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Who Reads Men?s Journal?
Written for adventurous men, Men?s Journal describes its readers as interested in outdoor experiences, health and fitness, style and fashion, and cutting-edge gear--men determined to "Live the Adventurous Life."

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • Style: Editors hand-pick the most stylish and current attire for your wardrobe, for every season.
  • Gear guide: Equipment and accessories you'll need for all adventures, big or small.
  • Health and Fitness: Ways to stay in shape during the cold winter months and hot summer sweats.

Past Issues:

Special Issues Through the Year:
  • The Life List Issue: Creating the list of "things to do before you die" is the heart of this issue, targeted to the adventurous readers of Men?s Journal.
  • Perfect Things: A signature issue for Men?s Journal, it features the best boys? toys, everything from the latest gadgets to signature suits.
  • The Adventure Issue: In the biggest issue of the first half of the year, Men?s Journal travels the globe for the best experiences at both ends of the spectrum: rugged and most refined.
  • 50 Best Places to Live: "Best Places to Live" features the best cities to live life to the fullest.
  • Your Best Summer Ever: Men?s Journal?s must-haves for summer: the perfect combination of tackling rewarding new challenges and finding true relaxation.
  • Sports: Geared towards fall sports, when NFL and college football are just underway, NBA and Hockey are getting into gear, and baseball is in the midst of the playoffs, this issue focuses on all the greatest athletes and sporting events coming up.
  • Winter Fun and Travel: In our annual winter adventure preview, we feature the best ways to make the most of the season with exclusive mountaintop resorts, the hottest ski bars, and the warmest winter gear.
  • The Best Issue: Men?s Journal presents the best in dining, nightlife, the outdoors, vacation hotspots, and everything else our readers are passionate about. Industry experts and real readers with first-hand knowledge give you their insights into the best.

This magazine is edited for active men with an interest in participatory sports, travel, fitness and adventure. It provides practical, informative articles on how to spend quality leisure time.

Customer Reviews:

  • Longtime Reader and Subscriber
    I've been reading Men's Journal since the first issue. I've always enjoyed its mix of content. MJ interviews a wide range of interesting individuals. Over the years I've incorporated some of the workout tips from MJ's fitness pages into my workout routine. I especially enjoy reading the product reviews. The travel recommendations are always well written, if not sometimes beyond the budget of most readers (myself included!). Overall, Men's Journal offers a great mix of well written content....more info
  • Formerly Great
    The pages of Men's Journal used to be an escapist weekend getaway in themselves. They brought you to extreme parts of the globe with a literary style that disappeared after 9/11. Since that time, MJ has concentrated on telling its readers who their heros should be, which might have been fine for one issue. This is a magazine badly in need of a new editor and old ideas....more info
  • Waste of time.
    This magazine might be good if you were wealthy enough not to have to work, had time to work out four hours a day, had your own chef, could go on vacation six months out of the year, or could afford (or cared) about fashion. Otherwise don't bother. They sometimes have a decent or interesting article but they are so few and far between it is not worth it....more info
  • *not* Men's Health
    If Men's Health - a main competitor of the magazine here under review - strikes you as pandering to the average guy's baser instincts, you'll want to check out Men's Journal.

    The tag line to this magazine's name reads 'Adventure Life'. That's a pretty good shot at the content, since it takes your average young rich guy's (or no-longer-young-in-the-mirror rich guy's) desires to live a little on the wild side and decks them out in luxury opportunities to do just that.

    The writing is surprisingly good. We're not talking the Atlantic Monthly here, but recent issues have easy-on-the-eyes features on the crisis in Darfur, the late Aussie croc-wrestler Steve Irwin, and the down-in-the-mouth financial situation of our National Parks system.

    Like most magazines of the genre, the gloss, paper quality, and color make this an easy read in an airplane seat or an easy chair: Men's Journal is pleasant to the touch, good for some mild distraction, and leaves no bitter aftertaste....more info
  • Interesting
    The main articles are pretty interesting. I wish the rest of the articles would have more detail though. I like this magazine, it covers many subjects and is fun to read. I think it has more room to grow covering many more guys stuff like home repair and hunting. I look forward to continuing with my subscription....more info
  • Cool gadgets...
    I got this year subscription for a dollar, so I figured why not, eh? It's not that great in my opinion. The best part of the magazine to me is the gadgets sections....more info
  • Excellent Purchase-Love the Mag-Came exactly when promised!
    This subscription was a gift to my husband, but actually I end up reading it cover to cover. Love the articles, the information and the adventure. And the good news is my husband loves it, too. To top it off, it arrived exactly when promised, so all is well with this subscription!!...more info
  • better than most
    One of my favorite magazines. Great articles, interesting interviews, and a lot of misc. stuff that is entertaining. The reviews that state it is too liberal, or too much foul language should stick with "Homes and Gardens". Are you getting this magazine for your husband or YOU? Give us guys a break!...more info
  • Amazon blew it!!!
    Mag is fine, but thumbs down for Amazon! Sent me a special for $1 for this subscription. I order the SAME DAY and they refused to honor the deal because the offer had expired the day before. Why'd you send me the email!?!? Charged me full price, spoke to customer service twice, and they won't provide a refund or return. TERRIBLE!!! ...more info
  • Just a bunch of ads.
    This magazine really doesn't have much substance. The whole thing is filled with a couple articles which tend to be boring, and the rest of it is filled with advertisements. The magazine also has sections on how to buy really expensive clothes or accessories that don't have much useful value. I paid $1.00 for a one year subscription due to a deal from Amazon, and I'd gladly take my dollar back....more info
  • Is this a joke?
    I bought a subscription for my husband, thinking it would have a variety of men's topics, like sports, health, etc.

    Instead, it's either editorial garbage (not useful information) or the kind of "articles" you could find in a tabloid.

    I guess instead of finding a mix of subjects, we will just have to stick with Men's Health (1-year) and Sports Illustrated (1-year)....more info
  • Not in my taste
    I'm your average 30 year old whose in to tech, cars, and thought this might be somewhat interesting. I found it absolutely uninteresting. I think they're targeting the 40+ community or the uber-boring uber-office job oriented folks. Consider it the Readers Digest for 40 year olds. ...more info
  • Men's Journal
    Just wanted to thank you for letting me try this magazine for a discounted price of only $1.00. I ordered it for my husband and my boys (ages 19 and 24). My husband is 50 years old. Without the discount I would not have ordered it. But to my surprise they love the magazine. Just wanted you to know. Thanks again. If another discount becomes available, I will more than likely try another magazine. Mary....more info
  • New Mag For Me, Maybe Not For You.
    I only received this magazine a few days ago, therefore I feel that I can not give it a proper review as of yet. What I have read was interesting. The articles are short to keep the attention span....more info
  • Too much foul language! Otherwise good magazine.
    There is too much foul language, otherwise the magazine has some great articles and interviews. Also, we didn't subscribe to the magazine, but it is being sent to us, so perhaps they got our credit card info from Amazon or ? so that's not cool....more info
  • What magazine???
    I subscribed to this magazine in January for my husband. It took 5 months to get the first magazine, then I never recieved another one....more info
  • Fun resource for active men
    This is a great magazine to highlight the fun places to go, things to do and things to own. It is not highbrow with big book excerpts, nor is is lowbrow with a bunch of buxom women all over the magazine.

    This is a magazine for active, athletic and adventurous men. There are 1 or 2 interesting articles about travel or adventure in each issue along with a feature article on varying topics from contributing writers. There are always good features on health and fitness tips. Lastly, the magazine highlights sports gear, fashion and gadgets.

    It is a fun, light (usually) magazine that I look forward to receiving each month....more info
  • Screamin' Deal!
    Men's Journal has gotta be one of the best deals in the whole wide world of magazines. For 10 bucks you get wonderful photography, health tips, product reviews of cool stuff you'll covet, smart writing and, of course, regular features by that greatest of American ink-spillers, Jim Harrison. Heck, if they just photo copied the Harrison pieces and sent them to me in a plain white envelope, ten bucks would still be a screaming deal. However, I still dig the fashion spreads, the book notes and the travel writing. There is a consistant sense of adventure, curiosity and life well lived in this magazine, which is why it should earn a spot on your coffee table. Did I mention it's only ten bucks?...more info
  • It's What Men Like to Read
    Men's Journal is a decent magazine full of varied topics of interest to men. This magazine covers areas like sports, adventure travel, fashion and style, cars and trucks, career issues, etc. This publication directs all of its articles toward men, with an emphasis on what is most appealing to males throughout a typical week in their lives.

    One thing about Men's Journal that is a little different from other men's magazines is that it doesn't flaunt women to sell its issues. In fact, there are practically no pictures of women at all in this publication- something that will be considered an asset to some, and a liability to others. This magazine refuses to play the female card and instead focuses its articles on topics that men like to read about.

    Men's Journal is often obsessed with lists, and I think this is especially true in the last few years. Take a look at the cover of most issues and you will see a large, boldface advertisement for some sort of list. In one issue, it might be a ranking of the best cities for entry level jobs. In another issue, it might be a listing of the best places for young entrepreneurs. Whatever it might be, Men's Journal seems to have an infatuation with lists, probably because men like lists and it helps increase sales.

    This magazine can be counted on to produce some fairly good reading, but I must warn that many of the articles are a little too simplistic, with little emphasis on intellectualism. Even the articles about politics and business are often riddled with obvious statements that most anyone would know. But overall, I still think Men's Journal is a good magazine. It is varied enough that most anyone will find something interesting to read and the price is very low.

    ...more info
  • Armchair Adventurers Only
    I bought this magazine on a regular basis many years ago. Subscribed again for variety in my magazine diet but cancelled it after 2 issues. The volume and content has slimmed quite a bit since the early days.

    The focus is now mostly on where people go for physical activities. Less focus on gear review and doesn't inspire one to "get-out-there" as much as previously....more info
  • Men's Journal
    Received product in January - two copies! One addressed to me & one to my husband. I wrote to the subscription dept letting them know about the error and have not yet heard back from them. Hope I was not charged for two subscriptions. Thank you....more info
  • A little too "yuppy" for the average guy...
    But, Men's Journal is acceptable for the guy that dreams of a carefree, debt-free, toned-body existence.

    Hey, we all can't be "Joe Millionaire"....more info

  • Thoughful, well balanced magazine.
    This is a magazine that is has a great balance. It has informative, well written articles ranging from interviews with Lance Armstrong to an actors or just writers excursion to places you might never see or travel to (i.e. Democratic Republic of Congo or Vietnam or Antarctica) but it makes you want to go there. It tells you about adventure spots to go to, the price, and the gear you need. It also deals with environmental issues that make you think about going more green, but then on the next page it is reviewing the newest muscle car. It is just a fun, imaginative mag that I really have enjoyed reading for the last 4 years or so. Worth the buy....more info
  • Balanced journal with good depth of articles
    An intellectually stimulating and broadening magazine; with high levels of journalism and great depth of article....more info
  • Still the Best Men's Magazine
    I'll have to agree with the other reviewer that Men's Jounal may not be quite as good as it used to be. But it is still the best men's magazine around IMO. Flip through the other men's magazine fodder at the grocery store or your buddy's place, and save your money for a subscription to Men's Journal....more info
  • not just a MEN'S Journal...tends to be quite liberal
    I selected this mag for my husband through a free-subscription-with-purchase offer. I actually snag it before he does when it arrives! It's got a variety of articles about lots of different STUFF (gadgets, travel, food, etc.). I've always been a bit of a trivia junkie, enjoying reading a little bit about a lot of different things, and this mag fits that mold. It has a definite liberal bent politically, which might turn some people off, but that doesn't affect every article. ...more info


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