so much so that I haven't been able to get through all three sessions because I usually fall asleep and that's ok with me. Dr Rossman's voice is very soothing and relaxing... I felt so safe and comforted listening to such a gentle voice. ...more info
  • Relax
    Follow the instructions and have these two cool gentleman guide you to healing and relaxation.
    Three guided imagery sessions included. I always feel better after doing one of the sessions.
    Also bought the "Self-healing with sound and music" by Kimba Arem that is recommended - it will take you away - to Asia, Austrailia and the deep blue sea (whale sounds). If more people listened to these cd's the world would be more relaxed and healthy! Try it you'll like it....more info
  • The world's most soothing voice?
    I have been using Marty Rossman's audios, initially for self-help, but eventually to help my clients as well, for over a decade. Just as I did, clients often need considerable repetition before they can internalize his intonation and phrasing. Anything new from Marty is a must-have for me. Do yourself a favor--learn to talk to yourself the way he "talks" to you on this CD. Your life will change....more info
  • wonderful and helpful every time!
    I have been practicing and guiding imagery meditation since I first learned this amazing technique from Dr. Irving Oyle in 1978--and I have found Dr. Rossman's tapes and CD's to be without question the most comforting and helpful that I have heard. Dr. Rossman's warm, caring voice conveys his wonderful personality even through a recorded guided meditation, and it is even better to learn about this technique by listening to him than by reading his excellent books (which I also recommend very much). His conversation with Dr. Weil is uplifting as well as informative, even to those of us who have "heard it before", and I can imagine it will represent an incredible opportunity for people who are new to imagery and wanting to learn more. I have learned something new each time I have listened to these CD's, and the experiential sections are just wonderful. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • A wonderful tool for health and healing
    I was very impressed with this 2 CD set! It offered a great review of the thinking behind how imagery works, from two of the most respected and knowledgeable physicians in the field of Integrative Medicine. I have training in Interactive Guided Imagery, and have used it with my children (ages 5 through 14yrs)as well as myself and my patients (critically ill children and their families). This set is invaluable to me and I have recommended it to many patients and friends...ALL with positive responses once they have listened to the CDs. The guided sessions with Dr. Rossman are soothing and applicable for use in many areas. This set is well worth having as a practitioner aid, but even more importantly, as a tool for anyone to use to promote their own health and well-being....more info
  • Visit your favorite "healing figure" every day!!!
    Self Healing w/Guided Imagery provides three superb guided imagry exercises to enable you to go to an "inner place of healing", "imagine a dialogue with a healing figure", and "create specific health imagery" to improve your health. Dr. Weil has chosen Dr. Martin Rossman, who has a wonderful voice, to lead you thru these experiences. Like Dr. Weil, Dr. Rossman has "traditional" medical credentials, and utilizes guided imagery that supports your effort to get well.
    I use the guided imagery to go back 50 years to where I grew up (an inner place of healing) where I dialogue with my favorite pediatrician (who actually made house calls), and ask him questions about pending surgery and a current illness. This has proven to be very comforting for me.
    This CD was produced with great care, and I expect to be using it for a long time. ...more info
  • Not very impressive and redundant....
    I didn't think this CD set was a good value. There are a lot of other products in this genre and I don't think this particular one is up to snuff.

    The lecture part is decent and for people who aren't familiar with guided imagery, it's a nice introduction. Unfortunately, it also consumes a lot of the total time.

    The guided imagery exercises are almost identical. When I heard this the first time, I couldn't quite believe it. I would like to see someone of Dr. Weil's credibility put out something better or else not collaborate with the individual.

    I guess the purchasing decision around this CD should focus on your level of experience with guided visualization. If you don't know much about it and have never been exposed to other similar products, then you might find it very useful. If you have done other things in this area, you will most likely be disappointed....more info
  • Boring and not enough actual practice
    I guess if one had never heard of imagery or guided relaxation, all the talking and talking about it would be of value. I expected more guided meditations, imagery, whatever, than this provided. It was mostly discussion and explanation and very, very little guided imagery. And the little of that that was found was done by Dr. Rossman. (See next paragraph for why I think that's bad.)

    I also just spent $60 for 5 CD's with about 15 guided meditations of Dr. Rossman for healing cancer from within. (From his web site) While these WERE actually all meditations, the fact is that each one is almost exactly identical, except for a small piece in the middle of each. I feel that when you've heard one of Dr. Rossman's meditation tapes, you've heard 'em all!...more info

  • Solid foundation, useful building blocks, practical modeling
    On the first CD, Drs. Weil and Rossman present a nicely threaded conversational discussion of the current conceptions underlying approaches to mind/body healing. For the new listener it is very informative and inviting, for the experienced listener it is reinforcing and encouraging. The second CD provides three guided imagery exercises designed to elicit and experience the concepts of safe personal place, inner healing wisdom, and facing symptoms or problems with a creative exploration for solution. Dr. Rossman's voice is very soothing and patient, fostering a sense of invitation and permissive guiding. While the three relaxation induction sequences are repetitive due to being identical, they should be viewed and understood as discrete experiences which normally would not be done back to back. Relaxation and meditation are best mastered through repetition and consistency. For those of us more experienced it is sometimes difficult to allow ourselves the opportunity to go the way of an other, and will be challenged with overcoming our own critical resistance. The principle imagery experience and learning to be gained from each sequence, beyond the relaxation induction itself, comes from the personal place imagery recruitment, inviting and meeting a representation of our inner healing wisdom, and creating a symptom/problem/solution dialogue. These pieces are each very nicely constructed and contain a wealth of practical modeling points for the kinds of words and phrasing that can be used to optimize seeking, and thus, open to the creative healing wisdom that lies within. ...more info
    I know exactly what another reader means here, but it seems to be the norm of using the same words for the relaxion, but throwing in a few words for whatever the title of the CD claims to be. It doesn't do guided imagery justice, which works very well with some other authors....more info
  • Good lessons for Beginners
    I am new to learning Meditation. And I really wanted to learn about Guided Imagery for health reasons. This recording gave me good ideas to get started. I feel I learned alot by listening to this tape.
    I would say that if you are new to Meditation and Guided Imagery, this would be a good CD to listen to....more info
  • CD:Self-healing with Guided Imagary
    I haven't opened the product yet. Seller/shipper did fine. Received product as promised....more info


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