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It is a world covered by endless water. Only small patches of land still exist above the water and the people of Earth cling to these patches eking out a meager existence. They rely on an ancient power source driven by Quantum Refractors—a technology constantly sought out by explorers called diggers.

  • Platform: PlayStation
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Genre: Action/Adventure

Customer Reviews:

  • Mega Man Legends For The PlayStation
    I already own this game but it's in terrible condition. This is due to me lending it out, which is something I certainly don't do anymore. My favorite Megaman game period, along with 2, I had to get it again. And I have no regrets. Besides, I have 2 copies of the game now: One with only case and disc that have seen their better days and a newer complete copy that reminds me of my original copy in its prime. ...more info
  • MegaMan - mega fun
    It arrived faster than our grandson expected. He was delighted!...more info
  • Best Videogame on Earth!!!!
    Not only is Mega Man Legends the best Mega Man game, it (along with it's sequel) is THE best videogame ever created. I experienced unfathomable ecstacy playing this game in my youth. Some of the very best moments of my life were spent playing this game. Wonderful story, characters, battle system, upgrade system, level design, music, and graphics (for the time). A very emotion inspiring game. It will live in my heart and mind for the rest of my life. I can't possibly say enough about how much I love this game. It is just that good. ...more info
  • Awseome
    Hey I wanna say that this game rocks because its like a look in the future because the world is almost covere with water only. You see its coll because if you never played it you never know whats gonna happen. A trap sets off sometimes. Well anyway I just wanna say the this game is a killer so play and find out....more info
  • Mega Man Legends
    This is a great game for everyone of all ages to play

    Mega Man Legends has your favorite character blasting his way into the third dimension. This game combines the best of classic Mega Man action with enormous bosses and a riveting storyline. Explore fascinating 3-D worlds in your quest to find the Mother Lode. You'll enjoy the dazzling 3-D graphics, deadly weapons, and non-stop action

    In MEGA MAN LEGENDS you take control of everyone's favorite blue hero, Mega Man. At the beginning of the game you find you've crash-landed on the island of Kattelox, and your ship is in need of repairs. While attempting to find the necessary parts to fix their ship, our fearless trio discovers that the island is under attack, and Mega Man, being the hero that he is, must stop it. You'll have to guide him through a fully polygonal 3D world composed of brightly colored towns and huge landscapes, and along the way you'll meet a large cast of characters who will help the story unfold. Keeping you company are Mega Man's sister Roll, their Grandpa Barrel, and their wacky pet monkey Data. The actual gameplay is a departure from other titles in the series, mainly because the focus is more on role-playing and exploration rather than straight platform action.

    ESRB Rating: E for Animated Violence
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Also Available On: Nintendo 64, PC, PlayStation Portable, Wireless
    Release Date: September 15, 1998
    MSRP: $26.99...more info
  • some weird changes but interesting
    This was a very chanllenging game for me it. Took me about three months to beat the even old original 64 verison way back in mid 2000 I think it was when back when I was about and was midway through my final and last growth ssuppert. I belive I later when I was about 14 got the newer playstation version. I unfortunatley due to a couple years lack of experience had to use the invulerability and zeeny to comple in a lower completion time of about maybe 10 to 40 hours compared to the original completer time of about maybe 30 to 80 hours maybe more or less. This game will be fun once you get used to some changes. One megaman like in the later games of the original series was original drastically increased in size at a huge height of abou 4 to 6 six feet tall and abhout probaly weighs about 130 to maybe 350 pounds witrh his armor on this is the biggest mega man ever made. Once you learn how to concort the stroneger boss with high atatck strenght and to dog them this may be a piece of cake. To beat Jungo increas e every thing one the midssle launcher to max this will give you infinite ammo. With this one the ammo update to unlimited if you pay up enough zeeny You cane beat juno easily. Just hold down the button the missle will shot of function like heat seakers. As long as you have infinite health slash cantina points one you can sit there turning your missle into the ultimate automatic fire weapon. Pushbed the out fire down and keep shooting them of at rapid speed. Even if you get hit you should be able to take this boss down and complety both parts of the battle in about maybe 45 second 20 minutes maybeless. This is a fun games I hope you enjopy it even though roll is now longer robotic, and Rusha and Beta no longer exist. If you like this and want a really challange to test your patience and enduranc eplay the insanly hard megaman legends 2 also avilable in playstation format....more info
  • Capcom makes a Mega Man that works!
    Mega Man Legends is a great game. Its long, it has good audio,and it's fun. Witch to me is the most important part of a game. It's only bad points are the graphics(it's 3d inviorments,but 2d figures.)Another bad thing is the controls witch take a while to get used to. Except for that,the game is a keeper and I highly recomend it....more info
  • Pull out your buster, put on your helmet and have fun!
    I have been a true lover of Mega Man games since the early games on the SNES, but this stands above them all. This game has a story, the other games just had you run through levels with three simple tasks, blow up, pick up, beat up. Legends brings straight into the world of Megaman, along with his family, friends, but no starnge lizard-type bosses.

    The game has smooth controls that are easy to use and are very simple. You can walk, run, talk (and if nessecary shoot). The game has a great story where things yo u do affect things in the game. Say you want to get a soda, but don't want to spend the money. You kick the machine to get the drink. But the more you do this, the more people don't like you. But if you do good people with think highly of you.

    Now to a thing that alot of people worry about in games: BLOOD. Well one word can tell you the blood factor of this game: ZERO. All enemies are machines, robots, servbots and huge machines controlled by villains called pirates.

    Allot of the game consists of you finding things. Such as finding things like a vacum piece will help you build a gadget that lets you suck up items. Also this game feels that weapons should not be allowed in a city. For right as you walk in you weapons go bye-bye. This game is enjoyable because of the thrill of finding things, building new items, and going on missions that you dream of but can't do. (Because when was the last time you saw a red spaceship with a pirate's flag on it?) Unfourtunatley, people with a short attention span will give up when they have trouble figuring out the next mission. Though in the end, this game is just damn great.

    GYSER23...more info

  • Mega Man Legends
    I recently just rented this game, and I thought the storyline line was great, but the game was too short. But if you take your time(unlike me) you can get some very cool weapons. If you want to get this game, I'd say GO GET IT!...more info
  • the blue bomber strikes again
    it is one of my top 5 favorite video games. i only rented it but i was hooked on it. this game is the bomb....more info
  • Legends is loads of fun
    Mega Man Legends is a great new series for mega man. The story takes him to an island searching for energy crystals on his dig adventures. Game play is fun and easy to learn. The game has plenty of secret goodies for you too discovery adding hours of replay value. easy and fun to play but not easy enough that you'll only spend week or so one it. Loads of fun a most have for hardcore mega man and new mega man fans of all ages!!!...more info
  • Mega Man in 3D
    Finally, after YEARS of seeing Mega Man in 2D shooter side-scroller gameplay, Capcom began to realize the video game scene was changing, and realism was becoming more important than ever. So in 1997 Capcom decided to take the classic gameplay of the old Mega Man games and bring Mega Man to an ENTIRE new 3D world. I finally got to experience the 3D Mega Man adventure a few days ago, in July 2006. So it took me NINE years to finally play it! What can I say? I'm slow!

    I have a few problems with certain parts of the game but overall, I'm happy to report that the jump to 3D was a good one (not to mention a NECESSARY one!) Mega Man spends the entire time in Legends jumping and shooting through a unique 3D environment.

    I'm surprised so many people hate the graphics in the game. They're quite wonderful if you ask me. Sure, the graphics may be dated because the game is nearly 10 years old (and walking around in Mega Man Legends is sort of like walking around in a giant land of legos) but none of that should matter because you have to take into account the amount of FUN a game provides. Mega Man Legends provides a LOT of fun.

    I really loved one of the very first boss fights in the game where I had to keep running and hiding behind buildings because these giant walking blue, red and yellow machines were throwing bombs and shooting laser beams at me. The first time I completed this battle it took a good 30 minutes ONLY for a bigger, badder machine to come in and defeat me in seconds. At first I was angry because the game wouldn't let me SAVE before fighting this fourth boss. "A half hour of work flushed down the toilet" was the thought that went through my head.

    That led me to think the game might be too hard for me to handle, but it turned out I just didn't have the right upgrades for my X-buster equipped (actually I didn't have ANYTHING equipped!) so when I went back to do the battle again I defeated him (her, actually) rather easily.

    Most of the enemies throughout the game are rather easy to defeat (including the boss fights). Many of the boss fights will keep you on your toes, though. The strategy to defeating many of them is to KEEP RUNNING and only turn around when the moment is right and BLAST them! The only boss who isn't easy is the very last boss (who sounds like Michael Jackson) because he has TWO forms. The first form you can figure out with practice, but on the second form he turns into a giant machine and THEN the challenge increases. But it's possible to find enough money to carry up to 10 Sub-tanks to help you out DRASTICALLY. If you were to carry 10 Sub-tanks he would be a VERY easy boss! Despite that, the game provides a nice challenge because the way the story unfolds forces you to do a LOT of things. You have to go HERE, you have to go THERE! You have to collect THIS, you have to collect THAT! You'll find out just how many items and weapons are in the game when you hit the Start button and see everything in your inventory. It's borderline INSANE.

    You see, to help make the game easier, what you have to do is go around searching for things (things located in treasure chests or holes in walls) and then you have to bring the things you collect back to this yellow vehicle where your female friend (or sister, I forget who she is) will be inside. She can find ways to turn many of the things you collect into important weapons for you to use. She must be smart!

    I think I explained myself correctly, there. It's kind of confusing because there's so many things you have to collect and that's the main reason I can't give the game a perfect 5-star rating. TOO MUCH! In Mega Man Legends you will find SO many weapons and SO many upgrades that it can easily confuse someone (like me) who's normally not exposed to this much activity in a video game.

    You have to find a little dancing monkey to save your game. When you're lost, he can also help you by telling you where to go, unfortunately many times he doesn't provide enough information. So you can be left wandering around for hours until you finally have no choice but to find a strategy guide on the internet to help you out.

    The music in the game is nice. It's usually played quietly which is odd because most Mega Man music is RIGHT in your face. If you can actually hear the music, it's pretty much what you'd expect from a Mega Man game.

    Listen to those sound effects!! Sound familiar? Think South Park! One of the children (or "pirates") sounds JUST like Butters, and a newswoman who appears later in the game sounds like Kyle's mom! Some of the animation looks like South Park, too. When did South Park come out? 1997? Hmmm, makes you wonder...

    Once again, the graphics. They aren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Sort of blocky, of course (since this IS Playstation ONE we're talking about here) but I can't bring myself to really hate the graphics because there's a certain mysterious charm about them. Mega Man Legends LOOKS like a children's game but it's not, really. Most children wouldn't be able to complete the game because some boss strategies require careful timing and it would be difficult for a child.

    The play control... goodness. It's definitely not easy to figure out at first. To make Mega Man walk straight, you have to hold down the L and R buttons (this rotates the direction Mega Man is facing) while at the same time you have to use the up, down, left and right buttons to make Mega Man walk forward. So, because you have to do a lot of running in Mega Man Legends, when an enemy is chasing you and RIGHT behind you, you have to turn around, use the L and R buttons to face him, and THEN hit him. In the middle of hitting the L and R buttons will probably be the time you take the most hits. It may take a few hours to properly pull off but you *should* become better at it with practice.

    A trick to help you: when an enemy is chasing you, run as far away from him as possible and THEN turn around. Usually the enemy will be far enough away that you will have time to control Mega Man so he's facing the enemy directly. Then, simply wait for the enemy to get close and fire away! I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't figure out the controls- it's not the greatest way to control a character. I'm not sure if Capcom improved the play control in Mega Man Legends 2.

    I find it funny and insulting that when you find a hole in a wall, many times a *very* small amount of money will be located there. Small enough to not be able to afford ANYTHING. It's funny because Capcom made it like "wow, you found money!" only to insult you with sofa cushion money. To find a LOT of money you have to run around shooting enemies.

    Just running around shooting enemies and collecting zenny (money) is a lot of fun, not to mention addicting. A pretty good game worth picking up....more info
  • Mega Man Legends
    WOW! THIS is what i call Mega Man! this game is SO cool! Now i can play fantastic Mega Man platform games AND fantastic Mega Man Action\RPGs! So if you are Mega Man fan,SO BYE IT! you will just LOVE it! This is a classic Mega Man game! So have to give it: FIVE STARS!

    From a Relly BIG Mega Man Fan...more info

  • Good Game
    This game was very good. The first 3D megaman game to be released....more info
  • One of the best Megaman games ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is one of the best Megaman games ever!!!!!!!Don't be fooled if your looking for a 2-d side-scrolling Megaman game though, because this is not the same as the other Megaman games. The graphics are great for a Playstation game, but the environments are very blocky and blurry. This game is very fun and enjoyable. I would recommend this to every Megaman fan. Overall this is one of the best Megaman games ever!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A must BUY!
    I bought the game to see if it was interesting. And what I found was a game that starts off in action and suspence! It is the coolest game and RPG I have ever bought. If you like Action/Adventures and/or RPG games, Then this is a game for you. This game really ROCKS! I just can't seem to get away from it. You gotta try it! I guarantee you will like it!...more info
  • favortie megaman game ever!
    This is the best megeman game so far. It is alot of fun. HAs a nice twist, and cool and hard end of the game boss battle. For those who have never played it, but love the megaman games, buy this one. It has so much to do. You can find scrap parts to make new weaopns. I bought it (years ago) the day it came out. It took me about a year to beat it. I must have replayed it about 30 times. Its always fun and hard. A great gift for a little one (7 or above). I love how when your in the shoping center thing, that if you kick the can into the Bakery megaman becomes a darker color if you do it a couple of times.. great game it is.. bye...more info
  • A good game with lots of heart...
    To me, Mega Man Legends is one of those games you'll remember years after playing it. The game itself doesn't break any new ground and has its share of flaws, but the overall experience is definitely rewarding.

    Mega Man Legends pretty much plays like the earlier Tomb Raider games control wise. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with the control scheme, such as a lock on system that doesn't allow you to move while locked on an enemy (which was fixed in MML2), and the fact you also must contend with moving the camera manually in order to compensate for the lack of a better lock on system to hit your mark.

    Legends also uses a pretty similar graphic engine as Tomb Raider as well, complete with all the flat, 2D scenery that rotates with the camera and all the pixilated surfaces and clipping problems that accompanied that era of Playstation gaming. Unlike Tomb Raider, the environments in Mega Man Legends are much brighter and colorful, adding to the games cartoon-like feel, rather than the dark, dank death-trap ridden tombs that Lara Croft raids.

    The pretty low difficulty level of the game is also an important factor to look at as well. Considering this game is somewhat geared towards an younger audience, this isn't an error so to speak, but older, more experienced players will fly through the game in a handful of hours (especially considering most of the game bosses can be defeated by constantly circling around them and firing). Thankfully, Capcom added an unlockable difficulty setting to make the game harder for those looking for an additional challenge (oh and is it ever a challenge). Add to this Capcom increased the difficulty on Mega Man Legends 2 a few notches, and all can be forgiven here.

    So with all these problems, why is Legends such a good game? Heart, and lots of it. Mix in a good story, a wonderful cast of characters (and enemies), and throw in some of Capcom's more respectable forays in voice acting department, and you got a winner. While some may claim that Legends carries a "kiddy tone", I actually find this to be one of the game's charms and strengths. Honestly, if you don't laugh when one of the Lego Men, err, I mean Servebots messes up and angers Tron, there is something wrong. Seriously, it isn't anymore kiddy than a Mario or Zelda game (or most of Nintendo's gaming library for that matter).

    The other thing that makes the Legends series so great is the fact Capcom decided to quit while they were ahead. While I myself still wish they would churn out a Mega Man Legends 3 (considering some of the unresolved issues in Mega Man Legends 2's ending), at least Capcom didn't make a zillion sequels and drain the series of all it's fun and respectability, of which they have done a fine job of doing to the original series and X series.

    In the end, Mega Man Legends is not a game you'll remember for amazing graphics, razor-sharp control, or challenging quests. Instead, you'll walk away with a overall memorable experience. ...more info
  • Megaman Legends
    Its a pretty fun game, and you can spend days running through the levels to see what happens next. It takes place in a diffrent reality than regular Megaman games. However thats not a bad thing. You mostly run through Labrinths collecting Money called zenny and fight a buch of pirates. If you buy a MM Legends game get this one, it's the best by far. ...more info
  • The Blue Bomber will not die
    I still remember my first time playing a megaman game, i was only 10 years old at the time and i remember it well.... There he was, a little blue guy who shot bullets at evil robots and machines, gaining new powers as he went along, then things changed, the future of megamna is still yet to be determined but i'm sure the Blue Bomber still has enough Juice left in him for many sequels for years to come! If you love megaman then this is they game for you! Also try Megaman X4 for Playstation!...more info
  • My Favorite Game or All Time
    Megaman Legends
    This is my undisputed favorite game of all time. I bought it in 1998 or so because I had played and loved Mega Man 3 for the Nintendo NES System - Video Game Console when I was young. This game was nothing like that game or any other Megaman games. It was in 3-D and had a story that would blow your mind. I have played through this game around 50 times and no every single part of it by heart.

    Graphics- 7/10
    The transition to 3-D for Megaman isn't an ugly one, but a decent one. Most of the trees have a 2-D look to them and a lot of characters are blocky. Still, you can tell what everything is easily and there is no slowdown at all. Not to mention, there is hardly any load time to wait through in this game.

    Story- 10/10
    You are Megaman Volnutt. Roll Casket and her Grandpa, Barrel Casket, have raised you since they found you when you were a child. Following Barrel's footsteps, Megaman and Roll become Diggers. Diggers are people who search through ruins, infested with Reaverbots, to find parts and other things. The main thing a lot of Diggers are looking for are Refractors, which are extremely powerful crystal-like objects that power society. The world is almost entirely ocean so people must use flying machines or boats to get around. Megaman, Roll, and Barrel crash-land their flying ship, The Flutter, on an island called Kattelox. You go on to discover the island's many secrets and fight off the treasure hungry pirates.

    Sound- 7/10
    The music and sound effects in this game are decent. Nothing will blow your mind away but nothing will annoy you to death. Some tunes even become catchy, like the Apple Market tune.

    Gameplay- 10/10
    You play as Megaman: exploring ruins, fighting pirates, and just helping people out. There are a lot of side quests you can do. You can join a secret gang, fill a museum with underground arts, help a little girl recover, play in game shows, and so much more. The main storyline has you exploring the Sub-Gate ruins in hopes to learn more about the Island's great treasure, or disaster. While in Sub-Gates you can find all kinds of items to do things with. It's not just in the Sub-Gates either; you can search in other digging sites for parts. You have a primary weapon called a Buster Gun, which can be upgraded with 2 buster parts initially. These buster parts can be bought or found and change different aspects of your Buster Gun's shooting. You have a secondary special weapon that can be equipped and upgraded as well. You will get many different special weapons in the game and one of the most fun parts of the game is upgraded your weapons to perfect ability.

    Difficulty- 4/10 (Note- This is how much I like the difficulty)
    Since this game is more story based, the difficulty is slight. There is hardly a time where you feel that you are going to die, minus a few bosses. Once you beat the original game, you can go back and play it on a new Hard Mode option. The game is still not that much more difficult but some of the bosses will give you more trouble. Also, to top it off, the game isn't that long. Even the player who likes to talk to every single person and gets lost often can still beat this game in less then 15 hours. That includes the main storyline and all side quests, minus special weapon upgrading. I can now beat the game on Hard Mode in around 5 hours.

    Overall- 10/10
    Despite the game being easy and not having the best graphics or sound, it's still 5 stars. The game's storyline and gameplay is so good that the rest doesn't even matter. You'll still find yourself going back and playing this game over and over again....more info
  • Mega Man Legends
    I never liked mega man games. This one changed my mind. It is incredibly interactive provides lots of stuff to do and awesome power ups. I get kick out of just walking around in the city areas in the game. In a few words kick *** story, game, powerups etc. The game is worth every last penny. It's great for newbies and experts....more info
    This game is the bomb. I bought it last year and to this day i have loved the game. I just can't wait for Mega Man Legends 2 to come out. This game has the baddest weapons also I mean like the Power Buster I took out the Pirates in one shot of it. And the Jet Skates are totally awesome. THIS GAME IS THE BOMB!...more info
  • 1 of the best games ever
    Theres not to much to say about this game exept that it's amazingly fun! Over all it's really fun and has good replay value. The game pretty much is your mega man trying to find the "Mother Load" and so are pirates so you stop them then your still not done but I don't want to tell you how it ends. One thing though if your used to todays graphics these graphics aren't too great compared to todays but that makes it a little more fun I think since they're almost all robots. It is in 3-D though. If you like other Mega Man games I'd try this one....more info
  • coolx100
    this game rocked it had action and good get to explore the town and when you think you are done thw throw another boss or mission at is a learn as you go kind of game. I wish the game was longer because it was so fun it is a must get....more info
  • The return of the Blue Bomber (Or Rock and Roll)
    After so many of those repetitive side scrolling Mega Man Shooters Capcom proves that their first signature character is capable of not only getting a second wind, but blowing the socks off of the competition! Though a little short by PSX standards, Rock Man Dash as it is known in Japan is a blast to play with some of the best 3D shooter control in existance combined with really involving Role Playing elements. Capcom labored intensively to take care of every detail in this game, right down to the way you can actually listen to music in the CD store! Wow!...more info


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