Better Living The Dispenser Classic 4 Chamber
Better Living The Dispenser Classic 4 Chamber

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Product Description

The Dispenser 4 (71450)

  • Eliminate shower bottle clutter
  • Pump pre-measures just the right amount, eliminating the waste and spills
  • Large 14 oz. refillable chambers save money by buying your favorite liquids in bulk. Easy to refill.
  • Mylar coated labels -identify your liquids neatly
  • Quick easy installation: No Tools Required. Installs in minutes with two way tape and silicone or screw option (included) on any tile, marble, plastic or other wall surface.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dispenser review
    Dispenser Classic III was easy to install with all included hardware/silicone glue. I had a bit of trouble getting the containers primed, but after trial and error was finally able to get the liquids reliably pumping through the system. Only beef I have is you have to pump multiple times to get amount of shampoo/creme rinse / body wash necessary to do the job, but other than that, it's a great space saver and de-clutter item....more info
  • Great Product
    I've used these dispensers for more than a decade. I love the ease of installing (no screws) and how simple the dispenser is to fill and operate. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of the shampoo, conditioner, and bath soap bottles that clutter up a bath/shower.

    ...more info
  • Attractive way to organize the shower
    This is the second time I have purchased this product. The first one lasted about 6 years, which I consider to be a very good run. My shower is tiny and the dispener eliminates the clutter and looks great....more info
    We are extremely pleasesd with this highly practical and functional accessory. We would recommend it without hesitation....more info
  • No more shower clutter! Use less shampoo!
    I have seen these in catalogs before & didn't give them a second thought. Then one day when I was cleaning under & around all of my shampoo bottles, etc in the shower, it hit me that one of these might just consolidate all the shampoos/conditions & body wash that I have collected in my shower. So, I ordered one a higher price & I am so thrilled that I am ordering one for the kids' bathroom where I had hubby put in an extra shelf just to hold all the shampoos etc. Now it will all be in one place, not messy & out of the reach of my toddler!
    The other thing that I have noticed is that I don't use nearly as much shampoo as I did before - I get a few squirts & if that isn't enough, I get more - no more dumping a handfull of shampoo in my hand. I know I use far less shampoo than I did before I had this so I am no longer wasting it!
    This is just the greatest concept & this product is very easy to keep clean & it works & looks great in the shower.
    I would recommend this product to anyone! & if you don't think you will fill up all four sections - get a smaller one but I found the 4 section one is just what I needed; one for clarifying shampoo, one for conditioning shampoo, one for conditioner & one for body wash. No more bars or shampoos cluttering my bathroom!...more info
  • bought for gifts
    I have owned this dispenser for about 20 years. I bought the ones from Amazon for gifts. I have nothing but good things to say about mine. Sure does keep the shower/tub area uncluttered and clean. Easy to refill bottles....more info
  • Good idea but..
    Great idea, and when it works its great. I have 3 of these units, they are light weight and will not take more than average abuse. Problem is when the product is thick ie some conditioners or shampoos, the pumping action can be very slow. Also in about a year I have had to replace 2 pumps which completely failed. Still I like the concept....more info
  • Great Item
    I love this item - it helps to keep my bathtub/shower area free of so many separate bottles. The only thing I dislike is that it stops dispensing the product when there is still some in the container, but once refilled it's back to working great....more info
  • Does what it claims to do
    I'm pleased with the product. It works dependably. Some reviews were critical that it is made of plastic (and not metal) and that it requires too many pumps to dispense the necessary volume of shampoo or conditioner (for me it's 4-5 pumps). While both are true (plastic and several pumps required), this was not a surprise to me. There is always an issue of meeting expectations, but if expectations are realistic, I imagine most will be pleased with this dispenser....more info
  • Great Gadget!
    This gadget is great - dispenser easy to mount and load and maintain! Got rid of all the bottles in the bath. Only regret is that I did not get a 4 bottle model instead of the 3 bottle as we use baby oil on our skin and it would have been nice to get that bottle off the floor too. It did take about 20 pumps to prime it but no big deal. Definitely recommend....more info
  • Holds up well
    I have these installed the bathrooms of a ski rental and so far they have held up well under the renter abuse!
    Recommend if you want something that does the job....more info
  • Long time customer!! Long lasting product!!
    I purchased my 1st Dispenser IV after seeing it in an airline catalogue about 13 yrs ago and have been a big fan ever since! I have them in all my bathrooms and give them for wedding shower gifts, housewarming gifts etc. The Dispenser looks great, works great and lasts long! I bought another brand once because they did not sell The Dispenser brand at the store I was in and it ended up being a waste of fell off the wall the second day I had it! My only complaint would be that it dispenses only a small amount of shampoo with each pump (I have longer hair and have to pump it about 10 times to get enough shampoo). Obviously I am used to it by now and still think it's terrific! SO much better than shampoo bottle clutter! Buy it and enjoy!
    ...more info
  • low end dispenser
    This is not the quality I thought it would be. You have to pump about 7-10 times to get enough shampoo for the job. The weird thing is the conditioner comes out at a different rate and so do the other two pumps. I wanted something that you pushed once or twice at the most for the perfect amount. ...more info
  • Great Item!
    Bought this to put in our RV shower and it works great. It has traveled thousands of miles over many bumpy roads and is still secure. Nice space saver and the kids love it....more info
  • Shower must have!!!!!!
    This was purchased to replace that ones that were in my house when I bought it fifteen years ago. I just love them! Keeps the shower and tub free of unsightly bottles of products. Easy to install and hold up for along time! Really great product!...more info
  • Love it
    I am so GLAD I bought this product. The conditioner comes out great after I primed it per the directions. Both showers look so much better now that all those bottles are off the ledge. So easy to install - no issues.......more info
  • Handy Little Dispenser
    This was purchased as a replacement for a dispenser installed about 12 years ago. It does what it suppose to do and reduces clutter in the shower area. Amazon has a good price for it, even cheaper than it was 12 years ago....more info
  • Misleading ad
    When I ordered this product, I searched the entire ad. NOWHERE did it say that it is actually chrome-painted PLASTIC!! I thought I was purchasing a true chrome dispenser. When it arrived, although disappointed, I decided to keep the product instead of going through the hassle of returns. After mounting on the wall, it would not stay shut. I am returning this product, it is piece of junk. I find it very deceptive that they call it chrome. It is, in fact, false representation and they should be required by law to change it....more info
  • Shampoo dispenser saves money
    Unlike my old dispenser, I love this style of dispenser because each bottle can be removed separately for easy filling. I love not having bottles on the shower stall floor! Saves on shampoo! My shampoo lasted twice as long because of the measured squirts. Usually only need one squirt maybe two. Nice to have 4 bottles in this model. I have regular shampoo, my husband's shampoo for white hair, conditioner and body gel. You can get it in a 3 bottle version if that's all you need. Product arrived very quickly and was well packed. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This dispenser is easy to install and works perfectly every time. After initially filling the dispensers, it took several pumps for the product to dispense but after that it comes out on the first push of the button. It has been very convenient in my shower and no more shampoo bottles all over the shower! It also saves on my shampoo because the kids just push the button twice to dispense the amount they need instead of pouring shampoo out of the bottles and using more than they need....more info
  • Good-bye soap boats!
    My kids can no longer float bars of soap in the tub, causing it to dissolve and disappear. It's great to be able to bathe my smaller children without worrying about the the soap falling off the soap holder and landing on them (or having to hunt for the bar of soap in the water), and yet my 5 year old can bathe himself without emptying an entire new container of liquid soap on one squeeze. So yes, I really enjoy having this dispenser. (And it was easy to install!)...more info
  • Best Thing Ever!!!
    Very easy to install - no tools required.

    De-cluttered my bathroom.

    Now I always know where my lotion is. I was constantly losing my lotion bottles all over the place and get new ones. Therefore, I always have half containers of lotions all over the place. Otherwise, I'd just go without lotion. Now, it's always there and I'm reminded to apply after my shower. I always know where it is and the clear-view window lets me know when I need to get refill....more info
  • Fell off the wall
    After two weeks the tape did not hold and it fell off the wall. Just as well, had to press dispensor too many times for the shampoo. Taking it back and buying a different brand....more info
  • Dispenser clasic
    This is a well priced dispensor and works just as discribed.
    I took about 10 days to arrive....more info
  • Clear up the bottle clutter in your shower
    Item arrived quickly and was just as described. Was easy to install, and fill, and it works just great. This should pay for itself as I see I am using less now, since I'm not trying to dump out liquid from a bottle.

    Clean look, very satisfied....more info
  • Serene Showering! Save Money on Shampoo!
    First, one of the negative reviewers mentioned that the tape fell off after awhile. That's a weird comment, since the tape was only a stopgap measure to hold the empty container on the wall while the silicon glue cured. Once the silicon glue cures, the tape becomes irrelevant. Maybe that person didn't read the directions, and realize there was a second step?

    Ok, what I like about this dispenser: I bought it in white, and it's the perfect color to match my bathtub/shower, you barely even see it in there. It makes showering oddly serene! No more bathtub clutter, no more bending over for fallen bottles, and I spend less on shampoo/conditioner than I did before (gravity tends to give you a big old glob of soap, when you only need a certain amount). I love this dispenser!
    ...more info
  • Sleek Shower Dipsenser
    I had one of these for over 20 years. It finally gave out and I have purchased a new one. There are no bottles in the shower giving the bathroom a more streamlined look. An added benefit is using less product. ...more info
  • great dispenser
    I had one of these dispensers for about 7 years and moved it several times. Figured this last move I wanted a brand new one to last me forever. I have really loved this product, keep up the good work....more info
  • Get rid of clutter in the shower!
    We've had this for over 5 years now. My husband hates all the bottles in the shower, so he loves this. The only down side is some way to hold up the top when you are taking the bottles out to refill them. Neat and clean!...more info
  • Shower dispenser
    We like the dispenser. It is nice to have everything at hand without the clutter of several bottles. We have had one in the other bath for 2 years and also had in our previous home....more info
  • Great way to stop shower cluttter
    This product is a great way to get rid of all those shampoo, conditioner, and other bottles clutttering the shower, and also to use them more easily and economically.

    This unit has four plastic containers in which you can pour whatever shampoos, conditioners, etc. that you use, and then easily dispense them with a pump at the bottom of each container. The containers are easy to remove and refill, and even the thickest conditioner can be dispensed.

    Installation is very simple, and the directions are crystal clear. Even if like me you are not particularly handy, you will have no problem gluing this unit to your shower wall. Everything you need is included.

    This product has enabled me not only to get rid of lots of different bottles that used to sit on my shower floor, but also makes it much easier to dispense my shampoo etc., and to do so without wasting any, as often occurs when squeezing it out of a bottle. I really enjoy having this unit in my shower.

    ...more info
  • soap and shampoo dispenser
    I ordered three of these soap dispensers. One for my cabin in the woods and two for my home. This dispenser clean up the clutter of having a bar of soap and bottles of shampoo and conditioner all over the shower. I would highly recommend this product to people who dont like using a bar of soap with Uncle Victor's hair in it! This item was shipped free and came quick. Great product!
    ...more info
  • Good working item, does what its supposed to.
    I like the product very much(however)one of the little rubber nipples that allows the product to come out of the plastic holder was missing, but I can still use it. Is there any way I can get another rubber nipple.
    Its the part that comes out of the dispenser to allow the soap to come out further. Thank you, Carol Webb...more info
  • End the Clutter
    Great way to end the clutter in the shower. I have purchased several of these over the years for different houses and for others. Neither I or those to whom I have given them have had anything but praise for these dispensers....more info
  • Cleaned up my shower ledges!
    I bought three of these, I loved them so much. I have them in all of my showers, and my bathroom window ledges are now completely clutter free. I was amazed at how much more soothing bathing is without looking at all those bottles in my shower. The dispensers were very easy to install. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Excellent Dispenser
    We've used this product in the past, and when we renovated the bathroom of course we had to install a new dispenser so we went with the best, NO MORE soaps shampoo's or conditioniers lying around the tub!...more info
  • Better Living
    This product is great, have had another unit for about 10 years with no problems....more info
  • ....organization in the shower
    This is our 3rd or 4th dispenser in the last 10 years. We have one in both of our bathrooms. No more bottles of half empty conditioners, shampoos, shower gels. Bottles are out of sight and only come out for refilling the dispenser. ...more info
  • Functions well but...
    You need to be careful opening and closing the cover, the latch is prone to breakage. We also had a crack form on the soap (most used) pump which still works but leaks soap and needs replacing. I'll be buying another unit and keeping the older one for parts. It could be made of a more resiliant plastic, probably for slightly more money, but worth it in my opinion. Overall a good device with careful usage. ...more info
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser
    Great dispenser, eliminates clutter in the shower.
    Read instructions for mounting and you will have no problems with this item....more info


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