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Filmed at the 1980 Paris concert, the blazing heavy metal masters unleash 13 searing songs, including "Live Wire" "Highway to Hell" and "Let There be Rock." Year: 1980. Director: Eric Dionysius, Eric Mistler. Starring: Phill Rudd, Ronald Belford Scott, Cliff Williams, Angus Young, Malcolm Young.

Customer Reviews:

  • AC/DC auf dem H?hepunkt ihrer Karriere
    Ende der 70er Jahre nach dem "Highway To Hell"-Album waren AC/DC mit S?nger Bon Scott auf dem H?hepunkt Ihrer Karriere. Nicht zuf?llig wurde dieses Konzert in Paris aufgenommen. Schon damals waren die Franzosen die gr??ten AC/DC-Fans in Europa. Zu einer zeit als in den USA AC/DC noch im Vorprogramm der popul?rsten amerikanischen Bans spielten, waren sie in Europa schon ein Top Act. Das Video "let There Be Rock" enth?lt die st?rksten Live-Nummern die AC/Dc jemals gespielt haben (Live Wire, Whole Lotta Rosie, The Jack,..). Leider sind die Aufnahmen etwas dunkel und der Sound auch nicht ¨¹berragend. Doch wer den charismatischen S?nger Bon Scott damals nicht live erlebt hat, muss sich unbedingt dieses Video zulegen. Bon Scott war DIE Stimme von AC/DC. Einer der gr??ten Rock'n'Roll-S?nger aller Zeiten. Die ganze Band spielt mit einer Energie, die schier unglaublich ist. Keine Band jemals zuvor und keine Band danach hat Musik derma?en "gearbeitet". Ein Mu? f¨¹r jeden AC/DC-Fan und Rockliebhaber!...more info
  • Bon Rules!!!!!!!
    Love this concert,it's AC/DC @ their very best.When's it coming out on DVD ?
    Dan...more info
  • Let there be light...let there be sound...
    Why anyone would want to watch a roadcrew assembling a stage is beyond me but once you fastforward that, and get to the part where Bon grabs his beer before heading on stage, it is absolutley powerful stuff. He is a combination of Brian Johnson and Robert Plant in his heyday...a wild rock and roll throwback that lived for women and booze. He lived fast and died hard, and I truly believe he had no interest in growing old, so he was called home after a hard night of drinking. All AC-DC needed that night was a stage, and the music is raw and hard driving...the Angus "show" is highly amusing and he plays his tail off, while Bon sings his off....highly recommended....more info
  • Classic rock concert video needs to be on DVD!
    Since I've retired my VCR and turned to the DVD side of The Force, "AC/DC: Let There Be Rock" really needs to be on the new format. This video is a true rock classic and a must-have for any serious AC/DC fan.

    Filmed in Paris from one of the band's last concerts with legendary screamer Bon Scott, "Let There Be Rock" shows why AC/DC was recently labeled by Q Magazine as "The #1 Band You Must See Before You Die". The sheer energy and ferociousness of Angus Young's performance is truly a wondrous sight to behold. And the rest of the band keeps chugging along with an intensity that few rock bands have had either before AC/DC's late 1970's/early 1980's heyday or since.

    The interviews are pointless, but amusing to see Angus & Co. get more and more fluthered as the film goes on. In particular, Bon Scott displays his legendary charm (and his forgettable stage wardrobe). Scott's charm might come as a surprise to the casual onlooker, particularly for a man who penned Shakespearean sonnets like "Big Balls", "Beating Around the Bush" and "Up to My Neck in You".

    No matter, I once showed this video to my twentysomething neighbor who listened to nothing but 2Pac and the Wu-Tang Clan. He quickly became an AC/DC convert after laughing hysterically at Angus' on-stage antics and being wowed by his incredible guitar virtuosity.

    Once again, this video is a must for serious AC/DC fans and the only reason it didn't get five stars was due to its unavailability on DVD. Come on! Get with the program!...more info

  • Great Movie But Too Many Interviews!
    I think that this is the most poverful Bon Scott era video I have ever seen. Angus young is in great form. I JUST LOVE it when he gets into all of his spasms on stage. Angus also shakes his head all over the place constantly. I loved all of the songs especially an in your face version of Bad Boy Boogie as well as a great solo from Angus just before the end of Rocker. Bon is in great form and I loved their versions of Sin City and Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be. But I would rather see them perform instead of conducting interviews....more info
  • For Bon.......
    Let There Be Rock is the 1979 concert in Paris put on by the legendary rock band AC/DC with their original lead singer Bon Scott. The concert was in support of the album Highway To Hell and a year later Bon would be dead and AC/DC would have the biggest seller of there carear with Back In Black, but this one's about Bon.
    The video is a blend of concert fottage and interviews with the band.
    The set list includes some of the bands hits like Highway To Hell, Rocker, Sin City, and Whole Lotta Rosie. Watching this vid really puts you up close with the band and gives you an insight as to the inner workings.
    The interviews and back stage fottage is a double edge sword becouse as usual Bon and Lead guitarist Angus Young give the bulk of the interviews. Some of the questions borderline on inane like "Are you waiting for the third world war?", seem very foolish and forced but the movie has its moments of fun. The on stage fottage is fantastic and Bon comes off as both charming and affable. Angus and Malcolm Young (Angus's brother and backing guitar) along with Drummer Phill Rudd and Bassist Cliff Williams work in such perfect harmony with each other that it's not hard to see why AC/DC has such staying power.
    By the end of the movie however you can't help but feel a little sad becouse after watching the movie you really feel that you got to know Bon well and knowing that he passed away a short time latter makes you feel for the loss suffered by not only the family and friends of Bon but by the music world all togeather....more info
  • There will never be another Bion Scott ..
    And this is clear after watching this video. The charisma of the man is fantastic, his voice very crazy. The band is at their peak, Angus seems a machine gone crazy. Buy it, get it, copy it. If you're an AC/DC fan, you'll see how great this band is....more info
  • A classic concert from 1980 with Bon Scott!!
    An awesome classic concert for sure! I'm glad they finally decided to release this on DVD!
    ...more info
  • Best of what AC/DC is all about!
    This is old school AC/DC. Back in Black was just an idea in their bourbon-clouded heads at this point. But for hard core, blue-infused, heart-thumping, good old rock, this is it. There is an old saying about the Grateful Dead that applies equally to AC/DC in this era....."They aren't the best at what they do. They're the only ones that do what they do." Guns-n-Roses, Mettalica, Tool and others have tried but have gotten caught up in their own hype (and started singing f'in ballads of all things!!). If you need proof that AC/DC influenced a generation of bands, watch this video after a few shots of Jack. This band fought tooth and nail against the conventions of long-haired rockers that have screwed up their simple formula. Play simple songs. Play them well. Play them LOUD. And's a long way to the top if you wanna rock-n-roll!!!...more info
  • Man o' Man
    This is one true headbangin' good time captured on tape. Angus rips through solo after @ss-kickin' solo as Malcolm, Phil, and Cliff lay down the ballbustin' rhythm. Aside from an incredible concert full of calssic tunes played to perfection, this video, for me anyway, is FUNNY. One can't help but to laugh manically at Angus's slow, rhythmic stripdown before he moons the audience, (the funny aspect being the fact that he's really, really ugly). The first time I saw it, I just rolled on the floor.

    The second funniest part in the film would have to be the attempted "interviews" with each band member. With the exception of Bon, the interviewer asks his questions, and subsequently gets the same response from each member: a five second blank stare, followed by "Ummm...", "Yeah", or "I-uh... I don't know." Harsh as it may seem, it's just flat out funny.

    Every fan of AC/DC should own this video....more info

  • Great view of AC/DC that sums up Bon Scott era. Absolutely rocks
    This is an important video in the AC/DC fan's library being one of the last thing Bon Scott had a chance to do with the band before his unfortunate early end. Let there be rock is recorded while the band was on a tour stop in Paris on their Highway to hell tour. 13 song total on the video including Highway to hell, shot down in flames, live wire, and let there be rock. This also includes great behind the scenes footage of the band in the hotel and on the road. Bon Scott at his pinnicle on vocals, and Angus, that little man has more energy than an H-bomb. Must have for AC/DC fans, likely someday to come out on DVD. Check it out if you can. Also noted by another reviewer, Check out Bon Scott's Big Drink in the interviews, you can see they pieced the footage together because the tumbler's level of liquid is goes up and down throughout the movie but in no order....unless they kept refilling it and he'd drink it quickly..which is also plausable. That's living like a Rock Star. Entertainment at its best....more info
    I'm a huge fan of AC/DC with Bon Scott on lead vocals, this is the only concert I have ever seen with Bon just before his untimely death in Feb 1980. It's a great concert filmed live in Paris, they rock out sing all the best Bon songs like, "Live Wire", "Whole Lotta Rosie", "Let There Be Rock","Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be", "Walk All Over You", "Highway To Hell" etc... Bon is clad in tattoos, frizzy long hair and his trademark tight ripped up jeans, they are so tight they keep ripping during the show lol! The interviews are really good also. Bon has a wonderful sense of humor, I think he was one of the best hard rock singers and sexy frontman of all time. I think AC/DC was a perfect match Bon's nasty lyircs backed with the power chords and energy of the young brothers. Why isn't this on DVD yet, with extra bonus tracks and lot's more clips of Bon? I think it's about time for a new Bon Scott release! I love BON!!...more info
  • awesome but needs dvd format
    It's a great show - spine-tingling, but it REALLY REALLY needs to be released in dvd format so it can be truly appreciated.
    Let's get this to happen people!!!...more info
  • Bon Lives!
    Today, I suppose, the borderline-inarticulate interviews would be set aside in a separate chapter on the DVD, but it was produced for presentation as a videotape. The message was/is the music, and I believe they leave "it" all on the stage.

    The concert footage is all solid performance, none of the numbers are interrupted. I'll buy it again as a DVD (!!)....more info
  • Warning - This DVD is not a concert, it is a documentary!
    This was put out in mid-October 2008. I along with at least a few others thought it was the same live concert footage that used to be in VHS, but, now on a DVD. Amazon has comments attached to it from the VHS version which was the live concert (plus some interviews) and that is why it still has a high star rating. I am planning to return this as DVD 2 and DVD 3 are overly redundant in content as well....more info
    Are you guys at the record company waiting for the 30th year anniversary of Mr. Scott's Death to release this masterpiece on DVD format? GIVE US A BREAK !!!...more info
  • Angus is Wild!!!!
    You've got to see this! Watching Bon sing, and Angus running around playing his guitar just makes you want to get up and run around too! I like the interview bits also....more info
  • very good concert
    This is the first time I have seen Bon Scott live and he is really good. It is a very good concert. It contains the best verion of Live Wire i have heard. The interviews are pretty good too. If it gets brought over to DVD, the concert shouldn't have the interviews in it, but they should be a part of the bonus features....more info
  • Something about DVD thing
    Ya know what could help? making a DVD!!!!!!! well another thing you could do is buy this video and then burn a dvd. but i would just wait cuz the actual dvd would be better...more info
  • AC/DC rocks always has always will
    Live Wire, High Voltage, and Highway To Hell make the video stand out what the Bon Scott AC/DC band really was in the 70's. They rock!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • AC/DC does it again, another great concert
    This is a great concert which AC/DC did. It has a great lineup of songs and great enthusiasm by the band members, especially Angus. The only thing i didn't like was that they cut "TNT" and "Walk all over you." No matter what they cut though it is still a great video and concert. I suggest that anybody who likes to watch a great concert go out and buy this amazing video....more info
    THe only trouble is that the lights on the stage are very dark, you cannot even see the faces of Malcolm, Cliff and Phil sometimes. Anyway, a great rock show. The interviews are weak, the band seem to be sleeping....more info
  • 5 years after most of these reviews and STILL no DVD!!
    "Back in Black" not withstanding, AC/DC have never even come close to equaling what they produced when Bon Scott was alive. And from their beginning to the final Scott album, the classic "Highway to Hell", they just seemed to get better and better! And here we have an entire concert from that tour, filmed in Paris, which shows them at their absolute peak and includes backstage and interview documentary footage!

    And, on top of all that, it's quite simply one of the GREATEST Rock and Roll concert films ever WHERE'S THE DVD?!?!? I thought this would be one of the first things they released when DVDs became mainstream, after all, it didn't take long for it to appear on stereo hi-fi VHS in the mid-1980s and I even saw it for rent several times. But to this day, the VHS is all we have!! And that simple fact is one of the great mysteries of the modern media rock era!

    I captured and burned this on a DVD-R myself but, as anyone who has ever done that knows, it's a little grainy and stereo is the only audio option so the lack of a re-mastered professional release with 5.1 or 6.1 sound is nothing short of unacceptable! (At least I was able to re-mix it while capturing it so it sounds a little better). And, sorry, "Family Jewels" comes close but, if you're happy with that, you've never seen "Let There Be Rock"!!

    The song list is below and, yes, each song is featured in its entirety, this isn't one of those pieces of garbage that only show snippets of songs before going back to the documentary footage.

    Bottom line: DVD or no DVD, if you like Rock and still own a VCR there is NO EXCUSE for not already owning this tape. Especially since good used copies are widely available for under $10 including shipping!

    Live Wire
    Shot Down In Flames
    Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
    Sin City
    Bad Boy Boogie
    The Jack
    Highway to Hell
    Girl's Got Rhythm
    High Voltage
    Whole Lotta Rosie
    Let There Be Rock
    ...more info
  • I just bought the tape...
    ...and I got it for less than $10.00 (including S&H), so IN YOUR FACE! Ahem. That being said, I think this awesome concert deserves to be seen in digitally-remastered DVD. I also recommend "Live at Donington", which is about twice as long as "Let There Be Rock" and includes some very cool Special Features. My rating (for the band & this tape): 10/10....more info
  • Pure drivel !!
    I was REALLY dissappointed with this DVD set! If you have MTV and/or VH1, you've already seen it. I own the original Let There Be Rock on VHS, with Bon Scott. This concert is NOT on this DVD set!!
    ***** BUYER BEWARE *****...more info
  • Educated Fan
    I've seen and heard almost everything AC/DC have ever released! This is raw, alive and hard Rock N Roll at it's very best. An energy on stage that MUST be seen to be believed. If you love AC/DC or simply just love genuine hard rock then this is a must see. Bon & the Boys at their best in a time when the world first stood up & took notice of a band that would go on to rule the world in Rock! Also, this deserves to be released on DVD!!...more info

    REVIEWED BY ACE HANLEY...more info

  • my absolute favorite concert film ever!!!!
    if you buy this video it will change your life in the greatest way ever. especially if your a huge fan of the thunder from down under!!!! i promise this video will entertain you like nothing else before for every minute you watch it!!!!...more info
  • What AC/DC is........
    I ordered this back in 1987 and waited a while to get it...this is what a AC/DC show is all's funny seeing Angus totally stoned during some of the interviews...good bad you can't get the footage from the apollo theater when they were on tour back in 1978... "riff raff" shows up in the family jewels collection..that would be worth buying..

    in all very good concert....though Who made Who and Blow up your Video concert tours were far better.........more info
  • Pricey AC/DC DVD
    Can anyone tell me why a $15 Vhs tape of archived material is so much? A $40 list price is incredible and the box art showing Brian Johnson as the lead singer is wrong! this from one of the last performances by Bon Scott during the "HIGHWAY TO HELL" tour. I love AC/DC like no other but you can get more from the "Plug" dvd released last year for about the same price and get both lead singers performing live. This DVD distibutor is trying to milk fans of there money with the new CD coming out on OCT. 20th exclusively at WALMART; its called "BLACK ICE"....more info
  • In the beggining Bon Scott is the man
    The best AC/DC movie.The interviews are pretty cool but the concert is way better.It's got Shot Down In Flames,Let There Be Rock,Live Wire,Highway to Hell, and other great songs.I like Brian Johnson but he cant sing anything like Bon Scott.If you've never heard AC/DC pick this up or if u love AC/DC and dont own this(i feel bad for you) PICK THIS UP!...more info
  • AC/DC - Let There Be Rock
    A must for the AC/DC enthusiast. Would like to see this available on DVD sometime....more info
  • Rocks!
    The opening is cheesey, but I guess it looked better on the big screen when I first saw it at a midnight movie (in 1980/81). The opening audio is also not so good, but it improves once the concert gets going. The real prize is being able to watch Bon Scott perform and seeing the rest of the band when they were still in their 20's. Angus is a dynamo! The man never stops moving. His bluesy solos later in the film are fantastic. Having seen AC/DC in concert with Brain Johnson in 1982, I'm happy to say that Angus's antics were the same as what I saw in the movie, complete with mooning the audience. They really are a great, and fun to watch, Rock 'n Roll band....more info
    This it bar none the greatest film ever made and the only real video of Bon Scott. It should be given full DVD treatment with tons of extras. Put that Rock Masters concert on it as a bonus since it has been listed on Amazon forever and no sign of a release date. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    FYI, this is not the concert of the same title. Just a bunch of blokes talking about how great the band is....more info
  • AC/DC Let There Be Rock
    This is absolutely the best concert film of this band, and it is screaming for a remastering/sound touch-up. I went to alot of concerts in my younger days, and this video makes me nostalgic for that time, when a band just plugged in and ROCKED. Let's get this on a nice 5.1 surround DVD! If you like AC/DC, you have to find this. I bought mine at one of the locals thst still had a few video tapes for 5.99! Glad I grabbed it....more info
    Not much to say, ive seen bits and pieces of this concert, and its great! I just wish they put it on DVD, i notice im kind of late in the request, considering the last person asked for it about 2 years ago. But, I'm just here to refresh the idea, please put this concert on DVD!...more info
  • Watch Bon's Booze Glass
    I just want to add these comment to the previous reviews:

    There are several attempted and downright useless interviews with the band members which end up getting cut into the concert footage.

    Bon must have started with a huge tumbler full of booze for his interview, but the cuts are out of chronological order.

    Thus, you see Bon's glass full. Then almost empty. Then some ways down. Back to almost full. Up, down,up down.

    Now that you know, look for it!...more info

  • Bon's "bon-voyage" video rocks Paris
    You have to overlook the sound quality a bit but this is the highest voltage AC/DC show that I have seen. Angus works his buns off and sweats so much that his SG short-circuits during "Whole Lotta Rosie". He recovers nicely in time for the classic finale. Keep an eye out for the moon view of his rump during "Bad Boy Boogie". Bon is in classic form as he charms the 1979 Paris audience into chanting along to "The Jack". Outstanding versions of "Live Wire" and "Sin City" are to be heard here. If you want to get better sound quality then get the CD version of the concert in the box set "Bon Fire"....more info
  • Let There Be Rockstars
    Despite the small stage and dark lighting, this was truly one of AC/DC's best performances. By the way, am I the only one who noticed Angus's shorts were unzipped for the ENTIRE first half of the show?...more info


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