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  • Hot Music with Rhythm Puzzles
    I am a female doctoral student in Aerospace Engineering. This game rocks because it requires only simple use of the controls. Plus, at the end of a long work day, the plot is not too taxing. The 1st level requires you to "dance" on the beat. As you move up, you are challenged to repeat long, syncopated rythms. If you have a music background, you'll recognize it; otherwise, you'll play intuitively. The graphics are smooth, and my boyfriend was pretty stunned at the sex pot, Ulala, who has some excellent moves to learn for the night clubs. She is better drawn than Jessica Wabbit, and I had no idea that they made sexy video games without violence, for girls. I hope the trend continues. The sound track is Fab-u-lous, and the dress code is Dee-lish!...more info
  • Up down, Up down, shoot-shoot-shoot!
    Great game. Ulala is the cutest, sexiest video-game character I've ever seen. However, don't buy this game if you get easily frustrated or you'll end up breaking the CD into little pieces. The controls are difficult to master, and sometimes even if you do it perfectly the computer still says you did it wrong.

    And finally, at the end of level 4 when you have to shoot the antenna, you have to HOLD DOWN the last shot. I played level 4 to the end about 8 times before I figured that out, speaking of frustrating.

    If you can get past the difficulty, the game is great fun. The music will have you dancing around and the dance moves are spectacular. The voices for Ulala and the other characters fit them perfectly and will make you laugh from time to time. I highly recommend this game for anyone who likes a challenge and doesn't give up easily....more info

  • Space Channel 5 Review
    I Liked this game because it had a good message, however it still recieved a T for Teen because it had Animated Violence and the heroine showed a little skin, belly basically, nothing graphic, it's also fun helping humans, and this is also a great game to watch it even has Michael Jackson antoher plus overall a great game...more info
  • Short but Sweet Trip Into the Retro-Future
    Sega's first jaunt into the quirky realm of dancing games, Space Channel 5, is quite enjoyable, showcasing many of the best features of the Dreamcast. However, the actual playing experience is not all that deep, making the game feel like it was rushed to market. This does not detract from the game too much, however, because for what it is, Space Channel 5 is quite fun.

    Graphically the combination of pre-rendered backgrounds and live-rendered characters works quite well, producing often dazzling visual effects reminiscent of the space station scenes in _2001_ as seen by someone on an acid trip. The music definitely has its hook, and while Apollo Smile's voice-acting is a bit wooden at times, overall she lends a nice dimension to main character Ulala. The control scheme is simple enough (perhaps too simple), and the difficulty increases at a good pace throughout the game's length.

    However, that observation brings up the main flaw of the game: at only four levels, Space Channel 5 is entirely too short. People with instinctive rhythmic skills will probably be able to finish the game in less than an hour, and while trying to unlock all 78 characters does add some longevity to the game, the main quest should have been much longer. Also glaringly absent is a two-player mode, which in dancing games seems to be a mandatory feature. Combined, these two problems really detract from the game's replay value.

    But overall Space Channel 5 is still very pleasing to the eyes and ears, and is unique enough in a game genre known for its uniqueness that it merits strong consideration from potential buyers. Players with no sense of rhythm or exceptionally poor short-term memory may find the game too frustrating, but everyone else should find something to like about it....more info

  • A dancing game...what?!
    Okay, I admit when my girlfriend was nice enough to buy me Space Channel 5, I was fairly sure it was never even get close to my Dreamcast. I mean, she knows that I only play games where you either kill or drive cars (or even better, both). A dancing game, please? One morning I put it in to play it (while she was there) just to 'prove' that I didn't totally hate it. Please don't tell my friends but this is probably the prettiest and most addictive game that I own. It's not only the first thing that I grab for when I get home everyday, it's the one game that I have that leaves me in a good mood when I'm done playing. Now if I could just get that song out of my head...not to mention that cutie-bug, Ulala! Note: No Morolians were harmed in the writing of this review....more info
  • It's gimmicky, but creative, new and fun
    True, you'll either love or hate this game. Play this game as a light break from shoot em up games (altho I doubt hardcore Doom or Halflifers would touch this). Yes, the graphics, and music are fun and amazing. Ulala moves with more style and sashay than most people and even Lara Croft. People who complain that the controls are difficult must realize you have to have rhythm when you press the buttons - just listen to the background music to help out. Overall, a nice light break from the stereotypical triumvirate of fighting/driving/shooting games. Simon meets Janet Jackson in space....more info
  • How difficult can one game be?
    This has to be the most irritating game in existince. No matter how hard you try the controls will not respond how you like. Never! Do not purchase if you have a low tolerance for anger inducing products.

    On a lighter note, the graphics are incredible. The music is unmatched and quite beautiful.

    Graphics: 9/10
    Control: 5/10
    Sound: 10/10
    Fun: 6/10...more info

  • pretty cool
    you know i m a kid whosse 11 and isay this game totally rocks i bought it new for3.00 get it...more info
  • Gorgeous to look at ........gameplay?
    This was an extremly hyped game and while I must admit it was a beautifully rendered game it has the depth of a teaspoon. It was not terribly fun to play unless of course you think simon says needed a championship. It really does look good though! Just keep tapping those buttons and watch Ulala [dance]! And then go to the next scene and tap those buttons And watch Ulala [dance] some more! And then go to the next scene and watch Ulala [dance]......again? Oh did I say this game looks great! Oh I did, well then tap those buttons in time with the music and watch Ulala [dance]!......some more? And just when you think you're Denny Terrio on Dance Fever you gotta do everything reverse of what they do. WOW What a twist...did you see that coming or what. But man what Graphics. Did I mention the graphics? Oh I did. Well than tappity-tap tappity-tap-tap tap-tappity Look im dancing! Cool graphics, oh my god I just saw Michael Jackson!...more info
  • Nice Graphics!
    I like the moves that ulala uses in the game. I find it funny and amusing. Everytime i come home, i'm motivated to play space channel 5. It's something that's interesting to play. It's sort of like parapa the rapper on the Sony play station. But the graphics will blow you away. It's more like memorizing the steps in order for you to complete the level, and advance further. But i got to give it to Sega. It is interesting to play. And what do you know....Michael Jackson is in it.....:o)..So you dancing fans out there..go and check it out. At the begining of play you might be upset...but as you keep playing will enjoy the game from then's funny to watch ulala's dancing ,and they're preety good check it out.......more info
    I think Space Channel 5 is one of the best dance games ever. One of the only flaws of this game is the control. When you push a button, Ulala (the main character) doesn't do the moves she was supposed to. I think the greatest part of this game is the way they walk from alien invasion to alien invasion in a stylish sort of way. The other characters, or Ulala's rivals, Jaguar and Pudding are very strange characters, Pudding being a former pop princess and Jaguar being a... I don't know if hes a man or a woman. Sounds like a man, but looks like a woman.
    Overall, Space Channel 5 isn't such a bad game after all. All of the shooting and dancing with aliens relieves stress, I guess....more info
  • hit me like a fire truck
    "Simon" (the memory game) meets "The Fifth Element" (the movie) with a splash of Anime sexploitation. This game is so audaciously, outrageously over the top that I had to have it -- and I didn't even own a Dreamcast system when I bought this game.

    I am quite happy with Space Channel 5. However, each of these drawbacks cost it a half star in my book: (1) It's a little on the racy side. Flashing orange [undergarments] are par for the course in Anime, but a little over the top for American sensibilities. (2) I thought Space Channel 5 was brilliantly original, but I now know that it's not so original as I thought. PaRappa the Rapper for Playstation, for one, is an earlier rythym matching game that's also stylish and fun. (3) The game is too linear, there are no real freedoms or choices along the way, and I have yet to find any secret levels. (4) It has limited replay value.

    Overall, I still love Space Channel 5. It's great eye candy to show to friends, and it's a fun party game, but it will be on the shelf a lot....more info
  • A unique and unforgettable gaming experience!
    I will tell you right now. You will either love or hate this game. I happened to love it. Why? First, the characters. Ulala is a reporter for SC5 and is trying to get the scoop on the invasion of the Morolians. Along the way, she discovers people are being hypnotized (by the Morolians) and are being forced to dance! So what is she forced to do? Dance! As you beat the aliens, the people you rescue follow you. After awhile, it feels like the opening scene of Austin Powers. You have to experience it yourself to see how fun this is. Next, the graphics. Could Ulala look any better? The backgrounds are streaming mpegs and are quite detailed. There is plenty of color in this game. Think of it as the 60's meets "Lost in Space". Next, is the gameplay. Yes, the game can be short once you learn the controls. The controls do take time to get used to, but don't give up in the first 1/2 hour! You will feel the "groove" and begin to do better. After you beat the game, play it again. Except this time, there are alternate paths. I should mention that the story becomes very climatic. The ending was a complete ride! Finally, the sound. This is the best part of the game. You will have these songs stuck in your head for days! The voice acting is top-notch too. My advice, try this game. I was never a fan of the music genre but was immediately hooked to this one. You won't regret it....more info
  • Style of its Own...
    The problem with games these days is that they all fall under very simple categories...FPP shoot-em up/deathmatches, fighting games, shooting games, etc. Space Channel 5 is a genuinely unique game. It plays like the Rocky Horror Picture Show...combined with the groove of Deee Lite and retro stylings. It has character and I've not seen a game that amused a room full of people on a large stereo system like this game has. True, a dance pad would have added a whole lot, and a multiplayer feature would've been welcome. But all in all, this game is just a representation of how Sega's developers have a different approach to gaming in mind. Can't wait for Jet Grind Radio and Shenmue....more info
  • ooh la la...
    I do wish this game was longer and a bit more challenging maybe but I have had a lot of fun with it. I rented it and beat it, but I bought it anyway cause Ulala is so cool and I love the music and the fun of the Simon Says type dancing. I think it's great. And I hate most video games!...more info
  • Great idea, but needs work.
    I played this game recently, and at first, it made a "cute" impression. The graphics, although slightly fuzzy, were nice and gave a good, retro-space look from the 50s. The music was also pretty tight, as was the dancing, if not ridicously funny. But the main problem with this game was it's control. Response was awful, and the supposed tutorial was just a version of the manual plastered on your TV screen.

    After figuring out the controls though, I got a general hang of it, but not 10 minutes into the game, you hit some incrediablly complex combinations that are just way too much. One major problem is that the voice acting of the aliens is terrible. Granted, they ARE aliens, but they weren't real good at pronouncing the words clearly enough to be understood, so you knew which way to press.

    All in all, I don't recommend this game. With shaky control and bad directions, it's a good idea, but flawed. Looks like just a screwed-up import if you ask me....more info

  • It is fun but difficult.
    This game is pretty hard, but you get the satifaction after you have done really well on it. In the game you have to time each move in your head, you dont have a time meter or anything like that, so when you mess up it could effect your TV rating, which you have to keep up. But if you do it correctly
    you save the people and you feel satisfied....more info
  • Great, but you may need to buy a game shark!!!!
    This game is very unique in that you use a sexy female to dance with funny little aliens. This game is a lot of fun, but it can be very hard to achieve the points necessary to go to the next levels.

    Therefore you should get a cheap gameshark. There are codes for Infinite Health and for Max Viewer Rating. Those codes allow you to make mistakes, but still move throughout the levels.

    As I mentioned that the female star is "sexy". (...)...more info

  • Save us Ulala
    must have for dancers and music lovers! Super sexy Ulala must save the human race from dance loving morolians. useing memory, skill, and rythem, she must destroy the morolians. And the music do you say...GROOVIE!! a 60's style with a twist of modren Pop, Techno, and a happy type of Jazz. So you'll be grooving everywhere you go! and you wont be able to stop humming the theme! and the plot has some twists and turns so you'll have to keep on playing untill you finish. La la Bum Da bum Da bum.. This game also requires alot of attention, so dont play if your feel sick or if your tired. you need energy to play this game. You may like Dance Dance Revalioution or Bust a Groove if you like danceing games. ^_^...more info
  • Fun, fun, fun!
    The Japanese sure have it lucky- they've had this game for over 5 months over there! Being the owner of a Dreamcast with a mod chip, I was able to purchase an import copy of this game and play it. One word sums up this game- awesome. It was worth the $... I paid to get it, the graphics amaze, the control is flawless, and the soundtrack simply rocks! For those who don't know what this game is all about, it is kind of like Parappa the Rapper on the Sony PlayStation, where you try to synch your dance moves to the music and on-screen commands. This game goes one step further and actually has a quasi-storyline, along with a cute female lead, Ulala. My recommendation- buy it, you'll be glad!...more info
  • This game has style!
    I think there can be more than one reason to buy a video game. This game is a lot of fun in about as innocent of a way as possible. Sure, gameplay is little more than "Simon Says," and if you're a game addict, you'll probably finish it through and through before bed-time...but the game just oozes with style and great looks. Compared to all the blood and guts (which I enjoy), this game's a very refreshing change of pace.

    My big criticism is that it's not two players. Or more! I think it would be great to compete against your friends while you're also competing against the computer. It's a shame it's one-player only...a real missed opportunity.

    The game is cute, it's eye-candy, and it can be a lot of fun on the short term. I support it because it looks and feels great, plus I think Ulala is a great character and I would love to see her come back in other adventures.

    More over Lara Croft! D'you hear that, Sega?...more info

    I HAVE PLAYED ALOT OF GAMES, BUT I WOULD HAVE TO SAY THIS ONE IS IN MY TOP 20 DEFINATELY OR MAYBE, JUST MAYBE MY TOP 10! I love Ulala, the girl on the front of the box. She has everything from awesome dance moves to cute clothing! I do not want to tell you much, but one thing she comes up to dance with is a girl named Evila. She looks just like Ulala except she is a robot and she is is wearing blue clothes in the same style as Ulala's.( I think Evila has better dance moves!) Hope you buy it and enjoy it, because if you don't, I'm sorry!...more info
  • Fun repetitive game but never loses its touch..
    Space Channel 5 is well...Grooooooooovy. Hahah.
    The game is pretty much well..Dancing. But the game is solid. You play the game as Ulala, A space reporter, but a very groovy space reporteri a galaxy. Shes got some pretty cool dances and has a grooooovy attitude. You must use your groovy dances and moves to save the planet from an invasion from some sort of aliens called the Morolians. The game is fun. As the other reviewer mention the game does get pretty hard even near the beginning of the game. The game has some really good graphics and some cool colorful retro type enviroment.

    Lets get to it...

    The graphics in the game are up to par with other hot Dreamcast titles. The graphics were pretty stunning at one point but are still good and not Outdated. But not AMAZING graphics, duhh. I would Have to give the graphics a star for that..

    The sound is great. It has a pretty cool soundtrack with cool funky, groovy(yeah thats getting annoying) dance songs and really awesome beats to get to you in the game.

    Gameplay is really fun with nothing but DANCE DANCE DANCE. But cool dancing of course..Like I said before this game is funky. And.....groovy.eheh. The gameplay shows off some really cool realistic dance moves that will have you dancing on your mind. HELL MAYBE ON YOUR FEET! Theres alot of cool levels to dance too and some cool hidden levels when you replay the whole game again.

    The creators did a great job with this DC title. From great graphics to groovy dance beats to funky levels....and lots of hard repetitive gameplay I give Space Channel five for Dreamcast..

    4.0 out 5 stars..

    Lates...more info
  • Now Moloading
    I think this is a really cool game. It quickly became one of my favorite Dreamcast games. I only wish it was longer. I don't know what some of those other guys were complaining about with the controls. I didn't have a problem. It is easy for me. I beat the game in 3 days. Starting out I thought Evila was a tough boss. Not anymore! It's now my favorite boss. I do level 4 all the time....more info
  • Just wanted to say something she wearing!?!?

    *male friend O_o's*

    **slaps male friend**

    *male friend continues to O_o*...more info

  • Space Channel 5
    I recently bought Space Channel 5 at a used video game store, and I love it. I play it constantly, defeating aliens quickly. I bought it yesterday, so I'm only on level 3, but I think I'm doing OK. The only fault of this game is that the rhythm is hard to keep up with. Sometimes you miss it when you think you did it right, and it gets on my nerves. But overall this video game is extremely fun and totally awesome....more info
  • This Game Stinks
    I played this game and it was horoble. The only good thing about it was the graphics. Yeah it was good to control and stuff but what a dumb kinda game. Dancing in a game why cant the people just get up and dance themselves. Personally I hated the soundtrack so my recomendation is to stear clear of this game and go get something worthwhile....more info
  • We want more Ulala!!
    Do you like dancing? Funky music? Cute girl reporters in shiny orange mini-skirts? Then Space Channel 5 is a game for you! The game has a very simple premise...Dancing aliens have invaded earth! To challenge them, foxy space reporter Ulala must watch their dance moves and then copy them exactly. Sounds easy? Well it is if you have got rhythm...I have watched some of my friends play this, people seem to either get it straight away, or completely suck at it! Perhaps this should be a game to rent first, to see if you have what it takes to hit that beat. The control is incredibly unforgiving about timing - the slightest delay and you get a penalty, which, with some very complex and syncopated button bashing in the later levels, can be very difficult to master. Once you get the knack, however, things start to look very rosy, in fact this is the much reported drawback to the game - it is only FOUR levels long! You could thrash it in an afternoon, although there are secret levels to visit after you beat the game (even harder - the one in the TV Quiz Game studio is a nightmare!!), it is a real shame to see the final credits coming up so rapidly. But, it looks real good, and Ulala is so cute and sexy that you will be sure to come back for more. Her moves are slick and highly realistic, a credit to the designers. A special mention must be made to the music, as the space/retro/Austin Powers/kitsch soundtrack is absolutley outstanding, and is one of the games strongest features. As the credits finish rolling, a footnote says "To everyone who loves music, dancing, and games" get all three with Space Channel 5....more info
  • One Funk Game!
    I have two friends that have this game, and, when I saw it, I was a bit... ...intimidated. The game itself is a very funny game, to start off with, and the genre is un-categorizable. But, eventually, I finally decided to try the game. I was probably the worst person to've ever graced the game, believe you me, when I first started. But, nonetheless, it was still fun and had me coming back for more! Let's get down to the bare facts, if you don't mind...

    Controls - 4.5/5.0 (difficult at first, very good later)
    -At first, the time slot is very slim, one would think when they first try the game. I know I thought so. But, I found out how to do it. By keeping the hand OFF of the D-Pad, I seemed to have more control in the game. You have to match the moves with the rhythm in order to get good ratings, and, having beaten the game so many times, I have concluded that the controls are very precise. There are no complaints in this department, and there shouldn't be. Just stay with the funk!!

    Graphics - 4.7/5.0 (backgrounds detract at times, realistic moves)
    -Space Channel 5 puts in CGI graphics in the backgrounds of normal play. This means that whenever the game cuts from one scene to another, either the background will be too quick or too slow with the real-time parts. However, controlling the sultry Ulala is certainly not bad-looking - quite the contrary, actually. The moves are realistic, as is evidenced by a certain legend's appearance in the game (both through graphics and audio). I won't say who it is, but everyone else already has. The graphics are definitely soothing to the eyes.

    Audio - 4.9/5.0 (some repeated noises, good music and entertaining sound effects)
    -This game is all about music. Naturally, that would be a key point during the game's design, and there are not downsides to this aspect except one. This game missed perfection by .05, all because of the 'narrator's' constant lines. Now, I would have taken more away had it not been so entertaining. When you are doing good (and, by the way, I am very good at this game now), he will say some things in there or really 'get into the music'. But, it is still very fun and no real lows.

    Fun - 5.1/5.0 (No bad things, very addictive)
    -This game cannot be summed up with simple words. I could go on and on about how addictive it is, the utter humor involved, and the plain out fun there is here. Though this game is very short (I beat the game 7 times in one day), taking about one hour each time. But, being that I spent 7 hours right in front of Space Channel 5 should tell you something. Something good.

    Story - 4.9/5.0 (quirky, but still entertaining to extraordinary levels)
    -You control Ulala, a sultry reporter investigating the exploits of an alien race. It would seem that their intent is to force the humans to dance. To be able to conquer these villanous abominations, you must copy their dance techniques. You have a viewer rating that you must achieve for each level (I beat the game with 99% as my highest). The story unfolds throughout the story, and I won't giveaway any of the thought-provoking aspects of this marvelous game, but I will say that, after you beat the game, there is a special bonus in going through the game again.

    Well, that sums up SEGA's great game in Space Channel 5. The only logical thing to leave you with is a quote from William Shatner (some commercial). "You know what to do, dawg!! Bust a move!!" And, might I say so vigorously, go and bust a move. Thank you....more info

  • A Unique Experience
    This game is a great experience not to be missed, however, a rental may be considered wiser than a purchase. I beat this game the first day I rented it, and although there are cool secret levels and the goal of getting a 100% "view rating" (the vr is like a scorekeeper for the entire game, rising when you do well, and falling when you do badly), that was not enough for me to go out and buy the game. One thing I liked was the ability to save people and let them join your posse. Seeing 50 or so unique characters falling behind Ulala dancing in rythym is one of the things that makes this game an aesthetic wonder. Although there have been many great games released on the DC(including this one), Sega falls short in the difficulty level of the games it releases. Definetly check it out, but don't say I didn't warn you if this astounding experience ends all too soon....more info
  • All about timing
    The ultimate eyecandy game where the graphics are excellent and the soundtrack is a bonus. I was amazed at the images and fluid animation. The game is all about timing and as the game moves forward and the sequences quicken a little frustration may set in. Learning curve as far as timing goes may be roughly in the medium range - some folks may get it right off the bat, it took me slightly longer to figure out the beat sequence. The soundtrack may be a tad louder than necessary and often drowns out the movement instructions. There are times when being able to see Ulala's movement will help with determining beat sequence - however, overhead shots may make the figures seem small and therefore audio is all you have to go on. Overall, an entertaining game with enough replay value to go back to it. I have to admit its addictive. Its definitely not a game for everyone, renting it first may save you the frustration if you lack confidence in your own rhythm....more info


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