Eat This, Not That! Thousands of Simple Food Swaps that Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds--or More!

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Eat what you want, when you want--and watch the pounds disappear!

Americans spend more than $400 billion a year eating out, and behind each burger, turkey sandwich, and ice cream sundae is a simple decision that could help you control your weight--and your life. The problem is, restaurant chains and food producers aren't interested in helping you make healthy choices. In fact, they invest $30 billion a year on advertising, much of it aimed at confusing eaters and disguising the fat and calorie counts of their products.

All of that has changed with EAT THIS, NOT THAT!. This book puts the entire food industry under the spotlight, and arms you with the savvy tricks and insider information it takes to eat well no matter where you are. With EAT THIS, NOT THAT! you're the expert in every eating situation, from the frozen food aisle to your favorite fast food joint to your local sports bar. You control your food universe--and lose the pounds you want--because, unlike every other customer, you'll know the smart choices to make--instantly!

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! is jam-packed with secrets the restaurant industry doesn't want you to know. For example: * Burger King doesn't want you to know that a BK Big Fish? Sandwich and fries have a whopping 1000 calories--nearly half your daily caloric intake! (Fish is usually healthy, but not this kind. Find out why with this book.) * Pizza Hut doesn't want you to know that a standard pizza in Italy contains 500 to 800 calories, but the same meal at Pizza Hut can top 2,100 calories! (You'd need to ride a stationary bike for more than three hours to burn off this mistake. Instead, eat all the pizza you want by making smart choices. EAT THIS, NOT THAT! shows you how.) * Macaroni Grill doesn't want you to know that a single serving of their Grilled Teriyaki Salmon has more than three times your daily allowance of sodium! (Cut your risk of high blood pressure by making smart choices at the same restaurant. You'll find them inside.)

If only you knew the industry secrets, you could eat at any of your favorite restaurants--or chow down on everything from the company vending machine to your kids' Halloween buckets--and know that every decision you made was smart, healthy, and the best possible choice for you. For example, did you know: * At McDonald's, an Egg McMuffin? is actually a healthy choice, with just 300 calories. (The Hotcakes pack more than double that amount!) * At Krispy Kreme, all you need to do is order the Very Berry Chiller instead of the Mocha Dream Chiller, and you'll save 500 calories! (Do that once a week and you'll drop more than 7 pounds this year--without trying!) * At Chipotle, you can cut 570 calories out of your Chicken Burrito just by ordering it as a bowl (without the tortilla) and asking them to hold the rice. (Same great taste, but with 94 fewer carb grams!) * Choosing a cinnamon roll at Au Bon Pain over Cinnabon will save you 463 calories and 20 grams of fat! * In the freezer section of your local supermarket, a turkey pot pie from Swanson's has 610 fewer calories than a turkey pot pie from Pepperidge Farms. * In the produce aisle, you'll get twice the vitamin C--and nine times as much vitamin A--simply by picking red bell peppers over green ones. (Who said eating healthy was difficult?)

And that's why EAT THIS, NOT THAT! is going to change everything. It's time to level the playing field. We're all tired of sneaky calories adding to our waistlines, and having to starve ourselves or spend hours on the treadmill trying to burn off the damage. Now--for the first time--you're in charge. With this simple illustrated guide to thousands of foods--along with the nutrition secrets that lead to fast and permanent weight loss--you'll make the smartest choice every time!

Customer Reviews:

  • Eat This, Not That
    The book was very interesting, indicating some info that you might not pick up on even studying the ingredients in the store. I did find an error regarding Kraft Italian Salad dressing. On page 250 the book recommends the salad dressing but on page 215 it is not recommended. Also, the fat,calories and sodium do not match.
    The shipping packaging was not sufficient for mailing. The book was almost out of the wrapping and could have been lost. ...more info
  • Great for the office
    I keep this book by my desk at the office. When we go out to lunch, I take a quick look in the book and find the healthier choices to make so when we get to the restaurant, I already know what I want to order....more info
  • Eat this not that
    This is a good book. The information is a bit shocking. But however it is very hard to follow and learn how to read the format of the items in the book....more info
  • HIGHLY Worth the read!
    This book is HIGHLY worth the read. Packed FULL with so much nutritional information in seemingly every food category, to help you make educated and smart choices for each meal & snack of the day!

    Cereals, fast food, granola bars, cereals, frozen lunches, desserts, deli meats, noodles, childrens foods...I could go on. I got a lot of useful information out of this book. What I like best is that for each category they give you a healthier version of what you might normally eat- even fast food or desserts. This book isn't telling you to NOT have dessert, it's just helping you make a smarter dessert choice. I think everyone should read this! I plan on reading the Supermarket version next. ...more info
  • Good Grief!
    If you know anything about nutrition this book is a waste of time for you. It seems to target fast foods and things you just shouldn't indulge in anyway on a regular basis. I could not believe the this donut not that donut! Geeze, duh!
    I also happen to look at the cracker jack box in the book and noticed the book states 420 calories in a box, 7g fat, 240 sodium. My box of cracker jacks (same size) states 120 calories , 2 g fat and 70mg sodium...The book does not give the sugar on this box which is 15g. Soooo, if they got this wrong what else is off in the book?? Whew, I'm glad I do my OWN research for special treats. I purchased this book to give to my parents but needless to say , NO WAY!...more info
  • Eat This Not That
    The book really opened my eyes to how bad the food is for you in the fast food industry. I am not choosing my measls wiser....more info
  • Educational
    Everyone should have a copy of this book. Grocery shopping has become a sport. See who can get the best bang for the buck. ...more info
  • Excellent book that I keep in my car
    Eat This Not That is great for those that don't like to read, or those like me- who don't have a lot of time to read. It gives quick tidbits on best eating practices, and it's full of delightful and eye-appealing pictures of great "real" food. I've skimmed the book several times, always finding a new nugget of useful information, and I do quick look-ups right before dining at any of my favorite restaurants. I was amazed to see how things I thought were heathly, were not as good for me as I thought. I love having options, and I love short lists to make my choosing an option that much easier. This book gave me everything I needed to help in my weightloss plan, and none of the empty rhetoric I didn't. Buy the book!...more info
  • not bad
    Has some interesting info in it but I found my family was pretty much done looking through it after the first week or so......more info
  • An informative guide--
    I read this book cover to cover (including the little sub-texts next to all the food products) and it's a good guide! Not all the "EAT THIS" foods are healthy... but the author does note that if that's the case.

    I am extremely health conscious-- I read labels constantly, and I'd say I have a pretty good grasp of what's good for my family and I when I go grocery shopping. HOWEVER-- major supermarkets these days seem to tote 30 different brands of crackers, breads, lean meals, deli meat, soy products-- ALL claiming to be free of trans fat, made with natural ingredients, whole grains, etc-- who has 3 hours to read nutrition labels every time they go to the grocery store?? If I'm alone I can take the time to pay attention to labels, but I can understand parents not being able to do that, when you have kids nagging you to buy certain things. This book is by no means an end all nutrition guide, but its a step in the right direction for busy people to start making better choices. ...more info
    I would like to own this book, since I have the supermarket version, but I bought it on and the seller ripped me off. He took my money and never sent the book. Customer support gave me the run around, not helping me get a refund, while the seller gets away with fraud. You won't have this happen to you with the A-Z guarantee from Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Great NON Diet Book
    This is a companion to their other book. I love this book. It really helped me to realize that I could eat anywhere, just needed to be educated to the impact of my choices....more info
  • Great little book!
    This is a great little book! If you eat at restaurants more than twice a week, especially fast food places, you really need to know what you're putting into your system...and what better choices you could be making.
    There are sections on wise shopping at the supermarket, getting through the holidays without adding all those extra pounds, and even a section on drinks of all kinds. I was with my daughter when she bought a copy of ETNT at an airport kiosk. I was so impressed with the ease of reading and finding diet information in it that I gave away each copy I bought to my sons, and finally bought my very own copy to keep. This book is not a diet bible, but it does have some pretty enlightening information in it....more info
  • Who kenw
    What a wake up, I will be sure to look at this book again and again....more info
  • Eat This, Not That! Thousands of Simple Food Swaps
    I keep this book in my car at all times, so that when I am out running errands and want to get something to eat at a restaurant, I just choose the restaurant, open my book and select the healthier choice in the book. It is a fantastic book and it helps that the picture of the meal is shown as opposed to just listing words. What a great idea! I am extremely happy with my purchase!...more info
  • Simple & Easy
    This was my proof that exercising isn't everything. I've been trying to shed the pounds with running and calisthenics, but you're only evening yourself out if you're consuming the wrong foods. 'Eat This, Not That' is a great synopsis of where that extra weight comes from and how you can cut it out.

    In my opinion, the only flaw with this book is that they spend way too much time breaking down the good and bad at restaurants we may or may not dine in. Of the 60 or so restaurants listed in the book, any one of us may have eaten in only 10, 15 tops and chances are better we've never ordered one of the few items they discuss.

    Aside from that, I was very impressed with the book. It makes it easy for you to believe how much the littlest adjustments can affect the shape you're in, the state of your health and your mental state. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a simpler way to cut the calories and shed a few pounds, or someone just looking to learn a little bit more about the foods they're consuming.

    Grade: A-

    8 Foods You Should Eat Every Day > Plus 20 to avoid at all costs
    At Your Favorite Restaurants
    Eat This, Not That! Menu Decoder
    On Holidays and Special Occasions
    At the Supermarket
    Drink This, Not That
    What to Eat When...You're Tired, Stressed, or in the Mood
    Eat This, Not That! for Kids...more info
  • Common sense approach
    I am embarking on a 6-week auto trip this summer and will definitely be taking this book with me. It's so hard to figure what you should eat at fast food and chain restaurants. What looks healthy on the menu really isn't. But "Eat This Not That" takes the guess work out. I also will be challenging my husband to exercise during our trip by playing this great game - The Fitness Challenge Board Game...more info
  • ok, but not practical
    this is eye opening, and i refer to it occasionally, we travel a lot for work and play so we do eat out a lot, but the book is bulky and I'm not going to carry it around with me and I'm not going to memorize it either so its not working that great. I did read through it and now I know a few choices to make at some spots that I didnt know before. I'm glad I bought this, it is helpful when I use it....more info
  • Very Informative
    I will never eat a Awesome Blossom again.... Very informative and good alternatives to the junk we usually eat. You will definitely be surprised at what some of your favorite foods that seem pretty harmless have in them. I will say that despite the break down of the Cinnabon I will continue to eat them, I dont have them ever day. But a few times a year wont kill me =) ...more info
  • Quite a surprising read!
    I'm doing a weight loss challenge through my chiropractor's office and this book was suggested reading. I've read more diet books than I care to admit and quite frankly didn't think I'd learn anything I didn't already know from this one. I mean, how hard is it to spot the fat in fast foods and convenience foods?

    All I can say is that I'm shocked. If I had to look at the pictures and make a selection, I'd pick the wrong choice 70 to 80% of the time all while picking the item I thought was the "healthiest". Who'd think there would be massive amount of carbs in some restaurant whole grain breads, or hidden fats?

    I'm really glad I bought the book and have learned from it. Just today, I ordered the grocery store version, as I'm now second guessing my "healthy" purchases there, too....more info
  • Disappointed.
    Not nearly enough information on foods other than junk food. I wouldn't eat most of this stuff to begin with. People who eat out alot and eat a lot of packaged foods might find this useful....more info
  • Eat This, Not That review
    This book was very informative. I learned how to make some healthy choices in my diet....more info
  • Simple to Use
    The tips are great. The book is easy to use. My only frustration is that it seems like several of the restaurants have changed their menus - so items I want (based on the book) are no longer available. The section on how to generically determine choices based on restaurant type comes in handy for this situation.

    Having the visuals helps me remember as well - so I don't always have to lug the book around....more info
  • An eye-openning read
    A great book for anyone trying to lose weight or maintain and whom enjoys eating out. The book features calorie and nutritional information on many commonly ordered entrees found in restaurants across America. The book lays out examples of what to avoid because of calories and fat and what can be ordered. In many cases there are huge calorie surprises. I was amazed at how some seemingly healthy choices are really not. Even if you don't follow everything-sometimes I just want that burger, pizza, etc., at least you know and knowledge is power. An easy, fun read, very informative, well laid out, the author did his homework. A great book to keep in the car and browse before you hit the menu....more info
  • A "must" read to help pick the lesser evil when eating out!
    This book is awesome! Very informative and geared toward the reader with a short attention span who just wants some basic information about making better choices when eating out. Obviously, eating out is not ideal if you are trying to be very healthy and loose weight, but this book goes a long way toward educating you on what is the worst thing on the menu and what to eat that's not as bad, but will still give you what you are in the mood for. I'm only a little way into the book but I've already shared some of the info with my boyfriend and my dad. The only thing I can criticize about the book is that there's very little mention of portion control, probably because the author assumes that most people eat whatever is served and therefore the portion is pre-determined by the restaurant. But, I thought he should have mentioned that you can also cut the calories/fat by eating less than the entire serving and take the rest home in a doggie bag or just toss it. But, I'm also a "little" person without a real weight or health issue, not the typical person this book is geared towards.

    I definitely recommend this book. I also bought two others in this series and from the peek I took at one last weekend, I'd say they are just as good as this, just with a differnt focus (kids/grocery shopping)....more info
  • So Informative
    I was amazed at the information in this book. I thought the food I order at McDonalds, Olive Garden, Chilli's, etc. were the healthier versions. Low and behold, they were the worse ones- not only loaded with fat, but the sodium content was disheartening. The book is very easy to navigate. It is arranged in alphabetical order in different categories. I highly recommend this to people who don't have that much time to cook and instead eat out alot. AT LEAST now, you can make a better, healthier and still tasty choice....more info
  • Full of surprises (all healthy)
    This book is full of surprises, and though I don't eat much fast food of any sort, this is useful and fascinating. In addition to info about numerous fast food chain restaurants, there is a section about categories of restaurants (e.g., sports bars, Mexican, BBQ Joints, etc.) with useful "menu decoders" which explain terms on their menus....more info
  • Food for thought
    This book is filled with ideas on how to change your food choices to be healthier and good eating at the same time. I bought this book to share with my 7 grown adult children to enable them to make wise decisions for the benefit of their health as well as their families....more info
  • this book was interesting wish it was foods that I would eat
    even though I wouldn't eat any one of thesse foods in this book, It was very interesting neve the less....more info
  • Genius idea, 100% practical, but a little outdated
    I Love this book. We need more books like this that cut to the chase without hundred pages of fluff before they tell you what to do.

    If when trying to make smarter eating choices you find yourself saying "Enough already! Just tell me what to eat!" then this is the book for you.
    I take it with me often when I go to the supermarket or a restaurant to make smarter food choices.

    2 very minor criticisms with this book:
    1. The restaurant part is getting outdated. I went to Panera Bread and asked for a Crispani that Eat This Not That recommends, and they said they stopped making those over a year ago.
    I went to McDonalds and got an Asian Chicken Salad that ETNT recommends and they said they dont sell them anymore.

    2. I wish the supermarket section was much larger and had more variety of products. It usually gives 5-6 choices in a caregory like snacks or cereals, or salad dressings. So if I want a ranch dressing I only have 1 brand I can get. If I want a chicken soup theres only 1 brand I can buy despite a supermarket shelf being packed with chicken soup choices. I wish there were more choices in the book.

    I do hope the authors come up with a website so they can have more up to date items available to those of us who want it.

    However despite those minor flaws, this is a great GREAT book and gives a solid foundation for smarter food choices.

    Bravo to everyone involved in this book!...more info
  • Fun and Informative
    I purchased all three Eat This Not That books. I was amazed to see that some of the logical choices were not necessarily the best choices. I shared them with my adult children and we had to laugh when we realized that we would probably have made the wrong choice without this information. It's a real eye opener.

    The Pages...more info
  • Awesome help for healthy eating!
    My family loves this book - it is the best $13 I have spent in a long time. As we are trying to eat healthier, this book provides suggestions for what to order at restaurants, as well as what to purchase at the grocery store. We are now making smarter choices - and it is easy! We also found much of the information very surprising! Can you believe that eating a quarter pounder with no cheese is actually better than eating a premium grilled chicken sandwich from McDonalds?? The only negative is that many of our favorite restaurants in the Midwest are not included, but by reading what to order at comparable restaurants, we are still able to make better decisions....more info
  • Good Resource
    This book is a good resource for someone that's always "on the go". It provides nutritional information on some of the most common fast food choices. The small size of the book makes this easy for me to put in my purse or backpack. If I am hungry and the only options are fast food, I like knowing that there is a health(ier) choice for me to pick. Yea, it's not health food, but it's not all bad either. I think the people who are giving this book bad reviews are missing the point - this is a resource for you to use when you go out to eat or don't have time to cook something from scratch. This is not a diet book. This book does not encourage you to eat out or eat "junk food". This book provides you with the information you need to know in order to make informed choices about what to order the next time you eat out or need to purchase a pre-made meal for the family dinner. I purchased this book in addition to the "Eat This, Not That" Supermarket Survival guide. The books compliment one another. I now feel confident that the choices that I make are healthier and affordable....more info
  • Doctors nation-wide should issue this book to overweight/obese.
    I'm sure my review will upset some readers, but this is just my honest opinion. Every single overweight and obese person should be forced to sit down and read all three books in the Eat This, Not That series. Our nation is one that way too often eats with emotion instead of logic and critical thinking about what we put into our bodies.
    My wife and I constantly cook homemade meals and rarely (1-2 times a month) eat out at restaurants. We carefully select all foods that go into our cooking, insisting on organic whenever possible. Whenever I talk to people about how we cook, I usually get the same response: "I can't afford organic foods, its too expensive!" I find it odd that someone can't afford organic foods, but CAN afford a new iPod, iPhone, a pack of cigarettes every day and an SUV that gets 10 MPG.
    I can say this because my wife and I both used to smoke. My wife used to weigh 350 and I was at 250. Now my wife is at 125 and I'm at 195. We no longer smoke and we also both now own 30 MPG or better Toyotas.
    We both also stay abreast on the latest information on foods, and the Eat This, Not That series is world class information. Major food manufacturers DO NOT CARE about you or your health, they only care about taking money out of your pocket. You must educate yourself and bring up all your defenses and learn about what you are putting into your body.
    Now, this does not mean you can't have a few cookies every once in a while. I am and will always be a cookie-addict. But its all about moderation and education.
    What really upsets me most, however, is that I and my wife have to pay exorbitant health insurance coverage because so many out there simply can't take care of themselves. Those of us who take care of ourselves are being punished for those who cannot or will not. Our nation now teeters on 60% of the population being overweight or obese and diabetes is skyrocketing.
    Please buy these books, borrow them from a friend, get them from the library and educate yourselves. You will be shocked at the information you learn in this series of books about the foods you eat....more info
  • Belly saver!
    Such an easy way to stop guessing over the menu of your favorite restaurants. Makes eating out so much less stressful!...more info
  • Quick Reference Guide
    This book is smaller than I expected, which makes it easy to carry around when you go grocery shopping. It may not be a book that you will read from cover to cover, but definitely a great reference. I've been eating this high fiber bread (6g fiber/slice)which I thought was perfect, until this book taught me there are healthier options out there which provide the same amount of the fiber, but half of the carbs. I'm horrified to find out Arizona Kiwi Strawberry has a shocking 84g of sugar per can, and happy to see I made smart choices for cereals. The label decoder is a must read, it tells you the claim and the truth. For beginner shopper, there's a section to teach you how to pick and handle produce. I highly recommend this book to anyone who shops in a Supermarket and may not have the time to read nutrition labels.

    Sorry! This is a review for Eat This Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide. updated 3/9/09...more info
  • Love this book!!!
    I love it!! A lot of this is common sense, but it is really helpful to have it written down for you, so you can compare different foods. I also have the book for the grocery store products that I find helpful also!! I now look at the calorie content of everything I buy. this book has helped me to make better, smarter choices!...more info
  • Know what you are eating
    Takes the mystery out of the different foods we eat out. More mindlful of toppings, sauces, etc. The things we think are "heathy" may not be....more info
  • Shopping With a Plan
    Excellent side by side brand comparison of food products, (ie, which spaghetti sauce, cereal, chip, ice cream, beverage) in order to purchase the better, more healthful, choice. It's hard to find a particular product though, as they are grouped into Pantry Staples, Refrigerator, Canned and Jars, etc., Also - it is color keyed to compare like products and the text is harder to read in some combinations. Lots of information about additives, spices and a listing of the worst foods....more info
  • Awesome!!!
    This book is great, I've been taking it to the grocery store, to help me pick healthier products, and using it to help me choose meals at restaurants. Its amazing how advertising and labeling is so deceptive. Everyone should use this book....more info
  • Best price! Fast Shipping!
    I bought this book and another of the same type at a local book store. I paid double the price listed on Amazon. Each book was $19.00. I ordered all 3 of these "Eat This and Not That" books from Amazon and returned the other purchased books back to the book store. Better price and free shipping. It could not be beat. That was the day I realized to check Amazon for purchases before buy elsewhere!

    As far as the book, it was a fun read. I like how it compares the foods. A good wakeup on different selections out there. ...more info
  • Eye-Opening Books, but...
    In this series of books, I give the author a lot of credit for exposing these foods for what they really are. I consider myself knowledgeable on making healthy choices, reading food labels, and general awareness on portion sizes, but I was still shocked to see the calories, fat, and sodium in some restaurant foods. I give this three stars just for opening the eyes of Americans to what they are eating. Where I feel the books falls flat is the "Eat This" choices. Some of these choices are not a big improvement, and there are better choices at these same restaurants (lite dressing on the side, baked potato for fries, grilled chicken for fried, etc). Some recommendations are inconsistent - a scoop of ice cream at one chain is a poor alternative, but an ice cream sundae at another chain (with more calories and fat) is an "Eat This" choice. Comparative information that would be useful is lacking in some cases. Some of the portion sizes are provided in grams while others are ounces for the same food item comparisons, making it difficult to truly compare. The book for Kids I believe is the worst offender of the group - the "Eat This" choices are horrendous for a child and I know there are better choices, some of which may be from the adult menu. Best choice is to stay away from these restaurants except as an occasional treat. The Supermarket book is the best, with useful information for why you would select one item over another and often overlooked benefits of certain foods - monounsaturated fats, omega-3's, and antioxidants....more info
  • Excellent book
    This book is wonderful. It is easy to understand, and will change the way you eat....more info
  • Be prepared to be surprised!
    Salad is too high in sugar? Really? Very inciteful read, most fast food chains not found here, but examples are similar to the menu favorites we all love. Teaches a healthy lifestyle change, not just a healthy diet to help lose weight....more info
  • Great for on the run
    fast delivery and good to have in the car for on the run food choices...more info
  • Eat This Not That!
    Frequently surprising info even to one who thinks they know what the healthier choices in food, especially at restaurants, are. Extremely useful info for anyone working on losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy -- or for that matter for people looking to gain weight. Slight down-side -- the beautiful (enticing) photos of food, glorious food.

    ...more info
  • Wish we would have had this sooner
    I wish we would have had this sooner. Such a fantastic idea for a book. Much needed in our society today. We all aren't nutrition savy and this book is such a easy way for you to pick out something healthy when your own the run. I totally love it and I can't wait to get the other two.
    Christa...more info
  • WOW! Surprising!
    What a shock! A lot of the "stuff" we eat is pure crap! Who knew? Very interesting facts....more info
  • Sneaky Chef uses this book at home!
    The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue: 101 All-New Recipes and ""Sneaky"" Tricks for Creating Healthy Meals Kids Will Love

    We love this book at home with The Sneaky Chef!! Absolutely brilliant!...more info
  • VERY useful!
    Totally fascinating, and surprising, resource for making the best choices among the bewildering arrays of processed foods in our supermarkets and fast-food outlets.
    HIGHLY recommended!...more info
  • Eat this, Not that
    My sister told me about this book and I went on Amazon and ordered it right away. I love it and never go food shopping without it!...more info
  • Great Reference
    This is a great book. It is surprising when a food has way more calories than another comparable food. This book really makes you aware of healthy food choices....more info
  • Fantastic book
    This series of books are extremely educational; I have purchased a set for my younger daughter and my granddaughters!!!...more info
  • great summary guide
    I was surprised to learn which foods contained trans fats and the total calories in each of the food items briefly described. This book serves as a great quick reference to hundreds of popular restaurants from all ends of the country. About 6-8 foods are mentioned for each restaurant. So it's not like only a single recommendation is made available for readers to choose from at each restaurant....more info
  • good book
    this has a lot of good information. I carry it with me to read whenever I get a few minutes....more info
  • Food choices
    This is an easy book to use as a reference when making choices about food. The information is specific to the brand names of the food items and the pictures offer an added reminder....more info


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