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For all its flaws, Powder is still worthwhile for attempting to be unique and well intentioned. The film's qualities were overshadowed after its 1995 release when it was revealed that writer-director Victor Salva had served 15 months in prison for molesting a child actor during production of the 1988 TV movie Clownhouse. Controversy aside, Powder is a welcome step off the beaten path with sufficient strengths to balance its weaknesses. Fantasy and drama combine in the story of a teenager known as Powder for his snow-white skin. Powder is introduced into a tiny Texas community after spending his entire life in his grandparents' basement. He's a wise genius, but an outcast, alienated by those who misunderstand and fear him. When a schoolmaster (Mary Steenburgen) and science teacher (Jeff Goldblum) discover that Powder has a capacity for empathic insight and possesses the power to control electricity, the unusual boy becomes a tragic Christ-like figure--peaceful, prophetic, and perhaps too good to survive in the real world. In telling this heartfelt story, Powder struggles to be all things to all viewers--equal parts E.T. and The Elephant Man--which compromises its overall impact. But even though it's not a great movie, it sincerely tries to accomplish something original and wonderful, and that's more than most movies can claim. --Jeff Shannon

You've never experienced anything quite like POWDER -- the uplifting, must-see hit that audiences and critics loved! Harassed by classmates who won't accept his shocking appearance, a shy young man known as Powder struggles to fit in. But the cruel taunts stop when Powder displays a mysterious power that allows him to do extraordinary things. This phenomenon changes the lives of all those around him ... in ways they never could have imagined. Hollywood stars Jeff Goldblum (JURASSIC PARK) and Mary Steenburgen (PHILADELPHIA) lead a top-notch cast in this unforgettable story of hope and wonder.

Customer Reviews:

  • Powder....The best Movie in 10 or more Years!
    When this movie first came out in 1995, the title Powder, threw me a bit. First I thought it was Chic Flick.....But it's not! It has an excellent story-line, and has the quality of those good movies made in the 1940's. This in itself, is a great compliment. The movie is well cast and has a wonderful paranormal twist. With some of the JUNK made today, when you see Powder, it is like 1995 is another time and place....more info
  • Come on, people! It's a good movie, but not THAT good.
    I liked Powder. It's not a great movie--there are a few too many problems for that accolade. But it is creative in a number of respects, and certainly worth seeing. I must admit, however, that having recently seen that creepy interview with Michael Jackson, he might have seen this movie too, and his skin bleachings may well be proof.

    First, the flaws. There's a gnawing and out-of-left-field piece of this film that is suggestive that one of the filmmaker's points was to glorify the "odd, smart, and sensitive, yet persecuted homosexual" stereotype. Perhaps the clearest indication of this is the scene in which Powder stares at a muscular jock in a boy's locker room. It was a scene that felt entirely out of place in the movie--an add-on that seemed to be intended as an "in your face" revelation that Powder represents gays. The camera also seem to linger a bit too long on the male characters, with the female characters left oddly de-sexualized. What was irritating about this apparent subtext was that it took away and trivialized what seemed to be a broader message, the message that human beings might well kill someone meant to save them. In this regard, the more powerful metaphor for Powder seemed to be a Jesus story--with an odd, highly empathic, and powerful "savior" born under strange circumstances and ultimately persecuted by those he tried to help. For me, it work on that level.

    A number of critics pointed out that the story was derivative. I agree. But I thought it took various pieces from other stories and movies and wove them together in a compelling new way. For me, Powder also worked as a kind of comic book tale of how a superhero might come to pass, and what a person with such powers might be like in real life. (It was more successful in humanizing a superhero than Unbreakable, in my opinion.)

    The casting could have been better, though. Jeff Goldblum was awful. Apart from his role in the Fly, where I thought he was perfect, he hasn't been able to pull together a decent performance. I hope Igby Goes Down, which I have yet to see, is redemptive for him. I've never liked Mary Steenbergen, and found nothing admirable in her performance. I thought the young actor who played Powder was solid in the role.

    This is a pleasant entertainment with quite a bit to offer the viewer. It isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think it merits three stars....more info

  • A sleeper that you won't soon forget
    My favorite films are the ones that fly under the radar of critical acclaim (so that expectations are flatlined), only to discover personal treasures that escaped the masses. Powder is one of those personal treasures.

    The story is not new (see Forrest Gump, Being There and K-PAX). Take the "abnormal" personality that, without choice, maintains innocence into adulthood, insert it into a world of "normal" personalities, and watch the paradox unfold. What sets Powder apart from the others is the depth of emotions evoked from the talents of second tier actors (with the exception of Jeff Goldblum), especially Sean Patrick Flanery as the lead character, and the feeling that you have just witnessed the unbelievable transform into the believable. Isn't that what good movies do?

    Powder . . . one of the best I've seen in a while....more info

  • An Extraordinary Ride
    This is a movie about an extraordinary individual Jeremy, whose nickname is Powder, due to being an albino. Just before his birth, his mother was hit by lightening, resulting in an incredibly heightened ability to 'play' with and use electrical fields.

    As a teenager Powder's grandfather dies of natural causes, leaving him alone with the legal system. Because he's different he automatically attracts attention of the bad kind, which leads to some amazing and spectacular displays of what you can do with electricity, a Jacob's Ladder, and a dancing spoon.

    This isn't your normal sort of movie, with "poor child with a problem turns out to be amazing, the bad guys become his friends and he gets the girl". Instead he was always amazing, he doesn't get really get the girl, the bad guys mainly stay trapped by fear, but Powder shows us the potential of the human heart and mind. It focusses on a theory of Einstein, who believed in life after death simply because energy does not disappear, it simply changes form. Powder can 'see inside' people, hear their thoughts, even those in a coma.

    If you're looking for an action flick or a romance, go somewhere else. This is a thinking person's movie, despite several logical errors. It stirs the senses, opens the mind and spirit, and can give you hope for the future....more info

  • Lifted by Jacob's Latter
    I am supposed to tell you, the reader, whether or not you should see or buy powder, and whether or not its worth your time. The answer comes in many forms. The main answer is that powder is an overlooked work of art and if you stand back and take a breath, can see the many religeous implications that you can get from viewing. I have been hesitant in reviewing powder for the past few months, because I feared that I wouldn't do it justice. I wanted to prepare myself and grow in my writing skills so that you would understand exactly why Powder is so effective.

    When you think of enduring characters, you may think of Citizen Kane, or William Wallace, maybe even Forest Gump, but due to the unabashadly blatant remarks from Hollywoods critics you are unlikely to think of powder. This is a shame. Though powder is not the all time greatest film, nor will it ever be, it falls into the category of "timeless". The special effects were done with next to zero computer effects, so that when C.G. are so realistic you can't tell the difference between real and artificial actors, powder will still be terrific in appearance style wise.

    At the heart of the story is Jeremy, an albino that is cursed and blessed with multiple abilities. His mind is plagued with clarity and soaks knowledge like a sponge. Jeremy's body is electromagnetic and can manipulate the energy around him. One of the many scenes that catches you with your mouth open, is when his teacher brings in a Jacobs latter (two rods that channel an electric current which climbs up them in a strand). Jeremy grips his desk as a thick electrical bolt rushes him and raises him into the air by his heart.

    Jeremy is surrounded by people that love and hate him. Or, like the sherrif, just don't understand him. Though his eyes must be shielded from the light of the sun, Jeremy radiates and equally bright amount of love and care on those that need it. To show some what he sees and feels, he makes them feel the pain of the violence that they deliver.

    Sean Patrick Flannery Gives the performance of his life, and the character he creates, and the humbleness he uses is unforgettable....more info

  • Powder
    I loved this quirky movie. I am glad to have it on dvd. ...more info
  • Fantastic Attempt at Doing Something Different
    'Powder' is not what one would surmize from the cover. Sean Patrick Flanery portrays a teenage albino boy, who has the amazing ability to conduct electricity and is the most intelligent being in the world, all a result of his mother being struck by lightning. He can read people's thoughts, making him slightly bitter and a loner when he ventures out from his grandparents' farm. Rejected by everyone but a woman who runs the center where he lives (Mary Steenburg, the woman who plays Joan's mother in Joan of Arcadia), he finds himself in love with a normal girl, who finds him interguing, the only one who dared to get close enough to touch him. Yes, I admit, the movie has some flaws in its design but it is the best attempt at something different in the movie world I have seen in a while. Everything is not what you expect: he's not eventually accepted by the boys of the center, the townsfolk don't "magically see the light". No. He is an outcast, a loner but that is what makes the movie such a great watch and the emotion displayed by Flanery is amazing, something that will attach itself to your soul and will you to see things differently in your world....more info
    FINALLY SOMEONE MADE A MOVIE ABOUT THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT AND THAT SHOWS HOW LIMITLESS WE ARE! It also demonstates how we behave when someone is different from us. I would encourage every person to sit down and watch this with their children. Explain to them the importance of LOVE and seeing and feeling from another point of view. In all of the things that occur to hurt the main character Powder, he never demonstates any evil or pain back. This is a definite must see....Don't miss this movie!......more info
  • Unsurpassed Imagination
    Excellent storyline and character detail. Very well scripted, and in some parts a real tear-jerker....more info
  • A Truly Moving Movie to leave at Ah!
    The movie Powder is a truly amazing movie it does have some flaws but the message and the depth of the movie truly out does the flaws. The movie was released in 1994 a year after Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum in my mind did his best work in this movie. The movie is based around a young boy who has a skin problem where he has no pigmintation and who is smarter then albert Einstein supposedly. The police come to the house to find that his grandparents are dead. and they believe they just died of natural causes. Downstairs lives there grandchild who everyone thinks is a freak just because of the color of his skin. Which goes into deeper depth of racial conflicts. They take him from his house to put him into schooling because they see of his inteligence. Threw the whole movie the only thing Powder wants to do is go back to his farm house.

    During Powders first day of school he is in lunch and the Aka: Bullies come to pick on him and Powder shows his first true showings of power by putting all the metal in the room together and making a spoon dance across the table leaving the whole room in shock and silence. You soon come to find out that the Police Sergent has a wife who is sick and slowly fading and how him and his son have fallin out of touch.

    Powder and his class go on a hiking trip soon to find out that one of the police officers and a bunch of his classmates went up to the trails to hunt, when powder hears gunfire and see's a deer slowly dieing he grabs the arm of the officer and the neck of the dear showing the officer what death really is like changing the officer for good, where he does not wanna go hunting anymore.

    The Movie has so much going on and is so deep it truly is a amazing movie. the two must touching scenes in the movie is when powder communicates what the sergents wife wants to tell him and he breaks down when she dies, His son shows up only to know that she has died and there is a deep emotional scene when the son and father embrass for the first time. The other deep Scene is at the end of the Movie when Powder finally gets back to his orignal home and he takes off into the field and Jeff Goldblum and everybody else is following him and he is getting hit by lightening and he disappears and everyone feels him around them... The scenes are even made deeper by the music composed by Jerry Goldsmith Who probably did some of his best music on this and is not known for this movie. It was a very under rated movie a must see!...more info
  • Very prophetic and touching movie.
    Beautiful and inspiring movie. Heart-felt & soulful.
    It makes one contemplate, what really is important
    in life? It touches on man's inhumanity, and cruelty to
    his fellow man....more info
  • Masterpiece
    This is one of those extremely unique and deeply emotional movies that I have to call a masterpiece. 'Powder' is a special boy in many ways, but even his own father was afraid of him. After his pregnant mother is struck by lightning, Powder is born an albino with a strange electrical current in his system that makes him a target for lightning, and ridicule from people who don't understand him.
    There's an unforgettable scene after a hunter shoots a deer. This movie left its mark on my heart. A 'must watch'.
    Chrissy K. McVay - Author...more info
  • Stop with the one star reviews!
    Whoever is doing that stop. Powder is a great movie. I watch it all the time. I actually cried. It reminds me a lot like Edward Scissorhands sometimes but this is a lot better. It does come on TV once in awhile so watch it if you hadn't seen it. ...more info
  • powder
    The movie you sent me can't be played on any machine, it says can't read disk. Please e-mail me back so we can handle this....more info
  • Powder,The Greatest Movie Ever
    I am a teacher and I have seen this movie 8 times! I wish the world could be made to watch this movie and understand its importance. I wish people could see that jeremy stands for all the downtrodden and misunderstood people of the world. People should watch and understand that the way Jeremy was treated is the way African Americans are treated, Indians are treated, women, Jews, homosexuals, mentally impaired persons, old people, and anyone else society perceives as being different than they believe to be normal.
    When I saw this movie for the first time I remember thinking that the author was a genius and because I like to write also I wished I could write something so insiteful, powerful and moving as he had. This is truely the greatest movie ever!...more info
  • Wanted to slap Powder across his face!
    I boy gets amazing powers. Does he use them for good? No he mopes around, complaining about how misunderstood he is! He needs a good kick in the pants! For a much better movie that covers a lot of the same ground check out John Travolta in Phenomenom....more info
  • loved it!!!!
    Personally I thought it an excellent movie. It is one of the very few movies I have watched more than once. It was moving and sentimental and thought provoking. I have bought several copies to share with friends....more info
  • Excellent Movie!!
    I can't believe that everyone who sees this movie isn't moved to tears for any number of reasons. It is imaginative and different in all ways. It shows the cruel side of mankind not only in the hunting of animals for sport, but bullies in the school who are just afraid of anything and anyone who is different. It also shows the vulnerability of each person for different reasons throughout. The character of Powder is so full, yet powerfully quiet. He harnassed energy and humanity in abundance.

    I was disturbed by reviews that this movie points towards homosexuality...I dont believe that was the intent at all. In the poignant scene where Powder is staring at another boy in the locker room, it's quite obvious it's NOT in a sexual way but in comparison. He was seeing what it truly was that HE was not. He could not have any body hair, yet this other boy had long hair and body hair that HE did not. This other boy was tanned and "healthy" looking, one more thing he could not have...pigment.

    I've seen this movie a number of times and never fail to be moved to tears each time. It makes you laugh and cry and is true entertainment....more info
  • I have no hair, but I didn't like this movie
    I, like Powder, do not grow hair. Actually, unlike powder, I have no eyelashes. I'm not albino though.

    In my life I have never encountered such generic hostility as powder was subjected to..

    For being such a genius powder certainly did not show it. I don't remember him saying anything even remotely smart. He had a nice memory and apparently scored well on some lame test? However, he didn't show any smarts where it counts....

    For a character with such powerful empathy (telepathy would actually be the much more accurate word here) he was annoyingly whiny, angry, and obnoxious. I understand that he had been sheltered his entire life, but his character had absolutely no depth or complexity whatsoever. His lines are complete cliche.

    Every person in the film is a lame and shallow caricature.

    The message of the movie is a good one, but a couple sentences would get it across just as effectively as this two hour movie.

    To me this movie is simple pulp, nothing more and nothing less....more info
  • symbolism
    Powder's fate of being reabsorbed into the cosmos to be reconstituted later when people have come closer to his level is symbolism for the way Western Civilization is being submerged into the third world through immigration. :)...more info
  • Touching
    We could all learn a lesson from this movie. It touches your heart to see the compassion and love that Powder displays in this movie. And dispite all the cruelty he faces, he still continues to show his compassion. This movie takes the reality of our real lives and gives you a deeper sence. We all face prejudice, cruelty and hate each day, and this movie shows that there is good out in the world, and a little love goes a long way....more info
  • A Movie Struck by Lightning
    A mother, about to give birth, is struck by lightning. She dies; the baby lives. He is an albino who has special powers. He can harness energy, has a special relationship with lightning and electricity, is psychic, is a child of nature, and is a genius who tests off the scale. He is brought up by his grandparents on a farm; they keep him out of school and away from other children. He reads and remembers every word of countless books.
    When he is left alone after their deaths, and is forced into society (nicknamed Powder played by actor Sean Patrick Flanery), he encounters resentment, intolerance, bullying, fear, and hatred. Estranged, he finds friendships in a reform school principal (Mary Steenburgen), a science teacher (Jeff Goldblum), a female classmate, and a sheriff.
    An interesting movie worth your time, but aren't you tired of schoolyard bullies, small town prejudiced cretins, and disaffected teens? There's a world of hurt, torment, and hatred out there for an alienated kid that looks like Michael Jackson and Marcel Marceau.
    ...more info
  • Chilling and touching
    a marvelous film teaching all who watch about the many subtleties of judgment, and how the actions of the ignorant affect us all. A must own! ...more info
  • simply beautiful
    "Powder" has to be one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. It reminds me of just how little we really know about ourselves as humans, and what we just might actually be capable of if we don't hold ourselves back....more info
  • A unique person. A conventional world. A very conformist movie. Still...
    by Dane Youssef

    Victor Salva's "Powder" is the kind of movie that when you first read the screenplay, you think... God, this is so full of potential.

    Think of the endless possibilities. It just needs a rewrite, maybe even a script doctor and we can make this the talked-about film of the year.

    But the movie gets rushed into filming and it's left with an unfinished feeling.

    It feels like the studio or the director wanted to make a movie about persecuted outsiders and then thought, "Well, we want this movie to drive people here in hoards. We need a mainstream film... so lets not make it too smart for people to follow and too deep for people to want to get into. We don't wanna go over people's heads."

    It takes a truly original character and plugs him into a movie as routine and unremarkable as the bullying, red-neck catalysts who flaunt 85% of the film's supporting roles. Who just gawk and insult 'cause they're so damn screwed-up themselves, on a personal level.

    Who's fault is this? The director... or the executives?

    "Powder" has some moments that are almost Spielberg-Ian and insights that cause you to think. But there are too many others that almost feel phoned in.

    Sean Patrick Flanery plays Jeremy Reed, nicknamed "Powder" is an amazing superhuman who is almost pure energy and conducts electricity better than water or metal. He has the ability to read minds, magnetize and he can also shatter glass telepathically. He is also a genius.

    The movie begins with an establishing scene where an expectant mother is driven screaming in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. And not only has her water broke, she has just been struck by lightning.

    The father demands to see him. The baby is screaming inside the oxygen tent as if it's a burn victim. It almost seems to know what's going on right now. The cries are deafening and heartbreaking.

    And the father abandons him. The boy lives with his grandparents until they die and poor Powder is once again without family.

    People who find Powder downstairs in the basement, hiding. From them. From outsiders. From the world.

    They bundle him up, take him away to a reform school. Why?

    Um...shouldn't he be sent to an orphanage or something? Why throw him in with criminals who can't be tried as adults?

    Oh, the formula. Sorry, I forgot.

    Jeremy is bullied all throughout the movie and takes way too long to retaliate. As if the director is getting too damn into this or has time to kill. Even when it's clear there's no other choice. "Not much fight in you, huh?" asks one of them at one point. Obviously not.

    I can't tell if we takes so long to just use his abilities because he's afraid, he's too good... or the film's gotta too much time to kill and the director's enjoying lashing back.

    We see Jeremy's pale as death skin and his defined male form. Salva incorporates this scene because of his preference for the male physique. He shows male nudity in a lot of his movies and homosexual elements. There is a moment that suggests that Jeremy might be gay or some of the other kids in the film might have those elements as well.

    These scenes are well-drawn, no doubt related to Salva's experiences dealing with his own sexuality. Salva himself is gay, yes.

    Which explains a lot of the endless elaborate homo put-downs throughout the movie and male nudity as well. Even the southern redneck kids don't mind too much getting a gander at Powder's privates.

    Of course we need (yes, NEED) scenes where Jeremy is persecuted for the way he is. But there are too many of those. They take up way too much of the movie. A scene in a cafeteria, in the woods and in the gymnasium that moves outside onto the field.

    There are many, many scenes where Jeremy shows his endless powers. Yet too many people are slow to catch on, even the smart ones.

    There's a truly great scene where a redneck hick deputy sheriff (Brandon Smith) shoots a deer and Powder uses an empathy power so the deputy can feel the deer's pain and suffering.

    And another where Jeremy is getting involved with the only sweet girl in town and they have a moment where they share kind of Vulcan mind-meld.

    He has every superpower known to man. He's smart, sweet, kind and all-powerful.

    But for some reason, he lacks the ability to do the simplest thing and the most obvious thing when the opportunity is right there. So does pretty much everyone else in this film most of the time.

    I asked myself, why?

    Oh, the formula. Sorry, I forgot.

    Jeff Goldblum believes in Jeremy and thinks he could be an advanced step in human evolution. He delivers eloquence about where he explains what Powder is and again later with everything wrong with humanity and how we haven't moved very far in the great human race. And Jeremy could be humanity's answer.

    The ending is inevitable, but sad. I guess there was just no other way for Powder or the movie. But you walk away wishing Powder AND the movie itself just did more than have big moments involving special effects, dealing with antagonists and only occasionally having a real moment.

    Still, it's a nice renter. Goldblum's lines about humanity will make you think and Patrick Flanery's performance as the title character are all worthwhile.

    And there are several scenes that really do stay stuck with you....




    ...more info
  • Who didnt get choked up?
    When powder shows a father and son how to put away their differences, remember how much they really loved each other and helped them come together as father and son.Seeing the two embracing, powder cant help but to hold onto a pole with tears running down his face, wishing it were him and his father...
    Powder allows us to use him and abuse him, just as he says "How long do you think i will allow you to keep me here?" Its knowing that he can leave anytime he chooses, but stays behind because he so loves the human race that Powder takes the abuse just for the chance of contact with another being...As special as he is, he sees us as the greatest living force in the universe, while we see each other as evil and useless...This movie, if seen with an open mind can teach us all something that we may never fully accept...
    ...more info
  • Powder
    An amazing movie which will touch your heart on where we are all to walk with our Creator....more info
  • Michael Jackson's Alter-Ego Biographical story.
    This movie is actually supposed to show you what Michael Jackson's life would've been like if he was REALLY White....more info
  • hmmmm
    haven't seen this movie, and don't intend to. a movie about a special boy who is misunderstood and has super powers written and directed by a convicted child molester just doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. It was rated as one of the top ten worst movies of the year it was released, I will rely on that....more info
  • Powder is excellent....
    this movie points out to us that which we are all capable of...a moving reminder of our own preciousness......more info
  • Strong Spiritual Message
    Not everyone is ready for a leap in faith. We limit our world to the black and white, forgeting that we are more than this particular body that we inhabit in this life. POWDER makes you look past the mundane, hate, petty and the trival, to discover beauty that is there if you can really "see." One scene where the Sheriff, Powder (Jeremy) and the Sheriff's haunted vegatative dying wife displays this point nicely . Powder was the conduit between the husband and wife, discovering that forgiveness and love is what really matters and to discard past misunderstandings.
    I was more interested in the message versus's the minor "gay innuendo" which some people may linger on, especially in our homophobic society.
    The movie is a REAL MESSAGE movie and it makes you wonder that WE are more than our fear and physical body, ready to be released....more info
  • Total Garbage
    This pile of steaming crap is one of those message movies that comes across as pretentious, self-righteous nonsense. There is a big difference between the quality of a movie and the message that it attempts to convey. Powder may be trying to convey a lofty message, but I assure you that the presentation is laughable and just plain stupid.

    The only people that could possibly take this dog excrement seriously are those individuals that like to sit around and brood that nobody understands them. A terrible, terrible, terrible movie....more info
  • Absolutely captivating
    One of the best, most moving and captivating films I have ever seen. It will change the way you think about many things. Excellently played, great music... what is there more to say?
    I strongly recommend this movie....more info
    Great movie. Its a little old school as far as acting and cast, but great film. This film does NOT express any homoeroticism in it, but just true care for human beings. The religious undertows are awesome, and the paranormal wonder is so cool. I highly recommend this film!...more info
  • Powder
    I can't say, When i got the movie, It was striped. Sg I could'nt watch it....more info
  • Fabulous film.
    Powder is a movie with a moral. The moral, so artfully told, is to respect those who are different from you. Though Powder is different for his seemingly "magical" powers, he can be seen as a metaphor for many different groups that have been harassed for being different (racial and ethnic minorities, sexual orientation, people with diseases, even "nerds"). This movie even manages to accomplish this without being heavy handed. A highly enjoyable and emotional film with great performances by the stars....more info
  • Reminds me of Michael Jackson
    If anyone would want to know what it must be like to be Michael Jackson, this film would be it. People fear what they do not understand. Instead of Michael bending spoons, he has other talents such as his music and dancing. But what makes it truly a wonderful movie, is Michael Jackson has the same type of universal love that Powder has in the film. This is the most moving movie I have seen in a long time, and it moved me to tears at the end. There are beautiful people like Powder on this earth in real life. It is much easier for people to make fun of what they do not understand, instead of grasping the beauty people like Powder have to offer the world....more info
  • God-like man in ape-like society
    What would happen if a being with an I.Q. off the measuring scale ,and near god-like powers, were born in rural Texas? Why, he would automatically be labeled as a freak, defective, retardate, and deviant, of course!

    That's the message of this message film, namely, that all you have to do to be denigrated and dehumanized in most of American society is to be "different." Whether that difference makes you fundamentally superior or inferior to the norm is irrelevant- all that matters is the fact that one is different. If you don't "smell right" to the dominant ape-like personalities in charge, then you must be rejected and driven out. I wish that I could say that the hateful characters in this film came across as cartoonish, but the fact is that they do not- they are perfect examples of the American norm. Even the more intelligent and sympathetic characters, such as Mary Steenburgen's character, participate in the dehumanization by mindlessly following the rules like good "professionals." So, what you have here are the two extremes of human evolution, the god-like man, and the ape-like majority.

    While it is the writing and message that stands out in this film, the special effects and the quality of dramatic acting are also far above the average. There are scenes here that you never forget: the father's rejection in the hospital, the "friends don't" scene in the councilor's office, the wedding ring scene, the dying deer scene.... Any one of them would have made a film memorable, but all together they make this a classic.

    The film isn't all together depressing by any means. It is about hope. It shows what man may yet become, by contrasting the ideal with the all-too-prevalent current state of the species. As Jeff Goldblum states at the end, "I see you and I think that one day our humanity may one day surpass our technology."

    I've found that there are few neutral opinions on this movie- people tend to either love it or hate it. The people that hate it seem to have a problem with the basic humanity and honesty of the character- they want to attack him too. Watch it with a friend- it will tell you if that person is worth keeping as a friend.......more info
  • Great Message, But Bad Movie
    I thought this movie was very boring, I could harldy sit through it. It was practically painful (but I at least wanted to finish). The plot is pretty stupid. The guy gets hit by lighting and he becomes different from everyone else. The story drags on and on and on until the end which also stunk. Over all the movie stunk but it did have a great message. The message is to not judge people on thier apperance and that nobody is, can, or ever will be normal.

    There, now after reading the message there is no point in watching the movie - lol. Go do something that you'll actually be glad you spent time doing. Just don't watch this movie or worse, buy it - lol...more info

  • A Wake-Up Call for the Human Race....A Very Special Movie.
    There are few films I have had the privilege of viewing that have had the ability to profoundly change the way I think about myself, and of my fellow humans on this Journey called Life. I first saw this movie on television a couple of years ago now, and at the time had only managed to see about half of it, as it was a good hour into running when I tuned in. Even so, the messages within the film were so touching, that I couldn't wait to try and purchase a copy of it on DVD. Luckily for all of us, it was, in fact, available!

    I loved everything about this film, from the special effects and cinematography, to the soul-stirring musical score by Jerry Goldsmith. The role of 'Jeremy', brilliantly portrayed by then newcomer Sean Patrick Flanery, was a simple joy to witness. Other supporting castmembers, including Jeff Goldblum, Mary Steenburgen and Lance Henriksen also provided us with very strong and memorable performances. There are many lessons in this movie that each and every person on this Earth should be guided by. That's exactly one of the main reasons this film is so important; because sadly, so many people around the world tend to live their lives shrouded in fear and hatred of those things they do not understand. For example, there is a very moving sequence in which the Sherrif (Henriksen) and Jeremy (Flanery), aka 'Powder' are in the same room alongside the Sherrif's dying wife. I will not provide a narrative of the details here, but suffice to say at the scene's conclusion I challenge anyone caught in the middle of a family dispute, or refusing to surrender a deep-seated grudge with a loved one, or living daily life in an atmosphere of intolerance not to admit to the fact that this movie will leave you, at the very least, rethinking your position.

    I would highly recommend this film be watched by young and old alike, as the lessons contained therein are of significant spiritual importance. It is indeed gratifying to know that in an age of absurd violence against humanity and our planet, Hollywood has forever given us a wonderful glimpse of what our world might be like in the absence of fear, hatred, prejudice and intolerance, as seen through the eyes of one very special and gifted young man.

    See this movie. Better still, own this movie. It is a timeless tale that beautifully encompasses a much deeper and broader understanding of hope, love, compassion and acceptance of those things that are well beyond our level of comprehension....more info

  • Inconceivable
    Powder is a unique Extraordinary approach to the supernatural that will have you overwhelmed by its breath taking events. It teachs you not to judge a book by its cover a lesson well learned.The ending is a bit out there but a 4 star movie so Enjoy!...more info
  • very deep,profound,one of a kind movie...period


  • worth watching
    good movie that didn't get much recognition. Great line; " I didn't think anyone was too white for u"...more info
  • Outstanding and empowering
    This is one of my most favorite movies. I have also purchased this for two young teens. The movie provides entertainment, yet carries a very solid message to believe in yourself. The two teens I gave this to were two young girls who lived in a foster home. The movie provided a lesson that they both took to heart and in facing daily struggles, remembered Powder and how he carried forward. I recommend this movie to all ages for all will obtain a different reward!...more info
  • An excellent film!
    This DVD is in a small DVD case where I keep my favorites. Whoever was the casting director should have received awards. On top of having Mary Steambergen, Jeff Goldbloom and Lance Henrickson who are all great, Sean Patrick Flanery (Powder) and Bradford Tatum (the school bully) play amazing characters.
    It's been said that this is a sad movie. This is a "glass half empty" way of looking at it. I felt that it showed (in multiple occasions) that in death, there is something else out there. There's no real end to life. Anyone who cried in this movie was happy when they cried.
    I hope this review helps to open the eyes of anyone who has not heard of this film or wasn't sure what to expect. Enjoy....more info
    Apparently Mr. Victor Salva had a message to deliver but unfortunately he couldn't live up to his lofty idealized realm of human attainment-that he got caught molesting a child. Well, he is only a man with undesirable urges that got out of control. At least he had improved or learned to control himself admirably. He had to direct Sean Patrick Flanery being molested in nude by the tough boys in the movie. Flanery is a very goodlooking or, may I say, a young man of great beauty. May be the director is not gay, in the editor's review he didn't say whether the child Salva molested was a boy or girl. Or may be Mr. Salva doesn't like grownup boy.

    However, we really shouldn't take issue with Mr. Salva's sexual inadequacy and concentrate instead on the message that he tried to convey to the viewing public--HUMANITY OVER TECHNOLOGY. This is an age-old issue of human morality deficiency that man has not been able to correct or improve. Not only that human cruelty has not been subsided it seems to increase in abominable degree. Just look at the world around you, have you seen any improvement at all. I don't mean materially of course.

    Now let come back to the movie, I give it a five-star rating because it's not only quite meaningful, it also very entertaining. All the actors are good and adequate for their roles, especially, the bad boy who takes great pleasure in harassing Powder. I don't think Powder is looking at the young man who takes off his shirt and splashes water over himself in front of the mirror in the bathroom with homosexual overtone. He is only curious and fascinated by a normal barechested male body, all right with admiration if you have to make it that way. Mr. Salva is undeniably a very intelligent man to be able to write and direct a movie like this. He is very good in depicting the narrow-mindedness of men. To involve the divine power and intention to test the human potentiality of human advancement to a higher plane spiritually is more viable or interesting than scientifically. I don't care if there are flaws in it, to me it's a watchable film, good and entertaining....more info
  • Would have been a 5 if he hadn't turned into a rainbow

    Sean Patrick Flanery is almost unrecognizable in this movie about an Albino boy with extrodinary powers. While still in the womb, Powder's mother is struck by lightning while standing in a puddle. She is lost but her son survives. Gifted with incredible intellect, telepathy, and paranormal powers over electricity, Powder is pulled from his sheltered life after both grandparents have died and is tossed into the care of the state.

    Children can be so cruel but never underestimate the power of the human spirit. This movie will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over....more info
  • Extraordinary
    An awesome and thought-provoking film. I loved it, and came away wanting to be better than I am, and was reminded to be better to others. I am drawn back to it over and over, and each time it touches my heart. I am only sorry I missed it at the theater. Take a break from the usual and treat yourself to a viewing of this movie. As for the bad reviews---well, not all will be touched by it. However, I think all will remember it. See it....more info
  • Totally Awesome!
    If you like movies that make you think and are out of the ordnary this movie is for you.Even though it's years old it still can hold its own.If you watched it when it first came out watch it again and feel the feelings all over again. I love this movie!...more info
  • My favorite character in all of Film
    Although this movie earned mixed reviews, and forever seems doomed to mediocrity(like all good art), Powder is one of those movies that is completely unforgettable. After you watch the movie, you will ruminate over it for days. It is that powerful.

    Powder is our hero, a teenager who is misunderstood and unloved, even by his own family. When he emerges into our world from his grandparents' basement, he cannot even comprehend how cruel people can be every day.

    Some films have various layers you have to get underneath before they go to your heart, like Forrest Gump. Powder is a film that will go straight to your heart, and will not leave.

    The setting in which the movie takes place is rural middle America, but seems like another world. The entire movie is akin to a dream. It will probably wont make you cry when you see it, but rather when you have time to fully digest what you have just watched.

    The best part about this movie is it provides deep emotion without being visually disturbing or graphic. It keeps a very respectable PG-13 rating. You can even feel sorry for the antagonists in the film, and soon you start to empathize with Powder. You could call it a teen Forrest Gump, although Powder's character is less real, but more beautiful than Forrest.

    I highly recommend this movie. I have talked to ruffian-type teenagers who saw this movie and they despised it. This is because they saw themselves in the antagonists so vividly, that it deeply disturbed them. I liked that. This movie is 10 stars, all the way. Watch it, think about it, treasure it....more info

  • what a movie!
    What a movie is right! the story of outcast jeremey/powder is an amazing touching yet creppy story. when his preggant mother carries Jeremy inside her she is stroked by lighting, she gives birth to electricity itself. Jeremy is made of electricity and raised by his grandparents and lives in there basment till he is a teen. when he is taken from his world by a headmistress of a troubled boys school, she finds that he is a most unique being. Jeremy discovers the pain outside of his home, discovers love and sees the terrible truth about this place he was born into.
    The music is beautiful and Powder/Jeremy is really an amazing character! love love this movie! should have one something for anything!! it's just awesome! but i warn some over protective parents about the film... if are afraid to show your children nudity this isn't the best film to show them. there is a scence where powder is naked but the film only cutsa few parts of his body out of the picture I'm just warning that this alittle close to show real nudity in the film....thats all but most of the film is okiedokie for most people! enjoy!...more info
  • Director Victor Salva is a child molester!
    Do not support a child molester Director Victor Salva financially with royalties!





    By Jim Herron Zamora
    October 25, 1995, Wednesday
    News; Pg. A-1

    Victor Salva, confessed in 1988 to five felony counts related to having sex with a boy he directed in a low-budget film.

    The molestation victim, Nathan Winters, now 20, has decided to go public with his ordeal.

    Salva confessed to having oral sex with 12 year old Nathan Winters in 1987 while directing the then sixth-grader in "Clownhouse," a film about three boys terrorized by circus clowns.

    Salva was sentenced to three years in state prison, serving 15 months and completing parole in 1992, according to the state Corrections Department and court records in Contra Costa County. He is a registered sex offender in Los Angeles County, according to state records.

    Laws in 46 states, including California, treat sex offenders differently than other convicted criminals in that sex offenders, once released from prison, are required to register with authorities in communities where they take up residence. This is because pedophiles are driven by a psychological compulsion that has typically not been cured by therapy, according to criminologists and prosecutors.

    When police raided Salva's house, they found two homemade pornographic tapes, one showing Salva having oral sex with Winters.

    In April 1988, Salva pleaded guilty to one count of lewd and lascivious conduct, one count of oral copulation with a person under 12 and three counts of procuring a child for pornography. At his sentencing hearing, a prosecutor said Salva appeared to seek jobs where he could work with children. Salva has written children's books and in 1985 worked at the Crawford Village Child Care Center in Concord.

    ...more info
  • Often Shunned Movie - Quite Refreshing
    Ok, here's the deal with Powder.... Apparently the guy who wrote and directed it was convicted as a child molester!!!! Oh my gawd! Yeah. True story. My wife won't even entertain the thought of watching this movie lest she become tainted by some underlining pedophile message transcoded in the subtext of the movie. Hmmmm. I remember way back when this movie came out and I saw the preview at the theater. I kinda wanted to see it. But then the whole child-molester thing came to surface and years went by. Well, I finally bout it of Amazon for like five bucks and I gave it a try. Know whart? It was pretty damn good. Sure the whole freaky-looking outcast with super powers thing has been done, but this was a decent flick. Jeff Goldblum and Steenburgen co-star. Sean Michael Flannery is fantastic as Powder in all his shy, wounded frailty. Overall, I liked it. So... push the whole sex-offender thing asidE and give Powder a try. You won't be disappointed.

    Dig it!...more info
  • The Powder Review
    This movie,to me,was one of the greatest movies I've seen. I rated it a 5 star because the story is so amazing while heartbreaking. Some of the great "stunts" are just so mind-twisting to me that I stared in amazement while watching the movie. The true fact of him being an Albino in the movie just helps the person watching the movie look more closly at the unbelievable things he does. As my mom and I watched the movie we had to grab a box of tissues. I would recommend this movie to anyone because it shows how people act if you look different.In the movie,Jeremy,has to go to an orphanage.What he finds there are a lot of troubled people.The whole movie is based on this one guy,and what he does to change the people that are around him.I think that the story wants to help us,as humans,to try to accept people that may look different either by skin color or eye color or whatever.I am going to end this so Good-Bye.

    The End...more info

  • Powderific
    How many movies, books or tv shows can make you cry? My answer is, not many. powder took my breath away. It delivers on all emotional cylinders and when Powder used his special abilities to allow two people to speak, one who had been in a coma for many years, I couldn't hold back. This is an unusual movie in that I had no expectations going in and came out completely satisfied. A plus....more info


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