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  • Pretty good Wrestlemania
    It's not great however in terms of quality but in
    quantity it's good. It has a bit of an issue like
    other Wrestlemanias (II For example) in that some
    matches are just way , way too short.

    After the success of Wrestlemania IV, Vince and company
    went back to Trump Plaza for another Wrestlemania.
    This has been regarded as one of the more popular
    Wrestlemanias ever because of the Hogan/Savage rivalry.

    1. Opening match Hercules vs. King Haku

    ** and 1./2 A basic brawl with some wrestling, Hercules does go over though as a face for the time being.

    2. Brutus Beefcake vs. Ted Dibiase- Not bad , instead of putting over either one of them, the match has one of those draw endings.

    3. Dino Bravo vs. Rugged Ronnie Garvin-A basic job to Bravo, but Garvin makes its pretty interesting so it doesn't become just a squash match. ** and ? stars.

    4. The Blue Blazer vs. Mr. Perfect Curt Henning: Both guys are now gone what a shame considering this a very good match. Yeah it's a typical Perfect jobbing but Owen Hart as the Blue Blazer has his best match though
    *** and ?

    5. Strike Force vs. Brain Buster-Pretty good match, Brain Busters we're being promoted as the next big tag team, and eventually they would win the titles from Demolition. Strike Force's days though we're over. Rick Martel would become a heel after the match but his WWF career would be pretty forgettable *** stars.

    6 Bushwhackers vs. Roguea Brothers- How did this get on the card? It's a match no one cares about. The Bushwhackers pick up the victory, however both Bushwhackers and Rogueas would basically be jobbing machines for the rest of their careers ** stars.

    6. Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior-Despite the diss on the Warrior by WWE's cheap attempt to make profit by their Self-Destruction, they can't deny Warrior was the biggest face at the time next Hogan and he did make a lot of money for them. Great buildup for this match seeing how it all started. The match wasn't that bad either in terms of excitement. Rude cheats to win but later would drop the title to Warrior at Summerslam *** star

    7. Hart Foundation vs. Honky Tonky Man and Greg Valentine
    - Man what a short match, lasting only about five minutes. The Harts go but would have to wait a year before they would get their title run. Hitman does most of the work with Anvil doing his power thing ** stars

    8. Andre vs. Jake Roberts (w/ John Studd as referee): Andre was never a good wrestler, he was a pretty average big man like Vader, Sika and King Kong Bundy. Basically a lot of chokehold here mixed with some chops. Roberts counters
    With some wrestling and his trademark high knees. The twist at the end with Dibiase running in and Andre choking stuff really saved the match from Being completely boring ** and ?

    9.. Demolition vs. Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji in a handicap for the WWF Tag Team Titles: Demo goes over Barbarian and Warlord (the Road Warrior wannabees). Not that bad of a match though, Demolition and Powers had some good chemistry.
    The ending was never in doubt though ***

    9. Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bad News Brown-Another short match with really no long term benefits. The ending would have worked better if this was a hardcore match . ** stars.

    11. Twin Towers (Akeem & Big Bossman) w/ Slick vs. the Rockers:
    A basic squash, it's the Rockers first tag team ppv but they are not going over here. The Rockers we're basically another jobbing team that went nowhere, even after they captured the titles from the Harts in a phantom match the titles would go ight back to the Harts. ** stars here.

    12. "Red Rooster" Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Heenan:

    Absolutely dreadful, this had on payoff except we get to see Heenan make a fool of himself, and he's done that millions of time. Heenan was never a wrestler just a manager
    Who was put in as a wrestler as a joke * star.

    Piper's Pit with Morton Downey Jr. and Brother Love:

    Most fans enjoy this, the return of Rowdy Roddy Piper was something that was pretty good with the WWF. Piper was the original bad boy and laid the groundwork for other bad boys like Stone Cold or Rock. Piper's promos we're memorable.
    Anyhow it's fun to see him embarrass Pritchard and Morton Downey.

    13. Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage ****.

    Even though this a typical Hogan job, Savage makes this very interesting, and the crowd definitely get it's biggest pops in this match. The Hogan/Savage feud really did payoff for the WWF in terms of buyrates and ratings. Pretty predictable but decent.

    Overall not a bad Wretslemania, but several matches we're crap and some of them Lasted no more than five minutes, another one of those hurried Wrestlemanias. Still not bad for nostalgia and looking at the Old School days of the WWF.

    ...more info
  • Wrestlemania 5- The MegaPowers Explode!
    Broadcasted from Atlantic City, NJ, Wrestlemania 5 had a weak undercard and a highly-hyped main event: Champion "Macho Man" Randy Savage versus Hulk Hogan. Hogan and Savage had been the unbeatable combo for the previous year until Savage's jealousy of Hulk's popularity caused him to turn heel and attack his former partner. Unfortunately, the WWF decided to base their PPV around the match and didn't spend enough time making compelling undercards. The PPV begins with Rockin' Robin singing a horrid rendition of "America the Beautiful". She should have stuck to wrestling.
    King Haku vs. Hercules- **1/2
    -Not a bad opener for two brawlers. Haku was out of place as "the king" because he didn't have the flamboyant personality to make it work. He's a stone-faced bodyguard type of character and would soon to return to it. Hercules lacks personality, but he got some cheers and wins.

    Twin Towers (Akeem and Big Boss Man) vs. Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety)-***
    -Very entertaining as the tiny Rockers bounce around the ring and use doubleteams to keep the mammoth Towers off-balance. Michaels shows flashes of his future greatness. Bossman was a decent big man, but Akeem just looks bloated and his ridiculous dance moves border on maddening. Still, the towers win after Akeem splashes Michaels.

    "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase vs. Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake- **
    -It says something when master technician Dibiase couldn't carry Beefcake to a good match. Slow, boring, and somewhat too long. Dibiase's awesome entrance music is cut out, too. An unsatisfying double countout doesn't help.

    The Fabulous Rougeaus vs. The Bushwhackers- *1/2
    -Terrible match as Luke and Butch couldn't wrestle to save their lives. The Rougeaus inability to focus leads to the whackers getting a win with a double stomach-breaker.

    Mr. Perfect vs. The Blue Blazer- **1/2
    -It's truly sad that these two are already deceased. Both were amazing talents in their time. Too short, but Owen still impresses with some good ariel moves. Perfect gets the win after a surprise Perfectplex. Neither of these two had hit their prime at this point, so they would have much more memorable matches later.

    Demolition (Ax and Smash)(tag team champs) vs. The Powers of Pain (Warlord and Barbarian) and Mr. Fuji- *1/2
    -A very slow, boring match. The Powers were impressive physical specimens who didn't get it done in the ring. The best moments are when Fuji enters the ring. Demolition predictably wins with a very sloppy decapitator.

    Dino Bravo vs. Rugged Ronnie Garvin- n/a
    -My DVD had some scratches, so I didn't watch this. Bravo wins.

    The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) vs. Strike Force (Rick Martel and Tito Santana)- ***
    -The second best match of the night. Tito wrestles most of the match alone after Martel abandons him (and cuts an awful promo afterwards). The busters hit some impressive moves, including a sick double piledriver that was easily the spot of the night. The Busters win.

    Piper's Pit- Rowdy Piper, Brother Love, and Morton Downy, Jr.
    -Awful, awful, awful. One of the worst Wrestlemania spots ever. Fast foward this, I cringe just thinking about it.

    "No Holds Barred" Preview
    -This spot reminded me just how different things are from then to now. The movie actually looks as bad as it was.

    Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Andre the Giant-*
    -Very boring as the Giant dominates 95% of the match. These were very entertaining wrestlers but had no chemistry. A double disqualification ends it, leading to a post-match encounter between Andre and guest referee Big John Studd.

    Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Honky Tonk Man vs. The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart)- **
    -A short, forgettable match, though Bret and Jim hit a great spot where Bret launches the big man into the ring using the ropes. The Harts win by cheating, of all things.

    The Ultimate Warrior (Intercontinental champion) vs. "Ravishing" Rick Rude- **
    -Warrior essentially slaps Rude around the whole match, then loses when Bobby Heenan grabs his leg? The match isn't terrible, but there's really nothing to get excited about except Rude's surprising win.

    Bad News Brown vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan- *
    -Slow, short, and boring. Nothing more to say.

    Red Rooster vs. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan- n/a
    -Not a match as much as a segment where Rooster pins Heenan after one move. Blah.

    "Macho Man" Randy Savage (champion) vs. Hulk Hogan- ****
    -By far the best match of the night, and the longest and most engaging as well. Savage carries the match, and actually dominates most of it. Hulk does a few surprisingly dirty things like raking Savage's eyes and grabbing the tights. Unfortunately, a very good match is sort of deflated with a flat ending- a standard "hulk up, big boot, leg drop" pin that comes out of nowhere (it wasn't helped that Hogan was pretty much guaranteed to win the gold). Savage probably should have retained, but it still doesn't ruin a good effort and a good way to finish off Wrestlemania.

    Commentary- The late, great Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura had absolutely no chemistry. Monsoon found his proper partner in Bobby Heenan later, but the lack of comradery between the two announcers is noticable. Easily the best line of the night:
    Monsoon: The Twin Towers are easily the biggest tag team in sports entertainment!
    Ventura- I'm certainly not going to disagree with that, unless you have a twin brother.
    There were also a lot of "thumb to the eyes", signaling a lack of creativity in cheating. We also see a lot of Bobby Heenan, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sensational Sherri cuts a good heel promo.
    Overall: Not the best Wrestlemania by far, though it does end with a bang. The following Wrestlemania would easily overshadow it, both in entertainment and match quality....more info
  • Back to Trump Plaza again for the biggest show of the year
    WM 5 on paper may not have looked like a great card but it certainly delivered. Some may not value this as a good show, but I think it outshined many of the other ones. Although the main focus was on the Mega Power encounter, there some other matches that shined as well. Well, without further due, here's the card and my rating of the matches.

    ***** = Classic; **** = Excellent; ***=Good; ** = Fair; * = Poor; DUD = Don't waste your time

    1. the late Hercules vs Haku (w/Bobby Hennan)
    - After being a faithful client of Heenan for a few years, Heenan tries to sell Hercules to Dibiase as a slave but Herc refused and becomes a face against Haku who was getting a decent push at this time. This match is surprisingly a decent match. Hercules showed some good wrestling skills until he stopped and went after Heenan which allowed Haku to slow down the pace of the match. Hercules came back to win the match with a backsuplex into a bridge for the win. Not bad at all.

    Rating: ** 1/2

    2. Rockers vs Twin Towers(w/ Slick)
    - The battle of David vs Golitah. Rockers gave away alot of height and weight against the Towers. Rockers did however use some speed and good double team work against the Towers but the Towers strength was too much as Akeem splashed a young Shawn Michaels for the win. Rockers helped carry the Towers to a good match with their skills and bouncing around like a pinballs.

    Rating: *** 1/2

    3. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs Million Dollar Man
    - Okay match that ends in a double DQ. Dibiase tries but just can't carry the barber to a decent match. The match moves too slow and they repeat moves over and over again.

    Rating *

    4. Rougeas Bros. vs Bushwackers
    - Rougeaus Brothers careers were starting to go downhill and it shows here with a loss. No wrestling and a lot of stalling makes this match skipable.

    Rating: 1/4

    5. Blue Blazer (late Owen Hart) vs Mr. Perfect (late Curt Henning)
    - It's sad that both of these guys are deceased but this match helps bring back their younger days and shows how good they were as wrestlers. Match was too short but they still packed in some good action. Perfect caught Blazer off guard long enough to hit the perfect plex to remain undefeated at that time.

    Rating: **

    6. Demolition vs Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji
    - Fuji betrayed the team he helped win the tag titles a year ago to join up with the Powers Of Pain. Match was pretty boring except for the parts where Fuji tries to wrestle. Pretty much a bodyslam and clothsline contest. Demolition eventually caught him and won with the decapitator to remain champs.

    Rating: 3/4

    7. Dino Bravo vs Ronnie Garvin
    - Match was nothing more than a Bravo squash but Garvin's offense is what keeps this match somewhat watchable. Garvin would get mad and attack Bravo's manager Frenchy Martin after the match.

    Rating: 1/2

    8. Strike Force Vs Brain Busters(w/ Heenan)
    - Strike Force hadn't teamed up in almost a year but they didn't look like they've missed a beat. Strike Force was dominating the match until Santana accidentally hit Martel with the flying forearm. Busters would take over and Martel would walk out on his partner to face the busters on his own. Santana put on a good effort but the Busters were too much and they would finish him off with a deadly spike piledriver. This was truly a great techinical wrestling match. Plenty of pinning combinations, submission moves, and arial moves makes this a must see.

    Rating: **** 1/4

    9. Jake "Snake" Roberts vs the late Andre The Giant (w/ the late Big John Studd as ref)
    - Do yourself a favor and just fast forward thru this. You will be bored to tears. Andre dominates about 90-95% of the match until he and Studd got into a confortation which led Studd to DQ him. Nothing exciting happens in the match. It's like watching a movie in slow motion.

    Rating: DUD

    10. Hart Foundation vs Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine
    - Mildly entertaining match-up. Even though it was obvious who would win the match, Honky and Valentine gave the Harts a run for their money. Neidhart steals Jimmy Hart megaphone and hands it to Bret who knocks out Honky for the win.

    Rating: **

    11. Ulimate Warrior vs the late Rick Rude for the IC title
    - I could see why many didn't like this match because it did lack some wrestling skills but it was a fun match to watch in my book. Warrior tossed Rude around the ring like a pinball but Rude does manage to get some good wrestling moves in. The ending did suck where Warrior tries to suplex Rude back in the ring but Heenan trips him and holds on to the warrior's leg for the upset win.

    Rating: *** 1/4

    12. Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Bad News Brown
    - A worthless brawl that last 3 minutes and ends with a ridiciouls double dq. A few funny parts both not worth seeing.

    Rating: 1/4

    13. Red Rooster vs Bobby Heenan
    - The match of the student vs the teacher. Heenan dumps Rooster b/c he didn't live up to his expectations. Rooster squashed him in 30 seconds. Again, fast forward thru this.

    Rating: DUD

    14. Heavyweight title match Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan
    These two had good chemistry toward wm and even much so in this match. They worked well as a unit and work just as good as enemies. Even though the action wasn't great, it had the wrestlemania feel to it. Alot of emotion and excitement. Savage relied on many of his dirty tactics like going after the throat of Hogan like he did with Steamboat and busted open his right eye. As you would expect, Hogan regains his title and ends Savage's year run as the champ. I think the Strike Force vs Brainbuster match was slightly better.

    Rating: ***

    Bottom Line: This show had some flaws in it just like every other WM, but the good overlooks the bad. Great main event, good tag team matches (especially Strike Force vs Brain BUsters), and a few decent midcards matches gives this one a big thumps up. ...more info
    In 1989 Wrestlemania returned to Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino for the second year in a row. Last year we saw Randy Savage win the world title tournament and form a Mega Power bond with Hulk Hogan that many thought would never be broken. We fast forward a year to see that The Mega Powers have exploded as Hulk takes on Macho for the title! The WWF made this Wrestlemania one for the prowrestling history books. They didnyt try to top last yearys four hour spectacular or 1987ys Wrestlemania III. No sir, Wrestlemania V was simply a series of big matches between wrestlers who were fueding at the time and as it turned out this Wrestlemania far surpassed the overblown Wrestlemania IV. It was no Wrestlemania III spectacle but it was still a very strong and greatly booked event.

    -Hercules vs. King Haku- Haku had beaten Harley Race in his final WWF match and took his crown claiming ot be the king of the WWF. This was several years before the king of the ring concept. Herc on the otherhand had just recently turned face. The match is nothing particularily breathtaking but itys ok. Hercules takes it. *

    -Twin Towers vs. The Rockers- This probably woud have been a better opening but whatever. This is Shawn Michaels Wresltemania debut. However back here heys a rocker not the HBK. This is a great tag match in a classic size versus speed battle. Rockers do some great double teaming but the Towers (Akeem and Big Bossman) are just too big. Akeem squashes Michaels for the pin. Great tag match ***

    -Million Dollar Man vs. Brutus Beefcake- Wow! Oly Teddy goes from World title contender to battling Beefcake in one year. Kind of sad but he would return to prominence. Think this would be good huh? Well it ends in double counout. Disappointing. *

    -Rougeau Brothers vs. Bushwhackers- This match makes me angry. The Rougeaus had been a respect tag team for many years at this point and their heel turned only boosted their charisma. Unfortunately it was Butch and Luke who ruined everything. The Rougeaus jobbed to the Bushwhackers for most of 1989. It was embarassing and it also led to the Rougeaus departure in 1990. Sad match. *

    -Mr.Perfect vs. The Blue Blazer- Perfect was undefeated in the WWF while the Blazer (the late Owen Hart) was relatively new and unexperienced. The match ould have been better cause neither man is on his best here. Perfectys undefeaed streak remains in tact. **1/2

    -(Tag Chamionship) Demolitions (Champs) vs. Powers Of Pain & Mr.Fuji- A bizarre tag handicapped match. Fuji was unnecessary here and cost the Powers the match. The Demos had won the titles last year and held them for well over a year now. Ax and Smash are insanely over here and Warlord and Barbarian were always underrated themselves. Both teams put on a great show although Mr.Fuji hampers it a bit but heys not in long. Good match. ***

    -Dino Bravo vs. Ron Garvin- Garvin is a jobber not the NWA legend here. Bravo wins it. yNuff said! *

    -Strike Force vs. The Brain Busters- Strike Force hadnyt been a team for well over a year. They had a lot to live up to coming off their losss to tag chams Demolition as well as facing the wily Busters. Another fantastic tag match that ends in Rick arelt abandoning Tito. Busters win it. Striek Force breaks up and fueds. Martel becomes the model. Tito becomes a midcard jobber. ***

    -Andre The Giant vs. Jake The Snake Roberts- The blowoff to a fued. Andre destroys Jake until ref John Studd calls for a DQ. Jake luckily wins it. Weak blow off but I never expected Jkae to pin Andre. *1/2
    -Hart Foundation vs. Rhythm & Blues- This was before Honky & The Hammer actually became Rhythm & Blues. Hart Foundation was my pick to win this easily. Honky hadnyt seen a good day since before Summerslam y88 and the Hammer hadnyt seen a good day since the Dream Team broke up. Anyways The Hitman and The Anvil win it with relative ease. Average. **1/2

    -(Intercontinetal Championship) Ultimate Warrior (Champ) vs. Rick Rude- A heated fued between these two. Rick was a thorn in the Warrior side. He wanted the gold and got it tonight but heyd lose it at a better match in the summer of that year. This match isnyt very good. Rude wins his first and only WWF title in a very unconvincing pin. *

    -Jim Duggan vs. Bad News Brown- Brawl thats ends in double DQ. Bad really bad. Itys Duggan so fast forward. *

    -Red Rooster vs. Bobby Heenan- Another awful match. Rooster had been under Heenanys wing but eventualy was dumped. This is his winning payback. Sad for Terry Taylor to be misused like this but the money must have been good. *

    -(WWF Championship) Macho Man (Champ) vs. Hulk Hogan- The end of the Mega Powers. This match was very suprising! I thought it would be brutal but both guys put on one heck of a show. Perhaps Hoganys best match ever. Hulkmania wins the title back! ****

    Overall this Wrestlemania was a better showing than last years. The matches were stronger even though the event was shorter than Wrestlemania IV. Hogan made a good showing here which is rare to see him in a great match but he was on the top of his game. Highly recommended!...more info

  • Mediocre? Absolutely not! It rulled!
    Wrestlemania V is one of the best wrestlemanias of all-time and this PPV had a higher buyrate than some of the wrestlemanias in recent years. Randy Savage-Hulk Hogan was a great match and when the Macho Man hit the flying elbow, I thought Hogan was done. In fact, Hogan should have put Savage over that night, but instead, Savage lost. Strike Force v.s. the Brain Busters was a great match until Martel walked out, shattering one of the most beloved teams in the WWF. Demolition dominated the Powers of Pain. Overall, Wrestlemania was great (...)....more info
  • WrestleMania V
    Haku VS Hercules: I was surprised at how well this match was pulled off. It was not a classic but any means, but it was still enjoyable.

    Rockers VS Twin Towers: A great match. Rockers did well against two men who were bigger and managed to do a damn good job. In the end though, big overcame small.

    Ted DiBiase VS Brutus Beefcake: Not a bad match, not a good match. DiBiase is a hell of a wrestler and its always fun to see him wrestle. The ending was chaotic and made the match a waste of time in my eyes.

    Rogeau Brothers VS Bushwackers: The Bushwackers are by far the worst tag team in the history of WWF, even though everyone loved them. I loved how Gorilla said how the crowd exploded when they entered the ring. A terrible match.

    Blue Blazer VS Mr Perfect: A good match. Nothing speical but both men were young into the careers.

    Powers of Pain and Mr Fuji VS Demolition: I know Demolition was a rip off of Road Warriors and i've yet to see why Demolition was such a great tag team. Make fun of men but I liked the team of Warlord and Barbarian. This match was painful and slow. When POP finally get shots in, it picks up but quickly ends. The match sucked.

    Dino Bravo VS Ronnie Gravin: A decent match that was alright. Both men mean nothing to me so I had no interest.

    Strike Force VS Brain Busters: Wow, WWF had a vast an array of tag teams in the 80's and early 90's. This was a great tag match even though Martel walked out on Santana in the end.

    Jake Roberts VS Andre the Giant with Big John Studd as the ref: Honestly, I just skipped over this match. Andre matches were painful to watch in the end because of his health.

    Rhythm and Blues VS Hart Foundation: A great little tag match; again, wow what an array of tag teams WWF use to have.

    Ultimate Warrior VS Rick Rude: WWF use to care about the IC title. This was a great match for the Warrior. Rude wins in the end with help from Heenan.

    Jim Duggan VS Bad News Brown: Back in Wrestlemania's early years, they put useless throw away matches towards the main event. It would make me bored and want to leave. I dont know why the did this but i'm glad its not like that anymore. This match was pointless.

    Red Rooster VS Bobby Heenan: Really? Before the big main event, you throw in this crap? Rooster wins after Heenan hit the turnbuckle shoulder first. The Brooklyn Brawler attacks Rooster afterward.

    Hulk Hogan VS Randy Savage: Miss Elizabeth does an emotional interview before this match. This was my problem with WWF, they always put money on Hogan. Hogan may have made the company close to billions, but I wish they'd have put the world title on other wrestlers. Million Dollar Man, Mr Perfect, Rick Rude, could have all been great world champions. Savage could have held the title a few more times. Savage puts on a great match but of course Hogan has to win.

    A good WrestleMania, with a few bad matches....more info
  • 4 stars for a couple matches
    i just want to say the main event was great i loved this match but i wished randy savage kept the title he deserved it even though this was a great match by hulk he has just won to much and eveyone knows savage was a better wrestler than hulk will ever be but still a great match a must see ...more info
  • A good main event but that's it.
    Every match was boring all 1 star match's only 2 good match's which are Warrior vs Rick Rude which was in alright match but the warrior get's screwed 7/10 and the MainEvet which was a good Main event but i have seen better on wrestlemania's i give this match an 8/10 overall i would give this wrestlermania 7/10 a pretty good WM but i have seen better....more info
  • WWF WrestleMania 5: Mega-Powers Explode! Review
    The only super thing about this card was the Intercontinental Title match and the main event. The IC match pitted The Ultimate Warrior against "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Rude beat Warrior unfairly when Bobby Heenan grabbed his legs out from under him and held onto them while Rude got the pinfall. The main event was a solid match with "Macho Man" Randy Savage going against "Hulk" Hogan for the WWF Title. Savage hit Hogan with the Macho Elbow but he kicked out. Then Hulk big booted Savage and hit him with the Immortal Leg Drop. It gets a three because of the mediocre undercard....more info
  • The Mega-Powers Explode!
    WWF Wrestlemania 5 was the second event to take place in the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. The only Wrestlemania that would take place in the exact location as the year before. For the WWF Title, Champion-"Macho Man" Randy Savage goes against Challenger-Hulk Hogan. Jake "The Snake" Roberts takes on Andre the Giant with Big John Studd as the special guest referee. WWF Intercontinental Champion-the Ultimate Warrior defends his belt against Ravishing Rick Rude. Keep your eyes on Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. The WWF Tag Team Titles are on the line between Champions-Demolition and Challengers-the Powers of Pain with Mr. Fuji. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake takes on "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase. Hacksaw Jim Duggan goes one on one with Bad News Brown. The Red Rooster takes on his former manager in Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. The Rockers vs. the Twin Towers. Hercules vs. King Haku. In tag team action, the Bushwackers take on the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. The Blue Blazer, aka the late great Owen Hart, takes on Mr. Perfect. The Hart Foundation vs. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and the Honky Tonk Man. Rugged Ronnie Garvin vs. Dino Bravo. Strike Force wrestle their last match as a team against the Brain Busters. Plus a special Piper's Pit! Rowdy Roddy Piper interviews and humiliates both Morton Downey, Jr. and Brother Love. Also included is Run D.M.C. performing the Wrestlemania Rap....more info
    Indeed, the Mega-Powers did explode. Randy Savage lost his coveted WWF championship title to Hulk Hogan in an upset. Demolition was able to retain their titles with a win over the Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji. The Ultimate Warrior lost his Intercontinental title to Ravishing Rick Rude. This event also held the most matches up to that point. Though this card gets boring, it does have a rather hilarious showdown between Rowdy Roddy Piper, Morton Downey Jr., and Bother Love. However, the new edition if WrestleMania V is without it. The WWF would leave behind the Golden Age on that night and wait for the next year....more info
    Well the reason for three Stars......SavageVS.Hogan and DemolitionVS.Powers of Pain. The undercard was to long and had no real definition. Warrior losing the belt was to set up a summerslam match later that year. Hogan and Savage put on a good show for that time. This ranks up with Wrestlmania 15. An Average show. As they sat Average is good!...more info
  • Edited PPV!!!
    Do NOT buy Wrestlemania V on VHS that the WWF released in 1998. They have edited out the entire Piper's Pit segment from this VHS. The weird thing is, on the back of the vhs box it features a photo from the pit, but is NO where to be found on the vhs. Why is this? can anyone help me figure this out?...more info
  • Good Wrestlemania
    This was a good wrestlemania. The main event was the match of the night, rude/warrior wasn't bad. I think you should buy the box set like i did....more info
  • Wrestlemania V: The Mega Powers Explode!
    From April of 1989, at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, Wrestlemania V is one of the superior renditions of this long-running annual event. Sporting several solid matches on the lengthy undercard, they serve as a terrific warm-up to the awesome main event: WWF World Champion Randy Savage vs. former champ Hulk Hogan.

    Match Ratings: (5 stars = excellent, 4 stars = above average, 3 stars = average, 2 stars = below average, and 1 star = DUD)

    1. Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage (Champion) for the WWF Title:
    * Elizabeth is in a "neutral" corner during the match.

    Despite the predictable victory by Hogan, it's by far the best match of the event and perhaps the greatest effort the two wrestlers put forth in their long-running feud. 5 *****

    2. Strike Force vs. the Brain Busters: It's a great match with a twist ending, as it sets up the long feud between Rick Martel and Tito Santana. 4 1/2 ****

    3. Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior (Champion) for the I-C Title:
    Surprisingly good! Rude pulls off the upset (with Bobby Heenan's help). 4 ****

    4. Owen "Blue Blazer" Hart vs. Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig: Hart showcases his acrobatic talents, while Hennig escapes with the victory. Solid entertainment. 4 ****

    5. Hart Foundation vs. Honky Tonk & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart: Not necessarily great, but it is fun watching the Harts dispose of Honky Tonk and the "Hammer." 3 1/2 ***

    6. Brutus Beefcake vs. Ted DiBiase (with Virgil): It is worth watching despite the no-contest finish. 3 1/2 ***

    7. Hercules vs. "King" Haku (with Bobby Heenan): Far better than expected for the event's opening match, as Hercules puts Haku down for the three-count. 3 1/2 ***

    8. Andre vs. Jake Roberts (w/ John Studd as referee): Mostly a dull match (DQ win for Roberts), but the instant sparks between old rivals Andre and Studd salvage it. Also, Roberts' obvious next feud is set up (with Ted DiBiase). 3 ***

    9. Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji vs. Demolition (Champions)for the WWF Tag Team Title: It is somewhat disappointing, as Demolition once again defeats the Powers (at Fuji's expense). A less predictable outcome would have been much appreciated. 3 ***

    10. Rougeaus w/ Jimmy Hart vs. the Bushwhackers: This one has a few chuckles, as the Bushwhackers get the win over the hapless Rougeau boys. The highlight is a fun pratfall by the Rougeaus & Hart just as the match starts. 2 1/2 **

    11. Twin Towers (Akeem & Big Bossman) w/ Slick vs. the Rockers:
    Squash time. The Towers stomp on the Rockers. 2 **

    12. Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin vs. Ronnie Garvin: Bravo smashes Garvin. Boring. 1 1/2 *

    13. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. "Bad News" Brown: A dumb brawl ends in a quick double-DQ. 1 1/2 *

    14. "Red Rooster" Terry Taylor vs. Bobby Heenan: In one of the worst Wrestlemania matches ever, Taylor pins his former manager in a few seconds. Mercifully short ...... 1 *

    Bonus: Piper's Pit

    What could have been an amusing five-minute sketch (at most) between Piper, Brother Love, and Morton Downey, Jr., drags on far longer than necessary. Find your remote and skip ahead to its ending. That way, you can see how long it actually takes to fast-forward through this horrendous "comic relief." 0 stars

    Event Summary:

    Two thumbs up! Overall, we certainly recommend locating a copy of Wrestlemania V if you can find this vhs at a reasonable price. The better matches (especially Savage vs. Hogan) far outweigh the mediocre ones, and make it well worth your time and investment. ...more info
  • So much Potential
    Let me start out by saying that WrestlemaniaV took place during the first golden age for WWF, the period of 1986 to 1992. I believed then and I believe now that there were two kinds of fans back then, WWFmaniacs and Hulkamaniacs. I want this review to be legitimate and respectful to both fans.

    In 1988 the WWF presented fans with 2 colossal personalities Hulk Hogan, the man along with McMahon who found what fans were looking for in a front man, and Randy "Macho Man" Savage the most talented member of the roster. For a while they teamed up and were unstoppable, but as with all great stories all the best characters can't be good. This brings us to 1989 and Trump Plaza.

    To the Hulk's fans let me try to explain why so many reviewers are so critical of this PPV. First the entire under card was weak, very weak. The main event it was hoped would make up for it. IT DID.

    Hogan Savage was an unbelievable match. Both men worked overtime, but it was evident that Savage was stealing the show...and then the ending. How the company chose to do it was a complete joke, and still irritates old school fans.
    It's what gets WWFmaniacs till this day...

    The preferred way for it to end would have been Savage winning and turning face. But Hulkster doesn't job, not right but ok. Savage has to lose. Why not have a cool ending, a reversal of a big power move. A roll up or special pin. Heck even the knock out the ref iut would have worked. Instead what are fans treated to...THE HULKSTER COMBO.

    Set him up with what...power slam, pile driver, suplex...oh no those moves are too boring hulkster brings out the big moves like the BIG BOOT. As Hulkster ran off the ropes to give the LEG DROP I and fans all over the country put our heads down as if to say you've got to be kidding me. As the ref counted to 3, we counted to 10 to let out the frustration. As I said it had potential, but fell short. Only reason it gets a 2nd star is because I reserve 1 star for Wrestlemania IX (9).
    ...more info
  • WWF Wrestlemania V Review
    I became a hardcore wrestling fan around the same time as this classic WWF pay-per-view where Hulk Hogan battled "Macho Man" Randy Savage for the WWF title and the hand of the lovely Miss Elizabeth (R.I.P.).

    It also featured my all-time favorite tag team, Demolition battling The Powers Of Pain and their manager, Mr. Fuji in a classic handicap match. Another one of my favorites, Jake The Snake took on the massive Andre The Giant with Big John Studd as guest referee.

    We also got to see a classic Piper's Pit where the Hot Scot let Morton Downey, Jr. have it with a fire extinguisher. Also, Run D.M.C. performed the "Wrestlemania Rap". We also saw Rick Rude defeat The Ultimate Warrior for the I-C Title.

    As a wrestling fan, this is practically a must-own. There are a whole lot of classic matches featuring tons of top-notch 80's wrestlers and their infamous gimmicks....more info


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