LitterMaid LM500 Automated Litter Box

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Product Description

  • Constantly Clean Litter Box: LitterMaid unit automatically rakes waste into sealable container 10 minutes after use
  • Safety bar: Automatically stops the cleaning rake at the slightest touch.
  • Detachable litter tray: Makes cleaning of litter tray easier
  • Low voltage: Operates with household current 8 standard "D" cell batteries
  • 4 waste receptacles: Disposable, sealable waste receptacles provide a healthier, virtually odor-free environment

This self-cleaning litter box eliminates most odors while keeping the litter pleasingly fresh for tabby. It's ingenious in design: a cat entering the box triggers a sensor; the sensor sets a timer that counts off 10 minutes; then a rake runs through the litter, scooping out clumps and depositing them in a plastic container at the box's end; the container is automatically sealed until the next cat visit, when the raking cycle opens the container for another deposit. (Four reusable/disposable containers are included.) The litter box can be plugged into a wall socket (AC adapter included) or operated on eight D-cell batteries (not included). For safety, the rake stops and reverses at the slightest touch if an object gets behind the rake while it's returning to its home position. If a cat re-enters the box before the initial 10 minutes have elapsed, the timer automatically resets. The litter box is made of hard plastic and measures 23-1/2 inches long, 16-1/2 inches wide, and 8-1/2 inches high. For proper operation, it requires premium clumping litter but does not need as much as a nonautomated litter box of the same size. For cleaning, the litter tray can be detached. Instructions for acclimating a cat to the box are included. --Fred Brack
  • Automatically rakes waste into sealable container 10 minutes after use
  • Plugs into wall socket or operates with eight D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Four reusable/disposable waster containers included
  • Detachable litter tray for convenient cleaning
  • 23-1/2 inches long, 16-1/2 inches wide, 8-1/2 inches high

Customer Reviews:

  • The best auto litter box
    I prefer this automatic litter box over the others. I cant tell you how easy it to have and the upkeep cost is very low. You can also obtain a hard shell insert instead of using the disposable ones. I owned this product and ended up going back to this product!...more info
  • Runs continuously
    I'm with the others who had the same problem with the unit running continuously and never shutting off. Kudos to the reviewer who mentioned the fix about placing a cupboard rubber stop below the toggle switch. Worked like a charm. Our unit worked ok for one day before it started running non-stop. When it works, it's wonderful. Hopefully it will last now.*

    Well after a week of messing with the cupboard stops (still a good idea if I could get it to be consistent), I gave up and had to return it. It would work for a day, then would only go half way and stop at the receptacle or begin to run continuously again. My old one lasted 5 years. I'm disappointed with the newer models. Not made as well....more info
  • Extremely Disappointed!
    I bought this because I was pregnant and not supposed to scoop litter. Unfortunately, the rake in this item was constantly getting stuck. After having it for two months, it completely broke.
    Don't waste your money....more info



    RESEARCH!!! ...more info
  • Quality has gone down, but still workable
    I bought my first littermaid 6 years ago and it worked brilliantly until a month or so ago when the engine conked out. The new LM500 I just bought is definitely a downgrade in terms of quality, but a few adjustments make it workable. Definitely spray some non-stick oil on the rakes so that the debris does not stick to it. And a huge Thank You to the reviewer for the suggestion about the cupboard protectors. The non-stop raking problem hit me, but I bought some cupboard protectors (a package of 8 for $1.29 at my local hardware store) and stuck 1 on the toggle switch (just above the rake's starting position on the track on the left) and it is now fixed. I did have to play with the exact position; the first attempt made it stop 1/2 way through and the 2nd made it not rake at all. But the 3rd time, I found the sweet spot and now it rakes once and finishes....more info
  • Well, its ok
    Take into account everything that has been written on this sucker because it is all true. It is only moderately better than raking through the litter manually. It absolutely requires daily attention if you have multiple cats. I have to go, the litter box has been cycling the whole time I have been writing this info
  • Happy at first...
    I have been very happy with the LIttermate until the last few months. I had it for over two years. The litter is constantly getting stuck to the bottom of the box and poop is always stuck in the rakes. It's been more of a hassle than a convience. I'm getting another self cleaning litterbox but not the Littermaid....more info
  • Littermaid LM500 automated litter box
    My previous Littermaid box was over 4 years old and finally quit (it's used by 2 cats daily). After checking reviews on the newer Littermaid models, I decided to stay with the LM500 and I don't regret it. The litter box size is a little smaller than the old box, but it works great (my cats each weigh about 7-3/4 lbs, they're small cats, so the size difference wasn't a major problem). I have no regrets getting this model again. Sometimes I have to scrape the kitty goo from the bottom of the box where it seeps and coagulates, but I had to do that with the old box too. When you change and clean the litter box section, wipe some baby oil on the bottom of the pan before you add new litter, it helps to lift the coagulated kitty goo more easily....more info
  • not worth the money
    i have 1 cat and i have gone throught 3 automatic litter maid boxes in the last 3.8 years, i called the company and they did nothing cause there's only 1 year warrinty, i belive the motors burned up cause the litter would get stuck, i followed all directions & kept the litter below the red line & used premium litter, i feel the litter maid is over priced for the amount of use you get out of it, so i'm on the hunt for a new litter box, trust me it will NOT be another litter maid. ...more info
  • LitterMaid LM500
    We had used a LitterMaid automatic litter box for over 4 years without problem until it stopped operating. I ordered a replacement through Amazon and it arrived within two business days, as promised by Amazon. I set up the litter box, using the recommended premium cat litter and turned it on. After two days of operation the box won't quit cycling; the scoop just goes forth and back, forth and back without stopping unless the power is turned off or the brick unplugged from the wall. I made sure the sensors were clean but that didn't correct the problem, neither did turning the switch off and on several times.

    So next I tried looking on LitterMaid's website for help but found nothing for this problem. Then I called LitterMaid and waited and waited and waited on each level of their multi-level phone system. When I finally got to talk to a real person I was asked where I got the litter box; I said Amazon, and I was coldly directed to contact Amazon. ...more info
  • I love this litter box..........
    ....I have had cats for years and they have always used the great outdoors for their litter box. I hate cleaning a litter box. Then my male tabby came home twice with broken legs (running from coyotes, I think). He had to be kept inside after that, so welcome to the catbox world. I tried every variation of cat box available. I still hated reaching in every other day and fishy out all his little gifts. I finally broke down and purchased the Littermaid. I could not be happier. The cat likes it, he did like to stare at the motor and rake running for about a week but then he grew tired of it. I pretty much forget about it with one cat. I can go a couple of weeks before it has to be emptied (I just pour the contents into a plastic bag and reuse the container). I did add a cabana so that it would keep any extra smell in (and the dogs out), and an air freshener nearby. No problems with the motor and I have had this unit for months. I do use the littermaid litter. It's seems a little pricy but it works the best in the unit and I dont seem to buy any more litter then before. This was a great investment, I do enjoy spending less time cleaning the catbox. I recommend it to anyone with one cat..........more info
  • Love - Hate relationship
    The Good Stuff: My cats love this litter box. When I'm cleaning it they pace around me like a child waiting for their teddy bear to come out of the wash. When I had one cat the bin needed to be emptied once a week. Now with 2 it's more like every 3 days. I line the bin with a little trash bag and it works great. No need to buy the expensive receptacles. Every so often I'll have to use the special litter scoop that comes with it to scrape some "left over" off the rake. It does make a noise but it's not that loud. I recommend leaving it in a closet or laundry room. Guests always ask why my boiler room is making noise. The noise doesn't bother my cats, they actually come running to watch it work. It is, however, the only litter box they've ever known.

    The Catch: I bought the box in April and had no problems until late October when I realized the box was getting very full. The censors had stopped working. I called their customer service, who's pre-recorded message makes you think you've called the wrong number (they start talking about tools), and spoke with some friendly but not 100% knowledgeable people. They gave me all kinds of instructions on how to fix it myself like dusting off the censors, "re-setting" the box by clicking the switches 10 times each, etc. All of these things I tried as they are in the instructions but I humored them. Finally they gave me instructions on how to get a new box so now I'm in the process of mailing the wire that powers the rake, the battery compartment cover, my receipt, and $10 so I can get a new one. I'm not too happy that I had to destroy my box with no guarantee they will send me a new one but I understand why they make you do it.

    The Moral of the Story: Nothing makes a cat happier than a clean littler box and now that it's broken I simply can't keep it clean enough for them (in their opinions). I'm going to get the replacement and use it until it breaks too but I think I'm going to look into the toilet training kit.
    ...more info
  • Waste of money! Stops working after a few months!
    Mine lasted only 4 months. What a waste of money! And the rake kept getting messy. Even if I only put a small amount of litter in, the cat would scrape it up at the back and cause the rake to keep running. Luckily I was always home to adjust the litter. Plus I still ended up scraping the front and bottom to get what the rake couldn't. The rake would break up the clumps and leave a mess for me to sift out. More work than ordinary litter box. Better to not waste your money on this product!!!! ...more info
  • Littermaid cat box
    The Littermaid is installed and being used. This is my third Littermaid, and I am very pleased with this product. This particlar litterbox seems to want to evacuate the box multiple times before the rake stops and I sometimes have to stop it manually, but other than that, it is a great product. Wit 4 cats in the house now, it is he only way to go with the litterbox situation....more info
  • so so
    The automated litter box is really no different than any other liter box. While you dont have to scoop the litter the liter does get wet and clumps and sticks to the tray. The you have to clean the tray which is even more work then just scooping. I have to get gloves to clean it. Its nasty. The poop gets stuck in between the rakes and it gets messy underneath the liter box. They keep coming up with all these automatic litter boxes. One is always suppose to be better with the other but I know that every liter box has its flaw(s). To be honest Id rather go back to scooping. Does anybody agree?...more info
  • Newer Models Unreliable
    Current version of littermaid does not work well at all. The first one I purchased lasted for five years and I was very happy with it. The pet store only had the larger version when I replaced the original. The larger version lasted for 15 months and then died.

    I found the old version (on Amazon). It worked for six days and then died. It was replaced at no charge. The second one worked for six weeks and then died. I have been told it is not possible to get my money back because it has been more that 30 days since the original purchase. So now I am out a wad of money and have to run the box manually.

    DO NOT buy this product. This system forced me to give this product at least one star, I would give it -5 if I could....more info
  • Great idea that is poorly engineered
    My only guess is that they hire their engineers right out of high school or they outsource them to a country where they eat their cats instead of having them as pets. I've owned two of these boxes. My first one lasted about 5 years without any problems before the motor quit working. I just got a new LM500 a month ago and have had problems with it raking continuously every time my cat uses it. Even without any litter in the tray at all it won't stop raking. The manual says that it will quit raking after 5 tries but it never stops. After taking the unit apart and watching how the rake operates, it looked like the wheels on the rake couldn't get high enough to hit the little toggle switch at the end of the track. I was able to fix it by taking two of those little cupboard door pads that are used to quiet the closing of the cupboards, stuck one on top of the other, and then stuck the pair of pads onto the toggle switch. Now the rake wheel hits the pads and shuts down the rake after one run. You must be very careful not to over fill the box with litter even a little - it doesn't take much to get the rake to stop working. I loved my old one but so far my new one sucks. Apparently, quality is not job #1 at LitterMaid....more info
  • will work for a little while
    I have been spending all the extra $ for the premium clumping litter to use with this product (way more than generic litter) and now that this machine has failed (customer service says there is 'no way to repair') I realize THE WASTE of money in buying the Littermaid. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! ...more info
  • box TOO small
  • LitterMaid LM500
    The reason for this purchase was to eliminate the need to clean the litter pan on a daily basis and that's not what I got. I still had to clean every day because the rake either got stuck in the litter or went right over the mess. ...more info
  • A Series of Problems
    We have from two to four cats at a time in our home, and managing the litter box is something we want to be as easy as possible. This LitterMaid LM500 Automated Litter Box was the first automated solution we tried. I'm afraid it wasn't our last, as it had numerous problems.

    First, the tines would get clumped full of stuff and it would get caked solid rather quickly. I'll note that we didn't even try having this be the "only" litter box in our home! We had two others there too. We just wanted to see how well this worked. The storage container would get jammed in the open position, so that it did not do a good job of managing stench.

    However, we could have dealt with those issues. We could have cleaned the tines daily, and pushed down the lid ourselves regularly. The real problem was far more serious.

    First, understand how this works. The system sense motion and then X minutes after the cat has left the area, the tines move across, dragging any solids and clumps with it, pushing those items into the receptacle plastic box at the far end. Then the tines return to their original position and wait for a new visit.

    What happened with our unit would be that the tines would decide that they were ALWAYS ON and would keep going back and forth, back and forth, driving the poor kitties to distraction. There was no way they were going to jump in there and try to do their business while a set of metal tines was growling towards them!

    We tried several times to fix this, but it really just wasn't worth it. We moved on to other options and found a GREAT one. This one went in the trash as we couldn't even imagine subjecting any other cat owner to it. A large waste of money.

    Not well recommended.

    I'll give it 2/5 stars on the assumption that some units do NOT do that random motion thing - but it would only take one fritz in a lifetime to really demolish a cat's desire to ever use the unit again :)
    ...more info
  • Somewhat happy
    This is my third unit (functioning) in 5 years. I have two cats and have no trouble with it keeping clean. This unit is working as it should. It has now been over a year with no problems at all. My first one worked for about 1 1/2 years before the wire got caught on the wheels and broke the wire and the wheel. The motor went on my last one, after about 2 years of use. I replaced it 3 times, in a 2 weeks period, before I finally got a unit that didn't either make a loud racket or get stuck in a repeat back and forth sweep. I am very happy with these when they are working, it is just getting one that does work....more info
  • Not worth it!
    This litter box is suppose to be great and less work then a normal scooping box. But it turns out it is more work to keep this clean then an original. The rakes always get clogged with poop and you have to scrape them out alot. And it is hard to get the right amount of litter in the box, if the litter is just a little to full the rake will continously go back and forth untill you go and fix the problem. It is very annoying and could be ten times better made....more info
  • LitterMaid LM500 Automated Litter Box
    Was happy to find this earlier model of the LiterMaid Litter Box. The newer models do not do as good of a job as this earlier model. Very happy to have found it. ...more info
  • I will never be without a Littermaid again
    Owning a cat just doesn't get any easier. If I forget to clean the box for a day, no problem; it has been raked into a receptacle for me. I just add litter every so often and empty the receptacle twice a week. I do dismantle and wash the base monthly. This litterbox frees me to leave for several days without guilt. If the caretaker misses a day, no problem. I highly recommend this for any household with a litterbox....more info
  • The original Littermaid Litter Box is still the best.
    This is the Littermaid Litter Box to buy, stay away from the 'improved' models. Our LM500 is three-years-old and making a lot of noise so we bought a new 'mega' model at Target. the Mega has several features like a removable rake, ion air freshener, etc.

    We were hugely dissapointed in the new box. It didn't scoop as well as the old unit, leaving much debris at the bottom of the box and pushing lots of clean litter into the waste receptacle with each pass. I called the mfgr and they offered to swap if I shipped the 'mega' to them with an original recipt. I had lost the receipt, so I tossed the new 'mega' model and ordered another original LM500 from Amazon.

    The old LM500 is still working, so I'm hanging on to the new one as a spare. ...more info
  • Works great but it is not 100% self sufficient
    I had this litter box for two years. I bought it when I was pregnant and my husband deployed to reduce my handling of the litter. It took some playing around with different types of litter to find the best that works for me. I use Tidy Cat Crystal Blend. I also sprayed the base with dry lubricant (you can find this at your local hardware store). I discovered this trick after six frustrating months of the rake sticking until I finally contacted customer service. Since I sprayed the bottom, I have not had any problems. This tip should come with the device. I would also recommend putting a carpet under the entire device. Litter is constantly being flung in the immediate area, but not nearly as badly as with my regular box. The carpet will help the litter from moving too far from the base. I have two cats and go on many week long trips because my husband is yet again deployed. The storage box is large enough to hold about 6 days worth of waste from two cats. I rarely throw out my plastic box. I dump the contents in a plastic bag and put the box right back, without cleaning. I gave up using the carbon filters. Sprinkling baking soda in the litter was much more cost efficient than those carbon filters. The motor is extremely loud. It took me a while to become accustomed to that, it used to wake me up at night and still scares any of my overnight visitors. My cats were fascinated by the noise for the first year. My motor finally burnt out after two years of use and I bought a new one to replace it, this time the elite model (the only thing Wal-mart had). I left on a trip and the rake got stuck in the first few days. The motor ran continuously for the remainder of my trip and now will not power the rake. Usually there is an automatic shut off, not sure why it didn't kick off this time. If this hadn't happened, it would most likely have lasted a lot longer. I definitely recommend this product. It's not perfect but it's vastly superior to scooping a litter box every night. ...more info
  • This thing is more work than my $8 plastic litter box
    When I was contemplating buying this thing, I read the fantastic reviews and was convinced that I was wasting my time with daily scooping. The first several months I had it, I tried to convince myself that I was saving time and money because I only had to scoop every now and then, I wasn't using much litter, etc.

    When I bought my $8 plastic litter box when I adopted a second cat, I realized that even though I had to scoop the plastic litter box daily, I didn't have to do the twice-weekly scrubbing of the clumps that get caked into the rails on the side of the LitterMaid.

    My plastic litter box smells just as fresh as the LitterMaid, so I've determined that it has nothing to do with automation and everything to do with using premium litter.

    My favorite thing about the plastic litter box is that no poop gets caught in between the teeth of the rake because there isn't a rake to deal with.

    I believed the hype. I bought the Litter Maid. I used it for over a year, and today, as I spent 45 minutes trying to hold my breath while I tried to remove crusted, smelly cat poop (that wasn't there this morning) from between the teeth of that horrible, evil rake for at least the 10th time, I got fed up. And it's not because I didn't use the right amount of litter, because I check daily to make sure it's just below the red fill line. The whole contraption is going out in the trash on Monday, and I will be traveling to the pet store to buy another $8 plastic litter box....more info
  • Don't Waste your Money!!!
    I had (I have since thrown it out) this litter box and while the concept is good, I spent more time scooping than if I had a conventional box. The waste sticks to the rake, it breaks up, and makes a bigger mess in the litter. I have since purchased the Manual Self Cleaning Box, in which you roll the box so the waste goes in a separate area, and then you pull out the waste receptacle and throw the waste away. So much better! Trust me!...more info
  • Broken before cat ever used it!
    Ordered two even after very mixed reviews. Should of known! Set them both up as directed with premium litter. Tested both. One had a rake that would not stop cycling and the other one didn't cycle at all. I returned both before the cat even used them. Although a hassle, Amazon made the return simple and credited me immediately. I would not recommend....more info
  • Stick with the basic model
    I owned the basic Littermaid for 4 years and it worked perfect. It finally wore out and I thought I would buy the "deluxe" It has a weak motor. Is always hung up no matter the litter hight. you have to get your fingernails under the lip to insert the trap properly "yuck". I am buying the old reliable model again. The basic model is the best....more info
  • Entertainment for the cat and less work for me!
    I have three cats and decided to try this automatic litter box. I have one young cat and two older ones. The younger one watched me put it together and set it up. She was quite intrigued by the raking motion. She immediately used it upon final set up. Then laid there and waited for the raking to begin. When the raking finished she jumped in again and then jumped out. Then she laid there to wait for the raking to begin again. I also bought one for the upstairs and have had no problems with that one either. I am looking forward to less mess and smell. I can see and smell the difference already....more info
  • Works fairly well and we are satisfied
    Have had our LM500 for about 5 years with no major problems. Yes some cleanup exists with the rake but we have managed well without too much trouble and feel it has done a good job for us. We are in the process of purchasing our second unit. Kent Jobes - Shady Cove, OR...more info
  • Fantastic!
    What a great product! I bought one 7 years ago and it got tons of use (5 cats). The new one works great, I have 3 litter boxes and now at least one is always clean. I like the new scooper that cleans between the rake. Cat's have no problem using it and were never afraid of the motor- they actually are curious and think it is interesting. I Highly recommend this one for every cat owner!!!...more info
  • very very happy
    i got the new delux littermaid box and i hated it. the first one is still the best . as far as shiping it arrived a day early. so all round i have to say im very happy with this transaction....more info
  • Not worth the trouble
    I previously owned one of the older models and it worked for about 5 years with very little or no problems. I recently ordered the LM500 and it did not work properly from the very start. The rake continued to go through the cleaning cycles and would not shut off. (I know all about putting too much litter in and this was not the case) I returned this product and received a replacement. Amazon was very helpful in this matter. This one lasted about a week before it started doing the same thing. I would not waste my money on the model. They should have kept the older one which seemed to work great!...more info
  • Decent
    This was the 2nd cat litter box we bought. It didn't last 2 weeks. The motor burned out on this one. I'm not sure if I would recommend this or not. It was great while it worked though....more info
  • Not worth it
    If you're looking for something "hands-free," "sanitary," or "effortless," this litter box is not what you're looking for. The tray is very difficult to remove (picture kitty litter flying everywhere as it breaks free). And all those little grooves and crevices get wet kitty litter stuck in them; it starts to smell and it's difficult to keep the surfaces clean. Get the newer model LitterMaid Elite instead....more info
  • I Love this product
    I have owned one of these before and it lasted for about 4 years and 3 cats. This works so well. My only complaint is that when I bought this one is that the rake continued to go and would never stop. At first it was just that it would rake the litter four times in a row then stop but after a day or two it just wouldn't stop at all. There was nothing in the way to make it continue and the litter level was were it was suppose to be. I thought well, alright I'll reduce the litter level a little more and eventually I tried without anything in it and the machine kept running. So I had a defective machine. Amazon replaced it promptly. I have yet to put the new one in the cats room but I am hoping that it will work properly. When it does it is FANTASTIC!!!...more info
  • Worst Product EVER
    We purchased this thing at kmart and at first it didnt work at all out the box... It was DOA.. So we returned it and got a replacement...

    For the first 30 days it works "OK". Cat poop ended up in the trays and the cat used it..

    After 30 days the sensor failed.. We have to turn the littermaid off then back on again to get it to rake..

    We contacted littermaid and have not had a single reply..

    I cant believe the defects that are out on this thing and how stores can sell this believing it is a quality product....more info
  • LitterMaid - old style is the best!
    I had bought the new LitterMaid with the metal rake & special "ionizer" thing, what a piece of junk! Rake arm got stuck, broke up pieces instead of dropping them in the tray.

    So when I saw Amazon had the "old" style I had to buy 2 of them! What a great difference! I am happy, my cats are happy, & even my hubby is happy! :-)...more info


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