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  • A workout that is easy to stick to
    Dixie makes the workout enjoyable enough that you forget you are truly workingout! I have tried other programs and stoped very soon after. Here I look forward to each workout, even if it means before bed on those really busy days. As with everyone else, I feel her voice and humor are a bonus to the workout....more info
  • Good but won't advise to beginners who are flexible
    I agree that this video is good one for beginners, but although I am a beginner myself I feel the poses are not challenging enough in general. Because the video is made into 2 sessions, one morning session and one evening session, there are 2 cool down sessions as well. The actual work out is rather short.There aren't many motions for the upper body (shoulders, neck, abs) either; Dixie focuses on the bottom half.
    If you are looking for light exercise and good stretches, this is it. It does help you relax.But if you can sit on the floor with the sole of your feet touching each other and bend forward with your head almost touching the ground, I say get something more challenging. (This motion is easier than it sounds.)...more info
  • Wonderful Starter
    This video is great. I was extremely out of shape when I started this video. I was looking to lose weight so I started with the Firm workout. Bad move. Not ready! I tried this video for 1 month, then I moved into a video called Belly Dance for Beginners for 1 month. Another awesome video. Then I moved into Kathy Smith Latin Rhthym workout for a month (2 weeks on the 20 minute routine and 2 weeks on the 40 minute routine). THEN, I went back to the Firm video. I have since lost 15 pounds. I say all this because this is a wonderful video to use and Yoga is a great way to begin to prepare your body for heavier types of exercise if you are very flabby and out of shape or if you have never really exercised in your life. Dixie Carter makes it so wonderful and relaxing all while you are beginning to tone and stretch your muscles....more info
  • Dixie Carters Yoga Tape, the unworkout
    I find her style and humor very relaxing and easy to do. Highly recommned it to any of the more mature ladies just getting started and who don't want to spend a lot of time....more info
  • Great if you're pressed for time!
    Ms. Carter's first "Unworkout" video is a great all-over intense workout. This tape is perfect for people who don't have a whole hour or just want to focus on certain areas. Both the morning and evening workouts are 20 minutes each.

    The morning is a series of "silken movements", and like Ms. Carter, I love the "arrow" movement. The side bends and forward bending twists are challenging, but if you keep practicing you eventually gain control. The "warrior" pose is difficult at first, but gradually, it becomes fun to do. Ms. Carter's sense of humour, dedication, and belief in what she's practicing is something that makes you want to continue your practice. I truly feel awake once I've finished doing these series of movements and breathings.

    The evening section is a series of leg stretches and is something I look forward to doing every evening. I must tell you, though, if you attempt the "rabbit" pose, make sure you're flexible enough to do it. I can honestly admit that's one pose I avoid, but the rest of the workout, is truly "sensational". I really do sleep much better because of this workout.

    The bonus relaxation section is also wonderful if you've had a stressful day at the office (as I'm prone to have often). I always lay my head on a pillow while Ms. Carter leads me through the process.

    "Unworkout II" is one of the tapes I alternate, but as mentioned earlier, I always do the evening portion

    every day. I alternate this with Ms. Carter's first tape, Bryan Kest's Power Yoga 1, and Jane Fonda's Yoga tape....more info

  • A great, yoga tape for beginners, instant results!
    I found this tape at my local library. I've tried others that were too fast, too challenging & too boring. I though I'd never learn to like yoga. After checking it out a few times, I'd found I was adicted & had to get my own copy. It's a great stress reliever, it just stretches away the day's tenison. There is a morning & evening routine so you just do a few minutes morning & night. There's even a meditation at the end. Dixie's video is challenging, yet not too difficult. Try it & you'll love it too. I reccomend this to everyone who has never done yoga, but has always wanted to learn.
    Cristy...more info
  • Dixie Carter's Yoga For You: Unworkout II.
    Just received Dixie's yoga video and it exceeded my expectations. Her voice is soothing, and she gently guides you through the yoga positions. My 5 year old wanted to join in and was able to go through the entire video with me, so it held her attention as well. Very soothing and effective. Loved the southern wit and charm....more info
  • Get This Video!
    A dear friend of mine bought me this video 4 years ago and I am still using it to this day. Unlike other yoga videos, Dixie Carter takes the time to explain the beauty and pitfalls of each position. As beautiful and graceful yoga is, if an instructor does not explain how to properly do the positions, you can get hurt. (I am speaking from past experience on this one...ouch!) I appreciate Dixie's warm and conscientious approach. Trust me: You will never tire of her morning or evening routines. I feel incomplete if I miss a day. Dixie Rocks!...more info
  • Mom was right!
    My mother is always telling me I'm not an athlete and that I shouldn't work out like one. I'd been a dancer all my life, but when I turned 30, I started to experience neck and back problems and I stopped dancing. When I found out that my problems were from computer-job-induced bad posture, I was uphauled. I'd always had such good posture because of my dance background!

    My Mum saw Ms. Carter's video and sent it to me. At first I thought it wouldn't be tough. It'd be something nice and gentle like Mum likes. But not only was it challenging, it was inspirational! Miss Carter combines yoga postures and tai chi moves in the morning and yoga stretches at night to give a workout that immediately made me stand and sit up straighter every day. Every day, my flexibility improves and I know that someday soon, I will be back to my former fitness level.

    I've tried other beginner's yoga videos and I always come back to "The Unworkout II". Miss Carter is so real, so joyful, and so empathetic that I feel like I'm working out with my Mum, not a yogi who uses foreign words and talks about enlightenment.

    Miss Carter's video is the first video I have used everyday, morning and night. It's always easy to fit into my schedule and nowadays, if I skip a day, I miss it like a drug...

    Thanks Dixie!...more info

  • Wonderful
    I have both of Dixie's Unworkout videos and I love them. I use the Unworkout II the most. I have had it for 3 years. I started out doing it twice a week and I felt great. Then for some crazy reason I stopped using it because I felt that I didn't have the time to do it. Big mistake! Thank God I smartened up and starting using it again. Now I use it five times a week and I really notice a difference. This tape helps you to unwind, get the kinks out, and totally relax. I had been going to massage therapists to help me get the knots out of my neck, back and shoulders. This tape is much better and it sure costs a lot less. I totally feel a difference in my body. When I drive I can turn my neck better when I need to see behind me when I am switching lanes and parking and my back and neck doesn't hurt anymore when I wake up in the morning. Doing this workout also helps kill my late nite craving for sweets. When I think I want to eat at night, I do this video and relax and realize that I was not even hungry. This is a must have for young and old! Thumbs way up!...more info
    I've owned this tape for over a year, and I stil find myself wanting to do the workouts and truly enjoying them. Dixie's instruction is clear and pleasant. The movements aren't rushed or overly complicated like so many other yoga tapes I've tried. The background music is not intrusive. The tape quality is excellent. I highly recommend this tape for both beginners and intermediates....more info
  • this is a great video!
    I've especially enjoyed the last two sections. The P.M. section is just right for me in the late afternoon, or later in the evening, a few hours after supper. I generally do the 10-minute relaxation section immediately after the P.M. section. I do enjoy Dixie Carter's Southern charm and humor....more info


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