Facial Magic [VHS]

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  • Highly recommend
    I bought this video about one year ago and finally dug it out; although the program is very involved, once you master the exercises, they become very easy and the results are very noticeable; I will be 47 soon and everyone thinks I am 33, no older than 35; when I was 35, people thought I was older. Also, aging is different for everyone. Stick with the program and you will see your youthful contours return....more info
  • Way,way too complicated
    I have watched the Facial Magic video numerous times since purchasing it and the routine shown is very complicated and requires way too much time to do. You need white gloves, a mirror and at least a half hour of undisturbed time to do the exercises, not to mention many tricky finger placements to "trigger" the muscles. Even the narrator on the video refers to them as 'tricky'. I honestly can't see myself doing these exercises consistently over any period of time.

    I think that if you are going to try and do facial exercises, they have to be fairly simple and you shouldn't need "props" to perform them. I was disappointed in this video and will ask for my money back....more info

  • Couldn't agree more
    I am in my 40s and have been doing facial magic on and off for the past 2 years, with ongoing, flattering results. I, too, am thrilled to find the video here so I might pass it on to friends! It's good to know you CAN do something to enhance the aging process without spending thousands or going under the knife. The idea is to isolate specific muscles, just as you would to get your body toned. And results ARE noticeable. I personally did not find them complicated. Finally, there are also notes on living a healthy, happy life, which go a long way to support maintaining a healthy, happy face!...more info
  • This is the Facial Magic for us old folks.
    Since there is no description of this product, I worried what I was purchasing. I was happy to find that it is indeed the "as seen on TV" Facial Magic, with the great facial exercises, gloves and cream. It works too! Exercises work the facial muscles to prevent sagging....more info
  • Disappointment Galore!
    I did the exercises almost a month, spending over 45 minutes everyday.The exercises in this video are long, boring and too complicated. Having to use white gloves are silly and unnatural. Sorry, I would not reccomend this face exercise program- there are other facial exercises that work and are fast and easy....more info
  • Excellent
    Wow, what a tape and it does work. If you are concerned about facial lines and wrinkles and you want a easy way to make them better or reduced the appearence, this is the tape. Easy to do exercises for your face. I love it. I would recommend to everyone. Enjoy and see the diffences in just 30 days....more info
  • Don't buy this product.
    Cynthia Rowland is a great salesperson.
    Although I did a lot of research, I bought this tape because I saw very motivational presentation on YouTube. After watching the tape I got the true picture.
    First of all, ten year ago, when it was taped, Cynthia looked different (very different), she spoke different, her personality was very strict.
    What is most important is that exercises are just barbaric!
    You put fingers in your mouth, and press, stretch, push, squeeze.
    Models even couldn't put their hands symmetrical.
    And according to these models, these exercises didn't do any good for them since their faces covered with wrinkles (the new DVD use younger models).
    I am very glad that I bought THIS tape. It shows me how I can damage my face....more info


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