Breaking the Jewish Code: 12 Secrets that Will Transform Your Life, Family, Health, and Finances
Breaking the Jewish Code: 12 Secrets that Will Transform Your Life, Family, Health, and Finances

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Breaking the Jewish Code
By Perry Stone

Jewish culture and the Jewish people have succeeded--thrived even--for more than four thousand years under both good and unthinkable circumstances. Breaking the Jewish Code helps readers unlock the amazing secrets to this success.

Customer Reviews:

  • Growing in knowledge
    This book is full of knowledge that we need to understand. From the Jews to the Christians, knowledge of God and how He works with us and for us.

    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    Breaking the Jewish Code is a fantastic read that will help you understand biblical Jewish law and tradition revealing wonderful blessings by receiving a deeper understanding of your covenant in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    This book is chocked full of wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit. If you desire to go deeper in your relationship with the Lord or desire to live a full and prosperous life, Breaking the Jewish Code is a must read for you....more info
  • Breaking the Jewish Code
    Breaking the Jewish Code: 12 Secrets that Will Transform Your Life, Family, Health, and Finances While it didn't go into the detail I would like to have seen, it does cover the priciples well enough to give you the understanding of how to put them into action in your life. Perry has unusual insight into ancient Jewish culture, traditions, and covenants, that are prophetically relevant today. ...more info
  • Great Reading!!!
    This book is what all christians and those who want to find out about the Jewish ways for our living it help and is such and interesting book easy to read....more info
    I like the book. it help me to understand why as a Christian I should value traditions....more info
  • Breaking the Jewish Code by Perry Stone
    This is a very interesting book. It has opened my eyes to anumber of things I will change in my life. The information about the "Feasts" of the Jewish people is wonderful and the how it affects our lives today. I would recommend it to anywone interested in increasing their knowledge of the bible....more info
  • Excellent Work!
    Anything Perry Stone teaches is always good. This book is the best he has done at this point in time. It is informative yet holds your interest to the last degree!...more info
  • great book on jewish
    Awsome book on Jewish live styles, codes, and secrets, gives the reader a lot of information on why Jews are God's chozen people....more info
  • Unlocking Twelve Jewish Torah Mysteries
    Perry Stone unlocks twelve Jewish Torah mysteries in his book "Breaking the Jewish Code. I found fresh insight and hands-on help in understanding God's divine revelation to the Jewish people. The book is filled with instruction for practical daily living with keys to wealth, health, creative ability, raising children, and celebrating life cycles.

    I found the chapters on the Mezuzah "door posts" and the significance of the names we give our children especially interesting and meaningful.

    Stone has spent over 20 years in research of the Jewish language, history, and culture and made over 30 trips to the holy land. This dedication and calling are apparent in his writing. Stone is scholarly and profound in his presentation of content and concept, yet writes in a style and format easily understandable by clergy and layperson alike. The charts, lists, and illustrations add to the enjoyment and understanding of the text.

    Stone is a gifted communicator. "Breaking the Jewish Code" reveals hidden truths that have been passed down from generations of Jewish tradition. This is an excellent study of the Hebrew Covenant with God, spiritual principles, the Feasts, Sabbaths, and annual celebrations.

    Perry Stone writes to help the church understand the Jew, and the Jews to understand that true Christians love Israel and the Jewish people.

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  • Great information
    Perry Stone does a great job explaining Jewish traditions and their meanings. The information is good, common sense based on a Jewish/Christian perspective....more info
    It has been a long time since I couldn't stop reading a book straight through. It is one of the best books to read outside of the Holy Bible.
    Do you need some refreshing knowledge that you hunger for. This is the book!...more info
  • Excellent book
    I haven't finished reading it yet but I love this book. Perry Stone makes it easy to understand this in-depth material.
    I recommend this book....more info


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