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When you're stuck at summer camp with no adult counselor in sight and a fiery, bellowing hurricane named Dark Heart threatens to unleash a storm of evil, it's time to reach for the nearest teddy bear. In the case of Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, three forlorn campers enlist a whole rainbow of singing, animated bears--and Care Bear Cousins--to learn that making friends and sharing feelings are skills that define true Camp Champs.

Another visual candy dish based on that lucrative pack of American Greeting Cards characters (introduced in the 1980s), this 90-minute film extends many warm, positive messages about caring and sharing. But it suffers from a thick coating of sugary dialogue ("If you have ever cared, care now!"), gooey songs, and exhausting action. Preschool viewers deserve healthier doses of similar yet superior fare, like Dragon Tales or Bear in the Big Blue House. --Liane Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • Yes, I love this...
    Like just about everyone else here it seems, I ...shamelessly admit to loving this movie. When I was little, the first song and Forever Young at the end used to make me cry without fail. I never understood why - my mum told me that I was an emotional person. ...Which may have been proved true by the fact that did in fact have tears in my eyes watching it just recently.

    Of course, we're probably all terribly biased as children of the 80s... but hey, I am what I am. I'm just quite amused by the negative reviews being so polarized between "too saccharine!!" and "too scary!!" Don't quite square somehow :) ...It's not too scary. We weren't scarred for life. See? The villain -is- scary and nasty... I must say I used to love that, it made for a great story! (And... frankly... kids like a certain degree of scary, and that amount is not unhealthy.) If you want to analyze.... remember that he's also made to look ridiculous at one point early on, evil is always ultimately overcome by good, and in the end he is redeemed and of course absolutely EVERYTHING ends up happy and fine! As for the "too saccharine" criticism... for adults, I can't say much but "eh, deal with it, or don't." This is a kids' movie made in the days they weren't expected to be for adults as well. I don't agree that it's too sugary sweet to be showing kids, that too much love and caring will somehow corrupt them...

    It was my favourite movie for years. I have to say that (unlike most people here it seems...) I in fact liked this second movie better than the first and still do. Probably for the very reason that it was more serious or scary, more at stake. There are certainly big inconsistencies in the plot if you compare the two movies and the TV series... I don't think it's necessary to compare them like that. Say they're just alternate universes or scenarios and sit back and relax.

    The 'appeal to the audience'/Peter Pan (^_^) bit near the end may make certain people uncomfortable, or it may not. I obviously loved it when I was 5 or 6... coming back to it as a young teenager I felt a bit awkward...

    I love the music, I love the characters... It's very funny in places, and surprisingly serious as well. "If you knew what was good for you you would have just left me..." isn't what you'd expect from a kiddie's movie. Dark Heart's tenderness to Christy is so sweet, and there's a happy ending, and it's all so very touching and lovely! Young and young at heart will luff it :) It really does make you feel all warm and wonderful......more info
    I love the care bears! I grew up on the 80's and I still have my bedtime bear. I gave it to my 5yr old son, now he sleeps with it every night. I love that the care bears are back. I am a 25 yr old female and mother. This is a great anybody movie,It's a very good kids movie that you won't mind watching over and over again.It's very sweet and careing and teaches kids. Buy it today!!!...more info
  • Our children deserve better than this drivel...
    I have on word for this no-excuse-for-a-movie: Yecch!...more info
  • cute and cuddly for the next generation
    I recently started collecting the new carebears that have come out for the 20th aniversary with my 6 yr old son as a chance we found both of the carebear movies..when i was little i watched the cartoon show and the movies over and over. I still love the little bears and the cute carebear cousins. My son also loves them . This movie gives some good lessons for children who watch nothing but violent and non educational cartoons. It is something i can share with my son from my childhood. The story is cute and gives you something to think about. I hope i can continue to share this with any other children that come into my life because it was so much apart of my childhood...more info
  • Care Bear Movie Review
    This is a great movie that I watched as a child, I purchased the movie for my niece and nephew, and they loved it. If you have a young child that loves the care bears this is a great movie for them to get the full story on how the care bears came together.This is a must have for true care bear fans....more info
  • "simply beautiful"
    first of all i would like to confirm what i have just said.......yes the carebears movie 2 is a beautiful movie "Come on" I here you say "how can a cartoon from the eighties no less be a beautiful movie?"
    And i must say that i dont blame you for having this stance.
    You see for me this is much more than a "Corny Cartoon" because for me because it serves as a reminder of just how wonderful your childhood life is....or should have been.
    yes all our favourate charactors are present and better animation
    is also a large factor in making better sequels but thats not all we are treated to in this movie
    better music better animation.
    however the most strangest new feature would have to be the fact that this movie has its sad moments.........yes thats correct it actually has sad moments that i must admit can turn corny (see christy scene at the end.)but overall you should find this a touching moving story (maybe if you 8 or have seen it when you were young as well)
    it has been 10 years now and if i had have seen it new today i would probably just said it was a kiddies movie (and in all fairness it is) but however if your like me you saw it when your young and it touched you then it will touch you must be said that iam a huge fan of action movies that i have bought from amazon "rambo" "predator" but when i discovered carebears 2 was avalable at amazon i bought it without a second thought and might add ive been looking for it for 5 years
    thank you amazon for having one of my favourate movies.
    oh and if you have kids...young ones at that BUY IT and give your kids an experience and if you loved it when you were young
    youll love it now....BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great Movie
    Ok so this movie has flaws no movie is perfect. The 2 big flaws most people seem to bring up are:

    1. Contradicts the first movie
    2. Care Bears grow up too fast.

    The growing up too fast never really bothered me as one can say it's just because their magical. I was really upset at first about the contradiction to the first movie but taken by itself it has a very good story. I thought the songs were really awesome, especially "The Fight Song". The lamest moment in the movie I thought was the part about the moose - but hey no movie is perfect. Taken as a whole I think the story the characters, especially Darkheart, and the awesome songs outweigh the flaws. And not to forget of course it teaches good morals. Excellent to teach kids about caring and maybe not too bad for adults either - of which I am one of them. Five stars for an excellent movie. ...more info
  • This movie rules
    I am 25 years old, and I've never stopped loving this movie! I never owned it as a kid, but my cousins loaned it to me and my sisters (we finally gave it back after a couple of years), and now that I have an 18-month old daughter of my own, I want her to get to know the magic of this awesome movie, too! The Care Bears are so cool (everything I wished I could be), and I love how their powers come from their love for everyone. The Care Bears are so contagious, even Dark Heart couldn't resist anymore! All of the songs are so cute, and I still remember all the words (in fact, I still have my audio cassette soundtrack). The song "Forever Young" is my favorite. This movie will never get old, and either will the Care Bears (I still sleep with my Bedtime Bear!). Okay, that was probably more than you wanted to know. Anyway, you have to get this movie. For your kids, for yourself. If you're looking for a video that is chock-full of values, love, caring, acceptance, and forgiveness (which, unfortunately, is kinda rare these days), then you need to add this one to your video library....more info
  • A Classic '80's Toon!
    I had been searching for this film in local stores for a long time and finally found it the other day and bought it! It's still great after all these years! However, I still fail to understand how Dark Heart could almost drown?!!! I mean, he was a sea serpent at the beginning, and his true form seems to be a cloud of evil. But who cares, this is pure '80's sugar and great fun! If you loved the first one, you'll probably love this one just as much.
    Three kids at a summer camp are tired of being last in everything. Two of the kids get a visit from the Care Bears, while the third gets a visit from Dark Heart, making a deal to be Camp Champ, but in exchange for what? Classic good vs. Evil. Could Dark Heart be the Devil? The film shows the babyhood of the Care Bears and Care Bear cousins, and seems to cancel out some of the facts from the original movie. In the original, the Bears seemed to be meeting the Cousins for the first time, but in this, they were babies together. And in this second film we see the original Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin, True Heart and Noble Heart who are both mysteriously absent from the original film. Oh well, maybe this is the Care Bears in a parallel dimension. If you watch the films seperately it's fine, but one after the other might confuse you.
    Care Bears Movie 2 has a strange narrator by the way. A huge star. No, not a movie star, and not the sun, just a huge star who guides the first Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin, along with the Cubs, to a Care A Lot type place (before they split the cubs up, sending half to Care A Lot and half to the Forrest of Feelings). Who knows where they came from though. The opening is much like the opening to Santa Claus, the Movie, where they are shown their new home, and are led into a new life of watching over the children of the world, making sure they all "care." It's all kinda New Agey now that I think about it, but very cute and great for boosting toy sales. A highlight for me was always the fact that Tenderheart's voice was noneother than whoever it was that voiced Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This sequel, or prequel I guess, is not quite as good as the original, but almost, and just as entertaining. The villain is not as scary, but pretty darn evil and does some really devil-like, in personality that is, not necessarily appearance. Like the first, this film teaches some great lessons and is pure sweetness and fun. It's great for anyone like me, a 26 year old, straight, male, cartoon lover who enjoys flashbacks to his childhood, or just the average kid who needs something to watch and likes cartoons!...more info
  • Weird... Innappropiate....
    This movie just surprised me. I got it for my little sister at
    a book sale and watched it later that night to make fun of it.
    Of course, it was stupid... after all, stupid is the Care Bears'
    middle name, right? I know that one of my favorite characters
    from the first movie ( Kim ) was Dawn, but Christy was my favorite character. Christy thinks she's a loser, and after a
    long day of trying to survive in the forest, she meets Dark Heart, who can change from a little boy to a cloud of smoke to
    several different animals. We all know that this is the Care Bears' worst enemy ( Shreeky and Beastly weren't invented yet ).
    During these scenes, the Care Bears are little cubs,
    un-aware of their future talent in caring. The bears grow up
    and this incident is still going on, so they help Christy ( at
    least they try ) while their parents are away. One scene is
    when Christy is in a boat ( while dark heart is close by ),
    pretending that she needs help. The bears try to rescue her,
    until Dark Heart comes and zaps them and puts some into a bag.
    Similar scenes are repeated over and over again until each
    bear is put in the bag, until they get locked in cages.
    Then, Dark Heart puts them into jewels to make a project that
    he will hang on the ceiling. Christy falls down after being zapped by Dark Heart and manages to shoot a marble that breaks
    the project. The bears get out of the jewels and stand close
    by. Then, Christy turns into a crystal and Dark Heart gets really upset. It's gross, because he's holding her head up
    like he loves her or something. He says mean things to the
    bears like " You can't do anything if you can't save this child, ". Then the bears gather in a circle and say " We care "
    or something like that several times until they convince Dark
    Heart to join in and he says " I care " because he really means it. Then Christy turns into herself again and she gets up and smiles at Dark Heart. Then, later, Dark Heart turns into a boy.
    This scene reminds me of Pinnochio because he says, " I'm a boy,
    a real boy! " and dances around with Christy, and hugs her ( this is what I mean by innapropiate ). Later, the bears, Dark
    Heart, Christy, and Christy's best friends, John and Dawn
    are swimming. The last scene is weird because Share Bear and Braveheart Lion are in a boat together in the moonlight with a
    heart and a star. The very last scene shows this old star
    ( who my sister calls, " Old Man ") speaking to you. It's
    weird, and unless your kids like stupid things, this movie should
    be the only video tape remaining at the book sale at your library.
    ( I only gave it 3 stars because of making fun of it )...more info
  • Good Cartoon Movie.... very warm and fuzzy
    I like this film. Dark Heart is a villian I find okay for a tots movie. I see alot in this film that makes my eyes glaze over. The songs aren't cheesy or cookie cutter. This cute movie isn't sickening like Elmo in Grouchland....more info
  • Love it still!
    I love this DVD! I loved it when I was little and now ( I'm a 28 year old! ) It has a great message about friends and showing love to others. The five year olds I work with for camp liked it too. One girl said as soon as it ended, "Can we watch it over again? "...more info
  • Ah Memories!!!
    Ah the carebears!! They bring back such wonderful memories of my childhood in the 80s. I think I owned all of the toys. What I wouldn't do to have my orignial carebears stuffed animals, cloud car, and plastic toys again!! No, I can't go into the local store and buy some new ones because they're just not the same.

    Anyway, I bought this movie by accident because I was looking for my favourite carebears episode, and I believed this one was it. It's the episode about two orphaned children. One is a girl, and the other a boy. The boy gets upset for some reason and runs off into the forest where he finds Dark Heart, and the boy is changed into a monster. He lives with the other children turned monsters in Dark Hearts' castle until the day his sister arrives with the carebears and they break the spell. Sound familiar anyone????

    Well, this movie is about three kids in a summer camp. A brother and sister, and a girl who wants to be Camp Champ. The girl is so frustrated with not winning Camp Champ that she runs off and meets Dark Heart in the disguise of a boy. He tricks her and says that he will make her Camp Champ, but she must do a favor for him. Hmmm? She of course takes the bargin. Later on Dark Heart says that she must repay him by making him capture the carebears.

    What comes next is a weird, kinda creepy scene where Dark Heart has captured the carebears, and immortalized them in crystals hanging from his ceiling. Surprisingly two carebears escaped, and they (along with the brother and sister) come to the other carebears rescue.

    I do admit it is a great childrens movie. I highly recommend that your kids watch it, instead of these silly cartoons they have out now.

    ...more info
  • A great learning movie for kids
    I'm 21 now and I used to watch the Care Bears when the first came out 20 years ago. As soon as I found out the Care Bears were back I went straight out to buy anything Care Bear related. This movie really does help kids learn the difference between right and wrong. Another thing is I don't think that the bears scare kids and I also don't think that they lose their cuteness when they start talking. (that has to do with a previous review). I will buy the DVD's for myself and then hold onto them for when I have my own kids. They're awesome and the cutest lil things around!!!...more info
  • Care Bears Movie 2: New Generation
    I loved this movie as a kid, I bought it because I work at a youth center and also have two young nieces. All the children I showed it to loved it and wanted to watch it over and over again! The quality has been touched up a lot so it is different from what I remember, but the colors are great and the kids really appreciate it!...more info
  • Great picture. Terrible sound
    This release of the movie looks great but the sound is still not in stereo and in parts of the movie, especially at the beginning, the sound doesn't match what the picture is doing. I don't remember my old tape doing that. The mastering looks rushed on this one. It also does not contain the trailer for this movie, but advertisements for other movies, so the special features really aren't much of a bonus.

    I'd give this a 5 if the sound was done properly....more info

  • Pretty scary and dark - watch with caution
    We have had this movie for a couple years and my girls have enjoyed watching it... until the meaning of the 'evil' set in as they got older. M 6 year old can handle it.. she loves a little thrill... but my "old soul" and sensitive 3 and a half year old... well, she's been having nightmares for days now... over a movie she's seen way too many times. An upside, the songs are pretty cool. Wish I could find a soundtrack! All in all - would not recommend for the sensitive viewer - or parents, preview this before you show the wee ones. :)...more info
  • Not bad, but it doesn't carry the same magic as the original!
    First of all, I'm NOT a kid! The only reason I chose this review form is because there is no other alternative to remain anonymous. Anyway, I've always loved the "Care Bears" as a child growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, and no other children's television program can compare! I've also watched the original television program more than 200 times already and I never get tired of it! The story, the characters, and the music is simply irrestible and the voice acting is also very well done! I got the opportunity to see, "Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation" the other day, and I must say that it makes a pretty good follow-up. Here, we learn the origins of the Care Bears and the Care Bear cousins and the reason why they weren't together in the beginning of the first movie. Later, the movie starts to pick up right after the original left off, where the Care Bears and cousins started living together back in Care-Alot (as seen at the end of the original movie) I found the concept to mix a prequel/sequel together to work quite well for this! However, when you think about it, it just doesn't have that same special kind of magic that the original movie had! The characters are still interesting and the story is decent, but the musical numbers just aren't up there with, "Nobody Cares Like a Bear" or "Home is in Your Heart". Don't get me wrong, I thought that this was okay, but it cannot beat the first one!...more info
  • REALLY messed up!
    This movie is seriously messed up. The retard that made this movie really needs to admit him/herself into an asylum.

    How can the Care Bear cousins be cousins of the bears when they all have the same parents?

    Why does Christy risk her life to save Dark Heart even if she was reluctant to?

    WHY in all the hecks do the two goody-goody two shoes Dawn and John have rhyming names?

    Why was this movie made???!!!...more info
  • Fun for all.
    Before I review this film, I decided to answer the question so many reviewers have posted on Amazon in the past. The question is: How is it possible to have only met the Care Bear Cousins in the first movie and end up knowing them all along in the sequel? The answer couldn't be simpler. The Second full length Care Bears movie is entitled: The Care Bears Move II: A New Generation. This means it is an entirely different world.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I am a 21-year-old male who is a fan of these `80s's pop culture icons. Most boys I grew up with like myself watched the show along with all the cool stuff the `80's had to offer and we all had at least one doll. I was the proud owner of Champ Bear thank you very much. The second movie is a very interesting one now that I look back on it. After finding my old copy I realized this movie was a little extreme for young children. The villain is a demon and there are very serious situations that kids wouldn't understand like the scene where Dark Heart almost drowns. Yes even though he is a demon if you knock your self out you can drown. All and all the movie has a great easy to follow story, great sound track and leaves you with a positive attitude. It also has great action and proves that the Care Bears not only care about the well being of Earth's children, but they care about their own family just as much.

    Still, I felt there were some very disappointing things about the second installment. 1) Even though we were introduced to a new Care Bear named Harmony (Dark purple with one red heart and two small pink hearts flanking it), did you ever notice that Treat Heart Pig was not in the movie at all? All you true fans should look very carefully she isn't there and she became one of the most popular characters in the last few seasons of the animated series. 2) Where are Grams Bear and Hugs and Tugs? They were all in the first movie, but if they were not in the second one, how did they end up Care -A- Lot? Think about it, Grams Bear should have been the first Care Bear instead of the other new characters True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse. 3) This is my biggest beef, barely any of the Care Bears actually played a part in this movie. Their names were mentioned, but none of them said anything! In the first movie every Care Bear has at least one line, but not all the Cousins. I was into the Care Bears just as much as Transformers and He-Man, but never in my life have I ever heard the voices of Loyal Heart Dog or Proud Heart Cat. They made appearances in both films, but not once did either say a single word. Oh yea and what's with the gender changes? Some were no big deal, but I'll tell you this...BIRTHDAY BEAR IS A DUDE! Anyway besides these issues, Care Bears II is a great buy for all ages. Whether young or old no one will be disappointed. Still, it would be cool to see a Care Bears III, one that could appeal to the old fans like me....more info

  • Great music and great story!
    This is a warm great story full of wonderful music for kids. It's old and classic, but it's a fabulous movie to show kids, especially nowadays who are so mesmerized by other kind of entertainment. Like I said, I love the music because it's easy for them (kids) to follow it, and even sing it. I especially love the ending song. It's beautiful and brings me lots a good memories. I highly recommend it for the youngsters at home....more info
  • Great for kids, fun for fans.
    Every kid born from the period of 1981-1986 owned a Care Bear. Don't shake your head, pal. You KNOW you did. And most of us saw the movies too. And loved them. Once again, just fess up. For kids, this is a great movie. Sweet, simple and cute. Not a movie for non-whimiscal grownups (unless you REALLY get into the obvious influence of the story of Faust on the movie.) But hey, for those of us who like to revel in the carefree nostalgia of childhood, you just about HAVE to own this flick. Go ahead, buy it. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy....more info
  • Care Bears Movie II: New Generation
    This item was also for my niece and nephew. Once you have seen the Care Bears Movie you really need to follow it up with this one for you need to follow up with all of the Care Bears. Also with it being in DVD format it will last for a long time. ...more info
  • Care bears movie II: New Generation
    There was a flaw on the DVD. It would get to a point and stop. It was a gift and 30 days would have passed before it could be returned....more info
  • Left an Impression
    I pretty well forgot all the movies I saw when I was a little kid, and I couldn't tell you what they were, or what they were about--except this one. This one, I never forgot.

    It is only rarely that a book or movie geared towards little kids deals with serious themes, and it is especialy surprising that one of these rare stories comes to us from the Care Bears franchise, but the reason I never forgot this movie was that it did not flinch from addressing some surprisingly heavy topics. Unlike the cute-"scary" villains I vaguely recall from the tv series, this movie features a villain that is truly and genuinely evil. Deception and temptation are all in a day's work for him, as is luring a frustrated girl into a dangerous bargain.... The girl has to find the inner strength to break free of that bargain, and find redemption, even though it very nearly costs her life. True, she is brought back from the brink (and the reviews I have seen have various reactions to that scene) but it is made quite clear that she is in terrible danger if something isn't done. The villain himself realizes just how worthless all his "power" is when he is forced to come face to face with the consequences of his actions.

    It may be candy-coated, and some aspects of the film may be childlike, but I feel like it had a real plot, and I'll never forget it because this was the first story I ever saw that dealt clearly with themes of sin, temptation, redemption, the use and misuse of power, and true Good versus Evil with life and death at stake. Nor is it merely "a lesson about caring"--it shows how even the smallest acts of kindness (or UNkindness) can have far-reaching effects, and how truly important the bonds between people can be. The parent will have to decide if all of this is "too much" for a child to see, but in general I am in support of stories that don't talk down to children the way most available stories seem to do. ...more info
  • Care Bears Movie II: New Generation (1986)
  • Care bear cubs, always in my heart
    I am so surprised at the mixed reactions to this movie! The Care Bears Movie 2 was one of my very favorites when I was a child, and I still like to watch it with my young nephew today. I love to see the care bears as babies, as they are in the beginning of the movie. The plot is much cuter than the original movie. A+ for nostalgic Care Bear lovers!...more info
  • Best Kid Movie of All Time
    This movie is a classic, I watched it growing up and still can't help watching it every once in awhile. This movie cheers me up everytime, and every child that has seen it loves the baby cubs and songs....more info
  • Wow...
    Well, this is the kind of movie you never was my favorite when I was tiny, and to this very day I sometimes find myself either thinking fondly of it or putting references in my own writing (kind of strange when you're dealing with dark fantasy type things...) I still love it, on some level (and THAT is a real embarrassment...) and if I had a kid, or knew someone who was having a kid, I'd get it for them. And then we'd all chant "We Care" at the important moments...or "We don't care!" if you want to be a stinker......more info
    This movie came out in theaters when I was 5, my whole room was Care Bears. This is a awesome movie. Anyone who grew up with Care Bears knew what they were about. The Care Bears were shown as cubs because as anyone who knows about the Care Bears know this movie actually takes place before the first one, this is how they found Care-A-Lot. This is a must and a good way to warm any little girl or boys heart Good way to teach lessons that movies and cartoon's dont teach today....more info
  • Imaginative and inspiring for aspiring animators
    This movie along with every 1980's cartoon is the very reason I wanted to be an animation director, screenwriter and character designer. This what animation is about fantasy, fun, and maybe a few good songs here and there. Alot of disney films over did the new songs routine. this movie has a story and songs that play a role in the movie, not extending it a few more minutes like the land before time sequels....more info
  • Cute, educational and entertaining children's movie
    When I was little, I could watch this movie over and over without ever getting tired of it. Today, I still think it's a great movie to teach children values(not in a very subtle way, but who cares?) such as the importance of caring for other people and that being the best at everything is not so crucial as long as you stay true to yourself. A traditional tale of the triumph of good over evil, Care Bears 2 is a very cute and often funny movie that is sure to put a smile on the faces of your littles ones....more info


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