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  • from alec
    this s my favorite game ever. Its kinda like finalfantasy games but much better.The battle play and story line are great. I used to have this but my disc broke.(My system opened and the disc blewup) I would like to buy this but i cant find it anywhere.......more info
  • My opinon
    This game is pretty good. The graphincs and music are really cool. I've really enjoyed this game, but some plot movers get boring quickly with the same stuff over but other than that it's totally cool....more info
  • Legend of Legia
    its cool, understandable, and and adventure you dont want to miss!...more info
  • One of the best I've played
    This game was one of the first and one of the best RPG's I've ever played. The graphics were wonderful, and I loved the battle style. The characters were interesting, especially the perky girl character *her name escapes me* who reminded me of my best friend. I just ordered this game as my original copy was stolen long ago. I can't wait to play again!...more info
  • One of the most UNDERATED games ever
    This game is one of the best games for PS. Although no one knows it, because it came out around the same time FF7 did. Don't get me wrong, FF7 is one of my favorite games, but Legend of Legaia is a great game. The fighting system is a big swing from FF7, more innovative, and the different types of arts you can learn are very cool. The graphics are good too, especially when you use a hyper art, if you have the game you know what I mean. The storyline is great despite what other people say. I cannot wait until the second one comes out for PS2....more info
  • LoL (Legend of Legaia)
    I love this game. The graphics, dialogue, battle system, and the characters. You start as a 14 year old boy named Vahn, who lives in Rim Elm, a town full of survivors from the Mist. You revive "Genesis Trees" that reflect the Mist and Seru. Other characters that play important parts are Noa, Gala, and Mei. THIS IS A MUST HAVE game. I've tried other games like Final Fantasy VIII, which has far better graphics, and great dialogue, but it's just way too long....more info
  • Best Fighting Format Ever in an RPG
    I bought this game when it first came out. I immediately loved the fighting style against enemies. This game reminds me so much of Final Fantasy VII for the PS and it is very similar in battles except for the ability to customize hitting attacks. That is the best part of this game. If you liked Final Fantasy VII, get this game. 5 Stars RPG Game, but the battles tend to take too long sometimes....more info
  • My first rpg experience.....
    Legend of Legaia was the first rpg I ever played which started my love for rpg's. When I first played this game I could not put it down to eat, sleep or go to work. I called in 2 days in a row because of how addicted to this game I was. Anyways, to get to the review part and after beating this game 3x since and played many rpg's it still holds as one of my all time favorites just under Lunar:SSSC, Final Fantasy VII, Grandia and Xenogears for the original playstation.

    Storyline: I still after all these years love the storyline to this game. Van, Gala and Noa are the only members in your party (which after playing other rpg's, I wished you had a few more people in your party). Basically there is a mist that turns people and animals into crazed monsters and you need to activate the Genesis trees and destroy mist generators. It has some really good twists in the story and it stays for the most part intersesting and keeps you hooked. Van is a quiet and just good all around guy, Noa is a girl who grew up on her own until she met Van and Gala is a monk who seems to be angry most of the time.

    Graphics: Definitely for its time some of the best around but there were no cg clips or fmv's to help move the storyline on. With games around its time using cg clips, like FFVII, or anime scenes like Lunar, I think Legaia could have used some clips as well. As far as graphics when your characters were fighting, very nicely done, a bit blocky but when you buy armor and the change is actually noticeable on the character its a very easy to get over.

    Combat System: Probably the very best thing and most enjoyable part of the game, even the random battles are easy to get over because it actually get you into the fight. You get to do whats called "arts", "hyper arts" and magic that is used through your Ra-Seru. Magic is learned by killing monsters but getting the actual spell is random so it can be on your first kill or 200th kill. The power of your magic goes up the more times you use it and the Kamero spell is easily my most favorite.

    The game can take anywhere from 50+ hours to finish depending on how much you do. There are a few mini games but none that are noteworthy and I only have few gripes about the game itself.

    The first is when roaming around on the world map Van moves really slow. Also, money is an annoyance to get and armor starts getting really expensive so you'll spend a lot of time money grinding if you want the best stuff.

    The money grinding, lack of a few cg clips or fmv's to help move the story and long levels keep this game from being one of the greatest rpg's ever. It gets delightful 4 out 5 from this long time Legaia fan....more info
  • a sweet game
    this game is absoultly phoneomeal(or however u spell it) this is a must have it's a good game and doesn't take extreme experience to beat. but just cuz it's not hard doesn't mean it's not good.I strongly recomend this game, if u dont like it there's not gonna be many games u will like...more info
  • umm . . . just read my review.
    Legend of Legaia is a relatively simple RPG with a new twist: now you can customize the way you attack your enemies. This makes it look sort of like a Tekken game, but it's still menu-based.
    The story begins when Vagn, the main character with blue hair, is preparing to go hunting. Of course, like almost every RPG story that starts out with a plan, things take a turn for the worst: Vagn's girlfriend's father gets killed by monsters in THE MIST, then an evil entity invades Vagn's village. Now Vagn must go on an adventure to stop the mist permanently. The guy who was killed isn't especially important; Vagn is just sick of people dying.
    On his way, Vagn meets a young girl named Noa and an Akuma look-alike named Byron (if I remember the name correctly). Sorry to cut off there, but you'll have to play the game if you want to know more. It's worth it though.
    What I especially like about Legend of Legaia is that it fits into the 32-bit era without sacrificing bizarre hair colors. This is very essential to anime, as it can somehow relax the nerves....more info
  • Legend of Legaia
    This was the first RPG I had ever played, I really enjoyed the game play, and I liked the storyline that the characters followed, another review said that the characters were really two-dimensional, obviously, they had never played the Playstation Underground Exclusive Demo, I hope that this game will come out for PSP, because I'd really like it....more info
  • Horrible
    As a very experienced rpg player, I can honestly say that this nearly the worst rpg i've played in my life. Nothing can describe it better than the word "horrible". The fmv's (whatever fmv's there were) were bad, storyline was bad, and the overall feeling in the game was bad. The only redeemable quality this game has (the reason for 2 stars) is the fighting system. Even in this horrible game, the fighting system shines through. However, it's not enough to make this a fun game. To save you hours of playing time, here's the entire game's story (beginning - end). You find out there's a bad mist and you must stop it. You find the source of the mist in the deep recesses of a dungeon of some kind and destroy it after fighting through hordes of random encounters, ending with a boss. Rinse, repeate, and be incredibly bored a few more times and you have played lengend of legaia. This game is almost as bad as Quest 64....more info
  • Good game.
    This game is real good, must've been about 5 or 6 years ago when I first rented and played it. I believe I rented it again soon after, but after that I hadn't played it. I always remembered it though, and until last week I kept my save-game. Now I figure I wouldn't remember the story so I might as well start over. Can't wait to get my hands back on this game though....more info
  • Captivating Story
    The story is the best, engrossing and addicting the game is a refreshing challenge without overdoing it. It's not too long and drawn out, but a good length. Not the best graphics compared to other rpgs but the colors and art are excellent. Not only does this game take coordination as all games but its a mental challenge. The characters are fun and not super involved.... this is a game not a tragic post modern novel like some rpgs are. Anyways all in all I would say a definite buy. I have already played it three times and am going to start my fourth soon....more info
  • Young Girl Defeats Evil Empire
    Once upon a time in a land so far away that character names are nothing like they are today, the Seru came to the world of Legaia. Man discovered that he could use these benevolent creatures to wield tremendous powers. All was well. Or as well as it could be in a world where war was a commonplace and, sooner or later, someone figured out how to pervert the power of the Seru and turn them to evil. Those who wore the Seru became degenerate, and the world cowered before the onslaught of the mist.

    Of course, the powers that write games couldn't leave an opportunity like this alone, and our heroes, Vahn the young hunter, Gala the monk, and Noa, an eleven year old girl with the power of 10 were packed off to end the mist, wearing special symbionts, the Ra-Seru. Their first task, to restore the great trees of the world.

    This is a classic PS-One RPG. Not one of the greatest, but with enough play in it to keep your interest for the 40 to 60 hours it takes to play. The story line is straightforward - the long story arc is broken into a set of subquests, either the restoration of a tree or the destruction of a mist generator. The world is large, and you will spend a lot of time walking about in perpetual battle until faster modes of tranportation become available.

    The battle system is based on combination attacks which can be layered together in increasing power. Magic is available via the Ra-Seru, who can absorb powers when certain foes are beaten. Like many systems, fighting can be as complex as you might like, but the truth is that you will find certain patterns that work consistently and those are what you will use. This is a flaw in most RPG's - power always trumps subtlety.

    The game's only glaring flaw is that it is entirely too much a money game. You start out poor and stay that way, since no matter how many you kill, your funds always lag the prices until late in the game, when a variety of sub-games become available to generate cash and prizes. There is something vaguely unsatisfying about putting saving the world on hold in order to go 30 round in a boxing ring to get the cash for that nifty magic grail. Now every RPG has this problem, but in Legaia it is worse than usual.

    My other gripe is the characters. Vahn and Gala are extremely two dimensional (Gala has a slight sense of humor). Noa, who gets most of the story development time, is a hyperactive, bloodthirsty eleven-year-old girl who is perpetually waving her arms and giving orders. She is also a stone killer. She may get my prize as the silliest hero to grace the Playstation.

    Graphics are decent for the game's era, but music is a washout. This is a decent game, with fairly enjoyable play, but don't expect Final Fantasy level quality. If you like RPG's as a genre, then you will find the game entertaining for many hours....more info
  • This is the best rpg game in the world
    I like this rpg game becuase its awsome when u can capture any thing u kill's spirit and use it to kill other things.I'd like to buy this game becuase i have the money but i can't find anywere to buy it in my home town oneida. I really love this game to death it inspires me to be a game maker when i grow up to see if people would love the game i make as much as I love Legend Of Legia....more info
    I love this game.But it isnt the best I have ever played.But here are my thoughts on it,I think it is great for the youth.But it does have its faults First of all it takes to long to level up.Second of all you encounter too many evil seru and animals out of the major places than in the duengons.I love this game so much because if you are new at rpgs you can get some experiance in this game for the more challenging games.I think you can play this game all the time Im so into it I think about it at school I dream about it.I even love it so much I wrote this review about it.If you are buying this for a child or for yourself I think you should buy it and enjoy it.Myself being the greatest gamer on the planet took me 1 try to beat the final boss.But even if tour not the greatest gamer in the planet(like me) you can still enjoy this game. (please do not talk about my message because i have heard the rumors you mean people) :(...more info
  • Awesome
    This is one of the best games for playstation thats why i gave it 4 stars. I only gave it 4 though because it is really slow but other than that it is an awesome game. The story is great and the fighting style is great. You get to create your own combos and unlock secret combos as well. Then use those anytime you want. For the person that said this game was boring in the first 5 minutes they are TOTALLY wrong!!!!!!!! This is the best game for playstation. You can play it more than once and it is still Fun. In the game it makes you make choises when someone asks you a question so that makes this game AWESOME and THE BEST GAME for playstation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A miost underrated game!!!
    What could Legend of Legaia bring to the table against such powerhouse releases as LUNAR: THE COMPLETE SILVER STAR STORY and FINAL FANTASY VIII? It cannot compete against the graphics and complexity of FF8, nor against the sweeping storyline of Lunar. But don?t sell this game short?it?s quite good! It features a good balance between storyline and battles. My personal thoughts are that this is one of the most underrated RPG?s on the PS1 console. And it?s a great bargain ? this single disc will play for 40-60 hours! Believe me, this game has a lot to offer.

    The graphics are quite nice for a PS1 RPG once you get used to them without having the eye-popping layouts and characters as game like Final Fantasy VII and VIII. And though the world map screens are nothing special, the battle screens feature nicely detailed (though a bit blocky) characters. It?s also nice that as you change your characters? battle gear (robes, headwear, boots, etc.), you can actually see their appearance change on the battle screens (without using a magnifying glass). Towns and villages are pretty routine-looking (with a few exceptions).

    The storyline here starts out just as noble and bland as possible (as most run-of-the-mill RPG?s do), with one small group of unlikely heroes who step forth to save the village (and ultimately all civilization) from an evil mist. The story starts off pretty slowly and doesn?t really draw you in at first. After the first few quests (once you have all three members of your team together) it begins to pick up the pace. There are some interesting twists splattered throughout the rest of the game, with side quests ?built in? to the storyline pretty nicely.

    Be forewarned: The dialog can be quite awful at times, and the on-screen gyrations of the characters as they speak is often just plain (and unintentionally) silly. You have three (and only three) playable characters : Vahn is the ?leader? of this quest, but has very little to say or do other than be a middle man between the other two. Gala is straightforward and all business, and always seems to be angry. Noa (I dubbed her ?Ditz?) is flighty, impulsive, and VERY animated. Despite her spinning, clapping, and waving her arms like a bird, she turned out to be my favorite character. She also has the most endearing storyline.

    The battle system is worth making note of. Rather than a swiping at your opponents, the battles are performed using martial arts. In addition to basic moves, you can learn combinations to perform special martial arts called ?hyper arts? that inflict more damage. The ?Spirit? option allows you to increase your defense for a turn, while also raising the number of strikes you can make on your next turn. Or you can use your Ra-Seru to cast magic that you?ve acquire by defeating enemies and possessing their magical abilities, but the cost (in Magic Points) is pretty steep. So battles on here have a bit more strategy than most RPG?s (and are more fun to watch). Hand to hand combat is usually enough to beat most opponents early on, so there?s temptation to forget about the magic aspect of battle when your magic points are few near the beginning of the game. But the more that you use magic, the stronger the spells will become. I found myself racing to bring my magic up to par toward the middle of the game just in case I needed it.

    The game doesn?t have much of a ?puzzle? aspect to it. There is an arcade fighting game that you can play where winning the bouts is dependent on countering your opponent?s moves, but that is relatively easy to figure out. And there is a maze that you need to work through that can be quite tricky (I wandered back and forth for several hours before my son clued me in, then I figured out the rest. I cannot recollect any other puzzle elements. Luckily, the game doesn?t really need it.

    The game features multiple endings that appear to be based on the answer to a simple question near the end of the game, after your battles have all been won. It?s kind of a cheap way to throw a little variety into the ending, and ultimately that part of the storyline that I chose wrapped up a little too neatly. But it was still a decent ending after 50-plus hours of gameplay.

    The game?s overall simplicity is, oddly enough, probably the most positive attributes of the game. With RPG?s getting more complex and having better graphics, it?s nice to remember the charm and innocence that the older style of video RPG?s had. Legend of Legaia fits somewhere in the middle of the old and the new, much like an old game would be with improved graphics and gameplay. Though it may not make many people?s ?best of? lists, it DID make mine. Play it and decide for yourself. If you accept it for what it is, you WILL have fun with it....more info
  • Truly the Tied Best Game Ever Made
    If I could, I would give this game ten stars. Edgar Huntly's review is ridiculous! Don't listen to him! Look at every one else's reviews! This game is not ridiculous or senseless. It's a fantastic game and I recommend it to anyone. I'm sorry to insult your review Edgar Huntly, but I think you're completly wrong. It's a great game really. It's worth a lot more than what you have to pay to buy it....more info
  • The greatest game ever!!
    This game is the ABSOLUTE!!!,best game in the whole world! I love this game.It has stunning graphics,good design,if I could I would give this about 999,999,999,999,999,999 star's!!!! From my view I think this is the most awesome game ever DESIGNED!!!...more info
    This is a must own game!!! People say that the story line in it isn't that great, well, they arren't lying. There is a mute boy, a retarded girl and a fighting monk. However, rpg's arent always about sotry line.... its the amount of fun you have while playing it. There is an evil mist that has invade the world and you have to revive many trees to get rid of it. However, it isnt that simple. Inside the mist there are thousands of blood thirsty beasts and Seru, which you must capture to summon spells. The bosses in the game are awesome...and the last two bosses really get your heart pumping. It took me the maximum amount of time to beat the game, which is 99:59:59. I spent alot of time traing for one of the boses(Xain) but after that the bosses were a snap. The game however has excellent graphics and reccomend it to everybody who loves rpgs!!!!...more info
  • What a ridiculous...game
    My title says it all. How do I hte ths game? Let me count the ways. First, the player does absolutely no battle. He merely picks the moves and the computer fights. Also, the plot makes absolutely no sense. It is completely [sensless]. It's also filled wih thousands of endless sequences that are impossibe to skip. I only played the first level before I literally decided to take an axe to the game... It ges negative 10 stars....more info
  • Not Squares best.......
    Legend of Legaia is a game for a true rpg fan. Although It is nothing compared to other square games. Legaia is still a o.k game. You should get at least 25 hours in the game. If you have played Saga Frontier 2 and enjoyed it, then you'll definetly like Legend of Legaia....more info
  • Unique game
    This really is a great game. It's fun to play and is, as others have stated, creative in many ways. It is unlike most RPG's I've played and manages to be cute as well through its VERY anime-like characters. However, I've stopped playing because it gets to be quite repetitive after 20 hours or so, every place having the exact same goal and random monster attacks very frequent. All in all a good game....more info
  • The game is so good, I want to give it 1000000000000 stars
    this game is the best game in the world. I loved it.I've made this game the thing I live by. When I hear 'Legaia", I just want to bust out in tears of joy. I dream about Legaia, and think about it all day long. Get it, And spread the wonderful Legaia!!!...more info
  • Awesome
    This is one of the best games for playstation thats why i gave it 4 stars. I only gave it 4 though because it is really slow but other than that it is an awesome game. The story is great and the fighting style is great. You get to create your own combos and unlock secret combos as well. Then use those anytime you want. For the person that said this game was boring in the first 5 minutes they are TOTALLY wrong!!!!!!!! This is the best game for playstation. You can play it more than once and it is still Fun. In the game it makes you make choises when someone asks you a question so that makes this game AWESOME and THE BEST GAME for playstation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • It's OK
    I've had the Legend of Legaia for about 2 or 3 months. The basic story line is this: Seru, 'beings' that help and obey humans and that sort of stuff, are going mad because of the mist. Yes, the problem is mist. Rather lame. Anyway, the only way to get rid of the mist is to revive the Genisis tree. OK, enter the hero, that is, you. The mist has just invaded your village and you must beat up the seru to get to the genisis tree, find you Ra-seru (the seru that help you. They don't go mad like normal seru), revive the tree, and basically save your village from death and doom, ect ect. All in a days work. The fighting system is wonderful. You don't have to really concentrate very much to win. You just put in the commands (left, right(later ra-seru), up and down) for all of the characters (there are 3 in all) press 'go', or whatever, and away it goes. There is no endless fiddeling with the control pad with this. The worst bit is the graphics. Or, rather, the lack of them. Look, the original Pokemon for Gameboy has better graphics then this game. Sad. What really annoyed me is the rate at which you encounter monsters on the field (anywhere not in a town). You go so slow, you get more monsters out of dungeons then in them. Overall, this is a pretty good game, with some serious bad guys. It must have taken me, wonderful player that I am, a whole two tries to get the last guy. There are no cheets, unless it is for gameshark, although there are a few hints and stuff like that. It does get very tiring and boring after about a month. It only took me a week to finish it all. And I'm by no means the best player. The graphics need alot of working on, the bad guys are mega bad and take a while to beat up, the music is passable, it is REALLY hard to level up and the maps are the pits, not being able to see all the land. I loved it when I was playing it, but on reflection, I realise that all games have their faults, some more then others. My advise : Rent it, don't buy it....more info
  • good and challenging!
    this game has a great storyline battle system and the music kinda gets you in da mood.lots of people are saying it's like a turtle when your crossing over world plus your constantly entering batles....that's correct but theres a reason!see you'll need your level up fast(the level up is a challenge!)so you won't have as much trouble fighting enimies in dunguens and bosses.the game has it's emotional side as well.....i'm not gonna tell you why,but(don't kill me for saying this!)it's kinda freaky...cuz when the seru attach to humas(the seru not ra-seru)they are real freaky,the bad guys pretty dang evil,i'm saying all dis' and i only rented it!buy it!...more info
  • The Greatest game since Pong.
    Legend of Legaia has to be one of the best games I have ever experienced, Playstation or other system. I've never liked the unstable 3D attempt graphics that other games offer, but the programmers of Legend must have been masters -- the usually unsteady & see through objects and characters were solidly built and had exellent resolution! The games storyline was a little weak, but hey, you don't want to read a novel - you want to play a game....more info
  • Cincinnati kid
    This game is one of the best games I have ever played. It can be frustrating sometimes, because when you move, you always run into a monster, but other than that, the game-fighting scenes are cool.The game also has awesome graphics and cities. I hope you like this game as much as I did....more info
  • Legend of Legaia
    I have been looking for an opportunity to tell people how great this game is. This game is not the usual fare at all. The music is always fitting, going from serene and restful to rythmic and energizing. The ability to 'program' each players turn, including their battle attack and recognize actual martial arts moves is incredible. You are immediately drawn in by and care for each character and their 'companion'. The graphics are bright with attention to detail that puts you there ( the main goal of an RPG). The main battles are quite challenging which pulls you further in. There isn't the feeling of witchcraft that so many of these games use. Instead, it posseses a slightly sci-fi tone with this "race of other beings" more powerful than man but without an agenda against man. It is man's own lust for power that is the destructive force.All in all, an inspired, engaging game,that leaves you wanting more....more info
  • Best game I've Played
    This game I've been playing for the last 5 years and still like it. It has great battle and graphics plus a good story line. I lost the game and am now looking for a new one and here I am....more info
  • Legend of Legaia Rules!!!!!
    Legend of Legaia in my opinion is the tied greatest game of all time!!!!!! It has an excellent story line with great characters. It recommend this game with, if I could, a 10 star rating....more info
  • This is the best rpg game in the world
    I like this rpg game becuase its awsome when u can capture any thing u kill's spirit and use it to kill other things.I'd like to buy this game becuase i have the money but i can't find anywere to buy it in my home town oneida. I really love this game to death it inspires me to be a game maker when i grow up to see if people would love the game i make as much as I love Legend Of Legia. If u could tell me if there is a store in my town oneida were i can buy a copy of the game Legend Of Legia please contact me at my e-mail cooldude51432@yahoo.com. PLEASE becuase i really love this game and need to have it i have only rented it at blockbuster but they got rid of the game for rental so please e-mail me and tell if you can find anything or not thank you....more info
  • A truly spectacular game
    I will make this short and sweet. I loved this game. The graphics are awsome. The storyline is superb. And the battle system rules. So I recomend to all RPG fans that you walk your lazy behinds to the local game retailer and spend a measly 20 bucks on this game....more info
  • **** LOVE THS GAME ******
    I think this game is one of the best RP's out there. The story likne is one of the most memorable and greatest you will find. You will most likley find yourself playing it for days on in to just find out what happens next....more info
  • buy it!!!!!
    this game needs more than 5 stars!this is probably the best game yet!you even get a horse!you get differd tunics..so much to say!...more info
  • Good Game
    I first played this game in 2000, and I absolutely loved it! It's not my favorite game out there, but it ranks up there in my favs. The music in this game is repetitive, but still nice to listen to(it's not that bad, just repetitive), so when I got sick of it, I just turned the volume down. I thought the Seru and Ra-Seru concepts were cool, with the way you could aquire the Seru so your Ra-Seru could summon them in battle. The story was pretty interesting, there's enough there to keep you going, and the battle system was wonderful, a real masterpiece. In battle (when you're using attacking), you press up, down, left, or right on your controller(the order that you pressed them in shows up in the blank area on the "attack" screen after you enter it) to attack. If you press certain sequences of directions/arrows into the on-screen space, a message of sorts will appear, telling you your character has learned a new art (fighting move), or something like that (the point I'm getting at is that you'll be notified BRIEFLY once your character learns a new move). After you've learned an Art, you can pull up a menu from the ATTACK screen(with the triangle on your controller, I think)that has that move listed on it so you can remember how to type the sequence of directions/arrows for that move correctly. Also, later in the game, your characters can perform Super-Arts and Miracle Arts as well. Minigames like fishing to earn items and more are also available. There's lots of hidden treasure, too. Here's my ratings for all of the elements of this game (out of a possible ten points):

    Music: 6/10
    Gameplay: 9 and a half/10
    Storyline: 8/10
    Replay Value(Minigames,secrets, etc.): 8 and a half/10
    Sound Effects: 8/10

    Overall, I think I'll give this game a 8 and a half/10....more info

  • One of the Best RPG Games I Ever Played
    And this is coming from someone who has played so many other RPG games including the very impressive Legend of Dragoon and also of course the famous Final Fantasy games.

    The characters for one are quite memorable. Let's take Noa first. She eventually will become, if not your strongest, then second strongest in the entire group. Her speed is superior over the men's and thus makes her deliver some hard hits. She became my best fighter and unlike others she was my favorite character. Many here say that Noa is annoying but honestly people she was raised her whole life in a cave without any human contact. Of course she doesn't understand how to behave in public how could she? So I think reviewers should cut the game some slack with her since they're just trying to make her realistic.

    Gala is a great fighter due to his body strength. He eventually hits the hardest and does great damage to the enemies. Gala himself is a rather interesting character as well. At first he doesn't warm up to either Vahn and Noa, but only because of his extreme dislike for seru and anyone who wears them. When he finds out how special Ra- Seru though, he warms up and becomes a willing and actually humorous character.

    Vahn is the one you have to control. He only speaks what you choose for him to say but everyone loves him. He's the nice guy and a good fighter as well. He's not as quick as Noa, or as strong as Gala, but nonetheless when you get his levels up he can be a great fighter as well.

    Now for the game itself, it is a very fun, and long game. If you're not patient enough to last through a long video game then you better steer clear of this game. It took me 70 hours to finish it and that's mainly because every town that was filled with the Mist I stuck around before saving it to level up a bit more. Some people I notice complain of how hard the bosses are. I found none of the bosses truly hard at all- even the final boss I did not break a sweat over. Maybe because I have played so many other RPGs that they were easy, but I think even someone not really into RPGs could easily beat the bosses of the game. It's just I think a lot of people didn't level up as much as they should have. At the very end of the game I was at level 52 for my group and that was more than enough for me to beat the game.

    Leveling up can be a pain once all three characters get to higher levels, but the bosses are easy to beat as long as you level up a few in every Mist- filled town. So I advise gamers to do so. Also leveling up the magic creatures your Ra- Seru takes in as is very easy and necessary- just use them frequently in battle and they will easily level up in no time.

    Also it is smart to level up anyway to get a lot of money. Because I do agree with one complaint- the weapons in this game cost a lot of money eventually. I think the point is to fight a lot so you don't have a money problem- but I do agree the weapons still, especially towards the end of the game, get to be too pricey. Just fight a bit, or even sell an accessory you don't wear, and you will eventually find the money for them.

    The plot and subplots of this game is what keeps you overall entertained. I won't repeat what the Amazon review already has wrote out so well, but the basic goal throughout the game is to destroy the Mist all over the world by reviving Genesis trees and destroying Mist generators. Along the way many interesting characters come along and you fight a few and help a few.

    The best part of the game is definitely the outfits though the three get to wear. The new weapons and armor they wear are always different in appearance and visually appealing. Noa's outfits are especially beautiful. It's worth the money I think to pay for them.

    So overall this is a long and very creative game. The storylines throughout the game connect well and the plot itself unravels well as you go along. The characters are likeable and as said before the battle scenes are visually appealing and fun. The levels do take awhile as you get up to higher numbers, but you do not need at all to get anywhere near level 99. As said before, I beat the game easily at level 52. I would say the only really minor negative parts are the long levels and amount of money for armor- other than that, this game is a true joy. Highly recommend for people who like games such as Final Fantasy.

    5/5...more info
  • Legend of Legaia
    I'm still doing this game, and so far its been interesting and fun! Noa (One of the video game characters) is a little stupid, but everyone else is good. This is the newest game I've got, and it's the only one I play the most! I've found it very enjoyable....more info
  • Incredible Graphics
    In this game, you assume the role of Vahn, a teenager that has just come of age. a dark power, called "the mist", is making seru, once helpful monsters, turn evil. it is Vahn's task to help drive the mist into oblivion. The story line gets dumber as you go along, but the graphics [are great]. the unique battle mode allows you to select which hand you use and whether you kick high or low. the summon magic is also incredible. also, you can find special attacks that are amazingly cool....more info
  • This Is A Rock Bottom Game!!
    I love this game. From the graphics to the intense boss battles, this is a great game any hardcore role playing gamer would want. I am in Ratayu right now and there is a huge monster named Jaggurnaut eating inicent women! It is a very suspending game. I never want this game to end! I'm 14/(at least)60 hours into it. It is one of the best games on the earth!! Attention, IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WILL BUY THIS!!!...more info
  • This is the best rpg game in the world
    I like this rpg game becuase its awsome when u can capture any thing u kill's spirit and use it to kill other things.I'd like to buy this game becuase i have the money but i can't find anywere to buy it in my home town oneida. I really love this game to death it inspires me to be a game maker when i grow up to see if people would love the game i make as much as I love Legend Of Legia....more info
  • Legend of the greatest game.
    This game is a game of great fighting skills. Only the best comos in fighting skills and great magic. It also has a great storey line....more info
  • True Love
    I think i'm sick or something. When i first played this game in 1999, i wasn't really into video games. But this one turned me on. As i played, i literally fell in love with the main character, Vahn. But that's just how great the characters are! the story is awesome and original! i once played for 16 hours striaght! it Is truly a great game, and can compete with anything that Square can come up with!...more info
  • This game has the best battle system ever
    This game rocks. I really liked how you could do stuff like action combos in a role playing game. Some combos lead to extra moves. You probably won't be paying attntion to the story line, you'll probably be wondering what's the next move. ZLet me tell you this though: there is one move that you have to guess for, takes up 99 ap, and costs up to 13-16 hits(up, right, down, left.
    So buy this game, especially if you like action/role playing games...more info
  • Best RPG I've played
    This game is really fun to play. One bad thing is that every ten steps you get into another battle. The other thing is that it takes too long to get around the world. Those are pretty much the only bad things in the game but they do get annoying. The way the battles work is really cool. You control three characters with three different specialities, speed, strengh and intelligence. You have a certain amount of orders you can put in the comand-bar which grows as the game goes on.You have to gain levels in order to learn more combos. The bosses are challenging and are fun to fight....more info
  • Great!!!!!!!!!!
    I think that this game is great. I played it, for a month and I haven't words to describe it. At first, it's a little complicated, but when you enter to the history, you can stopped, you have to finished it. The history it's great, I played the spanish version, and I changed the names of the players. Anyway, it's great, and I'm waiting for the second part....more info
  • Legend of Legaia -- Best 3-D game made~
    My cousin was nice enough to let me try it while I was staying at her house. Let me tell you, I was addicted the moment I started. I only got to play for about two hours the first day, but then the second day I tried to play it all day long! My poor neglected cousin had to turn off the game to break me away from it. I made it to destroying the first Mist Generator, but I was hopelessly addicted by then.

    First, the sound. It is engaging, compelling, absorbing. It's soft where it needs to be and blood-pumping when it needs to be. 5/5

    Gamespeed. In mini-areas (which you're in all the time, dungeons, etc.) it's pretty good, and you can even set the game to automatically run in those areas. However, if you're on the overworld, you are always annoyingly slow. The game itself progresses well, without any pointless sidequests. Some say that there aren't any sidequests at all, but I disagree. Leveling-up, though, is pretty darn slow -- at the rate of about one level-up per hour. 3/5

    Graphics-wise, it could be a little better. Vahn's companions, Noa and Gala, are rarely seen unless in a cut-scene (of which there are plenty) or a battle. Outside of battles, they look like clay sculptures of themselves, a little crude but very cute. In battles, they are full-scale, detailed, and you even get to see their armor! 4/5

    Battle system itself. I have never seen the likes of a battle system like that before. Then again, this one is also the first battle system I've seen that isn't 8-bit.
    It's awesome. On the first selection screen, you have Item, Spirit, Attack, and Meta (Terra for Noa, Ozma for Gala). Spirit allows you to refill some of your Arts Power. Meta allows your character's Ra-Seru to summon a Seru, which will then do a powerful Seru-move (that the Seru never used in battle, I might add) on your enemies or your party, it depends on the Seru. Attack gives you two options, Auto and Command. Auto works just like any other battle system attack. Command allows you to select which regions of the monster you would like to attack, and what you would like to use on it. (Left/Arms, Right/RaSeru.)
    If you strike upon the right combinations, you can unleash a powerful attack (Arts) on your enemy, which will knock off a little more to a WHOLE lot more than just a random combination. 'Tis a beautiful system. 5/5

    All in all, it's a great game. I know EXACTLY what I'd like for my birthday....more info

  • Innovation you can enjoy
    I was very surprised with Legend of Legaia when I first played it. Although the basic RPG formula is still basically intact, there are a few radically innovative bits that seem to work quite well.

    Take for example the amazing battle engine: while turn-based at its core, each character's basic attack is instead a series of kicks and punches that YOU enter (at the beginning of each round). Specific sequences of kicks and punches unlock "Arts" - combos that you can perform at any point in the game. Furthermore, you can chain Arts in combat if they share their first and last moves, and, what's best, you can perform any Art at any given time, giving you total freedom in combat. Most Arts are learned through experimentation, while a few are taught to you by a variety of casual mentors. To save you the trouble of writing the arts down, the game keeps track of the ones you learned in notes that can be called up either through the status menus or directly in combat. Magic in Legend of Legaia is all summoning. During combat you have the chance of absorbing the powers of a variety of enchanted monsters, and thereupon summoning them to cast spells. If you summon the creature frequently, it will increase in level, making the spell it produces more efficient and perhaps even add a side effect.

    Seems as though Sony threw this amazing thing in and then forgot to capitalize on it. Makes me wonder why they capitalized on the far more restrictive battle engine in Legend of Dragoon.

    Graphically, Legend of Legaia isn't much to look at (or listen to), with ungainly polygonal surroundings and fully polygonal characters who look like blocks on a string. Thankfully, in combat the characters are realistically proportioned and animate realistically. Also, their faces are very expressive and well-detailed.

    A diabolic mist has enveloped the world years ago, turning the enchanted Seru into deranged monsters, and their human possessors into mindless zombies. It is up to you to revive the Genesis trees spread across the land in order to destroy the mist. If the story sounds off-beat and unexciting, it is still your formulaic save-the-world story we have come to know and love in many RPGs. The plot is as unobtrusive as they come. There is nothing unnecessary, no confusing tangents, no bland, endless dialog, nothing to detract you from the gameplay.

    Now, to alerts: this is a slow, SLOW, S...... L...... O...... W game. Travel on the overworld is very sluggish. Character advancement is equally slow. Get ready for tactical level-building, lots of it, because the bosses are tough. If you like your games to move at breakneck speed and half-blind you with glitter of many explosions, Legend of Legaia may reduce you to tears in under an hour. But if you're in for a good, old-fashioned RPG experience, you will most certainly enjoy this game....more info

  • Legend of Legaia is one of the best games ever made
    Legend of Legaia was the first and best RPG I have ever played. The combat system is great, the graphics are great, the characters are great, the plot is great, everything about this game is great. It has a few problems like the legth it takes just to move around in map mode and the time it takes to gain levels but these problems are elimanated later, when you get more items....more info
  • THE BEST PLAYSTATION GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First off for all those losers who put bad review's for this game burn in heck. Anyways this is a awesome game you start off as a kid named vahn by yourself trying to save the world from the mist. but then you meet up with noa and gala and together defend the world from the mist. I didn't beat the game yet so I don't know everything but overall this games rocks!!!...more info
  • This game is cooler that FF by an inch
    This was the first rpg game i have ever played,it was also the best((next to chrono cross))rpg i ever played.I agree with 'the man who loves rpgs' edgar huntley apparantly knows nothing of rpgs don't listen to him,it because of him the game has 4 and 1/2 stars!anyway,you get to have 3 characters,no more stressing to switch around all the time.the battle sytem rules!even around 3 years after the game was created i still say it's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.the only reason you shouldn't play this is if you hate rpgs.other wise buy it even if ur just starting it rules....more info
  • Legend of Legai - aka - The Legai hits 5 stars!
    It's a good game! I have had fun playing it! It definitely deserves 5 stars!...more info
  • Legend of Legaia: Too Bad for Sony Attempt at an good RPG
    To sum it up, Sony didn't do that great of a job trying to find a way onto the ever growing RPG scene on the Playstation. It lacks a strong story, mostly. You run around reviving Genesis Trees to remove the evil mist that has transformed kind creatures to evil little monsters. That's right an evil mist is your enemy. I as much a believer in the etherial realm of evil as most people but come on. You don't actually expect me to fight mist. They try to tack on a final boss but he seems oddly removed from the evil from the mist so his presence makes little sense. The battles, though the engine is innovative, are much to long. A battle can last anywhere from 3 minutes to almost an hour. The main reason that the battles are so time consuming is because of the lengthy entering of the combat combos that your character uses. The game just stops being fun when you have been in the same dungeon for two hours because you are getting into too many battles. The dialouge is also very dry and foolishly written. After meeting the character Noa I knew that I wanted her to be killed by the mist. She is maddingly annoying, and she runs around like some mental midget on steriods. The other two characters have no personalities. This makes it hard to get involved with the game. The pluses. The aformentioned battle engine innovativeness. Also when you buy a new peice of armor or a weapon you actually see it on your character in battle and they actually use it. Their are some really odd looking weapons and armor. The bad part is that gold is very difficult to come across in this game. My words to you. Do not buy, do not rent, do not do anything with this game. It should be burned and its record removed from the planet. This game does not belong with anyone Playstation collection. Unless you are really hard up for some entertainment....more info
  • #1 Battle System
    I've played a lot of games(yeah, I know no life)but this game is one i'll truly always remember. The battles are the coolest things in the game as well as the music. I can't get over how cool the characters sound when they do a combo and tight that looks. You can't beat that this is the only game by Sony that I will replay over again. The story's good, but not anything like Squares. I love it. I wanna see a sequel. Sony please don't change the battle system. Also keep Vahn, Gala, and Noa just have Vahn talk or something I don't like that multiple choice thing. The ending needed a lot of work( I mean there technically wasn't one) But when you bypass all that it's cool....more info
  • It's an OK game, but...
    I've had "Legend of Legaia" for a number of years. I've picked it up and tried to play through it countless times. The verdict... It starts out OK story wise, has a nice battle system on it, but it falls flat after a while. Let me elaborate.

    First off, the good about this game. An RPG's battle system is one of the most important elements of the game. About 50% of your gameplay time in an RPG is spent battling. That being said, "Legend of Legaia" has a very nice battle system. It's turn based (which means you can stretch between hits) and offers what many have called a "fighting game inspired" attack system. Basically, what that means is that the directional buttons are used as the primary selection tool in battle (the X button is only used to confirm attacks and select magic). Combo attacks are initiated by entering certain combinations in "Attack" mode (up {high kick}, down {low kick}, left {left hand blow}, right {right hand blow}) and not only are nice and damaging but are pretty spectacular to look at too. But, the good stops there.

    Here's the bad. First off, the random battles. I love RPG's, but I hate random battles with a vengance and in "Legaia" they spring on you every two steps in any given dungeon. This ensures that the player will quickly become tired of the battle system.

    Secondly, the way that the magic system is set up is a pain in the butt. Creative, but a pain in the butt. Unlike most RPG's, where the characters aquire new magic by gaining levels or buying it from shops, "Legend of Legaia" has a somewhat Pok¨¦mon-esque method whereby the characters must absorb the powers of enemy Seru into their Ra-Seru in order to learn new spells. This wouldn't be too bad if the chance of absorbing a Seru's power weren't so low (maybe a 20% or 40% chance) and that for a character to aquire that Seru's powers, he or she must land the final blow him or herself. That can lead to hours of frustration trying to learn new attack and healing magic. When trying to learn new spells becomes a chore, you have a problem.

    Third of all, the story line. The plot is really thickest toward the beginning of the game, then becomes less and less engaging as you play. I mean, it starts out promising but never really picks up the pace! The most exciting moment in the game is the attack on Rim Elm (right at the beginning of the game) and from there it never really takes off. For the love of God, they had a demi-god that sleeps in the form of three freaking infants giving random prophecy in a freaking cave town that keeps falling apart! What the Heck! That's the part when you know whoever wrote the script for this game was having some monster writer's block that never really went away.

    Fourth point, the music. Now, I know most people don't care much about the music in an RPG as long as it's bearable, but the music in "Legend of Legaia" would be better replaced with the sample music tracks from "RPG Maker". It's OK for short sperts of playing, but after a few hours in a dungeon, it gets redundant.

    Number five, the graphics. Now, I know this game has OK graphics for its time, but it's more the way that the graphics effect the navigability of dungeons that has me. The color pallet for this game tends to be overwhelmingly dark, especially in caves, and in certain areas it's hard to tell a wall from a door from an extension of the floor because the colors and textures merge together so much. Not fun when you've been through 800 random battles, are low on health and healing items, and are just looking for an exit.

    Lastly, the two most annoying things about "Legend of Legaia": Save Points and the price of upgrading equipment. In this game you can only save on the overworld map and at save points. The problem with the save points is that they are so far apart from each other in the dungeons. The save points tend to be one per average sized dungeon and sometimes two, and always about an hour or three apart from each other. This can cause headaches when you just want to quit but there hasn't been a save point in sight in the dungeon for hours on end. And the price of equipment upgrades is just plain wrong. To afford new equipment, you have to run around in circles of about an hour or so fighting to just be able to afford the next sword...after fighting every monster from the last town to the one you're in now without running from a single battle. This leads to hours and hours of trying to get into a fight (which, as it turns out, is the only time when you're not jumped every three steps). This, in turn, leads to boredom.

    So, in closing, "Legend of Legaia" is a decent game if you can stand the frustrations stemming from its faults. The battle engine is good and you can always "Mystery Science Theater" on the plot if you're so warped in humor. But, if you hate getting hit with random battles, being over charged for equipment, never being able to find a save point when you actually need one, and getting lost in confusingly rendered dungeons, then leave this game alone....more info
  • Legend of legaia has absolutely entered my heart.
    This Game is a game i would recomend to anyone. Its a game similar to Zelda. Its an adventure game with much fun involved.

    This game is not one of those games where u play a couple hours and its over. this game with keep u occupied for hours on end. Its got many battles and bosses to keep u interested. It is a game where u must build ur characters up. There are 3 but you are all 3 at once which isnt like other games but make it moire fun. All 3 characters come with their own stories and mysteries.

    The 3 characters all have somthing that characterizes them differently weaknesses and strengths. There are 2 boys 1 girl. There are many moves each character has different moves which as you get stronger can have more. its very fun since everytime u get stronger you get rewarded in so many ways it makes u wanna keep playing and getting better. It also has many places to go and many secrets to be revealed.

    You have lots of choice of wut you do with the different armors and different weapons and items which will help make the characters stronger or have more attributes.

    I suggest any of you play this game because i love it. It has great addicting music and good graphics in battle. But not in battle the graphics arent that great so if graphics are important to you this isnt the best but they are very acceptable in my opinion. GET THIS GAME!!!...more info

  • The Best RPG Ever!
    This is the first RPG I've ever played and the best in my opinion. I came across this game on a demo disc and tried it out. After I tried it out I found out that the type of game that I love is RPGs. I would reccomend this game to anyone that loves RPGs. A mist covers Legaia causing the helpful seru to go insane and kill people. Vahn, Noa, and Gala must defeat the mist.
    out of 5:
    gameplay *****
    battle system *****
    storyline *****
    music ****...more info
  • This is what the big boys play-------What a joke!
    First of all, I should note that I haven't even looked at this game since it first came out. There aren't many RPG's out there that I have played that I don't like at least a little bit, but Legend of Legaia just happened to be one of them. My first complaint about this game is the music. The music in the game, from the town music to the battle theme, is repetitive and uninspiring. This is one of the games biggest flaws. I know that if I have to play a game for 50+ hours, getting in over 1000 fights, I would like to at least have some enjoyment to the repetitiveness by at least having a decent battle theme. It's too bad, because this is one of the few games that actually had music that was just plain horrible. The battle system is OK. It just seems to me that they ripped the basic ideas for the battle system from Xenogears. As far as the graphics go, think Final Fantasy 7, except not quite as polished. Yeah, you read that sentence right. Getting experience and gold in this game is a joke; you could get both faster in The Legend of Dragoon. Items and equipment are way overpriced, and even the first boss seems to easily crush your party, no matter how good your equipment is, or how many battles you fought in. My biggest problem with the game, though, is the magic system. You see, after acquiring a Ra-Seru, when you get into a battle with a certain type of enemy, you have a chance to learn magic. Unfortunately, you have a better chance of getting the best equipment in the game before you actually learn some magic. Overall, steer clear of this game in the same....more info
  • Legend of Legaia
    I find this game extremely interesting and fun. I reccomend it to any major or minor rpg'er!!!! It is basiclly about Vahn, Noa, and Gala, 3 chosen by the Ra-Seru to free the world of the cursed mist. Near the end, your thrown back in time to open the gate to the absolute fortress. But anyway, it rulez!!!! :> If you want codes for it, you can ... find some. By the way, the fight scenes rule!!!!!!!...more info
  • very good but, I've seen better.
    I saw this game at toysrus .com and I read some reviews. It looked good and so I bought it. The music is okay, and the graphics are awesome, but it lacks a solid storyline. Dont get me wrong this is a good game but, Im not a big fan of the t.a.s. (tacticle arts system). you just punch in, up down left or right untill the art's box is full, then you just watch. The caracters are pretty cool and and all but it doesn't have any involving gameplay like zelda and f.f. And in times it gets boring but, if you like the T.A.S. you will LOVE this game....more info
  • this game rocks
    this game is amazing and it arrived sonner than i thought the game disc was in emaculate condition? i will most likely buy more online because of the service i recived...more info
  • Sony is at it's Best!
    Legend of Legaia was a great game, and it still is. It is unfortunate that many overlook this game due to the commotion of the Final Fantasy series. This game revolves around a mist blanketing the Legaia world, and then three characters to save it. The characters, Vahn, Noa, and Gala are out to save the world. This game represents Sony's best. It has themes such as love(Vahn and Noa), tragedy(deaths), and so much more. It also has cute moments of Noa, the cutesy girl, and all in all, this is a great game. It has a wonderful original battle system, allowing you to choose what move to make, not just attack, or defend. It has great graphics; the fighting graphics of the characters are like Tekken 3. I think this is one of the best rpg's I've played. Nope, it's the best rpg I've played.
    The game has also an added feature: the characters actually change they're battle equipment after new equipment has been equipped. I thought this was so cool. The sound in the game is great. It has a total "I want to play this game again" tone. The game also has real world values, such as learning to cope with dead loved ones, and other themes such as telling the person you love that you love them .I hope this review helped. Well that's it. Great work Sony, this was the best!...more info
  • legend of legaia
    The first time I got this game, I thought it would have been like final fantasy, but i thought wrong! this game was way better than final fantasy! good graphics, great music, characters, and also a fun addicting game! the first time i got this game, I couldnt stop playing! I played this game for about 2 months until I had finally beated it. Its been a year or so, and I stil play this game. It has become my favorite video game ever!...more info
  • Good Game, but I'm stuck!
    I love RPGs, and even though LOL doesn't compare to Final Fantasy, it was more than worth the price. The inventful story and the colorful characters bring the RPG together. However, I am stuck in the dead tower and I am trying to get to the bottom. Any help out there?...more info
    This is one of the greatest games ever created! I'm played games like FF8 but those games are way to long and get really old. This is a semi-short RPG, but way fun. The different magic spells, the different armor, the different weapons, the different fighting arts you learn, are awesome. With you power gages extending as your level increases, it gives you power to do more super arts, and provides fun battles. Graphic during battles are the best. This is one of those must buy games....more info
  • Amazing.
    This is the game that got me started loving rpg's. Without this game, I would probobly never play rpg's today. I had seen this game in Blockbuster numerous times, but it never appealed to me. Then one day my friend brought it over to my house and said that I HAD to play it...so I did...and I fell in love with it. The innovative battle system...the seru and ra-seru...the story...the characters...the cut-scenes...everything about the game I loved. So I went out and rented it, and must have rented it 20 times, I never beat it because blockbuster stopped stocking it, but I was REALLY close and I realy wish that I had bought it. Still to this day, I think about this game all the time and wish that I had bought it, why I dont just go out and buy it myself? A few reasons...one, I'm worried that i might not like it as much as i used to and ill be dissapointed(although i probobly wont), 2, i might HATE the ending, and 3, i might never finish it because i dont feel like playing it (this happens to me all the time with console rpg's....more info
  • Legend of legia
    Legend of legia starts out with a great demo and an awesome intro to go along with the game.A few of my friends rented it played for 5 minutes and declared it boring.I got it declared it boring (bad graphics) but hung around until my first fight scene.The fight graphics were awesome although I'm not a fan of turn based combat I found it enjoyable.You use the controls to decide what you do and then the game does your turn and your moves are acted out exactly what you did down to left or right kick(TIP:Find oout if your charecter is right or left handed because it effects the power.).First you follow the game as Vahn a young man seeking a Friends special friend but then at one point you began to play as a girl named Lea or something up until they meet.
    The game is even more enjoyable because of your magical bracelet ra-seru which means that when vahn and lea meet she doesn't have a ra-seru so it's a difficult tag ream match to win Lea's ra-seru.
    Some of the fights can be very diffucult so in some areas it's best to avoid monsters even though by defeating special ones you get a magic boost.
    There are some great unlockable combo's but one of the downsides is that outside of fight scene's you do nothing but wander around!...more info
  • Amazing
    I First played a demo version of this game on a demo disc and was immediately addicted. One of the best RPG Games to come out for PSX.
    There's a sophistocated fight sequence mode, which allows you to do combos and discover 'arts' kind of like special moves and there are different levels going all the way up to 'master'. The graphics are great for a PSX RPG.
    The storyline, although quite odd, is very interesting, and did i mention it's addictive as crap?
    One downside. Actually two.
    Tough bosses and insane invironments in which i had no clue where i was going and found my self going nowhere for a while, but i didnt mind since i was up for the challenge.
    You'll get some serious gameplay out of this game.
    This isn't a game you'll be finishing in a few days. oh no....more info
  • WOW Fun Legaia
    I wish I never gave back that game, Legend of Legaia. When one
    of my friends brought it over, he said I had to play it. I decided I would try it because it looked kind of cool. I was hooked, and I never stoped playing. Its a VERY fun game, while in all being hard. Not hard enough to make you quit, but hard enough to make you think. The story is great, as is the music, and the special moves each character does. I couldent choose a favorite out of the 3 main characters, all I can say is this is a WOW fun game, and unfortunatly I had to give back the game before i EVEN beat it, so Im looking for it to own. I would give up my PSX2 for it if I could. =)...more info


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