One Year to an Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good

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The organized way to get organized: a week-by-week plan to forever streamline all aspects of your life.

Who would you be if you felt at peace and had more time and money? An organized life enables you to have more freedom, less aggravation, better health, and to get more done. For nearly twenty years, Regina Leeds--named Best Organizer by Los Angeles magazine--has helped even the messiest turn their lives around. Anyone can get organized--she'll prove it to you! One Year to an Organized Life is a unique week-by-week approach that you can begin at any time of year. Regina helps you break down tasks and build routines over time so that life becomes simple, not overwhelming.

* Master time management
* Make your kitchen efficient
* Permanently organize closets and drawers
* Deal with your finances
* Reclaim "dumping grounds" like the guest room, garage and basement
* Declutter the kids' rooms
* Organize your travel plans--and the vacation photos and souvenirs
* Entertain with joy

Regina reveals her magic formula for organizing anything, plus her method to stop the chronic cycles of clutter, misplaced items, and lateness. Whether you're living in chaos or just looking for new ways to simplify, this essential book will help you get the whole household organized--and stay that way.

Customer Reviews:

  • One year to an organized life
    This book is very helpful. It also has different topics for each week and you can start where you like....more info
  • Love This Book
    This book has great ideas. It gives good examples of how to organize certain spaces. You don't have to start organizing on January 1st. You can jump in any day of the year. It's a nice motivating tool....more info
  • Great book
    The author has a good plan and a positive outlook on why it is important for people to get organized. ...more info
  • Get Those Ducks In a Row!
    There's books to help you get organized, and then there's books to help you get organized- and this book is great! I think what makes it so different than your typical book on organization is that is leads you through the organizational steps and process so well....EVERY WEEK FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!! And this, I feel, is its main strength. So how does it accomplish the lofty goal of getting one organized? According to the book, the magic formula is as follows:

    1) eliminate
    2) categorize
    and 3) organize!

    If it sounds simple, it is- or rather should I say that this book makes it about as simple as it can get. Three steps, eliminate, categorize, and organize- and that's about what you can expect to do for each month of the year for a specific disorganized area, easily broken into down steps, week-by-week. Here's some of the areas of your life the book tackles:

    -the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, attic, the home office and living room
    -additionally, the book covers getting organized while traveling, while moving, while entertaining, as well as the busy school time and holiday seasons.

    As you can tell, the book is really complete and will guide you to a more organized life, week-by-week for an ENTIRE year. Get it if you're lazy like me and need to be led by the hand. If you can't get past just reading the steps, try The Sixty-Second Motivator. Good luck!...more info
  • A No Brainer
    This book is for people who work and try to keep a home organized too. The ideas are pretty much things we probably already know. This book didn't apply to me or my situation. I was hoping for some real eye opening ideas....more info
  • Organized !!!
    One Year to an Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good Good book. Haven't had time to put it to use yet, but am planning on moving, so I'll be able to start from scratch....more info
  • One Year to an Organized Life:From Closets to Finances-week by week guide to getting completely organized
    Some very good tips. Some did not apply for me but could be used as guides for other areas...more info
  • Just what i needed!
    This is a great book when you need a bit of help with the mess you are in... It breaks up the disorder into orderly projects, which are fun to do and easy to follow. And it gives you the very positive feeling about the house and the chores you have to do to make it your home....more info
  • This book is life-changing!
    I just finished organizing my entire home, including the garage, using this amazing book! I've read several other organization books that have not even come close to this one! I've already purchased other copies as holiday gifts for my friends and family! I love the fact that it gets into the psychology of why and how we get into the bad habits we have, but in a comical way that makes you laugh and wonder how she knows me! My whole family is excited about how neat and organized our home is! We now have much more peace in our lives....more info
  • ..............
    Excelent book, love is very, very, very helpfull to learn how to be an organize person!...more info
  • May be a little too organized for the hopelessly unorganized
    Very well written, but a bit much for this mom with full-time job, active kids and a lazy streak....more info
  • It's a great book, but...
    This author really knows her stuff. As a long-time sufferer of adult ADD, I am always interested in tools to keep my household organized, not to mention my life. The monthly projects are great, not too overwhelming. The only problem is...I read the book 3 months ago and it is still on my nightstand because I like the way it looks there!...more info
  • not finished, but loving it so far!
    This is the first book by Regina Leeds for me.
    So far, so good!
    At first I was worried that I bought it in May and not in January - "oh no!! I'm already behind!!"
    But after reading the forward (and you must) my fears were put to rest. You don't have to DO the month IN the month.
    What has worked for me so far is this: I did January first because it deals with alot of why, etc. Now I've moved on to managing paper.
    I enjoy hearing the personal side from the author. I, too, have a golden retriever. Enough said!
    I even emailed her with a question, never expecting a personal or quick response. I got both the former and the latter!!
    I say: Enjoy the ride, it is definitely worth the price of admission!
    ...more info
  • Good idea, not so great execution
    This book has a great premise, breaking down a specific organizational task over the course of a month, and has you writing a journal while you do this. So why only 2 stars?

    Too much info about the author. We continually hear about her own experiences, her high-end clients, etc.

    Too much focusing on the past in the journal exercises. The more you dwell on the past, the harder it is to make the future better.

    She calls herself the Zen Organizer, but there is a lot of New Age content in the book also. Would rather have had more organizational tips.

    She has an entire month dealing just with Thanksgiving. Really. If she'd combined it with Christmas and New Year's, as "holiday planning", it would have been plenty.

    The chapter on moving was pretty good, but should have been written with lists instead of all the good information being buried in paragraphs (and this was also a problem in other chapters).

    Overall, I would rate the book 2.5 stars. Good premise, and several good organizing tips, but it gets bogged down in places. Check it out from your library first--you might prefer her approach to that of FlyLady....more info
  • Covers way too much territory to explain a simple concept
    On page 24, Regina Leeds says just about everything that needs to be said on the subject: "Everything you do needs to be scheduled". This happens to be the same message David Allen delivers much more effectively in his "Getting Things Done".

    Of course, saying it is a lot easier than doing it, which is why people like Leeds and Allen can count on their books selling year after year.

    Leeds takes the approach of teaching you how to organize your life over the course of a year, with new projects every month. For me, the approach simply doesn't work. Too much territory is covered. For example, I'm not going to be moving into a new home, so that chapter - and the month's project - is wasted on me.

    Also, Leeds is a bit too "New Age" for my personal taste. Tidbits like an "affirmation" for the month strike me as treacly. August, for instance, tells you: "I am guided with ease to my new home. I embrace the life waiting for me. I also bless and thank my current home. I release it to the new occupants. I am thankful for all the participants in this transition."

    Regina Leeds has quite a following, apparently, but I don't think I'll be joining it.

    Jerry...more info
  • An organized life lends to more time, less aggravation, better health and more
    An organized life lends to more time, less aggravation, better health and more - and professional organizer Regina Leeds here provides a set of guidelines to help even the most disorganized reader gain control over time management. These are organized in a series of weekly and monthly plans to streamline everyday life challenges, from making a home space more efficient to organizing travel, business and finances. Consumer collections will find it invaluable.
    ...more info
  • Not worth the time
    I bought this book thinking that it would help me get more organized. It was of very little help. The author asks lots questions such as "does your home need new carpet? Should it be painted? etc. These questions are of little value. The author offers very little in the way of helpful advice.

    I was particularly turned off by her suggestion that people moving into a new house have a ceremony such as Feng Shui or (her favorite) use the American Indian tradition of burning a stick. She says (page 214) "Walk from room to room asking that the energies of all previous residents and their experiences leave this space. You can trace the outline of all doors and windows as a way of sealing in the good energy you are creating with this ceremony."

    To be honest, I didn't (couldn't) read the entire book.
    ...more info


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