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Allure is the beauty expert. Every issue is full of celebrity tips and insider secrets from the pros, like what works overnight and what works for a lifetime. Editors pick their favorite new products and reveal what new styles really work for you.

Customer Reviews:

  • PERFECT for cosmetics addicts like me!
    If you love cosmetics, you'll LOVE Allure!
    Better yet, you know how magazine subscriptions usually take what seems like forever? I ordered a new subscription from and got my first issue WAY before I expected to--in less than 4 weeks!
    Of course, now I'll order all subscriptions through knowing that I'll see it quickly and not get bombarded with junk mail as a result of ordering with them....more info
  • i really want allure with Mariah in frontpage
    I don't speak so much english,so but i wanna buy the magazine where's mariah carey it's on frontpage, it's the january's magazine. thanks a lot...more info
  • Gave Allure as a Christmas gift
    Since I gave this as a Christmas gift, I can't really give a true review. But, I'm sure my grandaughter will love it throughout the year since it's a gift that comes every month! ...more info
  • My Favorite Beauty Magazine
    I only subscribe to two magazines now. One is "O" and the other is "Allure". I bought the premiere edition while on a business trip. I subscribed right away. I have had a subscription ever since. It's clearly a magazine for those interested in the latest in make-up, skin care and perfume. It mentions products before they even hit the market. I've had people at department store make up counters ask me how did I know about such and such when it wasn't available yet. There are some articles, but nothing too serious. You don't read this magazine for the articles. It's mostly a fun magazine to have around...more info
  • allure is awful
    I do not know what is more repulsive about this rag. The unreadable writing or all the photos of the models that look so thin, they must have gone on crash diets to look that way while dangering their own health in the process....more info
  • The best beauty magazine on the market
    I've subscribed to this since it came out.

    Allure is responsible for the rise of MAC cosmetics, which then led to all the other makeup artist brands. They talked nonstop about these brands and put them on the map. Most other beauty mags don't even mention different brands.

    At least once a year they have a survey of beauty products. They tell you their favorite products and readers favorite products. I've learned about a lot of great products from them.

    They also write frankly about plastic surgery. They show before and after pictures as well as the risks and failures.

    In the March issue, for example, they had a revealing article on doctors who sell addictive drugs to celebrities. It's eye opening when other magazines don't even consider covering that....more info

  • Style, Hair and Make-up 411
    I look forward to receiving my issue of Allure every month. They always research the latest hair and make-up techniques and then give you these portable 3x5 cards that you can use as a reference. For example: If you are confused about what moisturizer really works or are looking for one that is in your price range, they have researched all the skincare lines from the drugstore brands to the highend department store varieties and given you the synopsis of what works and what you should leave on the shelf. If you're a make-up junkie like me, you should definitely have this magazine in your collection!...more info
  • Fashion! Makeup! More Makeup!
    Ever flip through a magazine, skip all the articles, and dive straight into the beauty section? I have. Good beauty advice is what I want most out of my magazines. Well, Allure is a magazine devoted to beauty.

    It covers everything from makeup, clothing, skin care, to health and the ups and downs of plastic surgery.

    There are special little features in every issue that totally devote themselves to one aspect of beauty. One month the article was devoted to how to pluck your eyebrows, and it covered everything from technique to good tweezers to what to do to reduce swelling. Another month it centered around sunglasses and recommended styles and shapes to suit your skin tone and shape of face. Another month it was devoted to eyeliners! What kind of liners do what, what brands are recommended, how to apply pencil, liquid, powder liners... wheee, it's pure heaven for any beauty fanatic.

    I also love how they take the time to go over what type of makeup the featured celebrity is wearing on the cover. It bothers me when I see the featured celeb wearing a divine shade of cosmetics and not being able to find out what it is and where to get it.

    There is beauty Q&A galore in Allure. Some of the most respected names in haircare, makeup, nails, skincare, etc., are regular contributers to Allure and answer questions sent in by readers.

    There's also a makeover in every issue!

    So renown is Allure's makeup savvy that if a brand of beauty product wins an Allure's viewer's choice award, they proudly display it on ads and packaging. The editors and reporters do a fine job of introducing and reviewing new products, something I love reading about.

    Aside from beauty advice, they also produce some very serious articles regarding beauty. In one month's issue, Allure reported on the various forms of cosmetic procedures and produced before/after pictures of each featured procedure and reported the pros and cons along with reviewing the general effectiveness.

    If you love beauty and haircare, get Allure!

    What you'll find lacking from Allure are the political articles (like you'll find in Marie Claire) and the sex and relationship articles (like in Cosmo and Glamour). This is first and foremost a magazine devoted to beauty all the way through....more info

  • Great mag!
    I luv this mag! it gives you all the info you need on beauty basics, a USEFUL health section, good articles, thorough comparisons between brands for different makeup products and they always recommend places where you should get things done around the US!

    They always pick good people for their covers and their feature articles are always very thorough! There are a little bit too much ads, but they relate. The makeovers are amazing and they always get the most experienced experts to comment and criticise new products and surgeries.

    i think you'll even like one issue enough to subscribe later on! they focus on everything from botox to fashion and aren't at all snobby and don't have completely irrelevant articles. With good info, and informative articles, who wouldn't want to buy this mag?...more info

  • Late shipment.
    The magazine comes very late every month. For example you can see the August issue on sale everywhere in mid-July. But the August issue comes late August to subscribers. I wonder whether that's the deal of subscription. Very disappointed....more info
  • Alllure
    This magazine is great. Im still getting them in the mail,and its great...more info
  • Allure is the Bible for Make Up Lovers!
    I am a huge fan of make up. I spend far too much money on it - and it's all Allure's fault. I was not very heavy into make up as a teen, but i picked up Allure one day and was totally hooked. The articles are very well written, always up to date and sometimes even trendsetting. I love the "How To 101" series they have in the magazine every month, it's so handy and it teaches you everything about whatever that month's article is about. And even though i love fashion, it's wonderful to see a magazine devoted to nothing but beauty....more info
  • Awesome!
    I can't believe no one has reviewed this mag yet. It's awesome! If you're into beauty products and fashion, this mag is the best....more info
  • Something for Women of All Ages
    As a typical young female, I've read a lot of different magazines geared toward women. Most, in general, feature the same articles month after month, and therefore become repetitive and boring. Let's face it: there is only so much you can take reading about "The Best Bedroom Moves" issue after issue. Allure, however, never seems dull or filled with useless amounts of recycled information.

    I began subscribing to the magazine at age 18 (I'm 23 now) and have never been disappointed. Allure has articles for every age, and I find relevant information for my life, body, and health, and then I am able to find information that will interest and benefit my 50+ year old mother. Perhaps that is part of the appeal of the magazine: any age group can enjoy it. Not many magazines can say that.

    Unlike many other female-geared magazines, Allure offers more than just underwear pictures and "how to please your man" articles. Each issue, Allure has an entire section dedicated to new health science discoveries, such as new updates about skin cancer and sleep problems. The magazine seems genuinely about women, beauty, and health, whereas other magazines make some feminists role their eyes ("how to please your man," anyone?)

    Like anything else, Allure has its downfalls. While I do appreciate the make-up, weightloss, and fashion tips, I still always feel that I can never quite live up to the expectation the magazine presents me. I'm a pretty girl in good physical health, and I still- at times- feel inadequate when reading the many awesome articles of this magazine.

    Overall, I recommend Allure highly to women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It contains more than just the bubbly sextalk of most female magazines, and therefore you get more zest for your money....more info
    I've subscribed to Allure since it first hit the stands in the early 90s. The first 5 years it contained really intelligent and in depth articles as well as all the trends on beauty, skin care, some fashion but mainly focussed on makeup. Since then I've noticed a steady change in the wrong direction. Its main focus seems to be more on the Hollywood crowd and the articles have little or no substance. It has become so predictable I can breeze thru the latest issue in less than 30 minutes and then I toss it. The magazine must not be doing well because they're constantly offering fantastic renewal rates. When my current subscription expires I will NOT be renewing....more info
  • Don't feel guilty...
    Another reviewer refers to Allure as a "guilty pleasure". Actually in my opinion this is not one to feel guilty about! I might be embarassed about something like Cosmo, but Allure treats its readers as intelligent people who are interested in science and technology as well as cosmetics, et cetera. My mom and I have been subscribing for years now... it's a classy magazine....more info
  • Guilty Pleasure
    I look forward to this magazine every month. It is my guilty pleasure and I read every page. Allure concentrates on make-up and cosmetics and always gives you the information on where to find each product. I find it a delicious decadence that I may not be proud of, but I won't give up....more info
  • Great magazine
    I'm a 16-year-old girl who finds most teen magazine not to my liking... luckily, I've found Allure! I'm a big beauty junkie and a conossieur of high end brands (I favor MAC, Nars, BeneFit, Urban Decay, Chanel, among others). This publication provides lots of beauty and fashion info. I also really love the in-depth essays, especially the ones questioning what beauty really is. If you're a fashionista/beauty queen you really need to subscribe!!!...more info
  • My favorite fashion/beauty magazine
    This is a great magazine. I have subscribed to it for as long as I can remember. It is full of great advice, new product information, etc. I love it and HIGHLY recommend it!!...more info
  • Good for beauty tips, poorer for fashion
    The photos of clothing in this magazine are usually stylishly dark and even blurred in action, never appealing. If you want fashion, get Vogue or In Style. However, for beauty tips, Allure's Subject-101 pullout sheets are a good thing. Everything from pedicures to tweezing eyebrows to avoid the Divine look is here....more info
  • My favorite magazine !
    Each month I really look forward to getting my Allure issue.

    The magazines focus is on beauty though you will also find some fashion pieces.

    What I like most is the magazines unusual look at beauty. For example past issues have included a peek inside at the items in some bathroom cabinets belonging to well knowed women.
    What strippers at Scores use to take care of their bodies. An article on the man who inspired the movie Shampoo.

    And there are many traditional articles on beauty. Allure excells at being on the cutting edge of new technology that will make you even prettier. On these pages you will find out about botox, laser surgery, high tech hair and more.

    Allure is refreshing in that it does not have a diet article every month. In fact several years ago Allure made a point to state that it did not want to offer up a diet of the month. But Allure does share tidbits of diet information like the latest on sweeteners or water weight. It will also occasionally run true life stories on dealing with the emotional side of eating problems. And recently has tracked two women and their weight loss efforts over several months.

    Fashion articles are limited to a few pages and usually include pictorials on new trends, staking out the look of a star and the latest scoop on accessories.

    Definately Allure is the magazine to buy to learn how to keep your look fresh and fun!...more info

  • What's the allure?
    I canceled my subscription after a few years....the magazine has turned into little more then advertisements....more info


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