Devil May Cry

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In Devil May Cry, a young man named awakes to his destiny -- using his half-demon heritage to defeat an evil as old as humanity! You'll marvel at the engrossing stories, and your heart will stop when Dante enters the demon realm to avenge mankind!

Shinji Mikami, the creator and producer of the Resident Evil games, and Hideki Kamiya, the director of Resident Evil 2, have teamed up once again. This time, the duo has created a fast-paced game that's one of the best translations of classic 2-D action in a 3-D world. Two thousand years ago the Devil Emperor threatened to conquer humanity, but was stopped by a benign devil knight. The emperor was imprisoned, but now threatens to escape. It's up to the knight's half-breed son, Dante, to follow in his father's footsteps and defeat the Devil Emperor once again.

In addition to being a fine swordsman, Dante is equally adept with guns. In the first half of the game, players slash and shoot their way through. After acquiring a different weapon, the focus changes to close combat. Weapons can be upgraded and new attacks can be learned, adding to the game's variety. As a whole, the action is immense and flows smoothly. A few things impede it, however. During fights with bosses and multiple enemies, the fixed camera angles can get frustrating. The in-game text also scrolls painfully slow.

Graphically, this is one of the best-looking games Capcom has ever published, and that's saying something considering its impressive visuals in Resident Evil. The hard-rock-style music is nothing to write home about, though. The voice acting is strong, but there's not much of it, which is a shame, as the interesting setting would have made for some great storytelling. However, the focus here is fast and furious action, and this game elevates it to an art form. Parents should note that this game is gratuitously violent and is not recommended for anyone under 18. --Raymond M. Padilla


  • Outstanding controls
  • Topnotch graphics
  • One of the best menu systems ever
  • Camera angles get troublesome
  • Fantastic setting not fully exploited
  • Only 7 to 12 hours of gameplay

Play as Dante, half-man, half-demon, who's armed with a sword and a wide array of other firearms. You will have full, ultra-responsive 3-D control of Dante as you combat with fist, sword, gun, and a stunning variety of martial arts moves that recall Hong Kong action films. You will have at your disposal many inventive moves: use your sword to pop your enemy into the air, for example, then juggle him with blasts from your gun. You will have unprecedented control of the direction and force of your sword and other weapons. You will battle marionette butchers, carnivorous lizardmen, and scissor-wielding wraiths in a series of responsive, fully realized environments, such as dilapidated courtyards, hanging gardens, twisted mirror realities, ghost ships, and caves.
  • Play out the destiny of Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural who has the power of ancient demons within his blood
  • A terrifying Gothic thriller from the creators of Resident Evil 2
  • Features eye-popping graphics and bone-chilling special effects
  • Battle a host of monsters and build up your power to transform into a demon state

Customer Reviews:

  • very very fun
    This game is lots of fun. The fighting is really cool and powering up is too. It is really fun when you go into that devil gauge mode time. The levels are neat and the music fits perfectly. Unlimited ammo rules. He can dive and do all these sweet moves. pretty long and very hard. good graphics. The story could have been better, but it isn't all that bad....more info
  • The new capcom poster boy!
    from the makers of the Resident Evil series comes Devil May Cry. Very few video game heros can so poeticly pull off there moves like Dante does. with the use of both a sword AND two guns, you and Dante travel through a haunted castle obliterating everything in your way. This game excels in making you feel like you are Dante. You feel like you can take down any obsticale, and over all you just feel cool!

    This game's controls are some of the best that i have ever seen. You move fluidly, chop effectively, and juggle enemies to death. The two weapon combo really helps to amp up your combo strings, for example using the sword to slash the enemy into the air, then filling him with a barrage of bullets until they die.The game also has quite a nice way of leveling you up. Through collection os red souls, you can pay to level up Dante's move arsenal. Everything from a power slash to a double jump can be yours, for a price of course!

    As for the storyline, it is worthy of a movie. You really feel like your accomplishing something when you run around the castle for the cause. Very few video games can pull you around like this one does, it can make you feel sad, angry, it can make you laugh, but over all it makes you feel cool!

    inc onclusion, this is a must own game for anyone who has ever liked action. The controls are spot on, the storyline is amazing, and you have never felt cooler playing a videogame, BUY IT NOW!...more info

  • Classic of Devil May Cry
    Best game i have ever played, super graphics, stuns, action.
    It got good storyline so, Dante is half human - half Devil man wich you are getting to play with. Dante got his sword and two handguns,later you are getting new swords ang guns like: shotgun, grenade luncher and underwater nidlegun. I would recomend this game to people who likes unstoppoble action........more info
  • Unbelievable Hack-and-Slash Fest
    When I first heard of this game, everyone just HAD to insist that it was the most fun they've ever had. Now, I'm not normally a fan of gorey shoot-em-ups, so I refused to play it. When I finally DID get around to playing it, I was surprised. I... LIKED it... I don't know what got me, the innovative controls, the creepy as hell Castlevania type settings, or just the fact that you could turn into a demon and fight bosses such as Phantom and Nelo Angelo. What I particularly liked was the power up system. Slash or shoot the crap out of enemies to gain red orbs, then buy some neat little abilities or items to help you through the game. Here's a quick rundown of the game:

    GRAPHICS: 4/5 Come on, it's 2003! This game's graphics looked very good back then, but in this day and age, they are merely "decent". Special effects are rather simplistic, but they still look pretty cool.

    SOUND: 5/5 An enemy being hacked apart by the Alastor sword sounds like it's being hacked apart by a sword. Realistic, in other words. The music isn't spectacular, but it suits the creepy surroundings. Dante's in-game voice could've used some work, and the voice actors are nothing short of awful. That doesn't detract from the score, as the in game sound effects are just too good.

    GAMEPLAY: 5/5 This is DMC's best part. Jump off walls, then bring your sword down onto an enemies, head. Slice them up into the air, then fill 'em full of so much lead they need to be sharpened and called a pencil. Turn into a winged demon and shoot bolts of lightning at your foes. It just goes on. Simply put, the game is a hell of a lot of fun to play.

    CONTROLS/CAMERA: 2.5/5 Ouch. The controls can take some getting used to, but they aren't such a problem. The camera is pure evil... mostly in boss battles, when it's fixed at an angle so you can't see them getting ready to launch a powerful attack at you. It's really not cool. (It's not THAT bad, but it can stil be frustrating.)

    REPLAY: 4/5 The game's first few missions get pretty boring after a few playthroughs, but the sheer number of VERY expensive abilities (it's almost impossible to get them all on one trip through) and the number of modes and extras (DEVIL HUNTER MODE!!! YEAH!!!) make it worth coming back for.

    OVERALL: 4.5/5 While nowhere near perfect, this game is HIGHLY enjoyable. And with a [decent] price tag, it's more than worth it to purchase. Although, tough luck to those of you under 17. It's Rated M, and holy crap, does it ever deserve that rating....more info

  • Who's ready to get their tails whipped.
    Pros: The non-stop action, the storyline, the weapons, and the graphically beautiful stages.

    Cons: That creepy blob boss...more info
  • forget resident evil
    i like this game and i like dante his e real hero his faster & u can kick ass all the monsters of the game ,,, if u like resident evil u have & u must play this game...more info
  • capcoms best triumph since resident evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this game in a word unbelievable
    lots of action
    great storyline
    i have some people giving this bad reviews
    you should be ashamed of yourselves
    one the best ps2 titles i own so far besides
    code veronica x onimusha warlords and the sims bustin out...more info
  • Annoying. Period.

    This game is horribly unbalanced against the player. And this makes playing it absolutely frustrating. With poor story progression, there isn't much to make one want to put oneself through such a horrible experience. BUT, it just might be worth your while if you like the visuals and gameplay style. I'll admit I really enjoyed these aspects. If only they were accented by the rest of the game...

    Reasons I like this game:

    1. Good graphics.

    2. Enjoyed the Resident Evil meets Shinobi style.

    Reasons I hate this game:

    1. Camera: Generally fixed camera. Always centered on player. This is great.... except when you're in a corner, which you usually are. Then the camera is facing the corner and not outwards, where you'll obviously be facing to attack oncoming enemies. This camera may work for games like Resident Evil where you have plentiful healing items and where the enemies don't move freakishly fast, but both of these are major issues in this game. I'll elaborate in reason 3.

    2. Difficulty: I'm not your average gamer - I'm always adept at any game I play. And I've spent probably as much time I've been progressing in this game retrying levels (7 hours-ish). This is due in part because of the horrible retry system, which takes you all the way back to the beginning of the stage if you lose. If you have a yellow orb, you can retry from the last door, BUT you lose all your equipment you used on your last try... why even call it a "retry" then? If you failed with the equipment, you'll fail without it. Other than this, the enemies movements are just too erratic and fast. No matter how much I get these enemies' strategies down, their attacks are still insanely difficult to dodge. And the enemy strength doesn't help - a regular enemy can take off half of your health bar with a single attack. Major problems for this: you are only allowed ONE potion item. And health drops are VERY sparse and VERY weak. This makes bosses particularly difficult.

    3. Upgrades: This game has a very nice upgrading system that allows the player to pick and choose what is desired. The problem is that most of the upgrades to weapons aren't very useful, yet they're outrageously costly. It will take you days if you want to grind the cost to gain all of the upgrades/items you want. And enemies are sparse for grinding.

    4. Controls: There is a button to switch melee weapons, but no button to switch guns. Even worse, when you do switch melee weapons, an animation will be performed making you vulnerable to attacks. So you're forced to do it the old-fashioned way by opening the start menu and taking half a minute re-equipping your desired gear. This makes battles very slow where you need to switch weapons because of enemy elemental properties. Not to mention it just becomes tiresome after the 30th time.

    5. Story: Started strong, ended horrible. It's like the whole Inuyasha series smashed into 7 hours. Imagine all the filler... Well, the story is interesting at the beginning, though not much is explained. But after that, it seems like they just pieced together backstories to all the stages. Example, there's a tiny story (of about 3 lines of text long) about some item you need to get. Game done. But seriously... these kind of stories are what you're treated to most in this game. Very sparsely is the gameplay ever tied to the main character's story.

    6. Music: Repetative and generic. Same battle music is repeated over and over throughout the entire game. This music is VERY basic and VERY stereotypical action rock music.

    7. Platforming: This game is by far the worst platformer I've ever played. Half of the time you can't see where you're jumping because of the camera as stated before. The other half when you can see is still riddled with problems. You can't always grip onto platforms or the character just fails to, which is immediately annoying. But even worse it is so difficult to land exactly on top of some platforms. Platforming is not intuitive in this game AT ALL. Some jumps are performed automatically when you jump from certain ledges that require a longer jump, and some jumps you have complete control over. Which jump is the one you'll be doing? Who knows!! There is no way of telling. Most jumps have some sort of automatic contol, where you are in partial control and are partly guided. This is so necessary, because of the lame platforming in this game, BUT this is also very problematic. Since you are only in partial control, your character makes unordinary jumps. This is very tricky for two reasons: (1) the partial automatic control sucks, you will miss your jump often, and (2) its hard to determine which jumps you can make because you don't know exactly how the jump will react.

    8. Fanbase: I bought this game because of the heavy embrace by a very large audience. This leaves one to wonder.... why? It leaves me to worry about my human kin, and their interest in this outright annoying game....more info
  • Stylish and Freaking Fun!
    Devil May Cry is a great game, but I have a few gripes. But first the good things: This game has great controls, a cool character, creepy enemies (those demonic puppets scare the heck out of me), awesome weapons, a wide arrange of attacks, when slashing up evil you can change into demon form, and this game has, which every game needs, a challenge. But now we must see the bad, which shouldn;t stop you from buying this game: The worst camera system I've ever seen in my life, horrible storyline, bosses that NEVER DIE!, and all the cool moves can't be bought (unless you cheat). Conclusion: If you like hacking, slashing, and shooting your way through hoardes of enemies, this game is for you. If not, you are one messed up dude....more info
  • I Cannot Do This Game Justice
    this may sound rather tired now, after the hundreds of thousands of other reviews that say it, but this is the single best game ever created. ima going to cut to the chase;

    PROS: coupled with its sequels, it has a very deep storyline, and awesome characters, kickass action, and enjoyable gameplay, cool enemies, AMAZING graphics, and detail in its levels, awesome score (if your a fan of the rock/electronic/industrial genres... im one of them ;)) heaps of upgrades to helth and so on... its just generally awesome... HOWEVER

    CONS: it is quite short... however this has not prevented me from replaying the game several hunred times (i am now one of the people who can do it in under 2 hours as it was said in another review lol) and there is basically a complete lack of any 'puzzles' as such. i think they were about my only problems.. oh and the camera angle can get a little annoying.

    overall; its my most plated game i own 20/10, its amazing. fans of onimusha, chaos legion, even tenchu, metal gear solid and final fantasy may find this game worth the money...more info
  • Fluid Gameplay... Weak Ending...
    When I purchased this game I was hoping for a great Resident Evil Like game. After all this game was by the creators of Resident Evil. The Introduction cut scene was awesome and so is a few cutscenes. The whole greatness of the game is how fluid the gameplay is. You just feel awesome playing as the Badass Half Demon half human Dante. He has awesome moves, awesome weapons, awesome techniques! What more can you ask in gameplay where you can Jump like gravity barely affects you, fight like as if superman cant even beat you. The graphics are amazing but not incredibly amazing as other Capcom titles. Now what is the downside you say?! First off there is way too many enemies that keep coming back. Secondly the bosses later on are incredibly (well not impossible) and your best chances are to waste your red orbs on holy water, and devil stars. Lastly the gameplay is so short and the ending sucks as hell! I mean common when somebody dies let them die! Plus what kind of name change is Devil Never Cry?! That sounds retarded... Overall I'll give this A- or even a B+. Go buy the game now since it's cheap! I really want to play the second game but after all teh bad reviews about the storyline...well lets say if the storyline here sux then I'm scared!! Oh well enough said! Gameplay rox, Ending scene sux!

    Game play: HIgh
    Controls: medium
    Cutscenes: Medium (Ending scene drops it down)
    Bosses: low...more info

  • dante sparda rulez
    i love devil may cry its a whole lot better than devil may cry 2 i hope they make devil may cry 3 better than both but on this game i loved the bosses phantom was my favorite and weapons of course the sword sparda and i cant belive nelo angelo is dantes brother with the name virgil sparda the graphics was sweet weapons was bosses was and i loved the little movie from where dante gets alaster its awsome but i think its a whole lot better than the second...more info
  • gift
    This was actually a gift for a friend of mine but he says that the games are awesome, so i will go with that....more info
  • simple yet fun
    Devil May Cry is a great game for the sheer fact that you feel like you're kicking major butt the entire time. It's a fun, but simple game. The monsters are not terribly hard, puzzles are easily solved, and the story isn't too imaginative, but they made up for that with the action. All you have to do is go crazy with the controller and you turn into a hyper active killing machine. The environments are beautifully detailed and the action is quite smooth. It is short game, but so are most. It's good to play when you don't feel like anything to complicated and want to get some frustrations out....more info
  • I Love This Game!
    First Off, This Game [Is Great]! The Fact That This Game Is Exclusive For PS2 [Is Even Better]! If You've Never Played It, Do Yourself A Favor And Buy It, Or Rent It, Or Whatever. Blood, Guns, And Swords Really Make A Good Game. The Graphics Are Awsome, And Even Though The Camera Angles Can Get Bothersome, It Is An Excellent....more info
  • One of the best games of the year
    When this game came out i wasnt really sure. I knew about Capcom games and knew that they sometimes do a great job. When i played it the graphics were amazing and i fell in love with it. The only bad part were the camera angles, i hated it cause you sometimes didnt know where the heck you were, but, in all, this games takes the cake in my PS2....more info
  • good game bad camera!!!
    i really liked this game... i had alot of fun but the abrupt camera angles made some of the boss battles much more frustrating than they had to be... it's worthy of all the praise graphic wise... and for the most part it's pretty fun... when your lining up your target and suddenly the camera angle changes and theres a pillar in the way... i understand this is a really challenging problem for 3-d game designers but you would think by now someone would get it right! i can't finish it... it gives me a headache....more info
  • A new game in itself
    The creators of this game had the right idea. And they did an alright job at it. Action is everywhere. Non-stop. Sometimes that gets old, while other times it is just what you want. Bosses can be quite tough, that is a downside. SOmetimes too tough, especially at the beginning of the game when you have little developed skills and items to recover. I got frustrated a lot first playing this game. But I must say, once you get over those first few humps and start developing those needed skills, this game is action packed and you really get into. The action then is always fun. 4 stars with the slow and frustrating beginning as the downside....more info
    Not that this is a bad game. But, it is the definition of
    overrated. The story is one of the worst I have ever seen
    and the voice acting is worse than Resident Evil.

    The game was designed fine, not many glitches or bugs.
    It's just not that fun. Boring is what comes to mind when
    I play this game. So Even at the marked down price I
    advise you to rent first. Some people love this game, but alot
    of people will be turned of by how dull the gameplay is.

    3 stars instead of two because there are few bugs and glitches
    and it is a beautiful game....more info

  • Nice game
    This game is awesome i reccomend it everyone that likes blood and violent games out there...more info
  • One Of The Very Best For The PS2
    This game is one of my favorite games for the PS2.First,I have to say the graphics are awesome the gameplay is non stop and exciting. This is the kind of game that you can get into very quickly.Next thing is the story which is very compelling and it has a kind of horror element to it which gives it quite a twist.Also this game is rated Mature but its a kind of clean Mature as in there is no sex just blood. All in all this is one of the very best games for the PS2 from the story to the graphics to the gameplay this game gets a 5 out of 5....more info
  • Great Atmosphere, good gameplay
    I've heard the reviews saying that Devil May Cry was one of the greatest games ever. Well, I wouldn't go that far, but it is a good game. Devil May Cry is a fight and slash game with a haunting background and a terrible storyline. It does work well though, and flows nicely.

    This game has some problems, but those are not problems that detract from the gameplay too wildly. First off, it commits the greatest cardinal sin or all time - you cannot save at any point. This immediately means that at least some of the game will contain repetition. My second biggest gripe is the camera angle is situated at stationary spots. It does not follow you around like other games. Worse, is that when you move, the camera angle will switch to a vastly different view. This ranges from inconvenient when navigating a room, to hellish when you're running and jump attacking a monster and the room suddenly flips on you. I also thought the front end and menus were a little unintuitive, and the fact that you couldn't adjust the music and sound volume separately was also annoying.

    The game starts off with a bad storyline, and then Dante, whom you play, is placed into a dark foreboding castle, where the entire game takes place. It's safe to say this background rates up there with Final Fantasy 10 and Ico. You then fight your way through different small levels, collecting orbs and objects to advance to the next level. At about the third level, you can choose which difficulty you can play. With the easiest level, you can just hack and slash and special attacks will be automatically done. In the harder levels, you can do those stupid random up up down A B L3 right down down combo moves that are in Fighter games. Needless to say, I took the more straightforward level.

    The game consists of a little over 20 missions. Some missions consist of moving from one place to another, others are a little more complex in that it requires you to gather an object and place it with an another, and some require you to beat a boss. Either way, the missions rarely consist of backtracking, there is little wandering or not knowing where you are going, and there is a little repetition. The movies are rare and skippible, so the action is rarely interrupted. This means that the game has a great flow.

    All in all, it's a good game. As a greatest hits game, it's a superb value.

    Haunting atmosphere.
    Which difficulty selected determines type of game.
    Great flow.
    Hardly any pointless wandering.

    Fixed Camera
    Cannot save at any point

    12 hours (easy difficulty)

    Frustration Level:
    Low...more info

  • Does anyone know how to beat the camera?
    Devil may cry is a great game. You will never see this game on a list of the 100 best games of all time; but good game. The theme is interesting, the sounds are killer, the soundtrack shakes to the core, the gameplay will always be challenging, and the combos are engaging.

    Like many games that have veered near the edge of greatness, Devil May cry will always fall short for two reasons. The game is tiny and the camera can never be worse.

    The entire game could buckle under these two minor issues. It's obvious the makers had a seven hour game on their hands, so they changed the difficulty in the game to stall process for even the hardcore player. There are few games where a boss needs only a couple swipes at our hero before we are reloading the same old cut scene to try once more.

    This difficulty leads us to a bigger problem. The camera in a squared room is usually set at four angles facing the corners of the room with one directly in the middle; all of this instead of just looming over the head of our hero. When a camera angle switches, you may find your character turning back the way he came. This is devastating considering fire columns, scythes, and lasers all follow our character at blind speed. You can probably imagine the difficulty one must face to avoid getting hit. Let's just say, its quite common to run directly right under a pouncing enemy, for the lack of not being able to locate the enemy in time. Add this to a 4-5 hit kill for our hero; you might never want to crawl out of easy mode. Honestly, its pretty questionable why a gamer would even want to fight beyond the normal setting in this game; but if you must, bragging rights would definitely come with the territory.

    All in all, people will want to look past these problems and play one of the few good action-platformers for the PS2....more info
  • The perfect action game
    Like the title of this review suggests, this game may very well be the greatest action game ever spawned. Other than Halo, not too many games can compare to the sheer perfection of this game. This game may be an older PS2 title, but that doesn't mean anything. This game is a very original idea that isn't like anything else.

    I call this game the perfect action game because it has lots of action, but not so much that it takes away from the story. Actually, the action and the cutscenes jump from one to the other with ease. The story is a very original concept and it will get you involved in the game in no time. The main character, Dante, is a bad-ass like no other. He is half-human, half-demon, and yes, he can unleash his inner demon to unleash devastating attacks unto his vicious enemies. Dante can also acquire many weapons in addition to his default-yet-cool twin pistols. Swordplay is smooth and powerful. Dante can clear a room of enemies, and the whole time he is being judged with a "style rating." The environments range from the large and open to the dark and cramped. True, the camera can be a bit troublesome, but a simple backflip can change that. So what if that tree is in the way? A true demon hunter can fight around the tree and slash away at the enemy's health!

    So, all-in-all, this game is one that must be seen to be believed. So go out and play it and bask in the glory of Devil May Cry! Oh, and if you want to keep the love for this game alive, you might want to pass up Devil May Cry 2. It's nowhere near as good. Sorry. Let's rock!...more info

  • Hard to beat this game.
    Capcom pulled all the stops for this one. I reveiwed the second game first only because the majority of gamers had already played this one. But for those who haven't you really need to get this game. Devil May Cry redefines action games. First off if you have a weak stomach or a slow reaction time with your hands this games not for you. The controls are so dead on Dante feels like an extension of yourself. The game moves quickly and pulling off combo attacks are easy and a necessity. All enemies provide a moderate to extremely hard fight depnding on who you are up against. Some of the stage enemies could be bosses on other games. The bosses are huge and tough. This game is tough. You get no free ride through this one. The graphics are execellent. Having S-video hook-up really allows you to see the time put into detailing this games graphics. Most gamers have this in their collection already, and if your just getting started I highly recommend this game as a good start up game....more info
  • Devil May Cry is a masterpiece!
    This is my favorite game aside from Drakengard! Devil May Cry 2 sucked, I hope there's a #3 comin' out soon....more info
  • Great Game
    I am just going to tell you some facts about the game.

    Difficulty Levels:easy,normal,hard,very hard, Dante must die
    Diffrent enemies:about 8
    Bosses:5(you fight each one 3 times)
    Weapons:handguns,grenade gun,sword,alastor,spardas sword,shotgun,fire fists
    P.s You will need to get use to the camera angle...more info

  • Devil May Cry: Action Gaming at its Finest
    Devil May Cry is one of those games that is a joy to play from beginning to end. It is packed full of intense action, an entertaining storyline and a very cool main character. Dante can best be described as a half man, half demon bad-ass, who wields swords, gauntlets and various projectile weaponry--such as his hand-made handguns, Ebony and Ivory. The game is 23 missions long and includes several secret missions as well.

    DMC is very challenging. Every new enemy is harder than the previous one you faced, which keeps the game from becoming a pushover. The bosses are very well designed and can be considered a bit pattern-based. The enemies will keep you on your toes throughout the scope of the entire game. While this sounds daunting, rest assured that you may purchase items such as health, more devil trigger gauges (Dante's demon form) and even a large assortment of new moves to aid you in your battle.

    There are almost no problems with Devil May Cry. There are very few minor issues. Camera placement--while usually very good--can hinder the action and prevent you from seeing your enemies. Recovery time from jumps and firing heavier weapons prevents accurate dodging of some attacks. But that's just nit-picking.

    There's really no excuse to not own Devil May Cry. It is a brilliant action game with loads of style and amazing gameplay. It is near flawless, extremely entertaining, and perfectly designed. Don't hesitate to pick up a copy....more info

  • Worthy of being a 2000's classic.
    It's hard to believe, but the 2000's are coming to a close. Games that were once new and innovative in what seems like days ago are actually quite aged. Like the 90's, there will be games that are regarded as classics, and though time hasn't judged the 2000's yet, I think it's safe to say that DMC, one of the early PS2 games, is one of those.

    GRAPHICS: Outdated, sure, but they are very fitting for the game's setting, being mostly dark and almost gothic.

    MUSIC: The fight music consists of rock, while the other tracks are haunting.

    VOICE: It's okay. Dante sounds pretty cool, despite the whole "I wanted to be the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIGGGGHHTTTT!!!" line.

    STORY: There are not many cutscenes to open up the story very well, but the overall concept is interesting. Dante is a half-demon who hunts other demons. He has made it into a business called "Devil May Cry," and he pursues the demons that took his mother and brother away from him. He is the son of Sparda, a demon that defeated the king of the demon world, Mundus, years ago.
    One day, a mysterios woman named Trish comes into Dante's office, telling him that Mundus is making a return. So now Dante must stop him, pretty much.

    GAMEPLAY: The heart and soul of the game. It's a hack-and-slash game combined with a few puzzles. Dante battles many enemies in the game, taking them down with an assortment of weapons such as swords, gauntlets, and guns, which have unlimited ammo. Dante can also transform into a demon when you use "Devil Trigger" and he can inflict a lot of damage. The game is ranked, depending on how fast you complete a mission and how many items you used and such. A high ranking, while hard to obtain, can provide a lot of red orbs, which are used to buy items and upgrades for your weapons. Secret mission can be completed in order to expand your health, but they are quite difficult. In fact, the whole game is challanging, and I haven't even tried the other difficulties yet. Some of the bosses can be so annoying that you might slam your controller on the ground.
    In other words, it's a pretty awesome action game.

    BUY: This game is ridiculously cheap now, so not buying is not in the question. It's a must for the aging PS2. ...more info
  • Wonderful storyline and replay value
    I finished the game and now half way through it the second time. Fantastic game and it is even better the second time through since players get to bring ALL their weapons and power ups with them each time they play through. Fantastic idea that really adds to game play since I can choose from quite a few weapons and play entirely differently than I did the first time.

    I already purchased 2, 3, and even 4 so I can just keep going with the storyline when I get tired for the original. I also purchased the first 2 Devil May Cry paperbacks to get more of the back story on Dante and Virgil (I belive one takes place between 3 and 1 while the other takes place between 1 and 2).

    The camera angles are really bad and do not get much better on the second time through (after I had the entire game to get used to them) but are typical for early PS2 games. Dante runs in one direction up to the screen and then suddenly runs AWAY from the screen. The entire screen does a 180 half way across each room -- Amazing how often I got killed because of that disorientation. The same problem occurs when Dante runs left into a room but is suddenly seen running RIGHT upon entering the next room. It is so bad even a devil may cry. As such, the game still gets a 5 star since it just adds to the difficulty factor....more info
  • G00d game...better then the 2nd by far
    When i first played this game i was are great...boses are a challange....and u got all those kewl dodging moves which are real fun to do against the boses(makes the game a whole lot easier and more fun) I myself really like h0w it has the stylish rateing for what u makes u try harder and get better at the game...and also i love the weapons in the game. Defintely the Ifrit Gauntlets. They are s0 kewl...This games storyline wasnt the best in the world (which was a dissapointment) but its not soo terrible that u cant play the game. And besides this game is 10x's better then Devil May Cry 2...This game was put into a sort of freaky world setting. Giant mysterious mantions, dif demon worlds...stuff like that but devil may cry 2 is placed in the city??and with some wierd boss guy or something...of all things???Anyways i love the Devil May Cry boses...they are the best part of the game (i love Nelo Angelo) there are all really fun and usually arnt too hard for u to quit the game. Anyways i loved the game...there really wasnt any defects in the game that were serious enough to put...oh yea and i also like all the kewl moves...there are sooo many and that makes the game much better then most. Well i hope u found my review helpfull and lata have a nice rest of the day....more info
  • One of the Top 3 Games of All Time
    In my first review for Devil May Cry, I praised nearly every single detail about the fast paced, kick ass action adventure from the numerous challenging monsters, to the best leading man to ever grace the cover of a video game, Dante. Replaying the original over the years does not change my views on this spectacular game, but instead enhances it. Other than Metal Gear Solid 2, Devil May Cry is the best game ever created for the PS2. The main reason for this, as I said before, is the main character Dante. The son of Sparda and self employed demon slayer is the epitomy of cool. You see this guy coming at you, you turn the other way, it's really as simple as that. Although the game is short, playing on many levels of difficulty will enable you to showcase your numerous combo moves and new equipment you picked up throughout the game. Enemies are plentiful, and there are just enough weapons to hold you over. Devil May Cry is the definition of superb video gameing, and is a must for any PS2 owner....more info
  • Great graphics, gameplay & story
    The title of the review sums it up well enough...more info
  • Now this, is a game
    This is a late review but I wanted to comment on how great this game is. If you love tons of kick a$$ action, fighting monsters with cool sword combos, combo style points, and beautiful artistic graphics then you'll love this. At first I found this game very difficult, but once I got comfortable with the control of Dante I began to actually look forward to more enemies. The more the better. The moody, evil atmosphere that permeated the entire game was perfect, and resembled the same moody, evil atmosphere in my apartment when my girlfriend is mad at me for playing Playstation too much. The graphics, are a pleasure to the eyes. I liked the main character Dante and his sarcastic, cynical attitude, especially in the face of boss monsters that barely fit inside your tv set. However, they are no match for the boss monster that is my girlfriend.

    After beating this game I tried it on "hard" mode, thinking I was all bad now with my complex combo prowess, but I was in for a rude awakening. It is incredibly difficult and I gave up after a few levels. Still, I enjoyed the challenge and that's where Capcom failed in the sequel. The best part of Devil May Cry was the incredible, but FAIR, challenge. Make it too easy and it's not the same game. (I never went near easy mode and never do on any game, except Return of the King shh).

    A few complaints: Many have complained about the camera and I agree for the most part. On the one hand I love a cinematic camera as was used here, much of the time effectively. (For the best use of a cinematic camera see Ico). But on one too many occasions, mainly during boss fights, it seems the cameraman was trained at five towns community college and panned away from the central issue: me fighting a boss monster. It happened so many times, the playstation controller was in serious danger of mysteriously ending up underneath my feet, to be stomped repeatedly into smaller, more fundamental sub-atomic particles.

    Also, I wasn't too crazy about Dante's voice. It should've been deeper. Other than that, this is one of the most enjoyable and inventive games I've ever played....more info

  • I hope I'm not too harsh...
    I've heard nothing but good reviews in regards to this game series, so I made sure to grab a copy for myself. As of now, I'm onto about the eighth mission, and I can't say I've found anything particularly gripping about it. The graphics aren't half bad for when it was created, and, sure, your ability to move past a battle depends on your own control of the joy stick and the x button (none of that turn-based garbage), but it's not particularly difficult. You can beat every battle easily as long as you duck when the monster attacks, and then run in with a flurry sword chops. The missions themselves have been rather monotonous; run back and forth through this area, place this item onto that pedestal, and take out any weak monsters that get in your way. The game also lacks much of a plot. I was rather upset to realize the entire thing is focused on staying in one castle, to stop some world-ending demon, for some chick who broke into Dante's office and tried to kill him. Uh, hello? But what's the point? Dante doesn't strike me as the self-sacrificing type; more like an adrenaline junkie. Overall, I would say that this game is worth buying only if you need to take our your frustrations on the world by shooting things and swinging around a big sword. ...more info
  • An amazing game!
    I loved Parasite Eve and other gothic-y horror games so this game was perfect for me. I loved the fighting system, so easy to use, and you could just wild out with it. Also Dante is an amazingly cool character, and whoever designed him deserves alot of credit. Definately highly reccomended, though I can't say the same for #2....more info
  • This game is awesome!!!
    I like this game because it is a good challenge. The enhancement system is very good, I like the buying system because you buy your moves and you obtain new weapons along the way. Plus once you beat a mode you unlock another mode. Dante must die mode is the hardest of all modes but when you beat it you get a big suprise at the end. There are no button codes for this game and thats what makes it very fun. Cheating will get you no where, it will make you bored. The story line on this game is perfect and will interest you. You will want to find out more of the story as you go along the way. The graphics of this game is awesome, it isn't boxy. Its graphic almost reach to perfection! To those who are thinking about getting this game, buy it. Its price is cheaper now and it is extremely fun. I must congratulate Capcom for making a game that is very fun and intertaining....more info
  • Cool game, even for the untalented!
    I'll make this brief. I loved this game. I generally like the Zelda-type games, and the Baldur's Gate games, to give you an idea of what I usually play. This game was amazing. I played it through on easy mode, and had a heck of a time in a few places. There are several more increasingly more difficult modes that I would never be able to tackle in a million years. The graphics are gorgeous, Dante is a cool character, and the missions zip right along, none too long. Definitely one of my top ten....more info
  • devil may cry
    this game is excellent i have my own copy the graphics are excellent and also the story telling =D...more info
  • One of the Best PS2 Titles to Date
    DMC is one of the Sony Playstation 2's highest quality games to date... and I'm not even writing this while the game is a new release. Devil May Cry was released by Capcom during a somewhat dry period of video game releases, and while it's still somewhat overlooked, DMC has some of the most solid gameplay of any shooter to date.

    The plot isn't terribly thick, and the game has its flaws.. so why is DMC so spectacular? The controls are simple, the characters enjoyable, the soundtrack and graphics spectacular... and above all else, the combat is stylish beyond any other. As of the writing of this review (February 2004) no 3rd person action games can rival the glory that is Dante's style. The sword / gun combination is spectacularly smooth. LoK: Defiance, Max Payne 2 and other third person action / adventure games do a wonderful job, but they can't quite meet the same stylish magnificence that DMC enjoys.

    Dante comes across as a very generic hero, but in reality he has a lot more depth than many give him credit for. While's he's always putting forward the fa?ade of a fearless, trash-talking hunter, he is simply confident - though cautious. Whenever Dante is confronted by something bigger or more powerful, he always cautiously checks his surroundings while dispensing a fair amount of wit.

    DMC also keeps some elements of the survival horror genre from which it came, while introducing uniquely RPG elements (such as - in a sense, leveling up - increasing your max HP, you maximum duration to perform magical attacks, being able to upgrade your character and buy new moves / attacks) while keeping a stylish flare.

    Devil May Cry isn't for everyone, but if you've ever enjoyed any straightforward action game, or anything from Capcom's survival-horror genre... or fantasy, or adventure... give DMC a try. It's a spectacular game, albeit a bit tough at times.

    DMC1 is right up there with Metal Gear and the Final Fantasy series in terms of quality entertainment. Give it a shot!...more info

  • Devil may cry kicks major ...
    This is one of the best action games I have ever played. The gamplay is close to perfect. Graphics are okay and the sound pretty good. The plot of this game isn't very good,but what other game big action does. This game i'd give a 9 out of 10 stars so I just rounded to 5 stars. The cameras angles are not as bad as people are saying they are. They should have longer because in about 8 hours and im about 90th percentile in gaming. This game has way pros then cons. I recomending renting this game because it's so quick....more info
  • Very Simple Idea... Very challenging....
    This is a Capcom game about guns, swords, walking around and generally kicking some [toshie]. Easy to play, fun to play... here's a general idea...

    Genre: 3D action game, one person. You walk around and kill things.
    Puzzles: Easy; The level puzzles are simple: find key, use key. The bosses pose some challenge in finding tactics that work against them. Other than that... the puzzles pose no challenge what so ever.
    Violence: High... that's all this game is about: killing things. None of these things are human, the closest human resemblance are puppets, marionettes. Others include insects, shadow dogs, lizard warriors, wraiths. There is blood, but not excessive.
    Highs: Variety of armament, point bought skills, varying levels of difficulty, fun.
    Lows: Simple, really simple. Story basically [is no good], the spoken dialect is embarrassing to listen to, some real problems with regard to realism.

    Alright, so it's Capcom, makers of Resident Evil and Mega Man... so what do we have? A slight combination. Remember Onimusha? Well these are the same guys. Resident Evil meet Mega Man... introducing Devil May Cry. It's got the look of Resident Evil in a 3D world but the action style of Mega Man. Very very similar to Onimusha. Alright... if you have played any of the previously mentioned games you'll also note the horrible story line and dialogue. Well that's to be expected from Capcom... great fun, really difficult, horrible lines. The premise is simple, Dante, the main character, is trying to rid the world of the Dark Lord, Mundus. He comes across new powers and weapons to help him eliminate his many enemies and 5 bosses, including Mundus.

    Alright I must first say that this game is very easy to play through, just once. You'll start to play and then if you have trouble it'll give you the option of going to the Easy mode, which also features automatic gun firing. There are four difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard and Dante Must Die. This is the greatest part of the game, the difficulty settings. Normal is pretty easy, bosses are hit hard, you are hit less and items cost less. In Dante Must Die mode you must gather all your gaming ability together to survive, let alone conquer. You do have the option of carrying all your gear and skills from one difficulty to the next, so don't worry. Starting off in Dante Must Die mode would be impossible if you didn't have all your stuff. The bosses are also pretty darn hard. You'll have fun fighting Angelo, a sword wielding warrior like yourself, and you'll absolutely hate the battles with Nightmare, who lives up to his name completely.

    The game play is simple enough, moves around like Zelda Ocarina of Time, but you can't control your camera, it just moves for you. Aiming is done perfectly with the press of a button. You have melee weapons and combos that you can pull off with your melee weapon, and your guns too. Another great part of this game is the fighting style. You can juggle enemies with your sword and guns, bomb them from a distance, turn and break another enemy next to you apart, and then slip into Devil Mode and cause the ground to explode. Devil Mode is like magic which allows you to access great skills and abilities, for the price of you Devil Letters (Magic Points).

    Your skills are bought between missions or from an Ox with an hourglass statue. The cash are Red Orbs. Yellow orbs are basically lives, blue orbs add to your life, and often come in 1/4 fragments, and purple orbs add another letter to your Devil Bar (MP). You can use red orbs for buying for your two magic melee weapons or other orbs. Your weapons are swords (3 types), a pair of gauntlets, dual pistols, shotgun, grenade launcher, needlegun (underwater only) and a magic gun, Nightmare Beta. No ammo count or reloading, in fact if you can shoot fast enough you can keep Dante suspended in air while firing off your dual pistols.

    There are many secret missions that reward your with Blue Orbs (life) and two hidden characters, after beating Hard and Dante Must Die difficulties. There is also a ranking system, D, C, B, A, S... sound familiar? They rank your missions based on Time, Health, Red Orb count and Items used. They also rank your ability to keep the pain flowing via combos.

    Who should get this? Well fans of Onimusha would like it, Resident Evil fans may find the puzzles boring and the action very repetitive. It is not a great game in the sense of Final Fantasy 7, nor is it as fun as Grand Theft Auto... in fact you'll play it, beat it and then put in away. But I get it out every now and then just to kick some [toshie], and play around with Super Dante. The reason it has 4 stars is because it's a game that will keep you playing until it's over. Then you can play through the extra modes and find the hidden stuff, go for all S ranks on missions, put it away. It's short compared to other games, took me 3 hours (shortest time).

    Happy Hunting....more info


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