Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker

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Americas hottest comic chris rock keeps it real loose and live from the apollo theatre in new york. Be there front and center as chris rock takes on fidelity racism and deception. Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 12/12/2006 Starring: Chris Rock Run time: 65 minutes Rating: Nr

Comedian Chris Rock makes a raucous return to his stand-up roots in this HBO special filmed at Harlem's legendary Apollo Theater. Despite his manic and profane delivery, Rock's comedy is often rooted in traditional subjects for comedians: family relationships, misunderstandings between men and women, and observations on how childhood has changed. But he takes his material right to the edge, proving himself to be a sharp-eyed satirist. Serious and timely issues, such as school shootings or children being neglected by partying parents, are tackled by Rock, who's not afraid to slip in a serious point while being hysterically funny. His defense of President Clinton against his accusers is a good example of how Rock's material is almost always bound to offend someone: he slices through the self-righteous rhetoric of the impeachment spectacle, but even the behavior he defends comes in for ridicule with jokes that are extremely funny as well as extremely coarse. The pace of this one-hour show is uneven, and some viewers will no doubt find Rock's penchant for using profanity as punctuation tiresome. But those who like intelligent comedy with a hard edge will find much to laugh at in Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker. -- Robert J. McNamara

Customer Reviews:

  • *non-stop laughter!*
    I loved this dvd....i liked chris rock before, but this is one of his best....he IS very outspoken and rather "left," but I am pretty liberal myself, so that was ok with me...what is amazing is that he can take very sensitive subjects and be very opinionated about them onstage, but he puts it in such a humorous way, it takes the sting out of it..The show is pretty raunchy, so beware! but again, if that's your kind of humor, you must buy this- you'll be rolling on the floor!...more info
  • Dumber and Dumber
    I dont have anything against comedy because laughter heals you when you're down but I do have something against chittlin circuit humor. Case in point with Miss Rock. This punk-in-a-can doesnt have a funny bone in his body and to laugh at his childlike ignorance shows insanity on your behalf. I havent heard this much stupidity since I watched a Sheryl Uglywood(The queen of all aunt jemimas) routine. You reviewers say that he is very insightful in his routine. Okay lets see. His joke about how he looks at girls that dont give dome like a Beta Max. Yeah, that's real insightful. What about his silly notion of a black racist(ignorance reigns supreme in the mind of this foolish being). Yeah, you cant get more insightful than that. What about his eagerness to make Bill Clinton look like a good president(Black comics are idiots) Yeah, that is about as insightful as you can get. Should I go on? This loud, obnoxious, overrated, unfunny minstrel clown is about as sharp a rusty nail. Not one intelligent statement or even a smart statement from this overpaid buckdancer. Just mind-boggling stupidity and ignorance from the mind of a bum that makes his fruity progenitor Petty Murphy proud with each rancid punchline told. Its funny. You go on an onslaught about the rappers and the content of their music to the point where your grievances are overkill but you laugh at comedians who are guilty of the same charges in their routines. You cant be sane to be so numb to a glaring contradiction! If you going to pine about the rappers and the content of their music then also complain about the comics and the content of their routines and the actors for the harmful roles they play or just shut the f*** up with your halfa**ed complaining period! ...more info
  • Funniest Comedian of this Time
    Chris Rock is by far the funniest guy of today. This dvd should be bought by anyone who likes comedy. I would put everything I own on you finding this dvd hilarious. The whole disc is so brutally honest, it is refreshing to see someone with the intelligence and wit to deliver the material. I beg you all even if you haven't yet seen Chris Rock, buy this dvd. I guarantee that you will be hooked after witnessing just five minutes from the genious that is Chris Rock....more info
  • Funny Enough
    I thought this offering from Chris Rock was pretty good, i agree with the last reviewer that Bring The Pain was a more hard hitting piece of stand up, but this has it's moments also. Besides this is available on DVD and Bring The Pain isn't, to sum things up this will have you laughing and thats what your buying it for....more info
  • Better medicine than Robitussin
    The Doug E. Fresh intro perfectly sets the mood for the frantic and energetic Chris Rock. Bigger & Blacker is an HBO production filmed in the Apollo Theater and is brilliant satire from the perspective of an African-American.

    Rock lays the smack down on topics such as school violence, gun control, irresponsible parents, neglected fathers, infidelity, bigotry, and the poor state of health care. His assertions are blunt, bold, and are fired from point-blank: "A man is only as faithful as his options", "Men lie but women are much bigger liars", "Blacks and whites have little to complain about, consider the state of Native Americans".

    All of Rock's material is solid and most of it is intelligent and thought-provoking. He slips into crudeness only briefly as he suggests that the blind be assigned to midgets instead of seeing-eye dogs and when he mentions his contempt for women that don't provide oral servicing. Also, he picks on white people a little, but it is not really funny like when Richard Pryor teased white people. These minor flaws are certainly not deal breakers.

    Rock is providing a solid hour of comedy here. He has a superb rapport with his audience and his delivery is very good overall with only a couple instances of repeating himself or otherwise stalling as he gathers his thoughts. This is an adult show and profanity is used liberally, but not quite what I would consider gratuitously. Overall this is a very good show that all fans of standup comedy, should consider viewing. Chris Rock deserves to go home to the big piece of chicken (inside joke-watch the show)....more info
  • Swears every other word
    Not entertaining and not up to his potential. He is one of the funniest commedian to come along, but not in this video. Every other word is swearing & is very redundant. If you don't find the "N" word, the "P" word, and the "F" word funny, you won't find this video funny either. Very disappointing....more info
    Chris Rock has solidified his place in the comedy legends hall of fame! This is another very funny set from Chris Rock!...more info
  • King Chris
    Forget the editorial review above. There is no weak spot in this hour long presentation. Chris Rock is the most brilliant contemporary comedian I know of and he's at the top of his game in Bigger and Blacker. Let's get real...this is Richard Pryor, post Eddie Murphy, Dice Clay etc....four letter words shouldn't be offensive to anyone at this point so it is not a valid argument to say that this wasn't enjoyable because Rock curses too much. Like any great, he can get the laughs without the swearing but this is his special and he comes out with both barrels blazing. The cursing isn't for cursing's sake....this is intelligent, razor-sharp, ADULT comedy. Put the kids to bed and kick back. Like any great satirist, Chris' jokes reflect a probable truth. In regards to his bits on family, love and relationships, I have LIVED his jokes. It's frightening in a funny way and I'm sure I'm not the only one who experienced that sensation of Rock peering into their lives and dragging out all of the dirty laundry. Any aspiring comic writers and stand up comedians need to study this; it's a gem. Rock did his homework studying Woody Allen and Richard Pryor and it shows. The torch has been passed....more info
  • rock job
    i love chris,but why should i laugh when the crowd isnt laughing the jokes are slow paced and just die out.better luck in the next album...more info
  • Hilarious!
    This was the funniest stand up comedy hour I have seen in the loongest time.. Chris Rock's content and facial expressions are just the best.. I highly reccomend this video to anyone who likes REAL comedy!...more info
  • Pryor for the new Millenium
    Rock is brilliant, biting and unaplogetic. His social commentary is so on the mark. All of his Stand-up is awesome....more info
  • Chris Rock should run for PREZ-O-DENT
    The best part about his jokes is the truth. He really tells it like it is, holding no punches.

    "Who are bigger liars, men or women?"
    "wrong its women, when women lie, its like...
    the baby is yours!"

    too too funny. However not really family oriented...more info

  • this is SOOO funny i took notes....
    so i could go over these jokes again, on my own and laugh again!! Chris Rock spares NO ONE from his shocking and hilarious analysis, and I mean NO ONE!! He is soooo brutally honest about race, sex, and whatever else he talks about that no matter what your political beliefs you can watch this with ANYONE and by the end both of you will be in tears on the floor! He is a true genius and a brilliant social critic. Unlike most comics who rely on silly yucks to get laughs, he is intelligent, well read and politically astute. He has brought another level to comedy that NO ONE in this generation of comedians (Black, White or Other) can even touch!...more info
  • LOL
    I will try to give a unbiased review because he's my cousin-in-law. But the boy is hilarious. If you haven't seen this, then you don't like real comedy....more info
  • The greatest stand up video ever!
    I checked this video out when I first got into stand up,and it is still my favorite.I can't count how many times I've watched this it is so good.Chris Rock is not only the funniest comedian ever,he is also the smartest.His routines include A LOT of social commentary.Most of the stuff he says is true.The beginning of this video is racist and boring,but it picks up and becomes the funniest stand up routine ever.I have to warn you,this video contains ALOT of swearing.Almost every other word is a swear word.Towards the end,it gets VERY [physical] and crude.So if you have young children,DO NOT let them come CLOSE to this video.Otherwise,sit back and enjoy the best stand-up routine ever recorded....more info
  • this is great
    been looking everywhere for this one its very funny this is a good dvd should have coments by chris tho would have been good...more info
  • Funny Hee Hee, not funny, Ha Ha
    This is a strong HBO special, full of hilarious bits of satirical comedy, but I didn't feel it was nearly as strong as his earlier stuff. I watched "Bring the Pain" repeatedly-- I belly laughed every time. I made my friends watch it. We'd recite the best bits over and over. With bigger and blacker, there weren't moments to be taken away. Sure, it was funny but not resoundingly so. While I would not argue that C-Rock is this generation's Pryor, this is not his Mudbone....more info
  • This **** is hilarious!!!
    Not that quick kinda jerk, "Like...(thwack, thwack, thwack)...Did you hear something?!"

    This is Chris Rock at his very best. If you know of another DVD by him that's just as funny, let me know!

    I will definitely be buying this because some of what he says, is SO true!

    ...more info
  • funny funny funny funny
    if you like Chris Rock then you have to get this, but be prepared to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh...more info
  • hilarious
    say what you want but you know he is right...

    hilarious if you get the jokes.....more info
  • Forget controversy, forget race--- this is FUNNY!!!
    I first saw this gem of a stand-up act way back when it was first on HBO, when a friend taped it for me. I subsequently made more tapes for all my friends, telling them that this is the funniest thing they'll ever see. I naturally added the DVD to my collection when it was available. Yes, Chris Rock swears a lot. A whole lot. Yes, he's controversial. Yes, he harpoons everyone--- white, black, politicians, the media, the masses, the medical profession, men, women, and everyone in between. So? He's funny, dammit! He's hilarious! Unlike Andrew Dice Clay, who used profanity purely to get a laugh (and where is he today?), Chris Rock integrates it in clever, intelligent commentary on current events, interpersonal relationships, and just about every other subject you can imagine. His dissertations on the Clinton-Lewinski affair, on dead rappers, on family interactions, are priceless. My favortie? His insightful, incisive evaluation of the 3 things men want (I won't tell you. You'll have to get it from him). Sure, everyone has different ideas of what's funny, but if you aren't afraid of four-letter words (I personally have a hard time keeping them out of my own conversation) and you like scathing wit and appreciate keen observations of modern life and the human condition --- regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, etc, etc ---- you should find this side-splittingly, tears-running-down-your-face funny. WARNINGS: Not for children, really. And don't drink anything while watching this or it'll shoot out of your nose. ...more info
  • The Master.
    Well, I cannot get enough of Mr. Rock so I took a look at this video and will be watching it a few more times in the future. Like all of Chris Rock's standup performances this one is totally brilliant. If everyone in society talked as freely about race, sex, and people as Chris Rock does then the United States would be a far better place. He is magnificently, wondrously, and electrically politically incorrect and we should appreciate him for it. Rock is far more valuable than five thousand rebellious commentators writing articles for 24 hours a day in the attempt to destroy PC. His essential theme is "people are people" even if you're Bill Clinton. That we pretend otherwise is our own pathology. Thank God for Chris Rock--at least someone has the guts to stand up and say what he wants. ...more info
  • :)
    i dont think chris rock is as funny as he is poignant and moving. i think i represent a minority tho because most people i know think hes hysterical. either way, this is a performance you have to see....more info
  • Classic Chris Rock
    Loved this dvd! His comedy is fresh, funny, and right on target. I was a big fan of Never Scared and I liked this routine just as much. As always, he's offensive but there is more than a ring of truth to what he says. Rock never fails to tell it like it is, in his unique hilarious fashion....more info
  • average
    compared to bring the pain this is dull.the material just doesn't hit as hard as Bring the has some okay lines but overall it's just so-so.he was far funnier on the Mtv Video awards show....more info
  • Rock On!
    Chris Rock follows up his 1996 hit "Bring the Pain" with another hilarious 1-hr routine. As always, Chris serves up his brutally honest opinions on the social and political nightmares we live in today. In this performance you'll find him tackling school gun violence, the plight of Native Americans, Ricky Martin, delinquent parents, racism, police brutality, incurable diseases, taxes, and a host of other issues. What makes Chris Rock so hilarious is that his commentary not only rings true but hits upon feelings and thoughts most of us have but are often afraid to express in today's "politically correct" atmosphere. Plus, Chris' naturally funny-looking physical appearance adds color to his performance. As with many other comedians, Chris Rock ends up spending a great deal of time on cliche comedian fodder such as sex and man-woman relationships. Thankfully, Chris Rock has managed to avoid tired old jokes and put hilarious new spins on these topics.

    If you want intelligent comedy, this is the video for you! However, be forewarned that Chris Rock has a penchant for using the "f" word when emphasizing points, which some may find annoying after a while, and he is bound to say something that may offend someone. Nonetheless, I think that's what makes Chris Rock great and universal. Although Chris caters to an African-American audience, he ultimately has ideas that speaks to all segments of society- conservatives, liberals, white/black/asian/latino, homosexual, religious, non-religious, etc. A view that one segment of society finds appealing is bound to be held in disdain by another.

    I must admit, in the past year that I've become a Chris Rock fan, I've found it difficult to watch other comedians. Few are as hard-hitting as Chris Rock. Get this video to see what I mean! While you are at it, get "Bring the Pain"- this one packs even more punch than "Bigger and Blacker"....more info

  • Poor
    Sorry, I usually appreciate your comedy, but not this time. You crossed the line with the polio -- our best friend died recently from post-polio conditions. Little is known these days, as you profess, of the disease. Little is known of post-polio and its affects. They are as harmful and degenerating as polio itself. To poke fun is an insult to those who suffered the disease and you have no idea of the after-affects of post-polio....more info
  • A hilarious must-have
    If you have a sense of humor at all, you will LOVE this hilarious standup with Chris Rock's unique style of humor. Not a single person who I know who has or seen this (or heard it on CD) has not cracked up. I would recommend this to everyone who I know....more info
  • Hilarious!
    Everybody needs to see this! It's so damn funny I can't even put it into words! Just see it and you will NOT be disappointed!...more info
  • A modern classic
    Rock is perhaps the sharpest stand-up working today (though Carlin is still trenchant, to say the least), and this is his peak. Crafting a well-nigh perfect performance using his pissed-off ghetto persona, Rock hits the bull's eye again and again here. His delivery is razor-sharp, the material pretty much flawless; this will still be hilarious in fifty years.
    I've seen hundreds of stand-up routines; this is the only one I've watched over a dozen times. It never seems to grow old...I don't know how it's always funny, but it is. When I've got to either laugh immmediately or die of post-modern deconstructivist meta-ironic brainache, this is the pick. The cd is nowhere near as good, different takes on the same material but without the edge.
    Five stars, no doubt.
    ...more info
  • Couldn't have crossed more lines if he tried
    Usually I like controversial artists. But after viewing Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker (as well as other movies he has "acted" in and skits on Saturday Night Live), I feel it inappropriate to call Chris Rock an "artist". I would classify him as a "wannabe". Chris wants to be funny. Jokes about how the Jerry Lewis telethon is a scam are supposed to be humorous. Telling Jerry to "make a cripple puppet out of them or somethin'" is the Chris Rock version of comedy. Suggesting that Robitussin is the cure for child sexual abuse is not really all that clever, it's downright ignorant. In this special, following the pattern of his other "comic" appearances, Chris Rock presents himself as the epitamy of arrogance, a man who believes that comedy is built primarily around profanity and not intelligent satirical ideas....more info
  • The Funniest Man in America -- Time Magazine
    Clocking in at just over one hour
    and filmed in Harlem's legendary Apollo Theater,
    BIGGER & BLACKER is a hilarious 1999 comedy
    performance by Chris Rock.

    It features 12 bits that straddle the fence between
    conventional jokes and social commentary.

    Hot off his career-saving "Bring The Pain" performance,
    here Rock swaggers across the stage in a shiny leather suit
    and charms the pants off of this mostly middle class
    African American audience.

    Angst-ridden white teenage boys,
    black party girl single mothers,
    gay bashers and fat women --
    in BIGGER & BLACKER no one is safe
    from Chris Rock's razor sharp observations.

    Espousing 1950s era middle class values
    to a very appreciative crowd,
    Rock here advocates lots of stuff
    that would horrify the politically correct among us.
    With humor he reveals he's against gun control,
    critical of the Clintons and fed up with
    black political leaders.

    And yet in the next breath Rock highlights
    the surprising dangers of homophobia,
    the gangster nature of the I.R.S.
    and the fraud of popular celebrity-friendly charities.

    Having said that, not all of BIGGER & BLACKER is
    political in nature.
    The DVD features a brief performance by rap legend Slick Rick
    and there are two very funny bits about
    male-female relationships.

    Though BIGGER & BLACKER isn't very long
    and doesn't offer much in the way of special features,
    it is a very funny DVD
    and should be a must-see for anyone who loves
    a good political incorrect laugh.

    -- Regina McMenamin...more info
  • Chirs Rock - Bigger & Blacker
    With a Chris Rock Video; I am never disappointed. Loved it!...more info
  • 4 have to hear the Godfrey CD for a 5 star comedy review
    It's Chris Rock.....the man is very, very funny....BUT the newer guys, especially Godfrey...are expanding on the theme and really have moved to where comedy is headed. Check out the Godfrey CD if you dig Chris, Eddie, Pryor, even the Blue Collar stuff really. I can't state it enough how funny the Godfrey 'Godspeed' CD is........more info
  • Bigger and Balcker Indeed!!
    This has got to be the funniest DVD i have ever purchesed and i own over 2000 DVD'S!! I think Chris Rock is the funniest man alive i would consider him to be at LEAST twice as good as Cederic or Jamie Foxx. This is HILARIOUS!!!...more info
  • excellent.
    i am a fan of chris rock , if you want to laugh and have a good time buy this dvd...more info
  • Incredible Performance By Chris Rock
    This was just an absolute delight to watch. Chris Rock comes at you with topic after topic and always blends everything smoothly together(like the Ricky Martin livin' la vita loca and the robotusim jokes throughout the night). This is a top notch performance from a top notch comedian. Even if you're not a Chris Rock fan you must respect his work on "Bigger & Blacker". His presence on the stage is incredible and his performance is even more spectacular. Chris Rock is a very intelligent comedian that shows you a vision of the world we tend to hide or ignore. After seeing this show so many times I started to ask myself how can he remember and deliever his act so smoothly. It seems like as if Chris Rock is having a regular conversation with the crowd as he performs on stage. Chris tackles enough issues in this show to have everyone (black or white)to relate to the material in some way. There is no doubt about it, this DVD is great and if you didn't see it on HBO or home video then you need to pick up this DVD. The price on this DVD is good but the show itself is great. A Must have for true fans of comedy. ( intellectual or silly )...more info


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