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  • So crude and unrefined and lacking in discrimination and sensibility
    I couldn't get past the first couple of chapters due to the disgusting and rude language. I have no respect for that type of person(s)...get to the point and show some dignity ladies...AND I USE THAT TERM LOOSELY!...more info
  • I read the reviews from the people who only gave 1 star! NOT VALID!
    Despite the title, the authors repeat more than once that this book is not REALLY about being "skinny".... but more about being healthy! They believe that eating meat isn't healthy! I mean can you people read??? Can you comprehend??? Seriously! I personally found the book VERY helpful! It does not stress being a "gym rat" but doing physical activities which you enjoy and will stick with. They do not promote "dieting" which NEVER EVER works but a "lifestyle" approach to being healthy! You do not have to agree with HOW they convey their message but I believe majority of it to be fact. If you continue to educate yourself in the health area you will see their messages repeated time and time again! I'm sorry if you don't like FACT!....I will agree w/ some of the comments about the profanity! I mean it did come across as a bit much at times...but the book more than fulfilled my purpose for purchasing it....when you buy a book and rate it, you should rate it as...okay did the book convey the message it promised? That's what's important! Not whether or not you agree with fact. ....and 1 more things about the language...HELLOOOO! The book is called SKINNY BITCH!!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!? Geeeze! I was EXTREMELY disappointed to see all the negative feedback to a book that honestly changed my life! I have been a vegan now since September 2007 and I feel AMAZING! You obviously need and/or want help if you sought after this book....and you DON'T have the answers...maybe taking advice from a knowledgeable source wouldn't be so bad!...more info
  • Words of Wisdom
    This book changed my life. I have always been health-conscious, but until I read this book, I didn't have the conviction to quit cigarettes, soda, artificial sweeteners, meat, and dairy. For years I thought I was being "healthier" (skinnier) by consuming aspartame and chemically altered "diet" foods.
    I think it's genius of these women to spread the gospel of healthy veganism through such an attention-grabbing title.
    Regardless of whether or not you make the switch to veganism after reading this book, you will inevitably be more conscious of what you put in your body. It's about time someone brought these issues to the masses.

    EVERYONE should read this book....more info
  • Don't give this to a 12 year old.
    Although I found a lot of this book useful, I still wouldn't exactly follow this as the most healthy diet in the world. I mean if you want to lose 10-15 pounds fast...this is the way. But then again anyone could have told you just don't eat, and if you do, make it a small apple. But I do commend the women for including their thoughts on the animal slaughter house situation. I agree that you should not be eating meat unless you know it's organic. It may not make you sick now, but watch one video on what goes on in those places and you will seriously be barfing up your burger. So like I said in the don't give this to a 12 year old as a guide to perfect health because I really don't think it is. But there are helpful ways in there to help you curve your appetite. ...more info
  • Neither Sane nor Healthy
    Are we THIS desperate? Yes. We women are so frustrated and harried about weight that we have kept this piece of garbage in print for four years and helped it spawn a series.

    Page 134 presents some trademark lack of logic. They follow a list of unpleasant experiences from headaches to fever and depression during a fast with "Abstaining from food does not cause these ailments. They are simply normal side effects of fasting." (page 134) So fasting doesn't cause the unpleasantness, but the unpleasantness is caused by fasting. Riiiight. Page 89 - "Let's face it; there is no greater pleasure than (having a large bowel movement)." Well, girls, maybe for you. It wouldn't make my top fifty, but then I'm not a vegan and I have a life, thank you. And they made me giggle when page 88 noted that eating nice vegan avocados won't "turn you into a hippo" - after all, HIPPOS ARE VEGANS.

    There's not much consistency in what they want you to eat, either. They're against "unnatural" food. Fine. Veggies and cooked beans, pretty natural. Yogurt and cheese, also fairly natural. Eggs and meat, completely natural. But what do they include in their menus (page 155 and on)? Soy yogurt. Veggie burger. Club sandwich with fake bacon, fake turkey, fake mayo.....Oh, just eat the packaging. It may be closer to something found in nature than this stuff.

    IF TRUE, their descriptions of how animals are raised are horrifying. Given how unreliable they are on other topics, though, their stories may not have much to do with reality.

    But now, a word about the most dangerous chapter in the book. Chapter 10, "Don't be a (wimp)", spends twenty pages urging readers to fast. (Then there's one paragraph warning that there just might be a few health dangers, for some types of people, maybe. I suspect this was included to keep the publisher's lawyer from having a heart attack.) How long do our girls suggest that you should fast? In their very own words..."Fasts can last anywhere from twenty-four hours to ten days or more. It's all up to you and how light, clean, and healthy you want to get. The longer the better..." (page 132) Now, 24 hours of raw food isn't likely to hurt most people. But ten days OR MORE on just water - which is one of their options? Girls, you're messing with starvation here.

    Want a vegetarian cookbook? Try one of the Moosewood books. (or for that matter Veganomicon - I haven't bought it (yet), but it's full of recipes for real food). Want some new-ageish but informed medical advice? How about Andrew Weil? But don't, please don't, trust your health to the Bitches....more info
  • Very informative but I still like real food.
    I love the way the authors tell you "how it is" and drive their points across with the data and references. Personally, I can completely get behind the idea of eating more natural foods and getting rid of anything that's processed and fake. What I don't get however is that they push other fake foods to replace real ones. One menu example was a turkey club with fake turkey, fake bacon and veganaise. As a "meat-eater", that goes too far, I'm looking for better choices, not unrealistic ones. I almost shut the book there. I would recommend this book to people that are looking to understand what processed foods and chemicals do to your body, but leave the fake foods out. Why would I want something processed to look like turkey? I'll just have turkey, I will however have my turkey without the hormones. I'm learning already! ...more info
  • Everything that is wrong packed into one tiny book
    As somebody who has been vegan for over 10 years I am flabbergasted at the inconsistencies, pseudoscience, misinformation and vulgar hyperbole of this book. It's a big black eye for veganism and I'm appalled such a book would co-opt veganism to make a quick buck like this. Do yourself a favor and skip this book and any other in the series these women are churning out. ...more info
  • In love with this book! Took it to the grocery store with me.
    I was really pleased after reading this book. I am now on my second day of being a vegan. To be honest im not half tempted to eat meat, every time i see meat now I just think of the way they are treated and it turns me off. I suffer from bi-polar disorder and was recently instructed by my doctor to give up coffee and junk foods because it may aggitate my condition so i was already interested in giving things like these up. I took the book with me to the grocery store and it helped out ALOT. I do want to add that while some products are vegan friendly they can still be un healthy. As in any diet, microwave dinners are not ideal, but acceptable from time to time, So dont go stock up on these items just because they are vegan. It has helped for me to take the meals I used to make and find vegan substitues. This is a great read!...more info
  • vegan diet???
    Stupid. It basically tells you the only way to lose weight is to eat vegan and eat organic. There is nothing nutritionally sound about that logic and tries to turn the reader off meat by talking about slaughter houses. Yes we should eat more wholesome foods but you don't have to become vegan to reach that goal. ...more info
  • I laughed and learned a lot!
    I'll be buying more copies of this book to share with fun people who are open to learning new things. I laughed and laughed my way through this book and promptly upgraded my diet from vegetarian to vegan. The authors state at the end of the book that they are not really focused on being "skinny,"--they want you to be happy and healthy. The title and PG13 crude comments kept me laughing and were done just to get publicity. The only way you could give this wonderfully researched and "to the point" book a poor review is if you do not have the strength to make some logical and compassionate changes in your way of eating. ...more info
  • Very disappointed...
    I was very disappointed after reading this book. I was under the impression that the book would have good tips on how most people can lose weight. Instead, its just a book about how to become a vegan..not exactly practical for all people. Some of the suggested foods did not remotely sound appetizing (i.e. tofu hot dogs, soy burgers, soy cheese, etc).
    In addition, almost half of the book is dedicated to the authors giving their "beef" about the meat packing company and problems with the USDA.
    The book should have been titled "Skinny Bitch for Vegans".... ...more info
  • the funny and painful truth
    Skinny Bitch is a fun and informative book about healthy eating and living. It is about diet - not a diet book. The authors curse quite a bit. I personally find the language hilarious, but it may not be for everyone. I do think that this book comes on a little too strong when talking about cutting out meat and dairy. Encouraging a vegetarian or vegan diet is great - It's proven to prevent and even reverse some diseases, diabetis, cancer, obesity, etc. A vegan diet is also a cruelty free diet. This is the truth that hurts. People do not like being told that eating animals is bad for us; that all we have been told about needing animals in our diets has been a lie. This book doesn't sugar coat it, and I think many people can be turned off by it. Some people even become angry and defensive when faced with the realities of meat and dairy. This is why i think there are so many mixed reviews on this book.
    For anyone interested in similar subjects (but more serious and comprehensive) - these books are imperative reading:
    The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan
    The Food Revolution by John Roberts
    The China Study by T. Collin Campbell PhD
    Hope's Edge by Frances and Anne Lappe...more info
  • crass
    I found this book to be really offensive. I follow a very healthy lifestyle and I am always interested in reading about ways to improve but I just couldn't get through this book. I don't think it is funny but if you like being cursed at and called foul names, you might enjoy it! I would never buy this for a friend or recommend it. Probably an attempt at being edgy that fell flat. Too bad, cause I support SOME of the ideas like eating natural, organic, real food and getting the preservatives and crap out of your diet....more info
  • I threw it out!
    The tone of this book is simply abusive. Has anyone ever been abused into a lasting positive change? Calling your audience "moron" or "idiot" (can't remember which it was because this is where I went straight to the bin with it) is generally not endearing. I threw it out because there wasn't even anyone to whom I would want to pass it. I think these women think this style is hip and funny, but it's just very "situation comedy" -- not funny at all, not realistic at all, and just mean-spirited with lame info. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Smooth purchase!
    Got my book in a timely manner in perfect condition. Will definitely order again!...more info
  • This book changed my life!!!
    WOW....I can't believe all the horrible reviews I am reading on Amazon. Let me start off by saying I was not your typical Vegan or Vegetarian for that matter before reading this book. I ate a LOT of crap and was a very picky eater. I picked this book up from my sisters coffee table while waiting for her because of the catchy title and I could not put it down. Immediately after reading the book I went Vegetarian and have been so for a year and a half. Unfortunately I wasn't quite ready to give up cheese (my weakness) but I recently read this book again and finally decided to give up the dairy AND caffeine. I have never felt so good in all my life and am now a happy Vegan. a kid I hated vegetables, now I can't live without them. These girls are my hero's. Very inspirational. This is not another brainwashing, scandalous way to get the world to go Vegan. These girls back up all of their facts with references. It is also a matter of choice, it is not forced upon you. This is not another diet, it is a way of life. ...more info
  • Not what I thought, but good advice
    I was expecting something different from the title... The book turned out to be an animal-rights, pro-vegan, preachy lifestyle book. I'm not sure how credible their evidence is for some of the claims they make, but I'm sure that if you do follow all of their rules (would be extremely difficult)... you will be skinny and healthy. If you are looking for a diet book, this is not really for you, this is more of a book that bashes everything non-vegan, even involved political parties. However, I would recommend anyone to read this book because it definitely makes you more conscience of what you are putting into your bodies and motivates you to eat better.... only mentions exercise once or twice and I think that if the goal of this book is weight loss, they should really emphasize the importance of it. However, the emphasis of this book really isn't weight loss, its to promote a vegan lifestyle. There is some offensive-style humor thrown in there, especially in the beginning, but I feel it really has no place in the book, it was just a ploy for the authors to get women to buy this book so they could preach about their vegan lifestyle. Again, I will emphasis that I would still recommend reading the book to anyone so they really know what they are putting in their bodies... weight loss or not. ...more info
  • Accurate information, enough with all the cursing.
    The book definitely has good, accurate information in it, but the cursing just doesn't seem to mesh with the info.. It acctually seems distracting and odd. I love that the book touches on animal cruelty as well as how being a vegan helps the environment and your health. I realize they are trying to pull in a group of teenage readers, but some parent's may be turned off because of the language. If you can overlook the bad words, this book is an informative, enlightening read....more info
  • Terrible and graphic book
    I downloaded this book to my Kindle, without reading reviews, to read on my vacation. Oh, what a surprise...this was a horrible book, I thought would be funny but I was wrong. The graphic nature of this book ,the slaughter of animals, how milk cows are mistreated, chickens are abused, pigs are tortured and sadistic people murder these animals. This book did nothing for me, I learned nothing. Yes, If I ate lettuce, nuts and soy products I would be a bitch too. This was just to much....more info
  • It Raises Awareness Where Awareness is Needed
    I was already a vegan when I read this book so it resonated with me on every level, particularly the area relating to the unspeakable cruelty suffered by "food animals" at the hands of corporate greed and generalized consumer unawareness. I began my vegan lifestyle with the desire to bring my lifestyle choices into alignment with my spiritual and ethical beliefs. I now approach nutrition exactly as it is laid out in this book, having eliminated "white, processed" foods; eating whole grains, good fats, fruits, veggies, etc. The reward has been an (almost) effortless weight loss of 20 lbs, clear skin and eyes, and the feeling of satisfaction that comes as a result of knowing that I am no longer contributing to the horrors of an industry that has no conscience.

    I think the title of this book is brilliant because it no doubt has snagged many unsuspecting readers, and if even one person walks away from the book with a newfound awareness of the torture inflicted upon innocent, sensitive, utterly helpless animals, then the book has hit its mark.

    These women are passionate about compassion. Say what you want about their credentials for writing this book; their message is one that needs to be heard. By as many people as possible. For many reasons other than animal welfare.

    For those who could care less about animals, read it from a completely selfish point of view! The grim statistics on obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke in this country continue to mount; yet people continue to turn a deaf ear when it comes to facing the facts about the food they are stuffing into their bodies. The only people benefitting from this ignorance are the drug companies.

    The saying "If you're not completely disgusted, you haven't been paying attention" comes to mind. It is delusional to think that an industry so capable of cruelty towards the most innocent among us would care one iota about the health of the human population. Information is everywhere about the conflict of interest between the governmental agencies that are supposed to protect us and the farming industries they also serve. If you are offended by the presentation of that information in this book, it's there for the reading in other books.

    Hands down, my favorite part of the book is the reference to a healthy, vibrant body being the karmic end result of a decision to embrace a compassionate lifestyle through cruelty-free food choices.

    At the end of the day, I think the title of this book will appeal to the curious; and hopefully, once inside, inspire compassion and a desire for change in people who are seeking such change.

    I applaud the authors' enthusiasm and willingness to use their voices for the millions of tortured animals who have no voice. And the fact that they are also skinny and beautiful in the process is no accident....more info
  • ..."we could not tolerate the cruelty associated with a meat-eating diet and we wanted to help end animal suffering"...

    And it shows. Yes there are some interesting points made about artificial sweeteners and good carbs vs bad carbs...but over 66 pages in this 198 page book (then you hit the sources) are devoted to WHY YOU SHOULD BECOME A VEGAN and a rant on how the government is deliberately ignoring how we are being poisoned ...and then another 36 pages are daily menus, etc. so you can correctly become a VEGAN.

    This book was cleverly written - and parts of it are really funny. But if you are looking for a real diet book...and really don't intend to become a Vegan...this book is not for you....more info
  • I love these Skinny Bitches and they love YOU!
    Skinny Bitch These gals are like the best friends you wish you had right by your side to slap you straight and save you from making terrible mistakes that you'll regret in the long run. You will get skinny by reading and applying this book and you don't have to go on a diet. You just replace the bad crap with the yummy new gourmet and get your body moving in the right direction. You'll love yourself again! No one will ever be the same after they read this because it will open your eyes WIDE and you will then make the best choices possible for yourself and the planet. You will be very surprised by it, but very comforted by people who care and will tell it like it is. It's time to get real and stop pretending. If you want to be fit and feel like a million bucks while doing so, order this book now and enjoy the rest of your life. It is so easy to understand and to make the changes needed to be hot and love yourself and love the lives of those around you. Stop polluting yourself and your environment and get the skinny on how to get skinny. You owe it to yourself. You are worth it. ...more info
  • Skinny Bitch? More Like Become a Vegan Bitch
    I have never in my life returned a book until I purchased this one. Completely misleading and inaccurate, this book is nothing more than vegan/vegetarian propaganda and provides little to no advice on how to eat healthy. And while I appreciate the "tough love" approach, the tone of this book is condescending and nasty at times. Real savvy women know that you don't need to be vegan/vegetarian to live a healthy life. As far as I'm concerned, these authors are incredibly irresponsible people who shouldn't be giving advice to anyone. If you really want to eat healthy, buy a book from an actual expert -- not a self-proclaimed know-it-all and a ditz with claims to have a degree that doesn't really exist. ...more info
  • The truth hurts! It's about time for a book like this
    A wonderful book full of solutions that will make you loose weight and feel healthy. The language was a tad offensive, but that aside, all other aspects of this book were true and provoke immediate correction of the bad habits that many of us have become so used to. I think many of the reviewer's who left one star for this book need to wake up! This book is not for those who want to remain inactive or comfortable in their harmful 'food philosophy'. It's a book for a new era of consciousness....more info
  • Misleading Title but Great Book
    I give this book four stars because it is very informative.

    This book provides critical insight into the US food industry, and it is disturbing. I think that everyone should know what goes behind the scenes and where our food comes from. I am now a vegetarian due to the chapter in this book about the meat industry. This book did not make me skinny however. The diet advocated is vegan which is too restrictive for me. Also, my issue is that I know what food I should be eating, I just lack the willpower to do it. So, as far as being a weight loss tool, I think that it would help someone who needed help differentiating between healthy food and "healthy" food....more info
    I picked up this book because I noticed that a coworker was losing weight and she recommended it. At first I didn't think much of it and figured that it would be a fun read about Hollywood types and such. But boy was I wrong. This books goes into detail on everything that makes you fat. As I became more and more convinced of what they were saying, I started to change my diet and do exactly as they said in the book. Immediately I began noticing results, not just in my weight but also in my level of energy, and most importantly on my skin.

    After 5 months I went from 168 lbs to 98 lbs and I'm still going strong. I feel great and I'm able to do things I would have never even dreamt of doing.

    I can't thank the authors enough for literally having changed my life. I will never go back to that kind of lifestyle of animal cruelty. I've given this book to my sisters and even my mom is now changing her eating habits....more info
  • Hmmm. Not What I Expected.
    Skinny Bitch is profane and opinionated. Parts of it are funny, and parts - ONLY parts - are related to dieting.

    The premise of the book is healthy dieting, but essentially it's about promoting the vegan lifestyle and exposing errors or mistakes our government has made in the food and drug industry.

    I enjoyed the book. It was entertaining, even if I don't agree with their values. I certainly don't intend to quit eating meat and sugar. The bottom line is: Skinny Bitch is entertaining but bogus....more info
  • Amazing Book
    This book is great!!!! It was not what i expected. I saw it on Oprah so I figured it'd give it a read. These women tell you what is truly in the food we eat. They exposed how bad the processed foods and meats are. I was always a pretty healthy eater but after reading this book I became a vegetarian along with other friends who read the book. Definitely worth reading even if you have no interest no giving up meat it is still good to know what you are putting in your body. If you are an extremely unhealthy eater this book could save your life. I loved they way they wrote it too. It was funny & realistic as though you are talking to a friend. I highly recommend this book to everyone!! The book talks about a vegan and vegetarian's diet vs. a meat eaters diet. It stresses the importance of organic food that is not chemically modified. It also touches on animal cruelty in slaughter houses. I was absolutely shocked how farms were treating the animals that I was eating!!!! ...Better yet, I was absolutely disgusted....more info
  • If you must read this, borrow it from the library
    The blurb on the front says: a no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous! Unfortunately, that's not what this book really is. The blurb and the title are meant to manipulate people into reading it. It acts like it's about how to eat healthy, but the message gets lost in its PETA-like scare tactics to convince you to be vegan.

    I'm not saying every single thing in the book is garbage (although quite a bit of it is), but the bit of good advice (like soda is crap, drink water, eat fruit, eat vegetables, make sure you're getting enough fiber, exercise, don't eat lots of processed crap) is buried inside pages and pages and pages that go on about how meat is just rotting flesh and dairy is evil and eggs are evil, and then more and more pages about the horrors of how animals are treated on factory farms (seriously, i did *not* need to read quote after quote from workers who shoved rods up cow butts, just because they could, or cut off pig snouts from live pigs, just because they could). If you want to read a well-written book about that topic, I recommend The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals instead of this book.

    This book also may appear to some to be well-researched and truthful by having lots and lots of footnotes. If you actually look at the sources though, most of them look like random websites and articles and books - not exactly what I'd call super credible sources from which I'd like to take medical advice.

    So basically, this book tells you that you can't be a healthy, skinny person unless you're vegan. Unfortunately it doesn't really go into too much detail about how a vegan diet is healthy for you, it spends way more time going into details about how the animals that our meat, milk, and eggs come from are horribly treated.

    Don't even get me started on the whole section on "detoxing" and "fasts." I have yet to see any medical information that says starving yourself for one week a month is in any way healthy. I know some people claim they are wonderful, but I haven't seen that claim backed up by any sources I believe.

    If the point they *really* wanted to make in this book was that you shouldn't eat meat/dairy/eggs because the animals are treated cruelly, that's what they should have said the book is about instead of trying to trick you into thinking it's the only healthy way to live.

    Alternatively, if they *really* wanted to make the point that being vegan is actually healthier than not being vegan, they should have spent all their time talking about what's healthy about being vegan and what's not healthy about eating meat/dairy/eggs *and* backed it up with real science and not sort of just say it's not healthy and make references to

    As a vegetarian myself, I do believe eating more plant-based foods is a healthier lifestyle than eating a lot of animal products, but I also acknowledge that it's not impossible to eat some meat or dairy or eggs while also still being healthy. Besides, being vegan does not automatically make you eat healthy; there are plenty of "junk food vegans" out there.

    I do give the book one star, because there is the little bit of good advice in there if you know how to find it, although because of the manipulative tone of the book, I kind of wish there were negative stars.

    Again, I definitely recommend reading The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals instead of this book....more info
  • Been there, done that
    Having been a vegan for seven years many years ago, I would not have purchased this book if the cover honestly portrayed what the contents are. I've been there and done that and was looking for a witty, funny book with refreshing take on eating strategies. This book was neither refreshing, witty nor funny. The shock value of being exposed to words such as moron, a**hole and worse wore off at some point during my junior high years. These two women are angry bullies who use their vegetarian agenda in the name of healthy eating. Few can subsist or feed their families using their strategies. Most people have to work within time and money constraints and cannot buy top-shelf organic produce at small health food stores to feed the entire family; nor do many of us have the time that it takes to drive from store to store to find the foods on their "acceptable" lists. And no, the money is not spent being spent elsewhere on "clothes, jewelry, manicures and magazines" (p. 179). I find that statement more insulting than the offensive language. Clearly, the authors have never had to face the daunting task of preparing dinner for a family with diverse tastes and nutritional needs at the end of a long day at work. The fact that they admit that one of the reasons they wrote this book was to avoid getting "real" jobs says it all. Save your money. I'm sorry I tossed the receipt out before I read the book....more info
  • Much is true, but still slanted
    It is an entertaining read. And the bottom line is true - we would all be healthier if we eat an organic vegan diet. But it does glance over the negative parts (e.g., thyroid and soya, need for B12). I don't know if I could go vegan. Would be tough. But have been on a primarily vegetarian diet for 22 years. I have to get B12 shots. Maybe if I followed the diet they advocate better I would not need that shot every month. But no cheese???? Hmmm.... tough one......more info
  • A Mixed Review
    So I read this book a year ago and incorporated some of the advice into my daily eating habits and easily lost 20 pounds. I am not in a position to be fully vegan, nor do I want to (I LOVE cheese). I do understand that eating healthy/fresh ANYTHING is better than processed crap, I didn't need the book to tell me that. What I needed the book for was a witty daily reminder of why I was making the effort to eat healthier in the first place. (Aside from, I want to be a skinny B!) Another review on here said it best, take what you want out of it and leave the rest there. I continue to follow the following:

    -Eat fruit first thing in the morning. To me I didn't find it necessary to eat only fruit until lunch, but I stick to the rule of starting the day with fruit and eating nothing else for 30 minutes. It has really helped w/ digestion.
    -Don't eat processed white sugar or white carbs. (DUH!!)
    -Sugar in raw form is okay, and many organic snacks are made with this.

    I don't like how they say exercise can be bad for you, when I don't exercise I am NOT happy! I think the way they put it is too general, it varies depending on the individual.

    Overall, the book is okay depending on what you hope to get out of it. I was looking for motivation to carry out my already determined weight loss goals, and it worked. I was not looking for anyone to tell me what to do, I had figured that part out on my own. I recently re-read it as a post January reminder... ...more info
  • Be ready for a Vegan Polemic
    This book is terrible. The title, _Skinny Bitch_ is suitable, bc if you were to follow the diectives in this book you may or may not become slender, but you will definitely become a bitch, bc you would not be able to go out anywhere without asking a million annoying questions, and boring you frineds and family with Vegan Propoganda. The coloquial style--while intended to be charming--is actually quite off-putting, and rather insulting. As a historian, I know how to formulate and support an argument, and this is not it! This book is a false adverstisement, and I am sure that the bitchy authors are laughing all the way to the bank. If feel embarassed for wasting my time and money with this dross. I am perfectly capable of being skinny by eating a moderate omnivorous diet..and so is everyone else. Don't waste your money ladies!! ...more info
  • Don't purchase this book if you are looking for a realistic diet, or a diet at all!
    This book to me waste of my hard earned cash. I bought this book thinking I would get a good diet plan to loose weight, maybe some workout tips. Wow was I wrong. This book tries to convert you into eating Vegan. They go on and on about animal cruelty and these girls cuss a lot! The title should have been "How to eat Vegan". That at least would of warned you about the content. If you are an everyday shopper who likes going to the grocery store forget this book, if you want to eat like they do you can pretty much only shop at Vegan Friendly stores that sell no animal products what so ever! And you can bet your sweet cash is going to be thrown out the window with your love for meat, milk, cheese, pizza, tacos, ice cream, the list could go on forever. Sure they mention alternatives, but none of them satisfy like the real thing. And they cost more! I give this book 2 BIG THUMBS DOWN!...more info
    You would be wasting your time. Unless of course, you may be able to change. In that case, read it & become a better person.
    This book basically made people everywhere see veganism as more than just a lifestyle choice based on morals but a lifestyle choice based on the will to lose weight. I already was vegetarian & a cardio-aholic when I read this. Nothing has changed, but that's just me. You on the other hand need to read this book. Especially if your current diet is not working out. I honest to goodness promise you will be happier if you become a vegetarian. You may become a little more pale at first, but once you discover vitamins & meat alternatives you will be more glowing that ever.
    This book is a guide to living a slim, happy life. Seriously. It's way better than those pathetic self-help books people have been reading for years. Those don't really do much except make you even more disappointed with yourself. This book will give you the motivation to change. All you is to develope a new way of thinking. Treating animals as you would want to be treated or thinking of Mountain Dew as one of your bodie's worst enemies..well both are good places to start....more info
  • Awful, Awful, Awful!!!
    The cover is so cute and catchy. I was sure that this book was going to be a funny look at dieting. This book seems to go against every kind of diet and nutrition information that nutritionists/doctors/dieticians give to you. Basically this book says that the vegan lifestyle is the only way to go and that if you choose to do anything else you are going to be fat and unhealthy. Tofu and Soy are not the only two products that people should eat. Don't eat meat. Don't eat dairy. Evidently these women have never heard of the basic food groups. This book is incredibly snooty. Do not bother buying this one!...more info
  • Awesome read
    I loved it. I read it twice, and I'm reading it again. I smiled all the way through and now I'm a vegan for life.
    Thanks Rory and Kim...more info
  • Good idea, bad execution
    I thought the concept behind the book was really great, a no nonsense tough love approach to getting you on the road to being skinny. The first chapter was entertaining and I would laugh at the bad words thrown in here and there. However, beyond the first chapter it almost felt like the authors were required to put a bad word in every other sentence. It felt forced, not funny and absolutley not helpful. The book's main principals are: becoming a Vegan is the only way you will be skinny and dairy farmers/poultry companies are the devil. It was nothing I thought it would be based on the cover and summary. Just about any other diet/nutrition book would be better than this....more info
  • Shameless PETA advertisement
    It is hard to take any information in this book seriously. The author may have a nutrition degree, but this book rages on and on about eating dead rotting flesh, and about being kind to animals, thus making a case for the vegan lifestyle. I thought this was going to be a book about getting healthy, but instead, it is a book about pushing the PETA lifestyle. It even goes as far as to quote from the PETA acceptable foods list. It also makes a case for eating vegan foods and processed soy products, similar to Linda McCartney. Hasn't there been recent studies to show that soy mimics estrogen in the body, and doesn't estrogen feed hormone driven cancers, and what did Linda McCartney die from? Maybe not the best reference. If you want to get healthy, YES, STOP EATING CRAP, but don't buy this book....more info
  • Surprising Information
    These ladies know how to keep it blunt and straight to the point. It's a great book if you're looking to go Vegan. I like meat a little too much to go their way of dieting, but did find out some interesting facts about the different meat products we eat. Now, I take a different approach to eating meat and don't consume as much....more info
  • Don't believe the hype.
    Like many people have already said, this book is nothing but pure vegan propaganda, designed to brainwash people who are easily bowled over by the mere mention of a study that sounds remotely scientific. They try to "science-up" their own views on veganism, but their "scientific support" is nothing but fluff, if you check out their sources. No peer reviewed journals to back them up in sight. It is nothing but two foul-mouthed vegan chicks' attempt to persuade others to be like them (a little cult-like, in my opinion). My advice--don't be sucked into their autocratic nonsense and make up your own mind; don't let them make up your mind for you.

    I felt like I totally wasted my money. Usually I can find some redeeming qualities about products I buy. . . but not this one....more info
  • Funny and Inspiring Guide to a Healthy Life
    I loved, loved, loved this book. Not only is it funny, but it truly inspired me to think about how I respect (or disrespect) my body. So many people criticize this book for being some sort of political manifesto just because it encourages vegetarianism. The fact is, factory farming in North America causes pain and suffering to animals, and produces unhealthy products laced with steroids and nasty chemicals. The authors are simply encouraging a healthy way of life.

    I've never been so excited about food as I have been since reading this book. I love looking for new recipes that feature nutritious whole foods. Honestly, I've never felt better. Now I can eat a lot of food and not gain weight. This isn't really a diet's just a new way to think about what we put in our mouths. Another good one Become a Total Man Magnet: Make Every Man Fall in Love with You Instantly - Make Him Chase You Down Desperately and Beg for Attention...more info
  • Fun to read
    Overall, it was a fun read. I couldn't put it down, I was amused with how Freedman and Barnouin described the evils of eating sugar, meat, and overprocessed foods. Although I do not agree with everything they write, it is worth reading. This book is a good resource for vegans primarily, but there's something in this book for anyone who wants to eat healthy and understand why certain types of food aren't healthy....more info
    I had read all of the reviews and had listened to others talk about the book and still nothing could prepare me for this book.

    First of all, it is full of filthy language which doesn't really bother me BUT it's hard to take anyone serious that talks/writes in this way. After reading a few pages I felt like it had been written by 2 sixteen year olds and I had to research the authors to see who would really write a book like this. I wasn't at all surprised that Rory (one of the authors) lists her credentials as "a self-taught know-it-all". Need I say more?

    While I can appreciate and respect a vegetarian lifestyle if YOU aren't a vegan and don't have any intentions of being one DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!
    ...more info
  • probertson68
    Ok, the authors are funny but this diet is ridiculous. No dairy, no meat, no alcohol. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Read this, and you, too, can be a skinny foul-mouthed, rough-talking Bitch
    After reading the first chapter or so of the book, I turned to Amazon and ordered SEVERAL copies for "my girls"; daughter, daughter-in-laws, niece, sister, etc.

    Since completing the book, we have all commented on our displeasure with the exceptional amount of crude and scatological language used!--which unfortunately prohibits us from sharing it with our pre-and young teens .

    While Skinny Bitch is not in the league of works by Michael Pollan, it does offer and reinforce information we NEED to know and acknowledge about our dietary behavior. We welcome the attention given any publications on this topic.

    [We appreciated the warning before the recitation of the unholy treatment of our animals...truly heartbreaking!]...more info
  • What's Worse than a Skinny Bitch? Stupid Bitch.
    Using scare tactics, faulty science, and stupid logic to freak people out about meat is the pinnacle of bitch.

    Humans are omnivores. Meat is complete nutrition in itself. Read the (slightly more scientific) writings of explorer-researcher Vilhjalmur Stefansson, who ate a 90% meat diet with the Inuit and a year-long 100% meat diet as an experiment, and THRIVED. Vegans, on the other hand, have to jump through hoops to meet their nutritional needs. There's nothing natural about having to take extra supplements and worry about balancing this-and-that. It makes no sense. This bitch is skinny, but she's also pretty stupid.


    60% propaganda, 20% irrational thinking, 20% typical inspiration diet-book filler....more info
  • This book was secretly written by PETA - it sucks
    Do not buy this book unless you are willing to become a Vegan. The entire book preaches to you about how bad every animal product is, and that we should all be vegans. The girls that wrote this book sound like they work for PETA. Pages and chapters of stories about how poorly animals are treated. All of that is fine if wanted to read a PETA book, or a book about the treatment of farm animals. But I bought this book becuase it looked fun, clever, motivating, etc. It wasn't any of those things. Their only motive is to save the animals. It's not a very good diet book. Just bashing and bitching the entire time about how horrible the world is for eating animals. Gets old fast. They also swear like sailors - funny at first, but it gets old as well....more info
  • 2 Thumbs Way Down...
    I was excited for this book because I thought it would simply state what I know to be true. That whole grains, fresh produce and low-fat meat and dairy are good for you and you need to get movin' to loose weight. I was expecting a fun spin on these ideas and maybe some new tips. Instead, the authors sadly used this book as a way to unfairly and inaccurately make the entire meat and dairy industry look terrible. Not everyone needs to be a vegan! They also included tons of made up facts on human digestion that simply aren't true. I will continue with my 3 serving of dairy, low-fat meat and veggies/fruit and whole grains. While I agree with a few things in this book, much of it is ludicrous and really shouldn't be in print. ...more info
  • motivational, but....
    the first few chapters of this book, were a great motivation, but after that it just lost the plot.

    vegetarians are generally healthier, but i seem to disagree with the notion that you should not eat meat. ive noticed that if i don't eat meat for a long period of time im cranky and moody.

    my husband is samoan and there diet is rich in protein from meat and taro. sometimes ill cook him a vegetarian dish, and the result two hours later he's extremely hungry and agitated. but me I'm usually fine without meat as long as its in moderation.

    there seems to be a lot of controversy over if you should eat meat. ive noticed from reading and studying that u should just limit your meat intake. i eat meat sparingly and that works for me. the only piece of advice i can give you is that you've got to work out what works best for you. its different for everyone. my husband probably cant handle small quantities of meat.

    i didn't notice that there language and down talking food could be linked to eating disorders. I've never had an eating disorder. now that i think back, the way that they think is sick. how they view food is horrible. i was brought up in a Filipino home and unconsciously or not i love food. there is no way i could give up certain foods. i see now that this book could be a recipe for disaster for people that are on the verge of a eating disorder. i know quite a bit about eating disorders and i know that it can start out small.

    think about what you eat and how you feel after.

    ...more info
  • PLEASE ~ Save your money!
    Unless you are still a meat eater who is considering going vegan, don't waste your money on any of these books. I bought all 3 in a set, received them yesterday and could kick myself today. I'll be passing them on to one of my friends who still eats flesh.I think people who choose to eat meat should read about the suffering involved.
    I have been a vegetarian since my teens and vegan for about 15 years. These books are nonsense. I can honestly say that I have no interest in any of these ridiculous recipes. Many involve just putting together a veggie burger, wrap or sandwich. One of the recipes actually calls for crushed potato chips. Give me a break!
    I'll stick with Vegan With A Vengeance by Isa Moskowitz or Peta's Compassionate Cook.
    That said, I would advise any woman fighting a weight battle to go vegan. I have not gained a pound since Jr. High School. Also, my skin is good, I have no health problems and people always think I'm 20 years younger than my age. If that isn't a reason to give up meat, I don't know what is. ...more info
  • Skinny Bitch
    Very imformative. I have bought 5 of these books and gave them as gifts. It is a must read for everyone. I live by the book, it's my little bible....more info
  • A little overkill
    This is a totally straight forward, no nonsense look at the foods we consume. It explains the science behind substitutes that are supposed to be healthy and why they aren't. It walks you through the processing of the animals we eat and exposes some of the horrific ways these animals are treated on their way to be slaughtered. (That particular chapter made me physically sick). If you think the government cares about the quality of the food you eat, this book will open your eyes and change your mind.
    While there is a ton of great information, Skinny Bitch goes over the top in a push toward veganism. It's great to inform the reader about the risks of being a meat eater and the benefit to veganism but it's entirely unnecessary to beat them over the head with your personal preference.
    Overall this book has a lot of great information but can leave the reader resentful in its push for the vegan lifestyle....more info
  • Let The Truth Be Told!
    I have never read a book that was so honest about weight and the truth about what we eat until I came across this book! I have a totally different view on food and myself! If you have ever struggled with weight and self esteem, please do yourself a favor and read this book! The authors are blunt and truthful. The truth does hurt, but it is for our own good! Trust no one! Find out for yourself as they put it in their book! I have gotten rid of all my other diet books. I don't need them, because all I need is my Skinny Bitch book. The truthful advise and all of the helpful websites I need to move forward. This book has changed my life! I hope it will change yours! ...more info
  • Persuades, doesn't inform
    I was reading this book in order to seek out help for my weight problem. I have been slightly overweight for many years and I thought I would be able to look up to these two women for some great advice.

    The fact of the matter is that halfway through the book they start going on about buying all organic food with no chemicals and not eating eggs, milk, "rotting animal flesh" etc. These women can't relate to the rest of us that are not residing in California. I happen to shop at Meijers and Stracks for my groceries. How in the world am I supposed to buy organic food all the time with such limited choices of grocery stores??

    Not only that but some of their statements were completely bogus for lack of a better word. For instance, not taking medicine because it screws you up someplace else with all the side effects. So I'm assuming they wouldn't take any hospital meds either?? There is absolutely no way they would survive a hospital visit because they would need to keep their bodies pure. Alot of their statements just sound ludicrous.

    However, they did make me aware of all the added chemicals in foods. I will definitely give them gratitude for that. I'm sorry I bought this book, get it from the library if you really have to....more info


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